A few of my doodles

A few of my doodles - student project

Here are a few of my doodles. 

This was actually three different ones that I put together. I use OneNote on my computer (which has a touchscreen and I can use a pen to draw). I add a grid to the page, and then remove it before taking the screengrab. 

This one is a prayer doodle that I did for my daughter. I again used OneNote. The name part was typed, and then I hand drew everything else after dividing up the rectangle into sections. 

I again did this one in OneNote. I added lines to the page to help me stay on track with the words I wrote, and then removed them before taking the screengrab. I then did the flowers around the border. If I had it to do again, I would probably draw the flowers first, and then the scripture, because as you can see, I kind of ran out of room and the flowers are up against the text more than ideal. 

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