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vCenter Server 6.5: Installation & Management

Fettah BEN, Apps developer, Business Expert and CPA Marketer

vCenter Server 6.5: Installation & Management

Fettah BEN, Apps developer, Business Expert and CPA Marketer

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13 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Introduction to vCenter Server 6.5: Windows Hardware Requirements

    • 2. Setting Up Domain Controller Functionality

    • 3. Joining The Vcenter Machine to an Active Directory Domain

    • 4. Downloading VMware vCenter Server 6.5 For windows

    • 5. Install vCenter Server 6.5 for Windows

    • 6. Configuring vCenter 6.5 Single Sign On

    • 7. vCenter 6.5 Single Sign-On Web client

    • 8. Overview of vCenter Server 6.5 User Interface

    • 9. Add an ESXi Host to the vCenter Server Inventory (Datacenter)

    • 10. Difference Between ESXi And vCenter Server User Interface

    • 11. Managing ESXi Hosts in vCenter Server

    • 12. Creating A Virtual Machine In vCenter Server

    • 13. Work in Progress Panel

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About This Class

This course guide provides hands-on instruction and detailed conceptual explanations, anchored by practical applications and real-world examples

This is the ultimate guide to vSphere, helping administrators master their virtual environment.

Being able to plan the installation of, download, install, and configure ESXi 6.5, vCenter for Windows, and the vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) are some of the most critical skills that any VMware vSphere admin can obtain. In this course, vCenter Server 6.5: Installation & Management, you'll first walk through that process, step by step. Next, you'll explore best practices based on years of experience. Finally, you'll gain a solid understanding of ESXi and vCenter architecture, vSphere editions, and all the new vSphere 6.5 features. By the end of the course, you'll know everything you need to know for installing and configuring vCenter and ESXi for the vSphere Foundations exam

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Fettah BEN

Apps developer, Business Expert and CPA Marketer


Hi there. My name is Fettah BEN and I want to get real with you for a minute.

Ben is an IT Administrator Diploma and has built a successful business in coaching, online marketing, Web Development, content marketing, Virtualization, Server Administration and lot of other projects.
In this Profile I share with you my skills, my successful strategies and techniques in different fields with an easy ways that takes you from beginners levels to expert levels.

