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eBay Partner Network: Create Affiliate​ Home Business Fast

teacher avatar Sergey Kasimov, Entrepreneur, Photographer and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (2h 56m)
    • 1. What is eBay Partner Network?

    • 2. Instructor Welcome

    • 3. Signup as Affiliate

    • 4. Using Url Shorter

    • 5. Adding Affiliate Links

    • 6. In Demand, Trending & Topselling

    • 7. Finding Power Sellers

    • 8. Top ten items to sell

    • 9. Creating a Website

    • 10. Domain Name Essentials

    • 11. Half way in! What is in next section

    • 12. Creating Facebook Ads

    • 13. Google Ads quick setup

    • 14. Reddit Marketing & Campaigns

    • 15. Twitter: How to Promote

    • 16. Instagram Monetization

    • 17. Quora Marketing

    • 18. Pinterest: Pin with Boards

    • 19. Pinterest: Creating, editing and marketing

    • 20. Build Facebook Store

    • 21. Facebook Marketing

    • 22. Youtube #1: Marketing Product Essentials

    • 23. Youtube #2: All about thumbnails

    • 24. Youtube #3: Using keywords & cards

    • 25. Conclusion and additional tips!

    • 26. Great job you completed this course

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About This Class

eBay Partner Network: Create An Affiliate Home Business Fast

With this course you too can become an unstoppable money making machine. On eBay billions of products are available for sale and millions of shoppers are ready to let go of their hard earned cash to pay you commission. This course will teach you how you harvest affiliate marketing and make money without needing to even invest a dime

Here is some highlights of this course...

Best products to sell on eBay

Marketing with Social Media

Creating affiliate web store

Starting a facebook store

This course is just one of many ways to learn to make spare income and will be another essential stop on your journey to quit working 9-5 with enough different streams of income. This course will help you learn the essentials for starting an Affiliate business with one of the worlds largest marketplaces. 

See you in class.

