[Brian Shepard] Self Comicification

[Brian Shepard] Self Comicification - student project

Hey everyone, I just started taking the lessons for this class a few days ago! Getting started on the sketch phase right now to flesh out the main character's appearance.

Character Sketches

These are half character sketches, half notes on comic structure. I've never really done anything remotely like humor before so I'm trying to also nail down the writing/comedic timing part.

These are a bit more character centric.

Sort of getting an idea of how the protagonist will be portrayed. I've got this black jacket that I've had forever and wear way more often than I should (even when it's not cold...), so I think that'll be the key article of clothing. Model sheet is next.

Model Sheet

Finally finished this. On to the comic!


This was tough! This class has been immensely helpful and I'm grateful for Sarah for organizing it and for all the helpful feedback I got.

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