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1. Introduction to vCenter Server 6.5: Windows Hardware Requirements: hello and welcome in this new restriction that we're going to see more about the presenter server. So as I tell you into preview the sections, when we create our love, we create some vitriol machine inside physical hosts. And as you see in this example, when we want to manage our hosts, we need to connect directly to the host truck, the epi address, and use their name and the password for fish off those hosts so we can manage dame. Then I told you that if we want to do some other advance the task with those host to manage our that our center more efficiency. We need to have do the center server. So, for example, here, if we want to move our virtual machine from this house to another host, we need to use the re center. If you want to create some height of ability, we need to use the the center. If we want you to use the there s and some locals off other choose or other future, we need to the sentence. So for that, I told you that we're going to install off the center server and connect to that be center server and inside that host, we're going to add all our most off our the power center. So what is the center on what the requirement to have, Ah, the center silver in our that a store. So the visitor server for Windows. The hartal requirement, as you see here, when you on style of the center stage for a virtual machine or physical server running Microsoft Windows. Of course, when we want to install the B center, we can install this re center server inside our virtual machine or install it directly to our physical server and for boats we need to have on Microsoft windows. And to be more specific, you need Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or Sever 2012 or the Last Server 2016. That's mean you need a Windows server operation system, so your system must meet specific hardware requirements. You can install the center server and the platform service control on the same vitriol machine or physical server on a different virtual machine or physical server we knew installed the center server with an Amber Tate platform service controller. You are installed the center server and the platform service controller understand visual machine or physical server because we would want to install the visitor. We have two option. We have the option to install the the center with ambit platform service control in one virtual machine or in one server. Or we can install them in two different machine or two different physical server. So when you installed the visitor server with an external platform, Service Control first installed the platform service controller that constant all of the requirements service on the R one vitriol machine or physical server and then installed the presenter server on the the center, several competent on another virtual machine or physical server. That's mean, if we want to install the visitor in Joe Separates Machine, we need to install first the platform service controller. Then we can install the every center server. Then there are unknown person information that you should know about to do databases. Re center Need at that obeys. Hey, can't work without At that are based for that you can is a number the post s careers that are based for environment, up to 20 hosts and 200 victory in machine. That's mean the center server come with a number did that. A bus. That's call it post great Israel that abuzz this that Abbas can support up to 20 hosts. That's mean with that. The center that use post great screens that are bus hey can manage up to 20 hosts and up to 200 virtual machine. If your environment have more than 20 host, you need to use an external that advise you can't work with the post. Great. It's clear that a bus in this case you need our oracle data buys or some other that obeys that can manage more than 20 host. So if you have a bigger environment, you should use external that I vase. Do you have the hardware in the hardware? We want to create a tiny environment. Let's mean up to 10 host and 100 vitriol machine. We need to have at least to sip you and 10 gigabyte off rain. Off course in our love is a very, very tiny environment we use only to host maybe tree host on less than 15 virtual machine. So we need the tiny environment Hardwar requirement that mean we need Onley to CPU and 10 gigabyte. But in the real environment. You can install the the center server inside a machine with only eight gigabyte with a gigabyte you installation complete successively but head the requirement is 10 gigabyte to work without any problem. Off course you will feel the difference when you have more than two host in our example of only two house. So a Jacobite work perfectly without any problem. If we start using about eight or nine or maybe 10 hosts with style feeling that our V Center server is George slow with eight gigabyte. But as I tell you, you can start work with the Al gigabyte as we have a limit Hardwar in our love. But in the environment, of course, you need to give the visitors server 10 gigabyte minimal. Then we have the small environment up to 100 host and 1000 vitriol machine. You need four see P and 16 gigabyte were also we have the medium environment need a sippy 24 gigabytes off rain and large environment. 16 CPU, 32 gigabyte at Sit down. Then we have the storage for the story. It's not a problem, of course. Always we have more than enough off the storage. In our example. In my laptop, I have 500 gigabytes, so it's more than enough to work with the presenter. Of course, you can see here a detail about the different environments and the requirement storage, however troubled. Of course, you will discover that unity is external storage. And, of course, always the external storage have more than enough space for our environment. Then we have do software. The team were the center server appliance to let you know about a place is we have the center server and we have recent of silver Appliance. The applies version is come with his own operation system with it on a Lennix operation system. That's mean, if you have a Windows server license, you can install that Windows server licence in our machine. Then you installed the re center server inside this machine. If you don't have a license for Windows Server or you'd want use it, then you can use the presenters ever appliance that's come with its own operation system, so we see it later into ties. So the VM were the center server appliance and platform service control appliance can be deployed on Year six. I host 5.5 or later. That's me. If you want to install the recent server inside a virtual machine, that virtual machine should be hosted in a year. Six. I hosts 5.5 or later. In our situation, we use on Lee the last vision 6.5 so we don't have a problem or off the center. Cerebral instant 5.5 or later is another software. You can use it on style. Do V Center. Several. So for that, when you want to manage your visitor sever, you can use your browser from the patient's system windows or mark us. There is a list off the requirements software or Requirements browser that lets you connect to the presenter server and start managing eight like use chemicals and an Explorer Invasion. 10. Mozilla Firefox Conversion 34 and Google Chrome. I understand for Mark West. So this is the important information that you should know about the center server and in the next video will star on starting our visitor server inside our vitriol machine. But in your rate environment, you can start eight in our victory in machine inside ah host, or you can install it in our physical host in our example. Here we go into our style eight inside our virtual machine that have Windows Server 2012 so see in the next video for more details. 2. Setting Up Domain Controller Functionality: Oh, hi. So in this video, I will show you how to create a dummy contra runner. And then how to add your server that have the the center inside that dome in control. Off course. This is not in the plane off this course because the courses about VM ware and you should I really didn't know how to create a new active directory and how toe other machine inside a dominant controller. So this video, it's like a bonus attitude, of course. So in the preview, I told you that we need to have a Windows server or a virtual machine with a domain controller and Mother Windows server to install do the center. So if you see her this V century, I give it 80 gigabyte off rain and this one you can give it one gigabyte, but stroke the installation. When I want to create active directory, I give it about three or four gigabyte tow. Avoid that Freezing dropped the installation. So just I give it for gigabyte? No. When I complete the on station off the active directory, I was changing true one gigabyte to have more free space off the rain toe work easily so and this year's excised one that we created in the beginning? No, I move it to the other laptop so we don't need it this year. Six I right? No. So this is the machine that we want to on stalled active directory, click, ornate and click Apply virtual machine. So this machine is under departed on. So it's give keep giving me this message because it is use it. So how is it the victory in machine with that? We're going to use toe installed active directory. So the step is very simple. I'm sure that your mother didn't know how to create an accident victory. But if you don't know how to do that for your left, you comfort of this step to our annexing directory in your love. But in the real environment, you should. I didn't know how to do that. So we go to add rule and futures from the silver management. It is it to stay over management. This one. You can get it from him on click manage and other rule and future, or just click right Here are the rules and future. So this step is very simple. Just follow the next hair we chose conflict a single server by other in rule rule, service and futures. We click next, then it show me do it P address before. For a window step, you need to configure the IP address to a static ip e. As I tell you in the beginner, the plan that we were going to create is a six I Number one. We do Number 10 the six I number two with the IP address 20 and do Tommy controller. I give it 11 and the the center. I will give it 12. So how to do that? It's very simple. Right there. We go to Internet property. That's mean the property of the network adapter prevision for and here I give it 11. Then the difficulty wise my router and had to Deena's is the number one off do router. That means if I want to connect to the Internet, they will use do Dennis for the Ritter to get information about the website. So this is not important. The important is to use our nippy, static and difficulty way to connect to the network. So this is an important step. You should do it before completing