Blues Exercise 1 - A Strong Foundation

Blues Exercise 1 - A Strong Foundation - student project


I wanted to set you an early challenge with this course. If you practice the Blues Exercise 1 that I created in Lecture 11 until you can play it fluently without stops, you'll be giving yourself a really strong foundation that will allow you to progress through the rest of the course much quicker.

If you have full control of the Blues scale then improvising is much easier, and so the concepts that follow will be easier to implement.

The notes in the left hand make this exercise a pleasure to practice because it's almost like a mini tune.

Just some quick advice:

1: Start slow and make sure you're playing the exercise with an even tempo. Try not to be tempted to speed up on the runs of notes that don't have any finger changes.

2: It's really important to stick to the fingering that I've suggested. It may at first seem easier to change the fingering, or even just make the fingering up as you go along, changing it every time. This is counter productive. If you use the fingering I suggest it will make it so you will be able to improvise much more fluently in the long run, as well as giving you the ability to play the scale at a much higher tempo.

Also, if you keep the fingering the same up and down the scale you will develop muscle memory which will give you the ability to play the scale without thinking about which key or finger is next, and again you'll develop the ability to play faster and more fluently in return.

If you follow these two pieces of advice you will be setting yourself up well for the rest of the course.

I hope you're enjoying it.

Arthur :)

Piano Teacher & Session Player