Again With The Moon (in progress)

Again With The Moon (in progress) - student project

Posting these now because I want to participate in the workshop coming up but I like a lot of pondering time!

These were the paintings that jumped out at me the most after going through Klee's timeline and I think I can nudge the palettes close enough to connect them visually. I do want to stick with smaller pieces this time, I love the suggestion of them as little gems ;D

I had a feeling that In the Style of Kairouan was telling me a story, the way that the colours progress from one side to the other. 

Again With The Moon (in progress) - image 1 - student project

Because I really do have a thing for the sky, Full Moon. I really like the negative space around the moon with the busyness of the shapes bordering it. I like the trees and the limited palette. The way that the shapes are coloured in also reminds me of the automatic drawing thing that was happening in the Miro paintings.

Again With The Moon (in progress) - image 2 - student project

As for music this time around (hard to argue with it, it's worked for all of the other classes!), I think I'm going to explore my Mozart and Bach since Klee was so drawn to them. I'll confess that no particular piece comes to mind so choosing somewhere to start might end up taking way more time than it should!

So... off to ponder for a while and look forward to everyone's projects. Any music suggestions appreciated!

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