the installation Tow. Avoid every time having our new GP others. So if we're back right here, the name is win the seat. That's mean windows off the dummy control you can't chose any name for your machine isn't important. So click next and here We need to chose the active directory Domain service. This is the one that we need. You need to check this one to give you an overview about what you were going to do is active, direct administrative centre Onda snap in and common lying tools. So we click our future, then click on the Dennis Server. We need to actively Dennis or it. We automatically activate through the installation. But we can just active it from the beginning. Then next here, we need to check that the needs from work 4.5 is a starlet I had, is it? It's already start in distant machine. If not, you need to check this one alot the installation of the needs from work. If you don't have, you need to download and install the needs from work for 15 So it's all of the all started in this machine. So everything is OK, next next on another. Next. I'll give you an overview then and stop. The installation will take a little time. That's why I give it for gigabytes to this machine off the rain to avoid the freezing. So it will take more rain. And there is it. The installation started on win D. C. That's me. Domain controller. Another information that's you see or the windows lessons valued for 17 mine days. Let's me I use only the revelation invasion off the Windows server because this is just ah , love. We don't need lessons for our luck. But in the environment of course you need our license so you can Is any Windows server with volition license for about six months? I un installed Windows Server yesterday. So I have one. They use it from the revelation mode. Also I installed Veum were tool If you see right here, I already installed the same were true to have ah, good resolution without in a problem off working on it. So you see configuration required installation succeed all windows, dummy continent. So it click close. So after the installation off the active directory, you have a notification here to complete the process. That's mean you need to promote the server toe abdominal controller, So just click on it. And here he asked us to create a new domain controller. So you see other abdomen control two on existent domain. Of course, we don't have any Tommy, but in the environment you will have a domain controller. So you can other this machine to an existing domain or at a new dome into an existing forest or at a new forest. Because our love is new, we don't have any domain or any forest. So we need to create a new forest. And here we need to give it our dummy name to our server that we're going to use to connect to do the center server off course. You know how to create our roads to me. But if you don't know, you should be careful when you add are a domain name to your environment, on top of which use any existing dominant name in the Internet. For example, if you is google dot com, this domain exists in the web service. Um, by using this domain, you have a collision between the domain controller off your environment and the website google dot com. That's mean in anyone off your user in your environment. Try to get access to the website google dot com. Do Network will forward or the Dennis or the active directory. The dummy control were forward. That user to your server that's will be a problem. So when you try to create a domain name, try to use abdomen name that there is not exist in the Internet. But of course, if you use it, it's not a problem. The only problem that you have is when someone try to connect to that were size, he will automatically forward to your server. So in my situation, I would use on name that there is not existing. The Web, even if it exists, is not a problem. This is just a love. So, for example, the, um, I love boats. Emma. This is the domain name that I were used drug discourse who controls any domain name that you want. Of course you can't chose. For example, if you chose, for example, Google, you can add dot for example, local or dot your love it. Sit there. That's me, dummy. That does not exist off with any confusion between your domain and do tell me name, the other the exist. So click next it would create a dominating so hair forest function. Louisville to chose wishful avail. Exist Weir's Windows Server 2012 para Chu. So I leave it also ahead. 2012. It's not a problem. Just keep the information by the foot. And here we need to type the directory service restore mode Password. Need to add a password to do directory service, restore mode. So let's chose a password then. Next, A delegation for these tears there were coming to because it is because the authorities battle zone cannot speak phone. Of course, we don't have any Dennis yet, so just click next to it. Is the Net abuse to check the domain name? So don't tell me name with Senate bills is VM elop. So it's OK next. Then we have the feet that will say the data bus, so it's not a problem. Next, then the information quick information about the configuration. Next, it will check the requirement if it is okay to complete the installation. All prerequisite chicks positively click on start to begin installation, so Hey, check that everything is OK. OK on stalled and the installation will start right now. So no hickory. It's very actually partition the configuration. The Tommy controller, the extension of the current controller. It's a down. This is a simple step just to follow the love if you don't know how to install the active directory, but it is required that you already know how to do that. So here we give you a missiles that you need to sign out, then to sign in, to get inside the domain contra so close with clothes and closes automatically will reboot . We're starting. No, we need to log in. And no, we are inside the VM lab domain controller. So stop the password to log in and we'll come to the domain controller. So next we're going to create I use the name and the password for the machine that we're going toe. Add it inside this domain control so soon in the next week 3. Joining The Vcenter Machine to an Active Directory Domain: Hi. So, no, we need to create our user name and the password for the machine that we want to add inside this domain controller off course, Any machine that you want to add it in our tummy control you need to create. I use their name and the password before doing that. And you should. I didn't know how to do that. So that is it to step? We go to administrative tools, then we go toe active directory user and computer. I mean, we need to create a user on toe other computer inside this active directory. And there is this. As you see, we have the dummy name. VM Lab got Emma. It's already exists after creating the domain. So we got hair regard to the user. And there's a list off user that's come by default off course. We don't need them. We need to create a new user name for the machine that we want to add inside this active directory. So we go to right click new and we got you user. And there we need to other information about do User. So, for example, here shows my name like that. Then do user log name. So they use their way to be feta. That's me. The user. Balog name is Vita Arbus. The in lab coats. Emma. That's mean Here. Is it the name Andi? User log Name three Windows 2012. It will be like that. VM live slash. Like when we do in the wind, we try to look into this Windows v matlala slash administrator The next day in the past work, Mr Trump. Complex password. Here's any password that you won't just don't forget about it. Then user must change passwords at next. Logan off course this option. In the real environment, you need Teoh. Check this option. But in our love, we don't need to change the password because we who were going to use it, we create the password and we're going to use it. But injury environment. The user should change the password to keep it for itself. So I don't need this. One user cannot change password. Of course, if you want to change password from the user, I can't do it. So the problem Password. Never expect. Yes, I don't want That's my password expiry in my love. But of course, Indurain Environment This is in relation about your security in the rain environment. You who tasted what to chose in the rain environment. But in our lab, I am the one who work with the dumbing control. And also I have new user who will is this possible? So I don't need to keep changing the passwords for my secret account. It is able, of course, moat Next. So the user name on to use the local name and the password the user can change password and the password. Never expect. So finish. No, we have our user name. That's call it feta. Been. Of course, if you want to add more user, you can add them right here. This is a generation about your environment. Onda. We close this one. So then Reebok to the other one to the other machine. That's call it the M where the center, this machine that we're going as you say the name Windows 2012 The center. We don't need this one right here. Let's close it and then we need toe at this vitriol machine or this is Windows server inside a dome in control that will help us when we are starting to the center to use a domain name and some other tools that we can use it from the domain control. So that is how to add this machine. Your domain controller. We got to this PC property. Then we got change sitting. And as you will see her, I give this machine out name. Can it win? Center When we want to try to connect to this to the recent truck. This machine, We're going to use this name wind center, that very in love dot Mark. But of course, we're still not inside that domain. We need to have it right here. So we got to the domain and we add VM club. Boat em up. I click took off course before do that, we need to carry out the address off the domain name inside this laptop. So how we do that regard to our network, try to eat it in the network and, of course, give it our static empty as I tell you in the first machine. So here we give it the a p 12 the Signet mask, difficulty white or connected to the Internet. And hell, is it an important step into Deena's. We need to add Dennis off our server to server with the address. 