Your instructor,

Sergey Kasimov

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sergey Kasimov

Entrepreneur, Photographer and Teacher


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1. What is eBay Partner Network?: welcome everyone to the IV, a partner network. This class is gonna actually sure you how you can make very nice amount of cash without having to invest anything off your own money yourself. The most exciting thing about just sending up for eBay partnership is that for the force three months, you will get double the commission's. So whatever you sell, you get even more. And because the force three months off source and so for your success, this is why they are doubling the commission for you. So why should you use the eBay partner network, and why should you actually make money with it now those hundreds of millions of different chapels on eBay and the bike things every single day. In fact, it was 100 62 1,000,000 active bios who buy stuff on eBay itself. That means 70 billion amount off merchandise is going and buying and selling every single year. EBay operates in over 13 countries around the world. There was 800 million listings, and out of this you can make an almost unlimited amount off cash. All you really need to do is to market the stuff that is selling on eBay. And then if somebody goes that by the product, you get the cash. It is really that simple. So, what you have to do to get started, you have to apply to the IV a partner network. By applying to the eBay part on network, you will start only money right away on everything that you sell on eBay itself. In this quest, I'm gonna be sure you step by step, process off how to build this business from scratch, how to market eBay products and how to get people to buy the products that you are not really selling. You. Just promoting there was the big difference between promoting and selling a product is pretty simple. Now everything is open for you to sell roses before that. If you're actually selling an actual product, there is a limited market forward. Now that you can choose whatever product you want, you can potentially make unlimited amount of money. Let me show you an example of how much money you can make on eBay. Partner program for stuff. If you sell any one item working there, owning your getting 14 box commission fee for one item that you're selling on the other hand, the more items you sell demo profit you make and other profit keeps on getting so potentially. If you sell 100 box, you make 1462 bucks. And don't forget in the force two months that you're starting this business, your commission doubles. So whatever price you see, what he'll amount of money you can make is double this price. So we're talking about almost three grand 400 products if you have been successful in selling. So this is very important for you to won't step by step of the way how to be successful with this business. Let me show you an example of a product you can sell. Take a look at something that cost 5000 bucks. Just think about how much commission can you own if you sell something that is that expensive. So the more expensive the product is, the more commission you make on average. But then again, if you sell a bunch of cheap products, you still make money. There was no way for you to lose in this game. So what you have to do is promoting such as this take a work at one of the simplest ways off promoting and us. Then you can promote it. And Facebooked widow been interest. You just press on it and the item itself gets promoted. When somebody buys this product from this cell, you get paid it is that simple? So join me in. This squad knows how to make money. But don't you unlimited amount of profit with eBay of feel it's 2. Instructor Welcome: Hello, everyone. My name is so gay and I'll be your instructor for the IV E a few it partner network class. What is even a period boat knows. Well, this is a way for you to make money as an eBay. A few it you join up for them, and all you have to do is to become will be an even. Remember after you go and join for the program and get accepted. Now you can sell billions of different products to your friend steel bodies and make money on the line in the process. This class is gonna teach you how to do exactly that step by step of the way. And above all, you don't have to even spend a dime of your cash to make money. This class is great because it's gonna teach you off that and beyond. So one thing I'm gonna be bringing to the table for you to show you how to make money online and stop working 9 to 5 is to teach you which part looks You should be actually self well to find this box which sells used to go and get the spot X form, which links used to go and give the old ones what social media you should be using in order to enhance your morning how to go and create 80 onboard Chou store where people can shop at that store and by your affiliate products online and make money in the process. This course is for those people who are serious about making some extra spell cash at home and not having to do any off the ground walk whatsoever. It took me usedto figure out all this knowledge that I'm gonna be shown with you in This counts today. If you're interested in making extra cash and you want alone how to do it from the master who died or himself join me today and I'll be so you step by step all the way how you can start your own digital money making machine online Fast, easy and simple. This class is also brought to you by you know me. You get 30 days to try this out and if you don't like it for any reason whatsoever, you can get out in front. Should you choose to stay, you will won't and get unlimited access to this class unlimited Any future draft that I post Paul describes as well. This quest is great for anyone. Newbies, beginners, people who already are interested in making money online. Can't wait to start teaching you how to make money with this new map. It that I'm gonna be showing you just in this crisis. I want I can't wait to see you in cross. So take off your sunglasses and get ready and start the warning. Today. I can't wait to see you in class. Joined me on the inside and we'll be sitting here right As if you're just next to me, my friend and I will be teaching you step by step over the way How you can make money online. Simple, easy with eBay. A few it networking honest. 3. Signup as Affiliate: Welcome to the eBay Partner Network. With eBay part on network, you can show anything you love about eBay and make money with it. The way you'd go and make money with eBay is to go and look at any eBay listing. There was over one billion different listings for you to choose from. After you find the wasting that you actually like. You show it and you get paid. It is really that simple. So to get started with eBay Partner Network, the first thing you have to do is to sign up for it. So to do this is possible and stole their smart show right now. So poisoned that you get this smoked show extension and you add this to Cuomo already have it installed. So I don't need to actually do this part. Once you install the calm aboard, now you're actually part off their view. It network and all you really need is an active eBay account to become part of it. Almost anyone with an eBay account can start an own money with their few. It about no network 4. Using Url Shorter: So let's go in Kabul How to use a your Well, so to know you're so to know, is great because we can use this whole entire name and shrink it down to size. Especially when you want to use it in social media All, Of course, as in a few. It wink on YouTube or also now, to get started. What you have to do is to copy this down, go back, sign in into our eBay partner network. Let's get back in here. And now, since me already in hell, we have to go in. Well, we're gonna be putting out of your l unless into which is gonna be right here. So let's stick it in. Make sure it is ready. Place on. Could eat. Now we have the actual ink really going to be using. Next thing we're gonna be doing is heading to Google, and we're going to be using the Google your own Shortened. This is one out of two different your shortness that we can actually use. Now. If you don't want to use the Google your also to know you can use a different one as well. So you have to do is type in your l sure, You know, I Q And we have another choice for us to use it. And this one is the big tree. So bitterly is the 2nd 1 that you can use as well. And actually, the one that we will command for you to use is bitterly because the Google one is the one go supported. So over here you're gonna go and typing beast, and it immediately creates a link to this. Now why is there Beagley so much more better than the Google want on the Google? Your also to know when you're gonna be doing the same exact thing. It's gonna work a little bit most commie than the between in the bitterly it actually tells you their destination. It is going toe, which is eBay. So people feel much more safer. Knowing both going voice is the Google. Well, it just says Google and this could be potentially a scam site as well. The great news is, it does show the picture off the item so you know exactly what you're headed to. So I do recommend for you to use their B three. You are short now, once you have it ready. Bless on copy. And now it is time for us to get started using it. So head down to your actual page. And now they're going to be showing all about follows the great product I just found on one . So let's go and type this in. Check out what I just I won't. And we have to go and present based and you have to wait until the previewed west on post. And now we want to see that it actually comes up and it does. Abdul decides to press on this. Doesn't even know it's a your own short. No. And once they don't know if these in a few doing once they do. Plus on this it goes directly to eBay. And when they do buy it, you're gonna get commission for the idol. 5. Adding Affiliate Links: the first thing you want to do. Once you become a member off their feeling partner Network is to go and find a u R l to promote and get the specific of us to do so. All you have to do is just to go to eBay and then what we're gonna be doing next, you're just finding something to sell. So the first thing that I want to do is to find an item to go and sell right away on eBay. Hugh is a highlighted item. Why don't want to use this one? Well, it is 46 puts an off already, So we'll getting already a great deal for it. In fact, this is actually by a big, very good boy and company called Boss. And I really like this company. Look at them out of sales, 1400 seven sales in total. So not only it is a good deal. It's also a best selling product. Next thing that we have to dio, it's just go all the way to the top off this menu. Copy this down. Go back to the affiliate network and paste in the eBay. Your L address, right in here after we paste this in reports on create. Right now we have too many links here. So one thing you have to do, if you do get into this situation, sometimes you might have to just do it the extra wings and just have the eBay number in here right now. It's not necessarily It says that we can create it as of this moment. So let's do that. It's presently eat. I presently eight. You get this extra link right on the bottom below. This is the link you have directorate copy, and you can go and use this link to promote and make money with it. So each time you're going to be selling this on social media. Oh, email campaign or anywhere else, for that matter, how you're gonna be getting a put sent ege off each and every cell. After you go and make a few sales, you can go to the reports and keep track of how much money you're actually are making with this poor girl. 6. In Demand, Trending & Topselling: you pay a victory has a list off the top selling things that you can sell on eBay, the top trending, the best selling and so on. And I'm gonna be looking at each and every one of those to show you which items you should consider Start to sell on eBay and make money. Also on the side of this menu, there's gonna be a wink toe all those different places where you can go and check this out for yourself. In case off the view this video, something's actually change. So the first thing I totally suggest for you to sell is in demand items. If you start selling in demand, those items are going to give you Pollini invoices, one of which is actually sneakers there a specific kind off collectible sneakers that people would like to buy. And they're selling for a very good price. 1200 bucks for those power to 50 for those 800 for those and so on those old items people always trying to find and get those are the top collectibles in the field. Interesting enough, This little gadget Wait here, Tony. The tiger going for 400 box. It used to go for 10. This is just amazing. So those are collectible items that you can sell about form that there is also different categories that you can go into and see which China support each of those categories is going for a very good price action Vigo's and building toys and so on. It shows you each one in every category. And how much money is potentially you could make for each and every one of those present collectibles. You have the same exact thing as well. Here it shows the top selling things in every one of those feuds and so on. Parts and accessories, key entry modes and everything else included. So the great thing about this, what you cap to actually be doing in splicing on this checking out, if any of those things you actually have yourself or you can find online, I do suggest for you to point out a waste of air, we one of those things and then go back and see if you can find any of those because this is gonna give you a very good price for the bark for what you're selling. Another thing that I hardly suggest for you to do is once you find an item that is doing very well, we have to do next is to copy this item, go over the way to eBay and pieced it in the search. Since we know this item is going for a very good price and the price that it is talking about is 261 box. We wanna search it on eBay and see if we can find the same exact item. Sal inch much people and some things. You will find it. And then once you find a sign them so much people, you can try to flip it for more money. All. Of course, you can just sell. It is an eBay, a few it which is exactly what we are doing. So once you find the heart in demands items, you're going to be taking those specific items and posting them exactly to your eBay shop. And this would be done in the in Facebook. Oh, you can do this on weeks that come. Next thing I suggest for you to do is to find the top trending items on eBay. So doesn't the training right now There is probably a second tournament going on at the moment in Madrid because of the sack of tournament that's gonna be going on right now. Those things are trending well, well. This cycle tournament is going to start at 18 4019 season. Therefore, all this stuff is something. Worry before that Apple Home Pants are doing really well in the search. 12,000 soldiers Right now Detroit became human. That specific Bs four game is also doing well, growing trending our Jordan's 43,000 soldiers for this one. It is still a very popular item and has been for a very long time. Josie's and the specific boil is doing well around Hunt. So a dice Oh, well, like this one. I should get this for myself. I'm a big Correcto off Star Wars merchandise, and he was another item. I don't know what this even is 50 heart year universally addition. And this is definitely doing really well since it's the university addition off Hot Wheels . They're coming up with a really interesting working hot wheels and we making some of the old Rosen's as well. So those are gonna be hot item side now and you can even get those in the Lego store. But since you're in a feel it all you have to do is just direct people to those specific listings and get sales. He was another one Aqua Marina Wing DJ I drones doesn't their things that always people want the drones is something that never gonna go out. And lastly, is that our products in every single category on eBay? So those are the specific top categories that are always signed rather well on eBay, or you have to do next is just fine items in every one of those categories and look for them online. So, for example, that comics like hell in collectibles. They're gonna go over here, and so much puts on based and look which comics are selling like now and which ones are coming up under their best. So jin ones off course, the highest rated once posed. So doesn't that when you're going to give you a lot of money, if you do make me one or 26 windows, you always wanna have at least some very expensive items listed up on your site. But I don't suggest for you to listings 425,000 doors. It is very unusual you'll get any bio to buy for that amount. Instead, I will go somewhere right in the middle, find things that are selling much, much cheaper and then post them up. This is still way too expensive. At 21,000 that's almost they crossed over vehicle when you people hold really, which can afford those collectible cards. So next thing I do suggest for you to do is to try to find things that are much, much cheaper than this. This is way too expensive. Instead, what you're going to be doing is working for the ones that are ending soonest. Why does ending the soonest well, you don't want to be too soon such as 26 seconds left. Instead, you want the items to end. Maybe in the next few days, let's say four days, then what you're gonna be doing is giving this to your friends to check it out. This still gives it a few seconds left. Not enough for somebody to buy it. So instead, I suggest for you to look for things that are says, Buy it now. So the buy it now is still gonna end in a few days by the two East it is gonna end and maybe it's gonna get arrested again. Most likely it will. But this way it gives people that time exploration for those islands. It means they're gonna expire in a few days and the hunger gonna be offered for sale. It is very possible, therefore, by you suggesting