Aim High

Aim High - student project

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for taking my class.  Here's a close-up of the card that I created during the video lesson.  The only difference is that I have added a sentiment to the grassy plain.  


For this card I used a sheet of acetate the same size as the card base and attached the floral panel to it.  I also attached some small butterflies to the acetate, so from a distance it looks as though they are suspended in mid-air.  I used foam pads to attach a grassy strip to the bottom of the floral panel and the stopper is a panel of grass on a paper hinge, which gives added depth and dimension.


This is a really old card that I made for a friend.  It's very simple, but I wanted to show that just having the elements standing upright without a background makes for a much more interesting card.

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