11 is due. Date is in our network. If we put it on Lee one like that, the days off my router does not know the game. Love. That's Emma. He don't have any information about this domain name. So we need to chose the dummy name that have the information about do via Mullah Abdul Emma inside it. So this is the address off the other machine that have DNS server. And then I chose my router, Dennis. Ever. That's mean. If I try to connect to the Internet, he can forward and information to the other DNS server. But I mean my router to go to the Internet. So the important is to have do domain controller GPRS inside the periphery. Dennis server you have with this problem that he can't found domain controller. It's just show you an example. If we leave it at one like that on a related this one. Okay. Okay, then if we try to connect to the dam lab anoxic actor, the more control for the dome in the blood can not be contacting. That means you don't know. Where is it? So we need to have the address off the Dennis that we have inside the domain controller and the address off the router to connect to do web service. Okay, Okay. And its close this one. Then we click. OK, to add our machine to the same lab domain controller. So you ask us for the name and the password off course the name on the passport that we created for new users. So the name is it that then the password that I created in the other machine on. Okay, welcome to the VM lab. Got em Our domain. So, no, we are inside the dome in tmlaa. Of course, you need to restart your computer to apply the change. So close restart and no, we are inside a domain name. Call it the M lob. Thought em up on head. Is it? We sent. I'll control deal, so no decision will open in the wind center. That's me in the user name and the password off this machine. But off course, we want to get inside this machine. We need to get inside the tummy control. So we're back and chose you. The user and you will say that we are in the VM Love the family that we need to top the user. Name off the Veum lab controller and the password to get inside the domain controller. Okay. And everything is OK. As you see here we have VM lab slash feta. That's mean, the user is from the VM lab. Domain controller? No, we are inside the domain controller, and this machine is inside a domain controller. So next we're going toe, install the re center inside this machine and we will follow the step. How to do that. So see you in the next video. 4. Downloading VMware vCenter Server 6.5 For windows: Hello again. So to start the dissenter, we need to don't look the eyes of a march off the the center server from the VM Ware website. So for that you just tap vein Where this fair The center in Google to get for water. The websites all you get to this other s my dot VN where did come And here you see this it this very hyper resort these x I and head of the center server So we need to re sent a silver click go to download. And of course, here you see the different division but this for the period user, we need to get on Lee the free tria. So we got right help get free tree are take us to the evolution off the this fear while the revelation software or the revelation products off the VM ware. So is this product evolution center for team were despair and despair with operation management. So we go on a chair we see this is the hyper visual that we download and use it as at really version. And there we have the vis fair hyper visa off course This one Then we have do the center server. This is the one that we need. Just click on it. Download the center server for those. This is for those. Let's meet. This software does not on style in our mark West or any other operations them. It's only work for Windows, then this is information about 6.5 point zero a. The date is 2 to 2017 and this is the size off this DVD or this ISO image off the the center. So we just need to click manual dollars to star download in this fashion, and we're going to use it to install it inside our vitriol machine Windows Server 2012. Of course, you need to log in to complete the process, so see in the next video. 5. Install vCenter Server 6.5 for Windows: so no. After downloading the ISO image off the V center, no, we need to install the the center inside our windows server. Another information that you should go every time when you pose your love and back the next day to start your love again, you need to respect our seconds off power in on your vitriol machine. The first time you need to do is to power domain controller. You need to power on the machine that have the tummy control on blogging inside your station. Then you need to power on the windows server that have the the center center. Because when you try to log, instructive is this machine you need to other. They have the active there to re power it on so it's can log in without any problem. Of course, it will log in even if this machine is bounded off. But you will have some issue. We try to connect to the center server. So this is the step that you need to do power on the windows domain controller, then minimize eight and then power on do windows that will have the the center server. So let's use the front screen then we need to are. The eyes will emerge to this virtual machine. How we do that, Of course. Injury environment. You can use it through the U S. B k. Or drop the DVD driver. But here, as we have a victory machine, we need to connect it to do DVD driver. So we got to the veteran machine sitting. We got to see the DVD driver on here. You see the old image off the Windows server 2012 when we installed a penitence is then we need to correct browse, and we chose do VM. Where e m. This is the version off the the center. This is the one that I downloaded reviews Lee. And this is the last one that is available for free. We chose this one and click open, so it's automatically connect to this invasion machine. Click. Okay. No, we have the the center inside our David A driver. So, head, is it top to chose what happened with this disk? So it is it. We click run auto run off course. You can go from here to your DVD driver and ran the auto run. Double click on it and will be run automatically. So of course they ask you to add other ministry jeweler User off this server, you need to have other Minister Eater Village toe install this software insider machine. So we are Adminis Treacher and the password. Okay. No, we can't complete the installation with the administrator privilege or the administration permission. So where is it? Windows. The center server for Windows VM, where the center server is a Windows application that manage daughter central access control, performance monitoring and configuring and unify resource for individuals. Server to be shared among vitriol machine in the Ontario Data Center. So two didn't step. We click on style. It's very simple. The installation will start. Um, of course, it will take a little time to do that. So click next we accept the license. Next on the hair is an important step that you should care about it as a CEO in the previous section that are starting in the very center you have to choice. The 1st 1 is installed, the center inside our vitriol machine or ah, host completely. That's mean the platform service control at the presenter server inside one machine, and another option is external deployment that you will install the platform service control inside our virtual machine or ah, host day. You install do these center server inside different victory in machine or host when we need to chose do 1st 1 and when we need to chose the 2nd 1 If we have a tiny environment like the one that we have in our example right here, we can chose the 1st 1 the install, although competent off the the center, inside one vitriol machine or one host. But if we have a big that a center, like we have 50 machine or we have 100 vitriol machine on a lot off physical hosts and lots off Hardwar, that's mean the the center will have, ah, height load off resource when he tried to manage your environment and the machine or the host that Harvard of you center can't support that height loading off results from the V Center. In this case, we need to use more than one host. That's mean we need is three or four hosts to manage out that center stroked the V Center. In this situation, we need to go to use the second option external deployment win, you chose the second option. You need to respect the order like in this one. This is the first, and this is the stinking. That's mean. You need to goto our house like, for example, this hosts. That's an example we need to ask about the platform service controller. First you need like that. We check this one and collect NIST and complete the installation. Then we go to the other host the singer, the host on the second victory A machine and we're going to install the V Center Server like this is distinct machine, which shows the presenter and collect next and followed the installation process. This is why we need to install of the center inside different virtual machine or different hosts toe of with that ah, height loading off the resource off the machine if we have a big data sent. But in our example is a very, very tiny that the center we have only two years. Six I and that's not a big deal. Even 10 years, six or 10 hosts can still can be manage it from one hosts or one visual machine without the center. So as this is our course we are. Just let me We don't need to goto Very complicated. Let's chose the simple one. And of course, in our station, this is the perfect choice to installed in the center. So, as you see this example here, this option will start the platform service control and the center inside this vision machine or this house. So we click next hair. It's give you the name off this machine with a domain name. This is why we need a domain name and there are other True. That's we're going to use it. Throw that me name Like it when we create some use, the term managed to be center. We can create user trouble. Toby Center all we can use the user name from the active directory or from the tummy control. This is one of the benefits of having a dominant contra. So this is the system name? Wind center. That's me in the name off this machine. But rain love boats Emma id clinic Next. Yeah, there are unimportant information that you should remember it to use it later. 