for somebody to buy him it has an expiration date and then they would decide. Hey, if this might actually go and end very soon, I should actually go and bid on it. Take a look at the prices for some of those items. Adult 70 was nine bucks shipping. That is really outrages. You don't want to trick people into just buying something because of that. Instead, you want to get something with reasonable shipping price to it. So those were free. Shipping is something I suggest for you to sell. The points is very cheap, by the way, but you wanna have cheap and expensive items in your shop, but having all kinds off prices in your shop for comics and everything else included, especially in a niche category. So if you're gonna be selling comics. I suggest you to sell a specific category such a super heure and even more niche such as Superman superhero. Superman would be something I will be actually posting because if somebody goes and works with something very unique and specific to one's special super here, your shop is gonna have everything included and dedicated just with Superman comics, bobbleheads, memorabilia and so on. But having all those different categories included in your shop. Somebody who comes in, though, is gonna have everything right down. They don't have to soldier a lot of places to find the same exact deals and bargains. So this is something you can definitely do. So those are all the different heart and the ready categories for you do go and start selling right now has an eBay, a few it 7. Finding Power Sellers: one thing I thought we suggest for you to be doing is to working for cells who are gonna be doing almost all the work already a point for you. For example, the specific cell he already saw the same exact item, 1000 pastimes. So he already made the research for you. And you already see that this item is selling. All you have to do now is to find a buyer for it. Another thing I highly suggest for you the dough is to visit his store. Since you already some one product and getting so many sales format and he is a power cell is selling thousands of products. It is definitely wolf your time to look at his other listings. He has over 565 different listings and sense. He's selling such a big value off items and so many of those. It is very beneficial for you to check out his other listings and see which otherwise things. He's getting a lot of sales as well. So over here he's getting 31 sales on this specific product, and all you have to do is to keep on finding which pilots are getting the most sales at and it says right underwear Here it says 17 watchers here it says watchos and so on. But we are looking for the highest possible quantity for those products such as this Hell is 141 of those. So he was even better. 666 of those so that as well and you're always trying to work and find they're high seven pilots because those are the kind of products you'll be making the most money over now. The next thing I don't really suggest for you to do is to work at the highest possible price. So it's which this to the highest price and the shipping as well. So we have 1000 door part of Dwight healed, and it's not something you know. We have to find pilots that are actually selling and have proof off sales right underneath it. Passport for people watching it. So you don't always want to actually go and sell the highest possible amount over product. And you always trying to find products that I'm selling a lot by the quantities instead of just finding a part of that is searching for a lot more money, you're more likely to sell a product that has already as so in history such as this one of 21 item sold over this when I feel that has 45 people who are watching it votes is a pilot that has zero poop and sales history and your noble. So if somebody is buying this product or not, In fact, if you look at this list thing, it doesn't even say if he had a single cell forward. So this is the part of I totally I'm gonna be avoiding. Here's another one. This is a pretty station. This is the last one in stock. This is great because two of those are already sold and this is the last one left. So since it is the West one left, it's very likely that somebody will see this and say, Hey, that's a good deal. I want to get it and there is no more left except one, and I want to snatch the last one. So this is definitely something I would be posting for sale as well. So you want to find as many of those deals and bargains that you can possibly find here and post them up for sale because you just never know which ones are the ones that are going to get you a lot of sales. And then if you find one, so who is doing this and getting a lot of CS four you can definitely find are most cells doing the same exact thing. And you can use a lot of the West things in order to generate bigger amount of sales for the pilot that you'll be actually posting in your own online store. 8. Top ten items to sell: So here we go the top 10 things that you should be considered selling on eBay and making money with it. So those are their few it wings that you should be actually using and grabbing some of those items. The first thing I recommend for you to go and and and so is going to be right goes. There's a lot of different things that you could sell as well goes, including Minya, Figo's Star Wars items, Lego sets and beak sets as well, such as the Lego Death Star. Whoa, this specific one is selling for a whopping 469 box. One thing I do want you to keep in mind, you want to keep it as competitive as possible. So this specific Cregger said It's tepid in the name and the kind ofs entity or sign. You want to sell it at the most cheapest possible price that this item is offered for sale . So you go first and post it at the highest supposed, and they're not gonna be selling it at the highest possible price. But we're going to be working for the most competitive poise for this product. So you're looking from highs forced all the way to the bottom. Now we're looking for something that is either buy it now or something that is pre owned and his best awful for it. And the cheapest possible price for this Parliament is the 1st 1 that you should actually be grabbing, such as this one right here. So this gives us the cheapest possible price for this specific product. And this is an open box items. Now why would you go and over the same exact product and trying to find the cheapest possible price for it? It is really simple. You want to go and find the cheapest one possible because somebody who also is interested in buying the same exact product, they're going to go and work for it and try to find the best possible deal for it as well. So you might as well beat them to the game, find the cheapest possible prices and put it that when ever pilots that you're selling from your website or that you're giving links to they are the cheapest and best prices on eBay. This way you eliminate all competition and you make sure that people are coming to you instead the next product and this is the same exact product. But niche blows in off the same product is selling Lego animals, and here we have a bunch of different choices for us to pick form. In fact, this specific cell is selling a bunch of those different kind of animals all in one location. So you don't have to work for everyone off those wigo animals you can just go about and by each of them from this specific cell. Another thing I do suggest for you when it comes to buying what goes There was also a mini pig groceries. So we call me and there is a lot of different series out dough. So what you want to do is to grab every single Menefee groceries and post it up for sale. And you want to look for complete Siri's instead, such as this right here. So whoever is buying it, they're getting the complete collection. They don't have to go and collect every single one of those instead of getting all of them with one low place. So this is happening. Great. Next thing I highly suggest for you to sell is gonna be cameras people always trying to get cameras. A lot of times it is a one time approaches. So once they get the deer so out, they actually want that organ. Need another kind of camera. So you want to appeal to the both kind of off ends when people are buying cameras, either The high end with getting the best possible camera for the money that taking afford all the whoa and What? They're trying to just get a camera for the cheapest possible price that does the job well , so he'll is a very good deal on the camera lens and accessories, and you get ab waiting for any 399 bucks. Plus you get a wins, tripod and a lot of extra features as well. Also, if somebody wants to get not just the Camelot, they want to get a very good year Surround camera. You want to offer this to so here it is. Very good. Yes, our camera. Same for 701 united box. Of course, those cameras can go for thousands of doors, and then what? Most of you on the awful? Every possible choice for them to pick from the next thing will be coming is the eye parts now that everybody we want to get in I part anymore. In fact, the iPods are kind of small, and they look exactly like the phone itself that iPhone and a lot of people are getting the iPhone because it does the same exact thing as the iPod. Therefore, not a lot of people are actually buying the iPods except the classical wars in So the classical iPod version, this is the original one that just came out. Other people will like this one because you could still a humongous amount of information on this. In fact, it actually doubles as a hard drive just because it has so much information that you can put on it. You can actually go put your whole entire library of music on this. Hope this up to your actual vehicle, and you can listen to all kinds of tunes on your car. And it is much better than having your phone just staying in your vehicle. So it has a lot of different uses forward as well. So the iPod itself and this one you don't have to buy a brand new one. In fact, if you buy a really used one like 1/5 generation one, and you just put it in your vehicle. You can listen to music on the go, so it has a lot of good use, and for 75 bucks, you can store your entire digital library. So it is as if you're having hundreds of different CDs in your vehicle. This is so useful, I think I should buy it just for myself, for my vehicle as well. So consider this as a very good item for you to sell. Make money with it. The Apple iPod. Another thing that people are walking when it comes to Apple is gonna be the Apple I pad and the Apple iPad is a bigger Vosen off the iPod. It's much bigger, and there were other people. Use this instead of the desktop computer, so people who don't have a desktop computer or can't afford one are buying those iPods. Some of them go super cheap so you can get a very good deal on an iPod. So since we've been talking about Apple products, that last thing that you should definitely consider sounding is gonna be the Apple MacBook Air MacBook pro and so on, especially discontinued version off the Mac book. A lot of people we want to get those Mac book hours, and then no one goes. Sell them in the store, especially the very small version of it. There was actually at 10 inch wasn that they used to make so 10 inch. And this one used to be an Apple Mac book. No so very small. MacBook out That's going to be a lot slimmer, which is a lot smaller than the one they used to sell is something people are very interested in. It's actually an 11 inch MacBook out. So this one usedto cell for a while. And it is a very good deal for people who want a portable computer in their home and to use it anywhere they actually want talking about Apple products, the next part of it. I totally suggest for you to go in three. So it's gonna be the apple I watch the apple I watch. The one that I do suggest for you to sell is gonna be the fourth generation wasn't off this . I watch so generation wanted generation to is going to be much more cheaper to sell than selling generation free. So those are the post initial generation off the apple. I watch, and some of them was selling 495 bucks. Some of them are selling for much, much cheaper price than that. So that's the next product that I totally suggest for you to eat. So you can also we sell equipment for the apple I watch, such as bands such as other things as well, the next thing a hungry suggest for you to reso is gonna be some classes with someone coming on. People really need sunglasses and that he was a lot of different sunglasses for us to pick for. So pick the ones that are very trending in good working. Pick the ones you were like And if they were good for you, I'm so other people open off this and by it as well. The point that I thought we suggest for you to get is high and sunglasses. Just Oakland on glasses. All please. This is actually my favorite company were, like, reselling and actually using them myself. So consider this as a very good sunglass for you to actually get and sell as an affiliate. So he'll be Go have one of you. It was an ideal that we can actually use. And Lisa, I like their cargo and the actual works off those sunglasses. So he was just one of them. And it is much cheaper than buying it from the okay video. And over there, it's gonna cost you so much more money. He was another Oakley sunglasses. This one is going for a very cheap price as well. Now, everyone who is selling those kind of things they have to sell authentic, really version online. If they don't sell the authentically abortion, they can get banned from selling on eBay. So you should be safe. We sell any of this stuff, and especially since you're an affiliate, you're not actually buying anything. All you're doing is giving links to people, and they are buying it formula. Next thing I do suggest for you to be so and use it as an affiliate is Daphne that yoga pants, yoga showed yoga equipment, Blix and so on, especially the mattresses. People love to get your kind and you ogle rated kind of stuff. So this is the next topic. You should go about in posted for sale. After that, the one that I will be heading next door is gonna be you for once you phones because people like to listen to music and the wireless headphones are going pretty good right now. There was a lot of them for you to choose form. And you could also get some of them that work just like this. Those specific sets are grateful. Our points and especially the noise consideration version. They canceled the noise out. You can't hear anything and you can fall asleep really soundly on the L A plane without having any background noise bother you doing takeoff and landing. So this is great for you to go about in a missile and make money in the process. Another thing that I don't really suggest for you to grab and into selling this affiliate is gonna be the tripod. Tried by themselves is something you should always consider because people always need tripods, especially when it comes to taking pictures. Tripod is an essential item for you to have when you take pictures and that he was one. That is something super cheap so you can make money by selling a huge amount off the same exact item. So instead of just getting out of cash for a really expensive Rosen, you're making money here by selling huge amount off the same exact item. So consider this as the next thing. Lastly, the best invention ever invented the Cordless vacuums that always challengeable. Why don't, like, do so much? There was a lot of things that you could do with a code was back that you can do with a cold one off a cold rack. You always have to have a cold around. You can't actually vacuum your vehicle, and especially if you really need to get one of those very hard to reach places. This is great for sucking mosquitoes as well. If you have mosquitoes also box in the house, you could easily just suck them right into the black itself. So the Dyson coders frack is one of the best outdoor, and it totally suggest this for people to use, and it is easy to clean, faster use, and I use it myself. So this is definitely a very good deal for Cordless rack for 149 box and of course, you get the feeling commission in the process as well 9. Creating a Website: So the first thing that you have to do in order to create your own weeks toe is to sign up for weeks. So let's get started with weeks itself. Create the weak side that we're gonna be using now, since I'm already signed up for weeks or I have to do is to work into it now. The next step that I'll actually be doing is creating a site that I actually can use for me to go about and sell the products that I'm selling with itself. You it so to do so. It's really easy. We have to go in and create a new site right now. The limited time offer, where you can get 50 puts an off weeks membership. This is one of the best deals that you can arable get. If you ever see 50 puts and off, you should definitely upgrade anything less than that is not such a great deal. So let's go and start a new site. Let's go into creating your site. I just did that. Now we're going to go in, create an online store. It's placed on that next. Now we're gonna be going to the temple. It This is the easiest one for us to quit and actually use. There's all kinds of different stores that we can actually go and pick form. But what you want to do is quit and use a design that it's simple, easy and for you it's not gonna take too much time to actually do and create. So those are the easy ones that we wanna go out from. So the template itself is what we will be using. The great thing about Wix is that it automatically quick aids the same site using mobile as well, so you don't have to do anything to quit two different sides, and you're using it all at the same exact time. The online stores want those of the more expensive ones because they have the economists was in tow them, and you can see it in them like you. It says, Price e commerce and so on. So let's go and pick one that doesn't have a communist do it home and decoy hell and this is also accomplice place. So let's go and find another one person business and this one is for you. See, it's a sweet me down that's the ones you actually want