Cappuccino - student project

I have decided to create a cappuccino cup with this technique. I found the instructions where clear, effective and really appreciate the short courses that I can take in one short time.

One thing I found is that since I have an older version of illustrator it is not as easy to trace with the pen tool like the instructor did in the video, so I have created a jagged path, without worrying about the way it looked, and then used the obejct>path>simplify function to create the more curved and prettier shape that you see.

My final result looks maybe a little bit like a mixed media collage because instead of having the back shape have a white border I gave it a brush stroke as a border and colored it dark brown. I also painted with the same brush on the background.

All in all I am very satisfied with the result. Thank you for this class!

Illustration/Art Student. Italian in America.