Birthday greeting cards!

Birthday greeting cards! - student project

I was actually quite low on creative energy before watching this class, but after seeing it I suddenly got a good idea for greetings card for the birthday party for two of my friends, I was invited to later in the week!

I enjoy bad puns and like the Hippo hippo hurrah, I tried thinking something up in my native language Danish and ended up with a rhyme! A bad rhyme but quite funny if I say so myself XD

As I don’t have a printer capable of printing card stock plus a tight deadline I had to do them by hand, though I really would like to redo them like Anne does in the video.

Here you have the first one:

The bad rhyme in this, translated into English is:

[friend name], your spirit animal must be a capybara,

Because of friends you have more than a dozen,

You are always good for a laugh.

In a a dress you are also quite fine,

and we look forward to celebrating you with lots of wine!


(in Danish all the sentences rhyme with wine) I know it’s not a real poem but I had way too much fun with it


The other friend got this one:

This one says:

[friend name], your spirit animal must be a cheetah,

Coz the friends you can get together in a hurry,

and you are not scared of throwing a party.

In a dress you are also smart.

We look forward to saying cheers with you soon.


I might do a whole series of bad rhyming and spirit animal greeting cards, though I would have to do the rhymes in English to get a wider audience

Definitely, this was quite a lovely class

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