Canadian Outdoors Pattern

Canadian Outdoors Pattern - student project

This project was inspired by my family's cottage in Ontario, Canada. There is so much wildlife and fun activities. It's the perfect escape to the outdoors!

I almost couldn't stop drawing elements for my pattern because there is so much to see and do. Here is a bit of my sketching/inking process:

This was my second Skillshare class with Silvia. I knew I'd love it! She outlines the entire process in a clear way and makes each step so much fun. I learned new ways to find interesting colour palettes:

Here are some of the patterns I created during Pattern Fundamentals:

Left to right: Simple (Blue-jay), Block (Chair), Half-Drop (Turtle), Brick (Fish), Brick Two-Directional (Fish), Brick with multiple elements (Campfire), Multi-directional (Leaf) and Multi-directional with a second element (Frog and fly).

I created my complex pattern in both the structured way and the organic way. I found the structured way to be most efficient and allowed for more space between elements. The organic way was very fun, but for me, more time-consuming and I may have made the elements too crowded. So, here's my complex structured pattern:

It's so awesome to see the pattern come together! Altering the colours really changed the look and feel of the entire pattern. Here are some more colourways from my palettes above:

And finally, here are some mockups of my pattern on products! Very rewarding to see this project come to life:

Pillow and flip-flop images sourced from Mockup World.

I can't wait to see more projects in this class. It's always so fun to see how everyone creates in their own style.

Thanks for checking out my project!

And thank you, Silvia, for another awesome class!! I can't wait to create more patterns and put these new skills to use!

Happy New Year!
January 1st, 2021



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