6. Configuring vCenter 6.5 Single Sign On: So the center single sign own configuration a series of recent of single sign on Domine, the center single Sign on for Me name. This is the dominant that's gone into this fair That loca buts mean when we try to log in to the the center. This is the domain name that we need to use to tell to the re center that we use. I use their name from the domain. This fair taught local When I Here's a name that's me. Make clear that is it. So when I try to use a user name, for example, out of US V, it's fair dot loca. Let's mean I use a user name from do the center user that a vase. But if I chose the user name Vita are of us, it was open vm Lubbe. But Emma, that's me. The user name that I use exists in the domain controller. So this is the difference between single sign on coming from the center and do use their name from the I don't mean name all active directory. So, no, we're going to create a user name for the the center drug, this domain. So here you can't convict this domain to what you want. For example, the name off your that a vase or named off the company, etcetera. But I will leave it by the fault. Then we have the recent of single sign on user name by default is administrator. You can't change the name of other minister teacher. But of course, you can add more user made. But the administrator is by default our user name. Like when we created the music's I. The route name is always there. Then we need to give it. Are you a password? Of course you need to put a password that you I remember eight and it will be the last word for the administration off the re center. So we thought the password we repeated on the second time on deceit Name. This sit name is when you have more than one dissenter server in your environment, you need to have a different sick name for fish off the V Center. That's mean in this big company that have ah, lot off vitriol machine and a lot off the center server to manage this victory in machine. A lot of data center, etcetera. The should have different Sydney for each center. Make it easy to manage. For example, when you see the name the state name the center that the best You know that this re center to manage to server off the data. Abbas, for example, when you see a sit name collective re center My, that's me. This is the visitor Ho managed do vitriol machine responsible off the mind server Exeter But in our situation we don't have any other of his center. So it's not a problem here. You customized the name that you want for your environment. So it click next. There isn't a single science authorisation file it The password must other head to the full wind requirement. Of course, you need to make a complex plus work. We need ah possible that respects the rule They recent a server service account Enter the presenter server service account information So here you chose how to log into your the center by the fold of isn't a server instance run into windows local system That's mean are since then we're going to work or is system account the local system account to run in another administrative user account, select the option to specific I user service accounts and provide the account credentials. The user service account must be granted the look on as a service privilege. So we have the chills between using do windows look our system account or used do service account from the domain name. In my situation, I will chose Windows Local system Contra Make it simple. And this is in oration about you about the security off your environment if you want. If you see that you can manage account from the Tommy and control will be easy for you. You can chose to specific I user service account or in our love, we don't have any problem about two secret loving. We can't use the windows Local system a concert. So, Nick next hair. This is the important information that I tell you in the beginning, that v Center need at that I base and he come with an empty database. That's call it post Grace his career, and this is in relation about your environment. If you are going to use more than 100 virtual machine, you need to use an external that Abbas, because the post great that are based can't manage more than 100 vitriol machine. If your environment have more than 100 victory machine, you need to use an extra now that Abby's off course, you other Dennis user name and the password off do that are based. Of course, I had the EPI address All the dome in domain name off the database. Of course, we don't have any databases, so we're going to Is the empty therapies because our environments are less than 20 Vitria machine, so it's not a big deal. Next. And here, a list off the network sitting poor that you should alot in this machine. That's me. This machine should not ban any off those port. All those portrayal to be open to use by the V Center server. So click next and here. Is it a quick information? How much take? It's about Second gigabyte or the reasons of service with a numbered it platform, said his control and store data for the center service with another platform service, Contra will take about eight gigabytes, so this is the size off the of the center. That's mean you need to have at least 80 gigabyte free space in your machine to complete the installation. And of course, in the beginning I tell you how much space you need for using the center. So I collect next, and it's ask you to drink the VM work. Osama. We don't need it. So this is an information about your environment, and you need to remember it or to save it in our safe place. So, for example, help. You need to remember that the state system name is wind center doctor. G m dot love. There is information that's it's 100 with platform. New single sign on domain That's me should creates a single new recent a single sign on domain. The user name is administration. The domain name off the single sign on his visit Verdot local. The state name is the fold. Do service account is windows. Look on system The tape of that Abbas is the abbot. It one and this is the directory off the installation. So this is information you should not forget about it too. Get access to your re center so we click install and this step will take about 32 15 minutes is about to the speed off your hardware. But in general take about 30 minutes. 30 or 35 minutes to complete the installation. So see you at the end off the installation. 7. vCenter 6.5 Single Sign-On Web client: hello again. So no, the installation is completely and you say Sit up. Complete your visitor service is successively on style. Then they give you an overview about how to get access to your re center. The center server is on started on Revelation mode Active dissenter server By easing this fear Web client with 16 die when the revelation period off this the center serve expect our host will be disconnected from this recently. Server is the the center with Klay. And to manage the center server broke in with the center, sir. Single sign on administrator account. That's mean, administrator dot This fair, not local. So you see, eat lunch this fair Web client, but we're going to use and we have finished with this I chose this one. It will send you to the browser to connect to do the center. As you wish to her. It's called tryto connection to win central dot vm Not love this. Give you the same massage that we got when we try to connect Unknown security's website, So can it continue to this website and hair? Is it do interface off the center single sign on So the next video We'll see how to log in to the the center drug with client. So see you in the next video. 8. Overview of vCenter Server 6.5 User Interface: hello again. So no. After a study into the center, we need to use our Web client to connect, to do the center and get access to the option that we have in the V Center. So in my love off course, this is my love. As I tell you, the two year six I in another laptop and domain controller and the presenter on the Web client will be in this laptop. So what I do, I minimize the domain controller. Then I ran the presenter and minimize it inside my laptop. Then I use my laptop as a Web client to connect to the server off the the center in the environment. Do server off the center will be in the server room, and this browser will be from any laptop into network that you use to manage you re center . So to connect you to the center, we can't use the A P arteries or the domain name off the machine that have the V Center. So in my situation, I will use the name the center dot VN lab. But I am up and placed under to connect to do the center. Of course, you should have a connection between this laptop and do server that's have the V center. Then, as you see your connection is much privy, it it is a simple it's not our problem process essential on Dhere is it to use a rather falls off the V Center server as you wish there getting start toe access to this fair log in True, you can't use the this fair with clients. The flash prevision that's me and you need drive a flush vision. And if you don't have the reservation, you can use the visit your client ash Female. Five Partial functionality. The 2nd 1 have a limit option that mean the inter fast You were not on Lee. A little auction that you can do it. Throw a schimmel five. If you want to get the file benefit off the V Center, you need to use the flush in your browser. There are a lot of documentation and some other Lenk. There are some information I tear. There are picture off the the center server how it's look like in the environment, so we need to use the V spare with clients with the flash oppression. I already have a flash in my browser to view this page. Ensure that other flush Playa Vision 11 or Greece is on. Start it so Okay, no. Is the latest version of the flush and hair is it? Do user enter past or the single sign own off? Do the center. This is an example of the user name the dominate dot local. So we need to use do user name that we created in the beginner that mean minister creator lot of us the fair but local You remember it and the password touch we created drove the installation off the the fair. So like that on click logging. Of course, if you want to use Windows Station if you remember it, this option it's a little too connected with the center truck with their station or truck. Our domain controller user If we chose to get user from the domain name controller, so take a little time to load the B center server. So welcome to the the center server user until fast through the Web client. Let's get a quick overview about what you see her. So there are of this under service system with expiring or expired listens in your in mortuary. That's mean You need to buy division off the the center we're going to is only the revelation division. Here. You see the name off the center? That's a vm love dot Emma. Of course, if you have more off the presenter, you will see them right here different. If we chose to deploy the the center in different host, you will see them right? Help. Then we have navigate your You have the the center Vin love the option and the configuration off the V center. No, we have the recent object. We have the recent task like the Essex I use on their bus. If we doing it, ask, you will see them right here. We have a work in progress. If we do some work on, try to change something then we don't need to repeat to work. We can pretty in the process, right? Help. And we have a lot of teams. And here you see that we have to use her name at the ministry to eight this federal local. That's mean this is the user that we is That's me. And from the this fair took local If we connect wrote our window station. You will see the name off the user from the windows. And if we use Ah, use the name from the dome in control. You will see that the name Arab us VM lab dot Emma. We have some help right here. And we have the search team right here. Of course, you have some information right here. If you want to change the password to lie out sitting off this, why is right here? And some other information then has the same us in the year six. I use another first. You have a same information. I tear we different option, for example, used to head the beating start created that the center that's mean to step that you need to follow is to create that the centre at host Other Richard Machine completed the set up. Then we have some summary information about This is a center like you see the name rich in machine have zero have zero hosts the resource use it The version the world etcetera on some other information that we're going to see it one by one. Drove it. Of course, we have the data center. If we have in it at the center. Let's sit there at the vitriol machine. You can see the list off the veteran machine. That's it. So in the next video will starting first step is to create at that center and start discovering the option off the re center one by one. Drove it, of course, So see under next video. 