CHALLENGE Project typography

CHALLENGE Project typography - student project

15th November - Winter wonderland card challenge

Here's my entry to the card challenge. I've used my current favourite font over my own Christmas berries repeat pattern design. My two favourite things typography and patterns!

15th November - Quick update

I decided to offer my quote as a digital print in my not on the high street shop and I'm pleased to say it's been my best selling print. It's diferent to my other prints with it being hand illustrated so I'm thinking maybe I should do more!


I made the screen up a couple of weeks ago but then ran out of time to do any printing, then had to wait until after my holiday. Finally got chance at the beginning of this week. I've joined my local print centre so I can use their facilities after attending a short course earlier this year which covered lots of different printing techniques, so this was my first attempt of making a screen and printing without guidence.

Here's the screen. 

I tried mixing my own paint which turn out a nightmare as kept getting black streaks.

And a second run using a ready mixed ink.

Think I need lots more practice but really pleased with my first attempt. I managed to get a print good enough to give to my cousin and his wife to be for their engagement present so I'm happy!

Finished art work - 31st July

Well I think that's me done! I'm hoping to go screenprinting this afternoon so if I get chance I'll try and screenprint a few of these.

Hand lettered and adding colour - 23rd July

I've had a go at hand lettering my quote. I think I'll add some detail to the bottom 'you'. 

Quote using fonts - 19th July

I'm not sure whether my quote will be hand lettered or using fonts yet. I've just spent 10 minutes setting it out using fonts. Too many different fonts?

First sketches for quote - 19th July

Alphabet Sketch - 2nd July 

and with some ink.

Brands - 2nd July

I've got a Pinterest board with some great branding examples. One of my favourites has to be Green & Blacks. The font is classically simple and I love how the ampersand flows into the B of Blacks. 

Kerning - 27th June

I've chosen Josefin Slab to practice kerning on. The top one is how it types out and my kerning is the bottom one.

My second attempt with an impovement of 4! Must try harder.

My weekend of noticing typography - 18th June

Dislike the Sequin Magic font, looks cheap (probably was!). Really like the simlicity of Next's font, and Miranda Hart's hand drawn font is great (can't see it very well here but it's a bit scribbly).

These ones below are all from The Simple Things magazine that I had a quick flick through over the weekend.

10 font styles - 17th June

I loved doing this exercise, great fun.