Birthday Card for Mum-in-Law

Birthday Card for Mum-in-Law - student project

I just loved loved loved this class. Thank you Sandra for sharing your awesome talent and knowledge with us!

Through this class I was able to learn a style I have attempted on iPad and in Procreate many times without success. Although I drool over those oh so gorgeous botanical line work drawings all over Instagram, its a technique I’ve never been able to master. Well I am by no means a master, but I have taken leaps and strides towards it because of Sandra’s simple explanation and demonstration of this technique. My way of painting is realistic, but I always want a more illustrative style. The combination of simple ‘pen and ink’ line work with my typical detail-oriented painting has taken me towards the look I have envisaged in my head - I just didn’t know how to get there! I am excited to practice more and develop this style further.

I decided to paint a monogram ‘g’ for my Mum-in-Law’s (Glenda’s) Birthday. I so very much enjoyed the process because I was able to relax into it, knowing that nothing was permanent and I could undo and redo (which I did, many many times!), until I got to the look I wanted.

Here is my project …

And, because I am a black and white freak and had the flexibility of editing the artwork in Procreate, I made a simple line work version. I think if I were to attempt this again, I would work more on the shading areas to give more definition (on the rose for example) ...

And here is a mockup of my finished card ...

I'm looking forward to see what fellow classmates create :).

Just Here to Learn and Loving Every Minute!