Backstory of Azrail, Luke, and Alastor.

Backstory of Azrail, Luke, and Alastor. - student project

This is my project for this course. I plan to write a fantasy series titled, the Hero's of Kalpana. Here is the backstories of the MC, Luke,  his to-be friend, Alastor, and the more important antagonist, Achlys. I will post the other two backstories on Tuesday.

Backstory 1: Luke Dawson.

Luke's backstory could be classified as a personal tragedy. In my first book I am planning to write, I will tell of his backstory in the first person, so it wouldn't seem like a backstory unless you were born in Kalpana during or after his reign in the fictional land.

Luke is the eldest boy of a Victorian couple, Ruth and Boaz Dawson. His siblings are Amara, Peter, and Laura. But shortly after Laura was born, their biological mother died, leaving Boaz, with four children, and his extensive job as a British explorer. He falls in love with and marries a wealthy widow, named Madam Dawson. After Luke's dad's death on a dangerous voyage, Madam Dawson isolates herself internally from everyone. One day, during teatime, Luke accidentally hits a baseball through the window and crashes a valuable china set that Madam Dawson treasured from Boaz. Because of this, Luke's life takes an unexpected turn. Madam Dawson is enraged and feeling no sympathy for her step children, she sends them off to America to be with their relatives, the Alvdel's. Luke feels like a failure in leading his siblings and because of him there only home has been lost, and this sows the seeds for his fear with failure. 

Then this leads to the events that precede the Dawson children's entrance into Kalpana, to become the rescuing Chosen Ones.


Backstory 2: Azrail.

 Azrail is the magical man who came to conquer Kalpana and its surrounding neighbors with his magical staff and legions of Battelan soldiers. He is the second antagonist in my story and overlord of Doloin, though he vever talks much about it in the story.

I would classify his backstory as a legend backstory, as you'll see why.

Azrail was born in the realm of Antitheta, on the planet Beke. Beke was a peaceful planet, unlike their counterpart, Voyna. 

So when the priest of Beke's shrine prophesied that Azrail would become a lethal realm conqueror, his parents rejected him and abandoned him in the desert region of Beke.

 He was found by a scout from Voyna, and he took the young Azrail with him. There he was raised by the Warlord, the king of Voyna, to live up to his potential. But as his power's grew, so did his ambitions. So much did grow, that the regretful Warlord, fearing for his own life banished Azrail to the realm of Dobutsu, the realm of animals.

But instead of being overrun by the animal kingdom, Azrail forged an alliance with Doloin, the king of the Battelan tribe, a species of bat-human hybrids that terrorized the realm. The Dobutsu realm was now under his control.

Thus he began his conquest, starting with the realm where he was born. With his sword made of unique animalium, he easily crushed his homeland. Voyna was harder, but couldn't resist the power and might of Azrail's new army. He slayed the Warlord and stole his magical staff, which gained new powers for every realm he invaded. Even after that, he wasn't satisfied after the taste of conquering had settled into his being.

With the aid of his magical staff, he transported his armies into the most vulnerable realm he could scout, the Kalpana realm; or the realm of mortals.

He had been there for 5 years, conquering and terrorizing what wanted.and took immediate control over the Wilderlands and came over half of Nackota in Kalpana. Then one day, a wizard without a name came, and declared that there would be a chosen four who would put an end to him and his evil. And that leads us to where my story will begin.


Backstory 3: Alastor.

Alastor is a Thorn. A mythical creature that is a close relative of the fawn people. Alastor's backstory can be considered a revenge story.

Alastor was born in one of the last few true Thorn cities left in Nackota, one of the four regions Kalpana was divided into. He had two loving parents and an older brother and a younger sister. He, his father and his brother all served in Nackota's army. They were a truly happy family.

But then Azrail arrived with his magic powers and hordes of hideous battelan soldiers, rampaging and burning anything or anyone in their path. Alaator's regiment was sent to beat back the invasion, but they were no match for them. Azrail had joined forces with the Orc's and Bull Brutes. To Alastor's horror, his father and brother were slayed before his eyes. Alastor escaped in wrath and grief to try and rescue his remaining family, but he arrived to late.

With his beloved family all murdered, Alastor flew into exile and a life as an assassin. He murdered any enemies in his way, filled with hate and resentment, all the while devising a plan to bring Azrail down.

But later he is reunited with his old friend, Edor the elf, who convinced Alastor to leave his vengeful life. Together, along with Edor's newest companion, Arizon, a knight from Nackota, they set out on a quest to track down a dwarf that gifts amazing swords to them all. Afterwards, they joined up with a regiment led my a centoar general, named Captain Roshma, who were marching to fend off the battelans on the northeastern border of Roshan. That's when Luke meets them on his first accidental trip to Kalpana, where their role with him kicks off.