the free one of the best ones, but they take the most amount of walk in time for you to create. But that's OK because we don't want to spend a penny that we don't have to spend in order to get started with this business. So it's used this one here. I just pressed on edit. Now I'm ready to do some real work and get some extra money in the process. So the first thing you want to do is to get people to shop in your actual site using deep wing. Let me show you how to do this, person added. He'll next thing we're gonna be doing is just going well, it says button. And now I'm going to be picking What's gonna say shop now? Oh, just shop. Anything the director won't heal would work for us, But let's pick one that looks pretty cool. So it's goal and find one that actual like look at those dollars just popping out every time I points on them. I like this one. This is the best looking. When I think play the game, so it's just this one. Next thing you're going to do is to go and just add it the text and for his own and type in shop. Now, this is not done yet. The next thing you're gonna be doing going up the actual link that we wanted to use. So four step for us to go is to grab the item that will be selling and typing in and copying it down. So we're gonna go and copy and paste this item next step that we're gonna be doing is going over here and already have a different link. So way said this beast, this in person create getting the link down, Copied is down. We're going to be copying and pasting it directed into the other wink widow. So this is going to go to a specific weapon to us. So here it is. A Web address starts in a new window, person down The cool thing about this every time somebody actually goes in hell and it's going to say shop now, I'm not sure now it's gonna go direct to the answer shop and they can start buying form it . And every time they buy something, you get a commission. Check the white in the mail. Now, the next thing that we're gonna be doing is adding a few other cool things to this so we can go toe animate and puts on expanded. Oh, you can pick something else you like instead. So just go and find one that you like and just use it. This is directed home using it in my website. I liked expanding, So it's put that in next step for us to go is to add an image, because people are going to go and buy directed the pilots that I'm selling in the shop. But you're gonna go and get paid for their few it links instead, present Ed. Now I'm going to go and just use specific images from here. So gallery is what we actually want and pick the product that we y que and it doesn't matter what you're gonna be picking because we're going to be changing it. Anyway, This one says, good hawks. Interesting. This one is too big, but it could actually work because it gives us a lot of them. But I don't like it because you have to go and go for where we think one of them and change it so Too complicated. Too big? No, thank you. I wasn't Elite go back in hell. Person ad. No searching for a single image that we can actually use. Not great. It's not anything sophisticated. Just one specific image. We can go to the weeks Poor gallery. Get the best quality images that are available in ago itself. Let's go and add this to the site if you want to use it. Oh, you can use the demo one. So those are expensive ones that you have to pay extra for them Instead, let's poison Gaouaoui and those are actually free to paly medium and you can pick them as well to use. Now I don't need those extra additional interesting options. I'm just gonna go and person image and use their wicks free images. So here it is weeks, we images pick just any image that we actually want. It makes no difference because we're going to be changing in any way. No, I found one of Q. I wasn't at the beach, so we got one image. This one is humongous in size. You have to go and make it small. Let's make it much, much much smaller. This one is way too big. He'll be go everyone and go and make it. What quake? The image that we're gonna be using. So we want something that looks exactly like this because we're going to be using a bunch of those images, and we're just gonna be duplicating the same exact one. So once you find one that actually could work for us reports on this and they're gonna be duplicated many times So it's going duplicate it again and duplicate it. Another thymus. Well, so you can have a bunch of lows, and now this up, it's actually gonna make sense and look much better. Although you don't see the results yet, it is already getting, though Now, next up force is link this pilot exactly two diamonds that I'm selling in the shop picking the product that we want to use placing on the wink placing on where but us, comprising of basically it healed. Now place on done. Now we can go in there and a little bit of headline On the top of this wasn't ad bison, Bonnin tax, whatever you actually want. It makes no difference here, but just to make it look good. So get started. I like this one. I'm gonna be using that one and just putting it right at the top of this. Right? You all. I can change it. Toe stop whatever you actually want. And you can even add a link to it as well. Which is kind of cool. Now we have double wings for the same exact product, so we're going to go in hell Web address. It wasn't based. And here we go. Him and that'll Link in hell. Now we're gonna go and change the image, This one toe, another specific product. And we can keep going like this until we have all four of those done. So let's go. Present link. Web address. Pieced it done. Change the image, upload the image. But now we have. We have those, and this is just an access one. So this is very careful process. You want to make sure every single one of those is done correctly, and then make sure you and doing toe every single one of them as well. So after you're done, that would check every single one of them to make sure it actually works. Now, one of the most important steps here. And I can't emphasis this enough is after you do a huge amount of work here. Last thing you want is the Basel to crash everything to go and to be eliminated. So make sure your place on safe save is more important than to publish. If you just placed publish, it will publish it. But you're not gonna have anything walking because the whole thing is gonna go and get destroyed if the Basel actually crashes. So make sure you back up the item by displacing on save. Now, if you want a published you present publish enough to your present publish, you're gonna go toe view this site and they're going to go and test it out just to see if this actually works. So we have a mini kind or a place that we can use, but this is not good enough. This is just the start off a big site. You have to go full and change everything in the site and to make it work as good as you can using Wicks. And this is gonna take a lot of time. Now, keep in mind, you're always gonna have created your weak side all the way at the top, right? And all the way at the bottom is going to say this site was created by weeks. If you want to get rid of this and you don't like it, you have to upgrade to the full Vosen off weeks itself. And right now it is going for 50% off. So present upgrade, upgrade and save 50 puts an off. Now you have all the kind of different plans that you can actually get, and the one that you need is not gonna be very expensive. The cheapest one that is gonna walk for us is gonna be this one right here. Beauty puts and off seven box and month gives us free domain connecting your domain as well . 300 doors off and watchos site. Gusteau build a lap. And the best thing about this it's gonna remove their annoying weeks ads for only seven bucks a month. If using the $5 Montez is not a waste on, it does. It just connects your domain. Seven bucks is the best deal in town, and it's gonna give you this for an entire year. Next year you can use this same exact deal and get another one for seven bucks a month. So let's go and see how much money it's gonna cost us toe upgrade in case we actually want toe. Let's get the car Cueto out with Bill, But the EECOM list one only cost a door. 50 extra that's like so for a dollar. 50 excellent times, 12 months. The only saving 18 box here by not upgrading to e commerce. Seven bucks a month times 12 months for only 84 boxes. Going to remove and make your website looks totally professional. I think it is totally wolf it for you to upgrade, but this is not the economist version. So this one is fully you don't have to pay anything extra, and the only thing you get by upgrading is do we move their annoying ads 10. Domain Name Essentials: Hello and welcome back to our class. Now, one of the most important things when it comes to taking your business to the next trouble is to have a domain name registered for the name of your shop. And it has to be related to the niche off the items that you're selling in the shop itself . Since I'm gonna be selling dog noses in my shop, I have to have a domain name that is related to dog things and magnets together. Now, as you can see here. And one thing I did do is to eat my own domain name and where you stood forward. So, for example, instead of somebody going in and having to type this huge domain name, all they have to do is to type in max left dot com going in hell and it the way their acts them deal acted. My Etsy shop. Now, why is this great? We'll take a look at this. Look how long the original domain name is for this. It's coming directly format. See, you have to type in everything that you see right here. It is long. People can remember this. It doesn't work well for your business card. And because of that, having you under me name is a vital thing that you have to do in order to take this shop and together what, most serious with it. So the first thing you want to do is to go toe go, Daddy, that come and over hell, you have to come up with something that has something to do. And we waited with the niche that you're gonna go and sell things with. And because I'm selling dog noses Dog knows is the thing that I'm gonna be searching for over here. What person? Soldier domain. Now we're gonna get a bunch of different domain names for us. Toe will use. Some of them are pretty cool. Such as Pat that come another one? Is that dog? Well, I could have used those as well, but the original one is the one that always looking for, Which is that? Come, there was a bunch of different names for us to pick form since I already bought one. I'm just showing you how to go about and finally for you, in case you wanted to find one. So there was a while names for you. to go full and trying to pick. If this doesn't work, you can go and make a space. Wasn't so much again and see what does the suggestions this actually gives you. There's all kinds of extension for you to pick form. Since I want something to do with a dog, I can do that that come, dog that come and heal and so on. But they do really suggest for you to become a legitimate business. Dot com is well, everybody wants toe have names for think about big businesses themselves. They don't use any other extension. And the end except at dot com. Everybody wants that dot com that is the domain. Just go for all the time. They should be always your force choice. Don't try to save money or not get creative enough. One thing you can always do is add free votes together. So dog knows Mac Net. Something like that is gonna walk out. Belden Just Dog knows present such again by having free different names combined. You're more likely to find results for you now when it gets too big like this. It's not a great deal, so let's go and come up with something more creative. So if we d dog knows present such once again And here we go we d dog knows is that come is available for 11 99. Now, if you don't think this is big enough of a discount for you go easily to Google, type in. Go Debbie Code 2017 and you're going to get some really nice awful was over here that you can actually use, including Take a look at this, a bunch of different codes that we can just grab over here and check them out. Now, if you're not creative enough and you can't think over a good name for yourself, you can go to this site which is named Master. Come and come up with something, What we hear the dog knows like hell, price and Generate. And it comes up with a lot of different names that I can pick from so similar ones new ones , short ones, fund ones extra in mixes. And a lot of them are pretty good ideas for me to actually pick and use. So if you're into the dog knows business, this is great for you. If you're in a different kind of niche business. Go and come up with something else. Make sure the Legislature is actually go. Daddy, If it's not go Daddy and you're using something else such as Bull Host will type in blue Host and President generate. And you can do this as well. Now, next step for you is going to go and by their domain name from Go Daddy. So let's go back to go daddy godaddy dot com became de go nose. That's the one we actually want. And here it is that secretary available for 11 99. That's really cool and took out to Adele and it has been added. Continue to coat. And now what we can do here is go food this. So there was privacy protection, which we really don't need. It's just a waste of money. All those extra services continue without those option. Now thinks I doubt, and you continue it hell, and it gives you the ability to buy this for five years. Now, remember, we went back to the former code. This is for you into the promo code right here to get the big discount. You know, when a pay 70 the box Now, when it comes for you to figuring out how long you want to be in business for, some people think, Hey, 10 years. Well, maybe that's better. I'm gonna save a bunch of money by getting it for a longer period of time. You're not saving a bunch of money. Let's say, for example, your niche changes your business change or you decide you don't want to do this anymore. I suggest two years to use is a good enough time for you to start this business. Do it. And if you decide you don't want to do this anymore or you want a different kind of name, change it. If you're somebody who constantly goes full and changes names, identities and so on, it's not a good idea to do this. But if you're somebody like this and you think you can come up with a better name way, the one in the future just use one year instead. But you have to do next is to register, sign in and go to check out. And this is going to be the name that you actually be using Now. Once you create the name itself, you want to go inside the panel in go Daddy itself and placed on Manage and I'm gonna be using Great white ape has an example. So over here, when they go into it, there is something that's cold managed connection. I'm gonna go wait inside the manage connection itself and connected to a different site Right now it is winked directed to my shop. If I store, I'm gonna go it now and the link it somewhere else Well, I'm gonna be linking It is gonna be toe, etc. Question that. See what he'll I'm gonna do. You copy and paste right there. So let's go over here. Copy the shop name Goto based. Right now I'm gonna be placing next. And if it was unfinished, what's gonna happen is when somebody is gonna go to that Web sites name, it's gonna redirect them directing to my answer shop White. I want to do this. Well, if I'm creating business cards, that will be called Great White eight. Which is gonna be the name of my shop. If somebody goes to my specific shop, they were gonna go and gonna get redirected to my answer shop instead, it's going to save them time and not a lot of people can go about and right down this whole entire name. It is long and actually holds your business in the long on. You want to have a short domain name that is easy to use, and you can use them on and business card. 11. Half way in! What is in next section: first of all, when a totally congratulate you for getting all the way halfway for this choirs. Congratulations and great job. Now, the already to continue getting to the next step off this quest, which is how to use social media, you know how to market their stop that you're selling on eBay? No. The next section is gonna be broken into a lot of different social media platforms that you can use. And I'm gonna be using eBay and even antsy as an example for you. This way, you can learn how to use any kind off social media Togo and promote your stuff. It doesn't have to be just using the eBay stuff that your son it could be any kind of website, anything whatsoever. But the concepts are all the same. So this gets you already and excited to the next step. Which is gonna be, How you gonna be promoting yourself using social media. With that in mind, one thing you have to do and this is brand new, is that you have to use hashtag and actually tell them that this is a promoted post. This is very important because it is a war now that you have to follow in a lot of a period website, so we make sure you actually do that. So it's really simple. You do the hash tag symbol, then why down? Actually that it is promoted post it is that simple? When you do this, I think it's much for watching, and I can't wait to start teaching you how to go and promote yourself in social media. Now this stamp wants to proceed with social media marketing. 