Act 3 of The Ghost Mother

Act 3 of The Ghost Mother - student project

Act 3

Plan – Becca wants to organised a final dinner for her husband and son.

  • Becca made her famous roast chicken and brownie. She even got the monopoly board game out.

Climax – Rose’s body gave out and die.

  • Becca had dinner set out just like the day she died.
  • Her son and husband came home to the dog barking and seeing how everything was laid out made her son upset.
  • Becca’s son yelled at Rose for trying to replace his mother and being insensitive.
  • Becca’s son stormed out of the house. Becca’s husband went after her son to try and comfort the boy.
  • This infuriated Becca who caused all the dishes to explode. But this explosion also caused Rose’s heart to explode.
  • Rose collapsed onto the floor dead. Becca standing there next to Rose’s dead body inspirit form.
  • Becca look over and see an upset spirit Rose crying over her lost live.
  • Jill appeared out of no where and explained to Becca that she is actually Death.
  • Jill explained to the 2 spirits that they can choose to go with her to the spirit world of stay in the living world to become bitter spirits.
  • Becca and Rose both chooses to follow Jill.

Ending – Becca is gone and live moves on.

  • Becca’s husband and son came home to a dead Rose.
  • During the clean up they found a letter Becca wrote to them when she was Rose.
  • They now understand what she was trying to do for them.