Card #6.......An Anniversary Card

Card #6.......An Anniversary Card - student project

Card #6.  Happy Anniversary.

My cards are now all available in my Etsy shop at Thanks for looking!

Happy Birthday. I love this font!

I've reworked and printed out these 2 cards.

This is a revised and printed out sympathy card. I decided I needed to do a nicer text and frame around it. I am a bit OCD on these!

I'm working on several categories for the cards. This one is a sympathy card, seemed to fit the artwork. It has a white border around it.

 Thursday, October 17, 2013

I am doing my cards at 5x7". I found pink envelopes on Etsy! This one I printed on my printer with my high quality paper. I had some samples printed at a small print shop (I only had 10 samples printed up) but I like mine a lot better...more control over the quality.

Back of my cards

I'm working on this style for my cards. I have two ideas so's taking me a while to get the images correct on my template. But, hoping all the work pays off! Thanks for looking!  ~ Karen