12. Creating Facebook Ads: So let's get started with Facebook ads. Now that we have already created the Facebook age, it is very simple for us to do the ads. One thing that you want to make sure before you start eating your aunts is to look at the page itself and to make sure every single one has all the links included for So, for example, I have a link. Wait, Hell. And this link already has the deep wing to my a few it. And now I'm going to get money. Every time somebody buys women, another thing that I have is in the shop. Make sure your shop is complete and you have all the products that are necessary. Have one product. Right now, you won't have a twist. Five products before you get started with Facebook ants. So let's get started with the ads themselves to show you how you can go about and create your own adds. So you have to do is to person promote. And now we have a few choices for us to pick form. So your post a more people set up an ongoing promotion and this one is free quicks. A day for two box. This is pretty cheap. Promote your app. What we don't need that you're not using up Promote your page. This is perfect because we do have a page, get more but and quicks and get more website with Atos, including customer contact, the best one for us and the best choice waas hell is to promote our page. So let's get started with promoting our peach person promoting page. And now it gives us all kinds of different choices for us and we have to go for this whole entire thing to get started with promoting. So this is how it looks like in desktop newsfeed reports in mobile That's hard gonna work quick and mobile. And on the White column, this is an example of how it works work as well. The next step for us is to specify this and to make sure it is specific enough for exactly what we're doing. So add creative person edit. And now here is what it says. What I'm actually sell, which is connect with dog knows magnets. That doesn't sound good. So instead we have to change. It took by amazing dog knows magnets and here it is it changes to something else. Now I have a video that is right now playing, but it decided instead to change it into an image. So if you don't like it or you have to do is to person and a video instead, and then you could eat the video and you posted up down. Now I don't really suggest for you to use a video for the simple fact that if you're going to be using a video, it's gonna take more time for it toward up in people when that have the patience to watch it. So therefore, just having a picture is much better. So it's present cancer promotional hell, get back to promote. And now we have to start the global again. Or that happens sometimes. So promoting Page and Hewitt says the same exact thing again. So make sure you're really careful when you do some changes, because then if it goes away and you posted up as it's done, you have to start all over again. All you're making a mistake. So check out those amazing dog knows magnets. So this could be another thing you can post like you. I think I suggest for you to do is to go and add and elect linked to your feel its site right from hell. So what you can do is instead of them just quickly on the page, you can actually do the old fashioned copy and paste like you to the link to the deep wink . Exactly what your sour. So that's another thing that you can do it here and I'm not doing this week now, But this is just a suggestion for you to actually do. Next thing you're doing is checking the audience that this is gonna appeal to the person at it, and we have a bunch of different audience that we can use. So first thing you have to think about who is gonna become a dog owner, because this is the stuff that I'm actually promoting. And since I'm promoting dog on the magnets, we have to make sure that the kind of people who are buying it forcible they have enough spare money to buy the part of the time selling. Next thing, Make sure the age is the correct for the part that you're selling as well. The location, depending what kind of product that you're selling you have to think about if the location is good enough for it, since you're actually selling affiliate marketing things on at sea, and it's going to cost a lot more money for people to order it from another country. Therefore, you have to think about which are the most likely countries, that they're gonna buy this form. Now. You can take a country for you to do this, or you can even big specific geographically, such as New York City. So it's pick New York. Remember, if you're just picking New York, you're making a big mistake because New York is an entire state. So when you're putting New York, think about this way, it's it with the whole state of oil. People who were in the middle of nowhere in New York to New York is a humongous science state as big as it and the time country. In some locations, if you want to promote the yolk, you gotta do New York, New York, which is their city now. They see the itself is much bigger for us to promote, and there was a lot of people who are living in it. Remember every kind of city has different kind of co chose people, even in the United States. So if you're promoting it to specific cities, it's probably much better than promoting it to an entire state or to an entire location now in as a chandelier. Let's put it this way. If you're gonna be promoting in entire United States, you're promoting also toe occasions such as our Askar, which is the middle of Novo, and you have to understand that there was probably a lot of US people who are interested in buying your product in Alaska. There might that be even concerned about the kind of things that you're selling. So unless you're selling specific items that you're targeting people who even Alaska, I don't really suggest for you to do so. Now, when you go about in your promoting something in New York, New York, you have to think about what is the radios that you want people to buy form. So if you're doing 40 miles radios there, including most of the city, if you want to include everything, the whole entire city you might have to go for all the way to 50 miles because of Long Island is also very, very close to the city itself does the suburbs off New York City itself. But they're not really the city. So if you want to just get that, you know, in the city and most of the city, I would promote 24 miles right here. Oh, you can go toe to us enjoys, which is another huge city in the United States because the sensuous is so spread out, you will have to go for all the way to 50 miles on us Angeles itself. So let's go do 50 miles on us, Enjoy. And you're still not covering the whole entire Los Angeles City because it is so spread out . It is a huge and wrong city. And like New York, which is very concentrated, what's Angelus is really far away. So remember this when you're going in promoting two things now, also, you can promote to different countries. So let's promote toe Canada as well. So I type in Canada now. You don't want to promote toe every location and can do you want to promote to specific locations in Canada such as the big city on it, which is month. Once we are you back right here. Canada. So here it is, them metropolitan area off Montreal, Canada. Now, one thing you want to keep in mind with Facebook, you see the white and the green. There was a big difference between white and green. The white Ellie is what people work to live. The green Ellie is uninhibited. There was very few people who live in the green area from one of show You. If you want a zoom in here, you can see the areas that are more white. That's what more people, actually, then there is that are valuable green. That's mostly green area, which is trees and stuff like that. So you don't want to a promote toe green areas, but make sure you're so men, so you can see if those people who have, though or not, because if you zoom out, take a look at this. It looks like knowing the actual lives here, but they do what people do with in that location. That's also for you to keep in mind. If you don't want to use one of those who would say you picked a few of them, you don't like one of them. Person X and you get real with with you. So we got people from morning to the specific city. Now it looks like our potential audience is nine million people. We want a niche, it much, much more, father. So here is their stuff. The temper Morning right now to action figures and games, board games, online games. If you don't like those just person X and remove the ones you don't want. So I'm doing exactly that. We're moving all the ones we don't want. Instead, I'm gonna be promoting to people who like bugs. So far, globalist like hell was a net to a specific. There was only 10,000 people who like that. So it's trying other keyboard just park and let's see what kind of suggestions re actually getting here for that. So bug itself bugs that you opposed when it we got more people for that. Let's keep finding people. It is very, very specific. So for ads to be shown, you have to get a lot more people for their, so it's type in dogs and present dogs. Now we got three million people interested in dogs. So what's stopping dog toys like hell and see what comes up with that? So don't go. Nose is coming up, Doc. Toys is not coming up Dog food and products time. I actually work, So I posted in here. So now it says your audience is to find a good job. It means it is walking. So we got what we want for this to work that we have to think about. What other things are good keywords for us to use? If you want, Add more keywords. But this is not necessary for this task. So we can experiment off all of those. And if we get on the people who are buying our products than the job is going down even as a hand, it's not really selling their stuff you want, such as this one dog food and products. I'm not so about this one. So I'm gonna go and exit out, and it's still well defined so we can still use freedom. Fone keywords for this. Next thing I'm gonna be doing is going and placing on Say what Here. So I choose the target location. I can switch the images around, but it all looks pretty good to me, so I'm not gonna be doing that. Next thing is budget and duration for us. So right now it is charging us firebox a day. But by spending limit is go than the budget for this promotion. So we have to increase it to 10 bucks to get the promotion. But if I don't want to get the promotion, that could just use the firebox full day, which check out for a buck a day, and it seems like it's gonna let me do this. So for a buck a day, I'm gonna be spending a total of 10 bucks and the ad we want for 10 days. That sounds pretty cheap today. Now, on the other hand, if you want to run this for 28 days, it will be charged for 28 box. Now, for experimental purposes, I want you to go and change the cheapest possible price, which is seven bucks and pocket day, just to see if those ads actually work. So that is what I really suggest for you to do. You want to use the cheapest possible price when you're standing up where Facebook ads because you're experimenting with a lot of different things you're experimenting with different names. Hell, you're experimenting with different images, pictures and everything else included. And if it doesn't work for you, you have to go about and we shuffle everything and do it all over again. So seven box will. Seven days is the experiment. Now, one thing you want to make show is you wanna make sure everything was is perfect before you go in place on promote. All right, here's the bonus for this video. Now, a few things that you probably don't know is this interesting fact here. What you can do is instead of just going and spending seven box, you can spend a lot of rest and seven or you have to do is to press on the calendar feature and go about in person to it here. So when pressed on the second date, it's actually going around the promotion for only two specific days. So the project is a buck, and the promotion is only going for maybe a day. So this is a day, actually, let's go in the two days, which is your personal for you right here. And the only spending two box so two days learning by their it is pretty easy for us to experiment. So you don't do it. Cost you a lot of money for us to do this. Now, a few other things. I want you to keep in mind when you're running those promotions. It depends on the day that you are actually doing it. So over here it shows how many people are actually reached by the amount off money that you're spending forward. So if you spend 20 bucks, you're reaching form. Eat to totally wonderful people about your witching want to two different people, which is not so great. Now, another thing that I want to show you is this interesting feature here as well. When you're running the ads, make sure to think about the days that you're wanting it. If you're gonna be lining it on a holy day, you might get those people to quick on it, if only as a can you wanting it on the weekend, depending on what kind of weekend it is, you might get more sales over sales as well. So keep in mind that may be the best days off the week Other days that most people are more likely to buy the Islands. Maybe Wednesday and Thursday are gonna be better for the kind of product that you're actually sound. So this is it. This is done. Now it is your turn to do the same. Exacting. Go ahead and start your own Facebook ads promotion. And then if it's gonna work for you, great. If it doesn't work, fix things around and change it because it's all about experimentation. 13. Google Ads quick setup: in this video. Be sure you have to start your own Google AdWords campaign today so you can get started making money on wine fast and easy and Google AdWords is the force and one of the best places for you to get started advertising on the line. It has been there before Facebook before. Read it before any other paid campaign. And there's one of the best places for you to get the best possible exposure for your problem that you're actually selling. Forcing after, though, is to person. Start right now, it's going to link you to Google AdWords, and the most important thing that you have to do next is to put your website in here. Let's go and do that. One of the most important things when you're putting your website is to make sure you use the correct website every single time because it's gonna remember whatever campaign you started and it's going to go back to it again. So it is kind of like your password and including with your email account. So let's go in place and continue. So the next thing we're gonna be doing is setting up are forced. Edwards Campaign it's person campaign force. There's a lot of different choices for us to pick form, but the best one of the most government want for what we're doing is gonna be caught shopping. You can pick out the ones as well and experiment with them. But I find shopping is best for the same campaign and the best type of campaign that we're doing for us now. Over here, we can rename it instead of campaigning to do something more creative. That has to do with what you're doing. But I'm going to just leave it as is. The title devices is gonna show ads on every device possible, so you don't have much choice over here. Next thing is location, so you can tell Get directed a location you want to actually target. When Target New York City Just type in new yolk and we're reaching 23 million people. If you want to target a specific country, you can do this as well. So it's 12. Yeah, and began. A lot of different keywords weaken target direct different places that are called Australia or anywhere within the country itself. You can also add more than one occasion if they actually want. Oh, so we can add New York. We can add us enjoys as well or any other place that you work. So we're targeting two different locations at once. Another thing is location options and different choices we have for this medal. Weaken target. People searching in that are interested in this specific item. And they were in that location. All those people who are in the target location. It's self who live in that city. Of course, we can also target people who's searching for my targeted location. That's not the commander, So let's go. Whatever their commanders to actually do. One thing we can do here is to choose how we're bidding for this specific item. We can maximize that quicks themselves, automated or for you. And here is the bid Ouimet. So if you don't want it tow bill over a certain amount, make sure you put the highest possible amount you're willing to pay for it. I'm not willing to pay anything more than a buck for this, but if you want to go super cheap, you can. But I don't think you're gonna get any bids whatsoever for that specific amount. You can test it out and see what's going to actually happen. You can do targeted and with targeted your pressing on put sent on the tones forward you can set any percent you want and hand CPC and this one stategy is unavailable for what you're actually doing. So it goes back to automated now, the fourth bid for us and the bid itself and it's all gonna be you don't know really? What did the fort bid at the moment is you have to look at the keyboards just to find out how much you have to pay for it. My budget for this one full day is gonna be just a buck Cleveland Mefford. And this one's kind of cool. You can deliver the ads and you can do live with them anyway, you actually want. So do not optimize the little your reds and you spend the items about quick. Oh, and you can have the budget bill a very fast so standard is actually the best way schedule . You can schedule the start date, the end date. What they want to start this where they would end this and then you can always change this psuedo if you really want toe, so it's have a today. Next thing you can do and this is kind of cool. You can set up the days of the week this and is connect you on. You can do specific days. You can do like the whole week, even set up specific time, and you can even set up directed the time you want. Plus, you can do army time. If you actually desire, which is 24 hour cloak schedule, it's person save and continue, and it's asking us to create a motion account, so make sure you link this to directed to your motion account. Otherwise, you won't be able to continue with this to create your motion account. It's going quiet, simple for you to actually do so. So let's go and posting and the link that count to a motion account. So now let's go use that Google keyword panel of Google keyword panel. You can go and search for anything you actually want, and it is awesome so you can find anything you want and you can find what kind of demand is for any of those storms. For example, cat and now you have to have a wedding page do this. So what's going to have a landing page to this? He was my friend Paige, and that's gonna be to it. Oh, you can definitely get a different kind of categories with them, or all can go is combine whatever you actually want. So let's get some ideas here. If you're searching for CAT, we will find all the terms if you want for them, including what is their sort and how much from volume happens every single month. So every single Monta is one million to 10 million people who are searching for the competition is very well, which is good, and the bid is super low. So that's great. And then it gives us a lot more ideas for us to actually useful. So kittens bo adopt in that has a higher competition. Cats for sale is even higher. The bids themselves are not this high, some of them Ohio the nozzles. As you can see this one night, he'll can't bleeds is a door 87. So instead of you experimenting and trying to find out what is exactly the bid that you should be using, you can just go and find the actual bed right here. And then you can go a little bit higher than it. So they suggested bid is 52 cents. You should go into 50 free sent. If you actually want to get actual bids for your product and overbid the competition, the higher you go up, then the suggested bid, the more likely you're going to get a high quality amount off people clicking on your product. And you want high quality people too quick on it. As always, you'll be wasting money. If you waste money, you're gonna get nothing done. And nobody is gonna buy the product that you actually sound. So another thing we can do is search for something very similar to the same exact thing that we sort before. Okay, after this person, get a dios, and now we're gonna see what kind off So it exists for this one. So this is great for finding the exact amount off the bids that we have to do forward the competition, how much people searching for those keywords, and if we should actually use it, we can go and do a lot more extra things. You as well present keyboard photo and find out an impression. So this is the port sent we had before keyboard options. We can go and change this as well. There's a lot of cool things you can do with that Google keyword panel, but this is great to get your feet wet to get you started to teach you how to do a simple Google Edwards. So now it is your turn to go about and start your own Google AdWords for the Shopify account and see how much sales you can do using the methods. I just thought you in this video. 