iPhone and Android Photography - Secret Features, Pro Tips & Editing

Mike J., Smartphone Photography Training

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6 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Hidden Features and Capture Tips

    • 3. Intention, Composition and Lighting

    • 4. Quick Six-Step Editing Process

    • 5. Accessories - when and how to use them

    • 6. Flower Example - Capture and Edit

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About This Class


Do you:

  • Want to know the hidden features in your smartphone camera
  • Want to improve your photos of family, travel business or nature shots
  • Want to get extend the capability your existing camera using accessories
  • Wish you could read your phone manual (No!) You do not need to
  • Need to create more engaging and impactful images
  • Find yourself relying on favourite filters

You have now found the shortcut to start turning your snapshots into more strategic, purposeful and creative images

In just one weekend, you will be able to:

  • Feel confident in getting the most out of your smartphone default camera
  • Start seeing photo opportunities and considering photo intention
  • Start setting up your scene using basic visual language principles
  • Make your photos tell a story and jump off the screen
  • Elevate your images using a quick six-step photo editing process
  • Avoid the steep learning curve of a big camera and desktop editing program

You will also avoid:

  • Relying on your ‘big’ camera for capturing stunning images
  • Overwhelming subscription desktop photo editing programs
  • Downloading countless gimmicky apps that actually destroy the image quality
  • Wasting time. Quickly grasp the capabilities of your phone and how to strategically edit images

Video One - 19 minutes

Discover some of the main features on your phone and some basic camera tips

Your smartphone did not come with a manual! We are going to discover some of the most common (and hidden) features of your iPhone and Android smartphone. We will also cover some photo shooting techniques.

Video Two - 12 minutes

Principles - intention, compositional structure and lighting

You can accidentally take an awesome photo - I love it when that happens! Great images require an understanding of basic photography principles to create a clear, aesthetically pleasing image that the viewer connects and enjoys.

Video Three - 21 minutes

Six-step photo editing process to enhance any image iPhone or Android

This is my favourite part of smartphone photography - playing with photo editing apps. This quick and easy process using Snapseed app - is the starting point on all my photo edits.

Video Four - 26 minutes

My favourite accessories available on the website - when and how to use them

Who doesn't love a bit of geeky gear - I know you do! In this video, I will demonstrate different lens attachments available to extend the capability of your smartphone camera - when and where to use them, tripods and filters.

Video Five - 21 minutes

Flower image - combining most of the considerations, techniques and tips covered in the course

This is where it all comes together. I will walk you through the process from preparation, site location, the quick smartphone camera tips, accessories and the same six-step photo editing process.

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