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wood and brass jewelry for every one

teacher avatar Art School, Became a better artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 1 Materials

    • 3. 2 How to Fix the Blade on the ‎Fretsaw

    • 4. 3 Attach the clamp and the wooden board to the table

    • 5. 4 Design Printing and Cutting on Brass Sheet

    • 6. 5 Trimming the Edge of the Cut Motif‏

    • 7. 6 How to Cut Brass Motifs Designed Lines

    • 8. 7 How to Cut the Wooden Frame

    • 9. 8 Sandpaper Wooden Frames

    • 10. 9 sanding brass pendant

    • 11. 10 How to Make Holes on Brass

    • 12. 11 How to Polish Wooden Frames

    • 13. 12 The Final Stage

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About This Class

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to make wooden and brass jewelries, the handmade jewelries without using electric tools. You can make these jewelries ‎at home without any prior mastery.

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1. Intro: Hi. I am Jump ship will come to my training course in the state. Of course, I'm going to teach you how to make some food and jewelries the handmade jewelries without using black victors. You can make this jury's at home without any of your master. I hope you enjoy watching this sartorial widow on make beautiful jewels. 2. 1 Materials: first material record is on zero point a sickness sheet off breast measuring 10 by 10 centimeters. Yeah, the next device is the desk lamp on the wooden plate. We need to cut the metal after that. We also did a special metal Fritze and special blades to cut the brass plate sheets off sandpaper with different sizes. Course to find still would find to polish the surface off jewelry. Metal shears for cutting brass sheets, 0.6 millimeter tick walnuts would shit last the matter? You'll be neat. Is the different leaf layoff labors to create the layout on the brass sheets on cutting. 3. 2 How to Fix the Blade on the ‎Fretsaw: how to fix the blade on the for itself. There are variety off blades for cutting wood and metals. There are two types off late. We use here. Zero cutting blades are selected to cart. Metal blades are flats. To fix the blade way need to unscrew the end on top Screw off the Fritze, then a touch one side off the blade to the top off difference. So on. Fix this group. Not that the blade should be down. War to art booth. Have you fixed one site? Then be fixed. The second end on just the blade elongation using the top. Screw. Yeah. The blade should not be too tight or loose. 4. 3 Attach the clamp and the wooden board to the table: attach the clam on the wooden board to the table, place the bottom off the wooden board on the table, then push the school, throw the end hole on down and fix it tight. Yeah, uh, then test the screw so that the wooden plate does not move during the cutting. The breast shoot cutting place is also placed at the top off the wooden plate. 5. 4 Design Printing and Cutting on Brass Sheet: design Printing on cutting on brass sheet First, clearly specified dimensions bigger than the size off the motive on the brass sheet. After that, cut out the desired motif and attach eat on a glass sheet. - Jewelry dimensions on brass sheet should be bigger than the motive you can't see in the video. - After that, we cut the motive by Caesar's. In this video, you can see how to use your fingers on the scissors. No, carefully used the scissors while cutting gently. Unmarked light? No. After cutting the brass in the next step, start dreaming the edge off the Koch it. 6. 5 Trimming the Edge of the Cut Motif‏: dreaming the edge off the cart motif to dream the edge off the brass court motive. Use a flathead hammer on gently hit the back off caught piece to complete smoothness. - Caught three motives with different patterns in the same way on get ready for the next step. - You sandpaper. 18 no. 214 on 360 to smooth. And the brass motives used 80 sandpaper. Make sure that the entire age on Su faces off the motives. Is this mooted? You can see in the video uh, a start with number 18 then continue to the coarser once, as you can see in the real, all the parts off the motives should be sandpaper. Yeah, you shoot sound paper age off press. Yeah. Do the same on other sand people. - Yeah . After that, we do the same for the three brass motives 7. 6 How to Cut Brass Motifs Designed Lines: how to cause brass motives. Designed lines. Start cutting the design lines using for itself. Look at how you can handle eat first. Some must be perpendicular to the war service. - Check the cutting path to make sure it is cut off the line. When cutting brass sheets way. Need to slowly slow down on. Rotate the design to caught all sections off the design. - Okay , be careful with your fingers while keeping the blades spaced with your fingers. Yeah, after cutting, removed the blade carefully. Then remove paper pattern glute on the brass. Carefully follow the same beat the other two. Other motives. Be sure to cause carefully and slowly. The used relate is number zero. - Yeah , now the three brass motives already for souffle sandpaper. 8. 7 How to Cut the Wooden Frame: how to cut the wood and free After cutting the brass motives, it's time to make the wooden frame, as you can see in the video. Mark the lines off Press motive on wooden board about two minutes or wider, then caught the wooden frame with friends. Be sure to use a wood cutting blade on carefully caught the lines because the read off the sub late is greater than the boot. We continue cutting on both sides off the cutting edge. - Yeah , then cut the three sections marks with differences. 9. 8 Sandpaper Wooden Frames: sandpaper wooden frames in this section. Way We're going too soft on the surface. Off the wooden frames. Start with sandpaper. Number 80. As you can see in the video, we sandpaper all ports off the wood. Smooth. Use sandpaper number 233 160 for the best results. We use a still rule and sandpaper number 600. Uh, we do the same for the other wooden frames. 10. 9 sanding brass pendant: sanding brass models for sanding the surface off breast views. Sandpaper number 600 or 800 as you can see in the field way, sand the surface on the breasts, uh, and do then using s still rule. We finished the finalists. Step to make the surface shiny. Yeah. Follow these steps for the rest. Off the brass plate on. Get ready for the next step, Yeah. 11. 10 How to Make Holes on Brass: how to make holes on breasts to connect the wooden and brass frames. We have to make a hole on the brass plate on wooden frame as the crossing points off the Do these mark the top off the brass motive with a marker on followed these steps on the wooden frames. As you can see individual, - do you after insuring the exact location off the whole, using a nail on the frame marked a real bitch Drill and take care. Do not move the brass motive. During drilling here, we used the real number 1.5. Place the drill vertically on the brass on drill the hole. - After drilling the holes in the brass placed the wooden frame under the brass motive on drill the hole in the market place okay. 12. 11 How to Polish Wooden Frames: Yeah. After drilling good and frames on brass, moody B used linseed oil or any fluid all to make the wood darker on waterproof carefully followed their steps in the video to polish also faces off the wooden frames. - Yeah , finally clean the surface with a Kleenex. 13. 12 The Final Stage: in this section, which is the last part of jewelry making a wooden frame. AM brass motive are attached Using a Bass Inc. - Follow the video instructions carefully and patiently tow. Avoid Harting your fingers. No. Yeah. Use a leather strap for hanging breast. Motive on wooden frame. Uh, hope you enjoyed watching this territorial widow on make beautiful jewels.