Ben Folds - So There

Ben Folds - So There - student project

Erik! Thanks for putting this class together. It was very inspiring. I definitely want to continue exploring the techniques you have explained in this class. 

This is my most recent design for Randmon Rab's album Formless Edge. Had fun creating the lettering by writing with Elmer's glue. Lots of photoshop magic editing. 

Here's a little process video of the lettering: 

I recently found Ben Fold's album entitled, "So There" and it quickly became one of those albums I listened to day in day out for a couple weeks. 

I was listening to the first track on the album, "You are capable of anything" and it got me thinking. Here is a little mind map I put together. It wasn't too expansive; just enough to get me on track with an idea. 

Playing off the idea of being capable of anything, I decided to go with a space exploration theme, and I would create the background image with analog techniques. I wanted to create a sort of space continuum / vortex, so when I got to thinking about how I could replicate this concept in real life, my mind jumped to creating a mini whirlpool in a glass bowl. I used a little brush to spin the water into a vortex, and then added paint to the blue inky water. Since the viscosity of the paint was thicker than the inky water, the paint and ink remained a bit separate, which created the open space at the center of the vortex. 

I then grabbed a still frame from my video footage and brought it into photoshop to start editing colors and working with lettering. 

Below is a little process video I put together. 

I wasn't feeling particularly inspired this morning, but after watching this class I got fired up! I'm excited to continue working with some of the other techniques Erik has suggested. 

Thanks for checking out my project! 


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