9. Add an ESXi Host to the vCenter Server Inventory (Datacenter): hello again. So no will start real work off our vitriol environment after studying the year six i in a different host and greeting the difference machine that we need. No, it's time to manage our hosts on our victory in machine off the environments. So do that we get inside the center. Drugs are with a client on the first step that we need is to create a data center. So, as you know, in your environment or in your company, off course you have a data center and some complain some big company. We don't have to treat data center, for example, at the center in the Washington D. C. Another that a center in the New York, another that a center in another country, for example, in the Canada etcetera into a story. It's in a different location. You have different data center, and they work together for the same campaign. And of course, there are situation that you managed them altogether from one V center. So to do that, we need to organise our environment by creating the first that up center. So if we click on the the center, the VM lab got Emma to start. For example, try to add Ah, house. We don't have any option to add our host to start managed him. This option is only available when we have a data center. So as you stare, we have new data. Center your folder, deploy off the F Tom Place. If you remember the ovf export system, log a scene license, sitting in the center height, ability and other option off course. The first step that you do before getting the data center is a scene. Our license. That's me in the right environment. You have a license for the the center. You need to add this license to the visitor so you can't use it for life time. So we click a seeing license and here you see, you have only the revelation lessons. If you have ah, period license, you can add it right here. So click art lessons. And here you are a list off do license key that you have one part lying. If you have, for example, license for the remission license for high probability, it's a There are the different license that you have. You can post them right here one by one and click next. So automatically will have seen a lessons for each of the future that you have the K for its. So this is an important step in the right environment. You need to do it. But in our love, you don't need it. We only work with relation version so we click, cancel and concert. So then we need to create our first data center. Click new data center and we need to give it a name for this data center. So, for example, I will create at that a center for my country, for example. More local. That's mean. I have a data center. Can it Morocco and another that our center in another country that I will add it later just to get a big idea over the data center. So okay, it were created automatically. As you see here. Is it to data center Collett Morroco, for example. You can collect for examples that a center for mile server, another data center for that obeys another that a center for another service, etcetera. It's in relation about the environment that you work on it. So the next step is to add ah host. No, we are able to our hosts. If you click on this one, you don't have any option. That's call it at hosts. But in your click on the data center, you have another option that's got it at a host hard closer, etcetera on some other option, going to discover them one by one when we need it. So let's just concentrate on at ah, house. No, we need to add our host. That's we want to manage drug this visitor. If we click our host here, he ask you for the name or the IP address off the host. If you remember Queen, which creates the host E six, I one would give it the name here. Six i one on GOP address with the number 10. But of course, we don't have the Dennis with the name, age, sex, I so we just make it simple. We're going to use the epi address off the most years. Six I want. So don't be. Address 19 to 168 one and the number 10 for years. Six I one. You see, the location will be in the Morocco. The type is sure to be here. Six I but me this the center can't manage. Ah, host with another Khyber visa. It's only accept the year six I Khyber viser quickly Can I tear toe other host with hybrid bees? Or other than any sex? I see the recent or host and get you. I support parts Julian. How to install and configure the center hosts and get you. I mean, if you want to manage our hosts with a different type of resort than day six I you need to use the host Gatti y. But of course, our course concentrates only under the, um Web. So we don't need to use any other Khyber visa. So we click next. No, we ask you for the user name and password this process, you do it only one time when you connects. Ah, host, you are the other is the user and a password only one time and it will be saved into the center for every time you need to manage this host the root password off the year six I number one to get looking to this one. This sort of security alert that the certificate store all of the the center said we cannot really feed to certificate it's not a problem. Off course we click. Yes, No. I give you a list of the vitriol machine. That's we heart inside this it hosts the name. It's the number 10 the wunder that mean the brand off the host. But I have this year six I the model That's mean the vision off the host and Division East 86 ice explore five that we have in this virtual machine. Off course. If you have ah, house with all the version off the six I, for example, E six i five or 5.5 or a version six U S States do version right here. So this is the just a quick overview to know is this is the right one that you want to up You see information about the victory in machine Is this machine have a relation about this data center? So it's OK then you click next they ask you to sing a license for this is six I in front that this is his eyes. How on Lee Annihilation license. So I ask you to add ah, license to this host. You can add it right here as we show you in the preview. Of course, we don't need it in our love the next. No, it's a skillful look down moat. If you remember, when we try to manage the basics, I directly you found an option. That's call it look down. If you remember it, this option can be manage it from this place. That's mean. When in love, look down more prevent remote user from logging directly into the host. The host will only be accessible drug, the local console or on authorization center. It is management application. That's me. If we enable this looked down more, no one can connect to the host directly. Trouble is in the EPI address with number 10. That's mean. When we manage the house in the previous section, we connect directly to the hosts. But if you in never look down, look down more. No one can connect to the host drug the address he need to get access to the host directly or used the re center to get access to that house. If you are unsure what to do live, look down more. The seven you can't conflict. Look down more later by editing security profile in House City so you see we have normal and we are strict. That's mean even the direct console user interface service it. Stop it. It's only manage it by do V Center. So we live. It is able it. We'll see it later. Next, then the vein location. It will be in the Morocco. That's mean. I want to add it in Morocco. If you have more that data centre, you will see a list off. The other center had to chose. Which one do you want to add this host in, then really to complete a quick overview and finish and our first host will be others. As you see Standalone host Morocco and the percentiles. Information about the user Do this action and start time Exeter. So it will take a little time to load the information about the year six I inside the recently. So here is it's our first host added inside our data center. So the same for all your host that exists you click are the host. You take the epi address off the host in this situation to second, though he is excited that we have next the root and the password. It's very simple. Yes, because I don't have ah certificates. Then we have the different region machine inside this host the information about the host. Next we are send a license for that host. If we still not at it yet next we lived, Look down. More disabled? Yes. Next they chose that that assented that we won't be controlled different at the center. Next, a quick overview about it and finished to complete the process. So here is it the 2nd 1 it still loaded on. We'll give us information about it. So the task is completed. 