7 Questions Answered

7 Questions Answered - student project



1. Where are we selling?

T.V ads, 30 seconds, Awareness stage of sales cycle.


2. What are we selling?

Sports performance enhancement product, Hydration, Flavour.


3. Who are we selling?

Sports people (athletes), young people, sports fans.

Mostly people in peak athletic age (e.g., 12-35).

People of all income levels (seeing as it only costs a few dollars).

4. Why they should buy it?

It has electrolytes which increase hydrations.

Sports heroes drink it so you can be like them if you have it.


5. Who is the competition?


Water, Cordial, Vitamin Water.

Coke (seeing as it is also sweet and owned by the same company).

Water may also be seen as DIY as well as a substitute product.


6. What do we want the prospect to do?

Next time you have a sporting event (maybe each week for athletes) buy Powerade.

Get it from a shop before you arrive at the event.


7. What is a single thing that must be told?

Fast hydration.

Rory Brady

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