Brainstorming was SO fun

Brainstorming was SO fun - student project


This was really enjoyable.  I had to break through the initial intimidation, as I have never done this before.  Also the thoughts of what other people will think.  Accepting the vulnerability of just putting it out there!  Part of me says "Crap, I hope I did this right."  The other part says "Who cares!  I like it!". 

Thanks for this class and the encouragement to deal with the mental chatterbox that JUST WON'T LET UP sometimes.  To say YES I can do this!  

So here you go!





Started working on ideas for my final piece and this was the first leg of it.  I am not an illustrator and was very intimidated by what would come about, but I was pleasantly surprised!  I think I will try a few more vintage-style cameras and begin to layer things on or around it, which I have never done before.  


Another vintage camera, this time with calligraphy in the lenses.  Wedding the two.  The paper is warping a little bit in the areas where i used my brush pen.  

Mais oui, mon cheri!