60 fully and no. We have to host inside out that a center ready to be manager troubled of the center? Of course, if you have more than two e six I host, you need to add them all inside the data center or two different that our sensors etcetera , is in oration about do environment that you have so see you in the next video to know more about the center 10. Difference Between ESXi And vCenter Server User Interface: No. Let's see some different between the user and their pants off the host. And to use a hunter first off the V Center. So this is the other fast off house, The number 10. We connect directly to the host number 10 And if you check right here, you see that this hosts is being managed by the center seven. Action might be performing automatically by recent a silver without your knowledge. That's mean. If you are an administrator off this house Hey inform you that this house is connected to the center and the administrator off the the center can do some task without you know about it. That's mean. This host is monitored by ah, the center administrator and you see here the state is normal connected to be sentenced. Alvertis is deeply address on the the center if you want forward to it. And an important information that we're going to see is when you click on the host with the right bottle. You see that we have some option right here. We have manage, create very machine shutdown, revotes service maintenance mode. Look down at sitting on Lee, some small information. But if we back to the visitor. As you see here, if we click on the host with our right bottle, you see that we have lots off other information like that. We have lots off option more than we have in the house. Derek, this is the new virtual machine. As the work we have new the up resource pull off here. We have, For example, certificate E at Network House. Provide on the other option that we don't have in the preview. Well, so you see the difference between hosts on the centre. Also, if we click on the video in machine, for example this version machine on check the option that we have. You see, we have our guest. All snapshots concern auto star, some other sitting Exeter. But in the visitor, if we click in any off this virtual machine and check the option that we have, we have the same option as the one and we have some new option like me. Great clone, Tom Plate fault, tolerance, the in policy compatibility, etcetera. You have some new option that we don't have in the host directly. So this is the benefit off the center. You see the difference between the center option and the host directly. So this option is not available until you have a very center. And, of course, for example, may great or fault tolerance and some other option. It's not available, and you have at least two house. You have the host one. And to host Joe, if you have only one host models by the presented some option can't work for you because it's need at lest two. House. So let's get a quick overview about what we see. Right? Help. So this is the re center that we have. Of course, we can have more than one the center. If we click on the database like that, we can see information about the please. This is an image that show you how the world look like. That's me to be here with client to be center and that sentence. So this is the doctor center that you managed off course. If you have another data center should be connected from this recent right here and add it right here as a new that our center separately. So here, as the same as what we see in the host directly here. You see this you marry? That's mean. The name of the data center. Morocco, the host. How much house we have in these data? Something is Joe. How much? Vitriol Machine. We have 15 between machine. How much Pallister we have zero. How much network We have one. How much that a store we have to to that are store from the 1st 1 and the 2nd 1 then head is the total of the CPI off this double host. Let's meet the first start of understanding the host. The total CPI is about 10 gigahertz. The memory about 80 if you remember this host have for gigabytes and the second host are forging a bite off rate. So the total is eight gigabyte. Then the stores the 1st 1 40 into signal at 14. It's about 18. That's mean 75 etcetera. Then we have monitored to monitor your state off the data center. You see the alert that we have in this? That essential Exeter we're going to see does in detail later, then have the conflict to configure that a center We're not going to work in this level. We work in another level to conflict our network. Then we have the permission. The years that that's have permission in this, That the center like you see, this is the other minister. After that, we use from the wind center dot VN love about Emma. This is due user that I use the right here. That's mean This user have a permission off at ministry Jewel. There are also another user with the global permission and some other user that have the option to get access to this data sent this one as about the support team. The use it. But this is the one that I use right now. Then we have the host and close them here. You see a list off the host connected to this data center. As you will see, the number 10 and 11 between t the state is connected. State normal, etcetera. You have the option to do it right and directly to the host. We have close to resource householder arts information. It's neat. Time to cover them one by one. Later, then Harold, list off the victory in machine. All the virtual machine in this doctor center show up in this list right here with the information about its state space provisional it like you see this machine have 14 gigabyte this 19 etcetera then to use its space, the host city of the host. Morning. So you see a list off the vitriol machine in one place. Then we have the data store here. You see, the different at the store that is available in this. That the center. So here you see that we have that A store one that's mean that the first off the host number 10 or the e six I went and we have another that A store that have the same name. But hey, Ad number one head show them as a different that the store for the second house, That's medio easings. I number to have that I store Call it that our store one So other data store that we have in this, that the center will show up right here they are Some other option will see it later and then we have the network The middle work Use it to connect between this virtual machine and those host colored via network. There are also some other kids. Open it work. We'll see it in distinction Off network. This is a quick overview about the data center. So in the next video, we'll see. Ah, quick overview about the other information hair to discover it more and more so soon in the next week. 11. Managing ESXi Hosts in vCenter Server: no officer seen a quick overview about the data center? No, we get inside the house Is if you see right here. This is a data center. If we click on the host, you see that we are in this level, this level off hosts. Also here you will see that it's the same. But using at that months off the data center, we have so money. It's see our information about the host variously from head the vision, the modern, the processor type, a logical process. The network adaptor the virtual machine. How much time it use it at center. Then you have a monitor to monitor this statute off, this house will get a section about monitoring. We have the configuration to configure this host. This is more advanced configuration about the little work about the information about the hardware at cetera. We have the permission about two years or use it to manage this house. We have the list of the kitchen machine specific for this hosts. On Lee, we have resource pool. We have data store and network. It's the same as the data center, but it's only for the host. And of course, if we get inside the house and get inside. Our virtual machine is the same. You stay right here. We are in delivered off the host. If you click in our virtual machine. No, we are inside the living off Virginia machine right here. They'll have also so, Marie monitor configured permissions not showed that a store network on Lee for this region machine a virtual machine have different information for it. Have there are a list of the snapshot will seek a section about snatcher to know more about it. Then the same for the second host should house, that's it. And all those that you will have. You get our overview about seat. Also on information about the the center is when get home and go toe global inventory list . You see a quick involved very less about the hardware that rehouse opens up Visitor server . We have only one presenter server as us right here. Off course, we can connect more than world. We center to the manager of the center. It's like when can you create upcoming and create a stupid domain inside that moment and you can't create as much as pseudo mean that you want to see this picture right here. It's like this is the list of the recent that you have, For example, when we have a big a very big or extreme environment. We creates up small environment monitors by V center and we create our global he center that will manage all those other re center as a child inside that big viz centre. So here you consider list off the visitor connected to this one. But you know, example we have only one. Then you have that the center. You see, the different that I sent it that you have managed by this re center right here. Then you have the victory in machine. You can see the difference. Virgin machine right here. And ah, host, for example. Cluster resource pulls at a store, That's it. And you can see the different inventory list from here. Then off course, You have some other option for the visitor like you see here it's the same with the Click host and Callister. It will take us to do resented that we start with, Then we have some plates. It take you directly to do with them to the visual machine right here. So this list. Writing is the same right here. Just different to use The entire past didn't have the stones right here. This one we have network. We have constantly bready global involved. Really? Is that we just see it right now we have this console we have even console most provide etcetera This information we can get access to it from different places. So just to know that we have different overview to manage our house So we're back to our the center and we start creating our first machine truck. The presenter If you remember in the preview we create vitriol machine drug to use another pass off the horse directly. But no. When we start managing, the host wrote of the center, We don't need to connect to the house. They actually to do any task although task that we do it trouble to use another France off the host. We can't do it directly from the with the center. So I see under next video 12. Creating A Virtual Machine In vCenter Server: So let's create our first veteran machine drug, the the Center. Of course, if we click on the the center, we don't have any option to create a veteran machine because the the center need tohave at that a center to start use it. Then, if we click on the data center, we have some option toe at the host New Kloster new folder distribute to each a new vitriol machine. So if we chose new virtual machine from this place, it will ask us for the host that we want to create this vision machine inside it. And if we other didn't know which holds that we want to create virtual machine in, we just click on the host directly and chose the option New, very a machine. So the difference between this one and this one is that here we already selected the host. But here we still not selected the holes that we want. So let's try the 1st 1 So we go, I tear your vision machine, you with your machine and the hair give you the different option. If you remember, when we create our victory in machine, you have only three option. No, we have more than three. Create new ritual machine deployed from a template that's we already have a complete. We just deploy our virtual machine from that dumb template as you receded description right here. Clone an existing virtual machine. That's mean, we want to take anonymous from an existing