#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 37

#100DaysofSkillShareProjects - Day 37 - student project

First off, I wanted to say that this class reminded me of a great book. Every time I re-watch this class by Mrs. O'Brien, I will get a new gem. 

One of my favorite interviews was during an episode of Super Soul Sunday. Oprah was interviewing Dr. Brene Brown. 

















Dr. Brene Brown is the author of Daring Greatly. She said something really profound about the ego: 

"The ego is the hustler. You have no inherent worth, you gotta hustle for it. How fast are you going to run? How high are you going to jump? How many likes do you have on Facebook? How many comments do you have on that post? That's the hustle."

Oprah: "Isn't it we now live in a culture that measures itself/ourselves by how many likes we get on Facebook?" 


The clip is only 4 minutes but it really makes you put up a mirror to yourself. My self-worth doesn't come from social media or anything materialistic. I just love interviews like this.


The link for the clip: Dr. Brené Brown: The Two Most Dangerous Words in Your Vocabulary | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN 

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