90'S NOSTALGIA BADGES - student project


I'm incredibly late with my project, and I apologize for my lateness.

Nevertheless I wanted to submit my project in the hopes I get a little feedback from my fellow skillshare classmates.
Thank you very much.
My project is called "90's Nostalgia Badges" my intention was to create a series of badges with the gadgets that I really loved back in the 90's. Back when we used to keep things for a long time and really enjoy them.
I started a brain map of ideas about the stuff that could be developed as badges.
I was in love with neon back then, in fact I was obsessed with those colors, at first it seem like a great idea to use only neon colors for the badges, but it was very tricky...
I picked a few of my favorite stuff and started drawing them with this very limited color palette.
I really loved this project, and I will continue this project, tweak and create new badges to remember the fun a colorful 90's.

Art Director, Letterer & Calligraphy Rookie