CHIA brand design

CHIA brand design - student project


The product that I want to rebrand is chia seeds. First because I just had some in my yogurt and I forget how much I loved adding them to my meals. More importantly, I believe chia seeds are a wonderful superfood that can be used as frequently as salt minus the high blood pressure but adding tones of nutrients! 

Target Audience

- mothers

- health conscious 

- foodies

- health improvement hopefuls 

Brand story 

It’s about time we added something else to the dinner table. Sprinkle a little nutrients on everything. It’s a little seed with a lot of benefits. 


To bring Chia seeds out of the cupboard and onto the table, making it an everyday item and a household name.

Brand Charateristics 

Available - CHIA will be made for the table and easy to identify. Packing will reveal instead of conceal these beautiful seed to encourage use and prompt you to go out and get more when you are running low. 

Versatile - CHIA is a small and unassuming food that can be added to any food you already enjoy.

Helpful - Improving peoples nutrient intake and making it convenient for them to add CHIA to their diet.

Brave - Daring to encouraging more implementations for CHIA seeds and increasing discovering a wider range of fans.

Comforting - Adding a little sense of relief with the promise of protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids to any meal or beverage.

Optimistic - believe the best of all foods and hoping that any meal can be made better with a little help from CHIA

Brand Guardrails

Who We Are 

  • Bright                    
  • Charming                
  • Versatile 
  • Available 
  • Helpful 
  • Optimistic