Assignments - Shading Fundamentals

Assignments - Shading Fundamentals - student project

Hi Brent! First off, thank you so much for your drawing course series, nearly at the end!!

I currently do not have access to any traditional art supplies - I do have a few pencils of course - but I'd rather prefer using my tablet.

That being said, the following assignments were done digitally using a pencil texture brush and a soft round eraser. I did not use any smudge tool to help with the blending.

My stylus was using pressure sensitivity, so I could slowly build up my values.


Value Scale - White and grey background


Terminator - Manual value wash and color fill

My first attempt at layering light values. Harder than expected, and I was still tweaking my texture settings.


Cast Shadow 

This is when I really got the hang of layering smooth and soft edges.


Light and Shadow - Full renders on grey and white backgrounds

That was overall a fun exercise! That's my first time rendering simple forms to such level of realism, as I really spent more time on the details of every soft and hard edges.

Thanks, and see you on the next and last course!