*Sample Project* "Field Guide"

*Sample Project*  "Field Guide" - student project

Here is the short book I made as an example in the videos:

And here is a written out list of materials:

  • A few sheets of plain letter sized printer paper
  • A pencil and eraser
  • A bone folder or other folding tool, or even a dull butter knife
  • An awl, this is very useful but optional, as you can just use your needle, though it can get tedius
  • A heavy duty needle
  • Strong thread, like linen binding thread or heavy duty sewing thread
  • Beeswax, which will help the thread glide. Some thread comes prewaxed. You can also use a candle you might have laying around
  • Scissors
  • Binder clips or paper clips
  • An x-acto blade and cutting mat
  • A ruler
  • Optional different types of papers to use for the covers
  • Any materials you will need to make your original artwork, this parts up to you

You can find these things at any art supply store but two places that might be interesting to check out are:

Talas http://talasonline.com/, which specializes in book binding materials


the French Paper Company http://www.frenchpaper.com/, which sells a large selection of interesting papers that you can use in a copier or printer.

Some Websites to check out for book making inspiration:

Printed Matter https://www.printedmatter.org/

Vamp & Tramp Booksellers http://www.vampandtramp.com/html/home.html

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