machine and create a new one with same configuration off the preview. One clerk. A victory in machine from a template. That's mean, we're going to get our image from the complete and keep the template safe without the late in the template, and could lead to new virtual machine clothes. Don't plate toe Tom Plate, That's me. And we want to clone a Tom Plates and creates another copy of That's Don't Please and convert Don't play to a veteran machine. But I mean, we have a calm place, and we want to change it to our virtual machine will see the stump late later when we create our first someplace. No, let's just create a new vitriol machine. Then next the hair is ask your name for the victory in machine. So, for example, let's call it the Knicks. Just an example. My server just like about then he ask you to chose which that A center that you want off course. If you have more than two or three data center, he automatically selects the work that we click on it Because we click in Morroco so automatically selects Morroco. But you can't change to To stick into that our center and two deterred the placenta. So click next then no, he ask you which holds that you won't You out this vitriol machine in Click in anyone off them. Hey, automatically chicken compatibility off this vision machine with the house. If we click on the state of the one also give you compatibility, check succeed. If the house that you select there is not compatible with the victory in machine that you want to create, he will give you another hair and you can't complaint. So no, you check one off the horse that is available and all off them is compatible with Michigan machine that we would create So next It's really simple. No, he asked, You still do that are stored that we have. So you say Here we are here for the seat at the store and we have some other option with see it later. Did he give you the data store that is available inside this house? Don't number 10 that with selects we have only one. That a store that's coming up a store. One. They give you some information about it. That's me. Capacity provisioning. That's mean the vision machine. Use it. It is not a store. It stick about total allocated space, including in commit space. But, I mean, how much Victory machine were created with a maximum capacity. And they'll have some How much free space that we have and to keep the M. F s. Five. This is the tip off the hard driver or the data store created by the Diem. Where software. So I click next. Then you chose the compatible with six I 65 or any off the old year. Six. I, of course, we killed the last one to get out the option for the Nigeria. Did you click next? No. He asked us to chose the guest. Who has the diversion off it? If you remember in the preview, we have the compatibility on do guest operation system in one tape? No, we have insipid tape. So it selects clinics. It selects, for example, with Hartley nukes just an example. This or patients still is no longer supported, so it chose someone else. Sancho is at city. Then we click next. Know the part off the hardware? If you remember in the preview, he give us the recommendation hardware and we need to It is dead drug using costume. The hardware noticed. Here we have the CPU. How much Cebu that's we can use for this mission machine. How much rain you can chose? The difference are you still know It's give you the minimum, the default, the maximum and the maximum for paced performance. So automatically give you that two gigabyte is very good for this machine. Hey, give you That's the Milliman for this machine to work. You should give it to 56 megabytes. The default is to but the maximum is 64. That's mean division that you chose so can support up to 64 gigabytes for this machine. And also the operation system can't report up to 64 gigabytes off the ring. Also, I give you the maximum for the best performance is for gigabytes. So this is more information about it? No, I give you the driver you can chose. How much gigabytes? Hard driver. Also, you can chose more, decides about it. So the maximum size is 27. The important see the location to take a 10 provisional. So here he automatically chose take provisions. Lizzie, we can change it to 10 toe of with that problem off this space. And of course, when we chose 10 provisional, we can chose her more than 27 that is available. Then we have sharing the option off the Sharon Rocha reinvention writer and some other other ones that option for the victory in machine. Then we have the news Cosy controller also. Then we have the network adapter that is connected directly to the damn it work. That's the only very minute work that we have. Well, we're going to see it later. Intersection of the network, All different needs work that we have on how we can create some other metaphor. Then we have the DVD driver, the flu peak video card and some other option. Then we have had the option as the preview in the user after parts of the host at a new option. That's call. It s dear s. We'll see this option in a specific section about the dearest at the Hyatt. Other bleeding. So and then, if you want to add some other device, we don't need it like no. Then we click next. And here is a quick overview about the vitriol machine in week, Nick finished and you will see on your task right here creates a virtual machine in the data center Morocco and some other information. And he was set right. And here is its complete on Your virtual machine is created and off course. If you want to run it, you click on this play right here or directly truck power. I would on that sit down is the same as the using attachments off the host. But no, we managed them throw with the center. So if I click on this auction right here, we can chose with council or the rewards console and start from here. We chose dust. The whip once. All right, now just yet. And here is it's a new on terrifies overdue vitriol machine. A vote? Yes, Keyboard view One screen sent control Art del this reboot as we don't have any opposition system yet we can reboot stay in truck, These option. And of course, you can see the same information as the Inter preview from right here. The same were true. The information about to do a hardware, the information about the server, the host thought to have this Ah, veteran machine and some other option. So, no, you can't create any virtual machine that you want broke the the center as the same as you go in the user at their offense off the house, off course hair. You can eat it, the resource sitting if you want to change the sitting off the hardware. And of course, if you want to add, I use the image. You got to eat it sitting on a cultural sensitivity that I and head you can chose between the clearing device, hostile vice that the story is or content delivery is a fight. So how'd you controls the Islam? Is that you want to use toe on start inside this virtual machine from the center, So see you in the next three to 13. Work in Progress Panel: So before going to the next section, I will show you are small tips. That's Ah, maybe you will need it. Drove the work that will help your to save a lot off time is when you doe some the work and you want to back and check something else and don't lose your work. That's mean, this tape right here, that's college work in progress. So let's imagine that in your work you try to, for example, creates a virtual machine and truck. The process like that you configured with your machine, for example. Visual machine too. You Children, that a Santa, you chose the host. You configure the stores that said that I do a long, long work. But for example, hair, You want to check something else? For example, you remember that you need to conflict. Something before creates this vision machine. So you have a new option that you cancel everything and all your configuration with gun. Of course, this is just an example. Here, we don't have any big configuration, but in the real environment you have some tank that's have a big configuration, and you failed that you will lose our your configuration. That you do by cancelling this task and back to check what you need to check Veum will give you the option. That's college work in progress that leads you to save your work and back to it later. So, for example, this work writer that I do under configuration that's a for example. Take me about 10 or 20 minutes to do this configuration. And I need to, for example, to customize the Hardwar. Let's back right here and, for example, I need you back to the host and hard, for example, more memory to this to this toss so I can create this virtual machine. What I will do is to click on this row light hair That's Collett minimize and finish this work later stories from the Work in Progress panel on the right. So if we click on this are all right here, it's back to this place. No, I can back to the house and do the test that I need to do. And when I finish and want to complete my preview work in progress, I just need to click on this. That's correct. Here, that's got a new virtual machine. So it took me back to do, Please does we have So click on later, right here. Then I can go, for example, to the host at some permission or mixed on configuration about the network. For example, I want to add a new adopter network that I won't use it in this visual machine. So I can't do it easily like that and add the network about that that I won't use for the new virtual machine. When I finished the task, I back right here and did I were found that the network adapter is available right here to use it in this virtual machine. And of course, you can have more than one work in the process. For example, if we try to add a new host again, if I want this new a veteran machine to be in a new house, that's still not at it in this matter. Centam I can leave the process right here and at the new house that I want to add. Then also in the second process, I found that I need to do something before complete this process. I can also click on this arrow right here and leave it here and go to the church process, the four etcetera. And when I want to back to any of this process, I just click on it like that and do the task of that I want. And of course, if you want to cancel any off them, you just need to click on removed from the work in progress and it's gone. This is a quick tip about work in progress. It's very useful in the real environment. So in the next section we're going toe cover a little about do re center server appliance with a big A No, we see the the center server that we use inside our Windows server. In the next, I will show you in case you don't have our lessons off Windows Server or you don't want to use a window. Still, virtue and start of the central there are another. We center that college re center server appliance. So in the next video will cover a little about the re center servers appliance. So see you in the next video