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    A computer or pen and paper

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    A complete artist’s statement, a 90-day action plan, a 90-day marketing plan

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Build Your Creative Business: Find Your Voice & Write An Artist Statement

Discovering your unique point of view is a really important step for any artist, whether you're working as a freelancer, running a full-time art business, or creating art on the side. When you have a good understanding of your authentic creative identity and are able to lean in and express it to the world with clarity, people are much more likely to remember you and fall in love with your work. In this class you’ll create an artist’s statement, think through your business’ structure, and learn where your business fits in the market

Setting Up A Creative Business: Let’s Get Legal And Legit

Learn what you need to know to make sure your creative business is legal and legit! In this class you’ll develop an understanding of basic business structures, types of taxes, financial systems, and tools and workflows CEOs use daily. You’ll come away with a plan of action for the next 90 days to meet your business' goals.

Marketing Your Creative Business: How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out

Sure, “marketing" can sound like a bit of a dirty word to creatives. But the truth is...selling doesn't have to feel sleazy! In this class you’ll learn how to sell authentically, how to identify target customers, and which marketing tactics are right for you. You’ll come away with a 90-day marketing plan to jumpstart your business’ success.

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