A rocking chair for Alice

A rocking chair for Alice - student project

So I have had this little rocking chair in my garage for EIGHTEEN YEARS. I know that because I bought it when my eldest daughter was little and she is now a freshman in college. It has moved with me twice.  When I saw this project, I knew I would use this chair. While I guess it's not a weird thing to paint on, it was a bit unwieldy because of the curved back. Anyway, here goes: 

My youngest is 3 years old and I wanted her name on this chair to reflect her personality. She is all things girly (which you'll see from her choice of outfit in the last photo) so I settled on writing with a lot of flourishes. I thought about doing flourishing all over the back of the but decided against that (see below sketch.)

I made a few sketches, then refined and traced again onto layout bond, cut around the edges and similar to Ashley's chalk method, I used the side of my pencil to add graphite to the areas I wanted to transfer. 

I then taped the paper to the chair and with a SHARP pencil, traced it onto the back of the chair.

I chose Annie Sloan Chalk paint for the base of the chair (Paris Grey) and was going to use ASCP Old White for the lettering but found a tiny pot I had of Cece Caldwell chalk paint (Vintage White) and decided to use it instead (just for the convenience of the small container). I had to run to Michaels to get small enough paintbrushes because the smallest I had wasn't giving me the result I wanted.

I love chalk paint but I'm not sure if I'd use it again for a lettering project, or if I did I'd thin it out a lot more. The issue is, it dries quickly and it is rather thick. I wanted to go back in and thicken my downstrokes but there was a bit of a ridge and I was afraid I'd mess everything up. Another thing is, you pretty much HAVE to seal chalk paint and that's where I messed up. I was going to wax the final piece, but hate waxing and decided to use a varnish/wax combo I found lying around. It wasn't until I finished the whole piece that I found out it was actually a white glaze. Not the look I wanted but it's okay. You can't really tell, but in the last photo (with my daughter) the glaze is there. 

Alice really likes it now, so I'm calling this a win. Thank you, Ashely, for inspiring me to do something with this dust collector. Now to find something else to paint!

Perpetual Student