14. Reddit Marketing & Campaigns: Let's go start off marketing with who read it or what it is. The engine off the Internet and one thing about who had it itself. You can find almost anything in here. So first, about those all kinds of different categories in lead it they're Highness categories. When you're realizing controversial top and graded and wiki now to get to the top off the Reddit, what you have to do is to get it trending. It gets trending by a few things, and one of them is the amount off comments and upwards. It actually gets a. For example, this one is trending number one right now on what it and this is just opposed. So the wing goes to the specific post itself and you can post any kind of link. You actually want part by getting a lot of comments to that specific link. It gets trending, so he'll dow. There was about 200 comments for their specific link, and the more people about those comments and the move them both different kind of comments below and upward, every single one off those as well, the more likely it's going to get trending. You know what it by getting into the fourth speech off whether it is gonna take you quite some time and by just getting a bunch of different comments and getting a lot of people who come and stood them and up wording it, it's gonna take a lot of effort. So I don't really suggest for you to do so. One way for you to get trending on Reddit is just simply by posting a bunch of comments under it. And uploading are one of those comments as well. But you can't do this with one account. You need tohave either hundreds off different friends. Oh, you can go and do something very simple. You can promote opposed. Take a look at this. So the top one over here is a promoted post. It goes above anything else over here. Why should you go and use? Let it take a look at how many people are posting comments in all those that means oil. People are interested in it. Those millions of people who are using why that at any given time. So one thing I do suggest for you is to do a specific sorge for the topic that you want to go and post things in. So let's go and check out Boggs. Prague is a type of dog, in case you don't know what's type it in place on soldier and see what kind of things are trending. So here it is. There was a bunch of different post that have to do with bugs themselves. And one thing I'm working at is the locations that those specific Post are posted in. So that's one thing that you want to figure out, which are the exact locations for you to go and to post this comment in. Now, if you're not getting anything for the specific thing that you're using, maybe they keep all this to niche, so you have to go and check a different kind of cute. Now there was a bunch of different subway edits that we connect to use So those sub whether it's for dogs, so I'm gonna be subscribing to that. Another one is the following buggies gifts. I guess that's another one. Hewas well, so this one has 8000 subscribers. This one has 40,000 subscribers to this and down one has 29,000. So what's going to see which one has for dogs and see how many rabbits for them actually exists. So for dogs, there's 40,000 people who is discovered to that. And this one As we hunted 79,000 that's coming to the specific one. So by subscribing yourself, do it, you're going to get notifications and things about this. Next thing you want to go and do is to pass on the subreddit on the posting. I'm working. It is trying to figure out which ones are actually trending in the specific side rabbit. And this one has the featured one, which is all the way at the top here, which are stony, eight different worlds. And he was the 1st 1 goes with 354 different worlds and nine different comments. Someone to see which one is going on right here. So somebody got this specific one trending and hell is the wink to it. So this one has behind the 54 different points because it has a bunch off upwards to it and 97 puts in a way watered it positive up. So that's why it is we're trending in that specific category. So your next task is to go and create your own Promoted said to Abbott in here. So he was one of this promoted. I doubt on the way the top and you can up with this or you can down vote this specific one . She I just down voted to free. So here it is. This is the promoter one and we want to promote their own one as well. To promote one, you have to start off reddit ads and with whether that you can go and promote whatever you think that you're promoting And let's say, for example, we're promoting something that we want to sell as an affiliate. We can easily do this with around it adds. So let's go and co. Either campaign would heal my campaign interest. It is gonna be dogs right down. I'm typing in dogs and nothing is matching trying dog like you and nothing is matching as well. So next thing I'm gonna be doing is trying to see which are trending within those categories. So next thing I'm gonna be actually looking for is rewarding existing things that are already a category in it. So those are the big categories. So there was one about Pat's, we can add to it. He'll and there was another one about animals, so it's add those up. Now let's go and see if there's anything about dogs and they don't have that interview, So it's not used that. So the next thing we're going to be doing is targeting the specific sub read. It's something I bet started targeting is gonna be dogs. So we got one already, which is great vocation. Let's find the country that will be using just gonna be United States like you. Now we want also your weaken due in New York State. We can do it in New York City, so we're adding that as well, and you can exclude the one you don't like. So let's go and exclude one. And let's say we don't want anything to do with one specific state such as Florida. So we're gonna be excluding for the other and the same thing of subreddit. We are including dogs and we're going to be excluding something else that we don't want to be included in here. So this is just an example for you, and you can do the same thing with interest as well and what he want to do all mobile devices. The next thing we're doing is targeting the exact time off the day and the week that we want a target. So over here we want to target the most and best time that we think the people about audience are going to actually watch those ads. So it's filling up, and to fill it up we have to do is just to keep on pressing on it. If you want to go and fill up the whole thing is just person it once and just school all the way down and drag it, so it should keep on feeling up the rest of the day. So he would is the audience somewhere. Four days. We're talking the United States bats and animals someone. It is dogs excluding Why this is none. And so on the schedule and budget for the specific add the business to box. The budget is 20 and the budget period is every single day. Now that we're done with this specific time. Now we're moving into the project itself, so it is to box for your force 1000 impression, and that's the bid for that Now, if you don't like the bid going for this high, you can set it for a different kind. Overvalue. So the cheapest bid that you can go for is actually 20 cents pull bid. And for the budget, you can spend his widow as far box for day. Now, you can want this continue C starting today and you'll be spending six bucks full day on the specific campaign. We checked her e kohstuh, Actually, 20 cents pull impression passed the budget off five box. Nothing that you can do is to go and set that come in, start in ended so you don't get actually overcharge. So this one is going for actually a month, some paying for it. So this one is going for a whole entire month and payment. So it is 100 92 box, so that's a lot of money. So if you want to spend this much money instead, we're gonna limit it 22 days, which is only 18 box. The next step for us to do is to choose their creative. You're going to be typing it in as my creative, or you could just name it whatever you actually wake and you have two different wings that you can do a link post. Oh, you can do a textbook stealing post. I think it's much better than that exposed because it's more likely when somebody presses on it. It goes directly to the location you wanted to go, which is gonna be your few its site. Now you can have our comments on the Post, but I don't do is suggest it because it distracts people from going directed to the occasions that they will just keep on commenting to it. Although it is going to get it more likely to be trending, yours is already going to be trending because it is a promoter twisting. So there was no reason for you to really do that. The headline itself has to grab attention. So check out this amazing deal and here is their wink. So you can post with a wink. You actually need Teoh. I'm just gonna post This is an example, but they composed whenever I think you want, including their feud going to this The image he was, the mobile image and the time image. You just have to pass on to you and pick the image we're gonna be actually using. And now I have to have a small mini image as well someone we post in. Both of them are now. One thing to keep in mind is take a look at what happened here. That thumb nail image looks very nice. The mobile image does not. So you probably are better off taking a new screen shot off this and replacing it until you find one that actually gonna work for you. So if this one doesn't walk your price on it again and you find a different kind of image and you posted instead So this one looks with a bed battle over here in the previous section, you're going to see how it actually looks like all in and asked out. That's how it's gonna look like you when in Bubble is gonna look like that. And a mobile Compaq is gonna look like this. So if I don't like the way it works on the mobile card, go back right here and I'm gonna be actually switching this one around. So let's see if it looks a little battle. So mobile card, it still works. Not good. So we have to switch that on round. So there we go. This is all you have to do to get started with your Reddit campaign ads, and it totally suggests we to want it for a few days and see if you get any results. 15. Twitter: How to Promote: hello and welcome everyone to my Etsy shop. And here we're gonna be using Twitter, and you're gonna use it in the most best possible way for you to market your Etsy shop using Twitter itself. So the first thing you need to do and this is the most simplest thing that you have to do is to pick which item you wanna tweet. So what you have to do is picked item itself president right here once go all the way, would says show. And here you can just press on the tweed. Oh, icon, it is that simple. But before you can go about and tweet this item out, you have to make sure your Twitter profile is ready. Let's go to Twitter itself, and I'll show you a few things you need to do to get a lot more attention for the items that you'll be tweeting. First off, you need tohave a lot off follows, but not just any flowers. You gotta have the right kind of follows. Doesn't matter if you have 5000 or 6000 fouls. If none of them are going to be engaged in your product or even gonna be interested in buying it, you need to find quality people who are going to be buying the item that you will be actually selling. So to do this, what you have to do is to go and work at what kind of people you're actually following. And they have to follow you for good reason. If they were following you because you're selling something that they like, they're gonna be engaged. That is exactly what you want. You want followers who are gonna be engaged in the things that you'll be selling on Twitter Oh itself otherwise is just gonna be a spam tweet. And nobody is gonna buy this particular item. Here are some people who are doing twits who I actually follow myself and this one night he'll is a sponsor. Tweet. It is something that people actually use when they buy at to eat and they can advertise on Twitter itself. Now that's not really effective on this. You have a humongous budget, so if you don't have a big budget, you can do it for free. Simple. This way for you to do this is to do exactly like this particular person did. This is another unit meets talkto. What he did is very simple. He's using a lot off different, kind off hashtags. Hashtag is a way to gain attention. And every time somebody soldiers for any of those but they call keyboards, they are going to see his post. So that's one way for you to get attention to your particular product is to use different, kind off hashtags and not a way for you to get a lot of attention is to use the trending. And those are the trending tweets off the day every single day. There is different kind of tweets out here, and what you want to do is to use one of those tweets that is most awaited to the product that you're selling in the tweed. Oh, itself. So, for example, today's Thursday those they thought would be a tweet that you could actually possibly use to get a lot of more people to pay attention toe whatever you're tweeting. So if you're going to be doing this, you will be doing the hashtag symbol hashtag Tuesday. And what's that gonna be doing for you is to gain a lot of attention in the force pages off Tweed. Oh, for that particular day, especially if you have an engaging picture in it as well. One thing you want to do is to use the trending tweet used one of them, another one. You want to use tweets that have something to do with the item that you're selling and the last one you wanna add either a picture or even battle video off the item that you're selling on Twitter. So if you do the whole combination here, it's more likely somebody's gonna be totally engaged in what you're selling. And it's more likely that actually gonna buy something from you. The last thing you can do to get a lot of people toe actually buy stuff. Is Violet really simple? And what you want to do is to get a bunch of people who are going to be following you. So to get the white kind of follows, you have to make sure you're gonna be selling the white kind of product. So if I'm gonna be selling the waggle products that I sell, I type in the Lego, and I'm gonna actually go and look at all the people who have a large poor file and following they have to do with Wango itself is you can see this particular person is having a bunch of people who are found him. 700. That's way more than I have. What I will be doing actually is very simple. To get more people to follow me. I want to go and look at who he is actually following and I will be adding them and following them myself. But you're not going to just follow those particular people you wanna go into the page itself. So, for example, if you like this particular person human, you have story free, different people who are following him, which is not a lot. This is very, very small amount. You want to get it? Somebody who at least has a good social media following toe him. So that's the first thing you want to do. You want to find somebody who has are a lot more followers than a few of them before you go and commit toe following them because you're looking for quality, not quantity. You don't want to get 1000 people who you're following who are not gonna be engaged. You want a group for people who have a lot off follows. Tow them, and then if you have people who have a lot of followers to them, next thing you'll be doing is using those follows and try to engage with them. So this prick oppose and he has 1000 followers. This is exactly what I'm looking for. At least 1000 follows he is using, as you can see his description, the hashtag words to get people toe, draw attention, toe what he's doing so you can have your whole tweet. Oh, poor file is so you can have your whole Twitter profile