- student project

I'm using this class for a real project. A few weeks ago I was assigned to rebrand a new binational online tv channel focused on the US-Mexico border region. Their aim is to become an online site for dissemination of information, as well as a social media portal to create a space for people to share their knowledge.

The company is starting in the border region of Ciudad Juarez, MX - El Paso, TX, but their aim is to grow and become a recognizable online news portal throughout the entire US-Mexico border, and in the long term in other border regions worldwide. 

One of the interesting things about this company is that they want to focus on the economic and social development of the region by only focusing on spreading positive news. If you're not familiar with this part of the world, I can only say that region has not been framed as the most positive. The area has been highly impacted by violence, drug-trafficking and bad governance. In any case, is hoping that by focusing on the positive things that happen in this region, people can make an attitude shift and have a better life in this region. 

So - where to start? The current logo. It was designed by the web developer, so as you can imagine, there is not much strategy nor design behind it. Both the website and the logo look outdated - almost too early 2000s.

Note - I will upload my content in Spanish since that's how I'm presenting the work to the client, but I will provide translations :).  


Current Logo

Website screen shot (


Rebuild's brand by creating a brand profile and focusing on the uniqueness of the brand. I'm using this class and also Marty Neumeier's book "ZAG: The #1 strategy of high-performance brands" to build the brand. 


Who is 

Border-land is a multi-media production company and social media platform created by and for people in the US-Mexico border. 


To contribute to a better living and development in the border through communication and the exchange of information. 


To be the principal "go-to" reference for information about borders worldwide, create a solid online community of information exchange by producing, diffusing and organizing such information. 

Brand Promise Information without Borders (I feel this is a bit cheesy...)

Brand Characteristics

Accesible: We are an open source of information. We believe in the inclusion of every person whois looking for a space to get informed and inform others. 

Objective: We know that your opinion is the most important. That is why we let you decide what to think. Our content is objective and withouth further purpose than to give you information and provide you with growth opportunities. 

Positive: The border is full of good things and we want to share them with you and that you share them with us. It is time to show the other side of the border that the world deserves to know. 

Social: We want you to have a space to share your ideas with the world. 

Target Audience

Students, professionals, technicians, academics and public and private officials working creating synergies in the area Mexico-US border that have access to internet. Age range: 15-65. (This is the age range that the client provided me with.. not too sure it is correct). 


Online TV channels focused on the border and traditional local TV channels and their websites. 

Brand Trends

Society of information, technology, community building, communication, transmission of ideas, social networks, interactivity, restructuring of society, development

Brand Uniqueness
(WHO) is the ONLY TV channel binational online
(WHAT) that provides a forum for the exchange of information and knowledge about development in the border
(WHO) for students, professionals, technicians, academics and public and private officials involved in creating synergies
(WHERE) in the Mexico - United States border community 
(WHY) who seek a positive alternative to the traditional media
(WHEN) in an era of media sensationalism, negativity, and bias.


Proposal A

Borders are imaginary lines created to define geopolitical territories. These lines can become porous and even invisible. This logo proposes the division of one entity (in this case the company's name) by an invisible line. This division of one element in two parts is used as the main element to represent the symbiotic relationship in an area such as the MX-USA border region. 

Proposal B

In this proposal, I'm attempting to position as a new and fresh brand, different from the competitors. The main element is an icon with the brand initials inside a red cube. I used red and black as the main colors to represent the formality of the brand. I also used a bold type for the initials, which stands out from the comptetitors and becomes attractive. The purpose of this logo is for to become a recognizable icon in the area.