#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 70

#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 70 - student project

Nuggets that I got from the interviewees:

Visual Narrative Text = Visual Storytelling

Interview Mr. Kurtz (Artist&Author):

-Visual Storytelling is also the subtle things we weave into the process. 

-How do I make a book that just ins't a book?

-Handwriting is an imprint of who you are.

-He uses pencil (as his medium) because of the grittiness. 

Interview Ms. Butler (Artist):

-I think our culture is underestimation the power of image.

-It takes very little for us to read what something is. 

-I want them to project themselves onto it, just like I project myself into it.

-Be brutally honest with yourself first. Why am I doing this? What does this really mean to me? What is it really going to say?

Interview Ms. Lupi (Information Designer):

-What is the story that needs to come out?

-Collecting Data is a form of meditation (on a postcard)

Interview Mr. Sahre (Graphic Designer):

-The work establishes a point of view, to a certain degree.

-I was taught that being a graphic designer is a calling, it's who you are.

-A graphic designer doesn't have a captive audience like a filmmaker. 

-You have to create a situation that tells a story but also attracting attention. 


Digital illustration is a way for me to express myself. 

Self Taught Storyteller