to be 100 put sent, engaged with their product that you're selling on Etsy. It could be everything to do with your niche product and then what you're gonna be doing next. You're going to create that can newscast, and every single time you'll be creating it. You will be showing something different and has to do with the key votes. And those are the hashtag symbols that you'll be using to get more attention to the latest news. And this guy is doing exactly that. He keeps on showing awesome pictures, using a lot of hash tags and getting his website attention to it because he is doing it constantly doing it day after day. He is getting people to actually with with his tweets, and he's keep on getting people to follow him. As you can see, you got 1000 flowers and all of those guys are niche flowers. They're all interested in the same niche, which is Rangel's. So I'm just using language as an example. You can do it with any other topic. It doesn't matter what it is using the same exact ideal. So what they'll be doing next is, as you can see, I see or his follows. And now I know every one of those follows are exactly the same niche as I am. So what that would be doing is I'm gonna follow every single one of them that has a significant amount off people that they're following as well. So at least 50 or 100 people have been following that many people and they like their content. I'll be found them and then when you follow them, don't just go and just present fouled. You got to send them a message. You got to say, Hey, you have a cool poor file when you follow them. So just placing on following them is not enough because you want them to go and return the favor for them to return the favor after your person foul. You gotta tweet, too. Damn. And you gotta tell them that they have an awesome profile. I like what you dio. And if you like my profile, please add me as a friend. I would put that exactly in hell and send him the message, and that is more likely to get him toe follow you back. So if you do this to a bunch of people do doing this copy and paste toe a bunch of them, at least a huge percent of them is gonna follow you back. So your poor file follows is going to go a lot higher. Now, my take on this is toe concentrate on the social media engine that you like to use the most . So for me, I like to do Facebook out more than Twitter. Oh, that's just something that I enjoy doing more. It's really up to you to pick, which are so media engine works for you the best, and then keep doing it So for Twitter, this is the strategy that works for most people who are doing it. They're creating a poor file, and they're doing the niche in it, and they are getting as much attention as they can to it. And then trying to send or the traffic light back to the website and for your example will be sending all the traffic back toe at sea itself to your auntie shop. And for every 10 to 20 tweets that you're just getting them interested in different kind of products unrelated to your shop. You want to send a twist one tweet that is selling the product in your shop itself. So that is the way that you're doing this, that we stand items that's going to give them value. And one item. Well, you're commercially trying to sell them a product. If you dough out more than that, you're going to get a lot less engagement, and it's more likely they're gonna just stop following you because you're trying to sell to March products. You don't wanna be somebody who is just a pushy salesman. Instead, you want to give them value. If they like the value and eventually they like your product, they will come back and will buy form. You 16. Instagram Monetization: hello and welcome everyone. And in this video, we're gonna be covering marketing with instant gram. So Instagram marketing is really quite simple. You create an INSTAGRAM account, you add some content into it, and then you get people to follow you. So here is my instagram account that they created for my dog. Now, when I go into this, I'm gonna show you a few things that you can actually do here and why it's so important for you to put all this information in. First of all, try to create an interesting user name for yourself. So I called myself mad Max that fog because my dog is a little bit crazy. And if you ever had a dog, he would more understanding. Plus, have you ever seen the movie that's called Mad Max? Well, that's why I got the name of one. Next thing you want to do is to create a user name that's unique to your instagram account . Now, if that name is already taken, you have to quit a different name in order to be unique and different, because it has to describe what exactly is your instagram is all about. Next thing you want to do is to promote yourself. So there's two ways for you to promote yourself. First way there will give you an access and to put your website over here. So that's exactly what I did. I put his own YouTube channel in here. Next step for you is to put your biography because it lets you only put and sort them out of Cal Atos for you to use. You have to be really so active about what kind of information you wanna put over here. So what I did here, I put in Welcome to the wife of Max. The dog. Get exclusive. Dog knows magnets in our shop and hell is my selling point. I doubt use promo code instant then and then their website. You can use any website you want Over here. You can use your Etsy website. You can use your supper fire website. Oh, eBay. It doesn't really matter what meadows is, how maney capitals you actually be using. So since we'll be using a lot of different kill, it does. We want to go and shorten it. This is just too many characters for us to actually use. So if you're going to go to Google. Type in your are short until person. You are short on the white here and type this in August. Campion Piece poison. Shorten your well and he will be Go. We get the shortened your code. I'm going back toe instagram, and based in this in and the leading everything. It doesn't need to be healed such as this right there. Now I'm gonna go. And that would check. So what? Hell, it says, Oh, the court it actually need and what it actually did. It added a few extra lines that are not necessary in here. So make sure you actually do this. So here it is. Here's that cold, Rideaux, and you can post this in as a show to know if you're using a Sota. No, it won't report a lot more information here. Hello? And how you and so on. You can put a lot more information in hearing now. It's not gonna restrict you as much, but eventually you're gonna run out of space. Now it doesn't tell you this and us you person submit when you present, submit it. Either gonna take it in all it's going to say your bag off. You must be 100 50. Cal toes off your as you can see, it actually did that. So I have to go and do it if you kill itto us in here and they can still use their so to know your L. Now, this is a big drama for you to figure out If you want to use the shortening your well, all the actual you're going in, though Now, when somebody sees something like this, there was likely to quick this in. That is the bad thing about using this specific shortcut method. So think about voice before you decide to make it so, though, because you want to include more biography information. Let's go back to Instagram itself. Now, when you get as many people as possible, toe foul max the park to do so, I have to find the white kind of people toe. Follow me. I have toe do is type in Prague and here we go. We have a bunch of people showing up with hell, lots of them, actually. And in fact, the most interesting thing is the Haas tag would ideal for park itself. I'm pressing on that and you can see how many people are waiting all posting things about dogs right here. Now this gives me and a deal. What kind off things are trending on this. So look at the picture. Also it here by working at what is trending and what is at the top, it gives me an idea what kind of content I want a post myself in the future and what's gonna get a lot more attention to my INSTAGRAM account. So those are just the pictures. There was actual videos here as well, So he was a few videos still, and it's showing up here by using the hashtag world her stag bug so important for you to want to use hash tag because he has tickets one of their ways. You're gonna get a course of other potential on multiple amount off social media and networks, not just one. Now, those are some of the top post over here. That's person one of them. And take a look at what we have here. We have a whole gold mine off Instagram hashtags that we can use. What we have to do is tow person copy. Go back to my instagram might heal. And I'm gonna go into one of my posts, such as this one here, which got the other wakes, and I'm gonna be fixing it. So what I want to do here is add my half stack to this. Oh, out this picture, both my bug. And then I'm gonna be adding all the hashtag keywords like hell and just pressing it it. So here it is. This posted something story if we likes, but only if we is not enough. I am going to get to 34. You can actually make your comment. That's kind of cheating, but it still works. So who cows? No. Next thing I'm gonna be doing here is trying to find more people who, like fogs themselves. So I'm just typing it. Bog present, soldier. And I'm getting this guy right here. So I'm gonna follow him, go back in here present, But again, take a look at a different kind of books. You Oh, cute pocket. He'll You got another one. He has a bunch of different people following him, and he's following a lot of them back. So I'm gonna follow this guy too. You can follow a lot of people using this method just point a bunch of something related to what you're actually doing and the more you phone in this guy. So I'm gonna go into this guy like you and just follow him as well and not a way for you to grab even more attention is to go to his post and that can comment right here as well. Wow, some cute bug. Well, so hopefully he will see this and he will return the favor. And like my actual instagram back as well, the more people like my instagram, the more likely that I'm going to get a lot more attention over here. Look at this guy has 1400 follows and he is following even more people. So definitely I know for sure that this guy is going to start to follow me because he follows more people than people are actually following him. But that's how he got 1468 hours by following a lot of people. So that's one way to cheat the system. Actually, now he doesn't have this many actual videos over here. Well, on that videos. But while pictures as well, interesting things here that he's posting up. So what else is he doing here? Interesting enough. He's selling things as well. Grab unique gifts over here. Let's puts on this and see what he's. He actually saw him, and he has more pictures like hell. It's hard to see what this guy's actually selling in here because he said he's selling something, but we don't know Well, he's actually selling this. So this guy is not doing a good job with actually selling whatever he is. Someone but you have to do is make sure you monetize your instagram by posting wings inside the messages. Are we? Will you go and posting it in? The people know exactly the product that you're selling and what kind off things people can buy form you. So I'm selling those dog magnets like here. So for me to actually sell them, I have to get a bunch of people to see what I'm sorry. So, for example, quite healed. I'm going to just end this as a comment right now, and I just did that. Took this. Now, after somebody works and this cute picture, he goes all the way down, he sees there, wink. So what? I'm selling. And then he sees the discount code in it as well that he can grab their discount and buy something for my shop. So I just made an actual quote toe action with a sale in hell. And here's how it goes. Most of all, there is the picture, the cute picture that draws the attention. Next thing there's a bunch of hashtags that draws the traffic into this post, and the last thing I have the Coto action to buy whenever pilot the time selling when it is giving them the discount code and sending them directly to my shop. Why do I use at discount code? Well, the discount code is unique, and I know for sure that I'm gonna get a sale from Instagram if somebody uses this specific coats and make sure your code is unique and different and it is coming from instagram itself. Next thing you can actually do this two soldiers, your local area. So let's go so much work or and I'm just typing in the local city, I'm in and now we have a bunch of those coming from my city or close to my city you can do is to type in it again and seen actual city coming up here. By placing on this, you can see on Instagram a map off exactly what area targeting. Plus, you can see pictures that are coming form this specific area as well. Now, when you're doing a search, you condo's kobani and you can put pug in here. So I'm trying to find the POG that lives in the open. Alien became a black parka. It hell that's coming from an open E vocation. Now, unfortunately, the open you occasion that they found is not in United States, but it's still a park. So it doesn't matter. It's the cocotte, this guy. So, yes, four different pictures over hell off his park. And he's also using different kind of hashtags like you. So what I'm gonna be doing is stealing. He's asked tags and using them in my own account. So let's go into another picture. How and I want to use a picture instead of a video. They were getting a lot more X. This one already been used. Where? For the crash tax. Do it. Someone to find one that doesn't have an ass tanks to them. Maybe I have to use a video. Here we go. You can't one with nothing in here. What's going piece? This It just wouldn't go for it. And the wheat stuff, That doesn't be long queue like he is name. So this is the guy I actually went about and stole. His has thank floor. So I don't want to use the ones to the coming directive from him. But I like some of the other ones that he's using. So might as well, you know, just keep them. So the good ones, I'm keeping the bad ones, actually went and do it it and I'm gonna be posting it in, but before posted in, I have to say something about the picture. My door. So he'll be going put this in off extra hashtags in here, and I liked my own picture. Now, when actually did this? I'm adding ought mode, different kind of hashtags in different kind of locations in my instagram account. By having extra locations and have stags, it gives me a lot more visibility to my instagram account. Next thing, we're gonna go back to Google itself, typing in Hashtags dog. We're going to get the top has tanks that we can use for that specific name that pass tanks . That come website gives me a lot of extra and interestingly deals that they can use with you. What's typing pocket? He'll let me help. All different kind off pug instagram 10 stacks and which ones are trending like now and our best ports of Prague Wife is one of the best ones. Bug off Instagram Boggs, Bagila I go off and so on. Your job is to grab as many of those Instagrams hashtagged as you can and use them up in your own instagram itself. So, instagram we're gonna be using the static bag life. This one seems to have the most post as well. Look this six million post for bug life with this instagram hashtagged, you definitely wanna use this hashtag itself. Her steak is one of the best ways for you to grab a bunch off different visibility in instant glam. Let's take a look at the ones that got a lot of attentions. So this posing on a lot of different disabilities with those specific hashtags What am I doing? I'm going to copy them and use them in my own INSTAGRAM account. So I just did that. Go back to my account, gonna grab and no one off. My boast that has nothing in hell. And now I'm gonna be posting an end, sleeping I doubt and just foisting in those hashtags white here as well Those mustangs seems OK, so let's just go and add it to this personally tone. And there we go. I got more hashtags that I'm actually using. That's one of the best ways for you to keep on doing this and so on. So keep on posting it different kind of occasions. The only thing that I did forget to do it is to go over here and add the extra information , which is the Coto action Well, to shop in my account. But the different thing I'm gonna do, he'll, instead of them going direct e and buying something for me. I'm gonna go and link them directed to a specific resting instead. So I'm gonna go in place and show it hell, maybe copying the listing, going back to Instagram, check out my amazing can heal a swell Well, it's a beast. Listen, go So here is what actually happened. He'll it went about improve linked. It directed toe the item that I'm sewing. Unfortunately, it was too much information in here, So let's go and shorten this specifically quit. Hell, he was this huge. You inkling that was short in your l. So this is where it actually comes in handy. I'm going to go back to the Instagram and I have to go and edit this comment. Soto added this comment. You can't go about and edit it like this. What you have to do is go simple. Check out some. Amazing. So I'm just gonna go and copy this whole wasting down and then what I'm gonna be doing, it's basting in. They're short on your l make here, including this boat, and now I'm going to be posting it. So this looks so much better than the previous one. So when you're done with that, you go and do it. The one that you don't want. So it's the with the comment right here. Now, after I posted this in, you want to give them that form a coat, So save, then put sent. Use no code thing. Let's get them the poem according to kill. So here is what I did. I went in and I typed in safety board sent use promo code and peace that in instant that my dough. So now when they go in hell, they see the hashtags, they see the post off the product I'm selling. And then they see the Coto action. We just them to buy it, but giving them a discount code to it. So I did that a metal piece as well. Now there's two ways for you to go and