Ben's Day

Ben's Day - student project

Here they are:

  • Wake up 
  • Check iPad
  • Feed Cats
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Shower
  • Check news/emails
  • Chat online with friends
  • Eat lunch
  • Listen to music
  • Design/Study
  • Go for a walk
  • Tea time
  • Play Video Game
  • Cooking
  • Eat Dinner
  • Watch TV
  • Texting
  • Cuddle with cats
  • Read 
  • Go to Bed


First batch: (I am not doing it in chronologically.)

Updated 6/6 (completed the first rev, more adjustment coming.):

6/7 Update:  (Rev 2.)

* Change weake up and go to sleep icon to show more shoulder per Edward's suggestion

* Change Feeding Cat icon to outline style for consistency

* Decrease the line density in soft drink icon

* Adjust the PS3 controller icon to more space between buttons

* Adjust cooking icon with rounded cornered lines

* Create new "cuddling with cat" icon

* Adjust the lines  to 2 points on the hand in reading icon

6/10 Final Update

Thanks for everyone's comments and likes. I upload the SVGs onto The Noun Project website.  You can find them at

or if you prefer to download the whole set as one zipped file, you can download it on my website.

6/13 I can't help but make this. :-)