enhance your instagram ways things. One you go and you make videos. And now that you take cute pictures, you have to post a lot of content. The more content you post, the more waking people gonna watch you. Now, there was another thing that you can do in order to enhance the amount of people who are going to be watching you on instagram and following you The way you go about this, you go and use your mobile phone going live on Instagram by going live on Instagram and we single time you go live everyone off your fouls I have 182 of them to get the notice to the cell phone and mobile devices so they can watch me live. And when they want to your life, they're more likely to go and buy whatever product that you're selling. So the way I'm promoting my magnets that I'm actually selling, I go about and I showed them something that interests them, which is dogs and dog aerated. Then when they watched this, they get opposed. That goes, and the extent directed to my actual shop, which could be a Nazi all it could be on Shopify. So this sums up Harry, do you need to know about instagram and how to promote yourself using it? 17. Quora Marketing: one of the best places in the Internet to find quick answers for top questions is Kuala and nothing about is that you can actually go about and sell things on quality as well. So let me show you how you go about and do so. The first thing I highly suggest for you to do is to go to Google your hair short now and shorten your a win. Wink, This is exactly what I do myself. The great thing about this is that I can also see the results for the wings that I'm actually throwing, such as work. It is 50 quicks for this specific quicks. One quick with this 18 for this one. You know, he was the one that I would be created that's going to ready to my shop. So the first thing I'm gonna be doing it is going to the shop, placing on the actual shop, going all the way. Well, it says the actual shop itself, and it's gonna give me exact location that actually wants. Hewitt is I'm copying it now. Next step for me is to go toe a win sweat, Dan with Isa, which is gonna be at sea destination you l might heal and then copy this exact link. Now that they got the exact link, I'm gonna go to Google. Your hair shorter. No, feasted over hell and shorten the your out. So he was doing that actually want. Now I'm gonna be comping Just a link. The next step for me is to go to Kuala Now when I'm in Kuala, One thing you have to do is to where you still to be a member Since I'm a media member, next step for me is to go and start to answer questions. The next step for me is to ask the question that I actually want people toe answer. So dog gifs would be the question. And since I put an end, here are some answers for us. So what are some good gift for dog owners without great gift for dogs? So doesn't two good questions. So let's go for the fourth question right here and see if somebody actually responded to it . So here it is. There was actually eight different answers. Quiet on this. So what do I do next is very simple. I can either go and respond to any of those specific comments would heal. I can upload it as well. Oh, I can go and clear eight and light my own answer. Why did the top So it's person and so and told him about this. So let's go and do that. Well, the best gift I found his unique and declined. It is so on etc. Check it out in copy and peace the week Here we go. It's ready linking it to it now. Another thing that you can do If you don't like that you are short. No, because it looks a little suspicious over here. You might have to go full and use the do acting for this. So let's go and do that. Gonna go and copy this like hell. And now going back to Kuala, we're gonna go in peace the entire wink. We know. So this is great because the next thing you have to do after you give them the wink is to go about and copy this person submit. And now the next step for you is to find more questions just like this and doing copy and paste 18. Pinterest: Pin with Boards: one of the best ways for you to make money and enjoy yourself is actually the great pins on pin interest. Been interest is an excellent platform walk. You take pins and you pin them. Then you construct and bold. Based on that, this is my own been interest account that I created myself. You can create that. Why Go account? Oh, a business account. Now, one of the things that you could do to definitely get a lot more people to buy your stuff on and see is to create different kinds off pins and pin them for every single topic that you're selling on. That's itself. Since I sell a lot of vintage products, handmade and custom Legos, I have decided to create for each of them. The on board. What happens is when somebody goes into my own pin interest account and they see that stop I penned. If they like some of it, they re pin it, and sometimes they buy the products as well. Let's take a look at my custom wiggles up. As you can see, a lot of people do take a look at what I have here, and then they decide to buy it, especially if they like what? I'm actually So here. Now, how do I know people actually look at this stuff and buy it? You compress on analytics itself and then person over you. It's going to show you the traffic that I'm actually getting for everything that I actually post upon it. So he was my pin interest. Actual poor file. I'm having 45 people who are making impressions on it, which is not actually clicking on it. Here is the amount of people out of those who are actually viewing it Pro Day, which is crying kind of quite a lot. Beaumont. I'm getting 824 different people to actually take a look at what I'm actually selling. And now, as you can see, those are the top items in my shop itself that is getting the most amount off impressions and peons as well. So this gives me a good idea off what kind of products that I'm selling that people actually like the most. Another stats that I can look at is on pin interest itself. It shows me the best ones and the highest performing ones as well. The next thing you could do if you're interested after you create your own PIN interest account is actually to go and create an ad for the product that is getting the most kind of impressions or in points. And then you would want to see how many of those people are actually gonna buy after you quit the ad itself. He was my next secret for getting a lot of people toe up in your stuff. One pin interest that don't you wanna create stuff that is actually related to what you're selling. You also want to create things that I have nothing to do with what you're selling in a certain way. But you will have at least one item out of your shop that's going to be featured in everyone off those boards. That's going to get people to want to buy items from you, such as with the Statue of Liberty that actually created when you look at it, you will see a bunch off pictures off the Statue of Liberty itself, and one of which is gonna be a picture off my way. Go custom creation, which is a smart way to get people to look at Statue of Liberty and then, hey, I want to get this is a gift idea 19. Pinterest: Creating, editing and marketing: welcome to marketing. We've been into a spin. Interest is a way for you to expand your social media presence and use it to your advantage to get a lot off sales. The first channel command for you to do before you get started with been interest is to add a pitiable pin for your Internet browser. My printable pin for my browser is gonna be the coma browser. So all you have to do is to type in peninsula spin for Cuomo, the specific spend the time looking for is a pen that is available for my coma. Bozzo. If you have a different browser, go into Google and so much that blouse up over here when you go into your make sure you're getting it from their legitimate websites. Sometimes you're gonna have some spam sites that are going to cream. This is gonna be a pitiable pin for your browser, but it's not. It's gonna be a virus, so be visible, careful with others that such results. The 1st 1 up is usually the correct one. So Ben Interest Save Button Cuomo Web store. That's the one I need for me. For you. It might be a different one. What you have to do next is to just person and to Cuomo, and you're gonna have a wink that looks exactly like this in your brows. Oh, since I already installed it, I'll show you exactly what I mean by this. If I go all the way to my browser all the way at the top, as you can see what he'll already have this extension installed in my brow zone. Now it's your turn to go about. Add this to your brows. Oh, so you can use it in orderto pin things that you're gonna do and market for this specific factual. Next thing that we're gonna be doing is going toe my Etsy shop. You made a cheese shop, We're gonna go and check out all the stuff, the time selling in it, and then I wouldn't go in hell. I'm gonna go into one of the products that time selling When I go into one of my pilots that I'm gonna be actually selling, I'm gonna be taking those items that I'm selling and pinned them. The wacky why I want them to go. So now that they went one of my listings on at sea. I go white over the picture and all the way on the west Side is going to say save on it. So I'm gonna be pressing on that. When you put on that, it's gonna have a menu that looks exactly like this. When you have this menu, you're gonna be starting a brand new board. So either you can start a new board when you're gonna be pressing and create a board. Oh, you can save it to an existing boat that you already have. I have a bunch of them. Let me quit. A brand new board was on, could eat a board right here. And then what I'm going to be doing is selecting and typing in what kind of bored I'm gonna create. Next thing you want to do is to create a board that has something to do with what you're actually sound. So my boat is gonna be give ideas that's gonna be my board. You can create a different kind of boat to squeeze misguided ideals. HoId, a gift ideas and so on. Anything that is an awesome idea was somebody to go and check it out. They're battle damn boats name, the more likely you would get people quickie on it. And when somebody clicks on it, they're more likely to engage with the board itself. So here is the bold gift ideas or even better, Dan best gets. That's gonna be the name of the board. Now, you could make it a secret. But if you make it a secret that defeats the whole purpose off payable pins, so don't after we do it. And now what we're gonna be doing next is going toe a different kind or a thing the time actually signed. So here is another one. I'm gonna be placing one save like hell. So now you're saving the next one in the top 10. Best gift. And now what you're doing is going and personal. See it now. So after we saved a few of those, this is how it actually works, like on the boat itself, and he'll we can go and actually edit it. So what person edit, We can change which kind of section we want. Here is the description off the item that you're sewing and a link directly to the website . This is one out of many pins that I'm gonna be saving. This is two of them with now on my board. Let's go back and check out the boats that they have up going on right now. I'm a bunch of different boards up. He was one of diamonds that they saved. Here's another one. My job right now is to add as many capable pins my boat. So those are just pins that they have up here are the boards that they have as well. When you go into the boards, I'm gonna go into the board. I just could eat it and organize it. So here is the border. Have that they just could eat it, puts on it. And here I can put the description off what my boat is really about. Plus, I can add a link to my at sea or sacrifice store over here as well. So what me actually do that Amazing gifts, Mike and shop you. Now we're going back to the Etsy shop itself, placing when at sea. So he went back in my Etsy shop over hell. I'm gonna be pressing on store manager and the next thing I'm going to be doing is going all the way down right here. It says the name of the shop placing on it once, and now what it's gonna give me it's gonna give me a wink to my actual shop. This is the front page of it. That's what you have to go and do Copy and P stores. So I did just dad placing when peace like hell. And you can also add a discount cold as well. Wait here. So use this groaned code put in the code that you'll be actually using. Q. So I just did there called me Del. And now what we have to do next is select the category that this is exactly for this old, different kind of categories here we can use. And I think the G. Quan is actually interesting, but he was a better one. Animals impact. So I did that for the Kabul pleasant change you have two pictures wants to select. If you had more pins, you would be able to select what more pictures? Person saved by dow. And now we're gonna go and actually save this board. So let's go all the way down. Plus on, Say what? Here? So now this boat looks a lot more better a mobile freshen on. The next thing I have to do is just add a lot more pins to it in order to enhance and make this boardwalk a lot more better. White, the West Oh my boats that I already could eat it using interest. 20. Build Facebook Store: some bumped into ready to get started with creating my own Facebook page. And I hope you all as well. So the first thing you have to do to start your facebook stories to press on this triangle like menu go down. Well, it says we eat a page after you go over here, we're gonna be choosing business. O'Brien press on grants started. The next step for us is to come up with the name off the business, which is gonna be sports shop. So that sounds like a simple enough name, but I want to give it a little bit most. Thank you. Sports zone. Now, which can ago is gonna be? It's gonna be a website. This is the simplest thing. Toe add hell, because once it is a website, you don't have to fill up all the west off the information. After you do this person, continue. Now it is time for us to get some amazing pictures to get the pictures ready. The force do you have to do is start upload and poor file picture. So before we go and a pull some poor for pictures, you want to go to a side cold picks obey pixel bay. That come is the site. Well, you're gonna get started and finding the actual pictures you won't actually use So you have to do is tow Pressel and type in depth. I am that you want to get, which is gonna be sports or other things that you are thinking about something. Once you go and find the picture you want, you can download it for free and use it on your page. No attributions are required. You have to pay for a copulate. Wasn't off this image because it is not copyrighted. All those images are flee for you to use. And the only thing you actually have to do if you want to, is to buy them a cup off coffee. But it's not required. Now if you do use them a lot, I do suggest for you to go and give them a tear. That said, Let's go back to our Facebook page for the poor file picture. Next thing I'm going to be doing is picking the poor from picture or actually be using it's gonna be the picture off the product that I'm gonna be. So I posted that up next thing is to uphold a cover photo. I did not. Next. Now I'm gonna be using one of those very interesting looking cover for those and the one that like is the yoga one. So it's boast that in as well. Now, after you're done, it's gonna go directly toe their Facebook page. Now, sometimes it's not gonna load up such as this one. It didn't actually showed up. So what you have to do is to go back to the photos and used the cover of fortune if you want to use. And here we go. Next step is just a person save, and this actually looks very perfect. I like the way it works, and it's more than likely somebody's gonna go and buy the stuff that your son. So after we did this, the next step for us to do is to person setting and go and fix the way the page actually works. So present setting and person edit beach after you poison ended the page, we wouldn't have the shopping temperament move over the way to the top of the beach. And I just did it right now. So now it's going to look so much better. Plus, I will be able to get people to buy stuff in my shop. You can also change the template if you actually want toe. So if you don't like the template that been used, you have a bunch of different templates for you to actually go and pick for the one I'm using it. Now, is there something while and the one you should actually be using? The most common and best one out of all those. After you do this, go back to your Facebook page. And next thing that we have to do is to start setting up our actual shop by some shop. Once it wasn't us going see after feeling your address or we just make one out if you don't give Facebook this information and next step is just way the city state and there's it Gold York. And now you have to. The point traces one. You can actually sell things directly from your page two. You can link this to your website instead, we're gonna be winking in tow, a website because we're just selling things, as in a few, it from eBay. So press on, check out on your website. Instead, Person continue. And now we're all done. We're all set to get started selling things on our shop before we do. That makes you you person and a button over here. We have to go and direct it where we want to do active too. And it's gonna go to stop now or making the nation my son shop. Now it here press and next and winked is directed to our sub unpleasant finish. What I'm doing next is every time somebody pressed on shop now it's gonna go directed toe the actual shopping page of our site. Now, this time for us toe, add an actual product person and the product. And now they're gonna go toe eBay again into our partner network. I'm gonna go all the way. Well, it says great. Oh, promote and promotable wink. So oh, he'll have to go and post the actually that will be actually using. So to do that, make sure you're keen it up. If you have a different link over there, next step waas is to go to eBay and find a product that you be actually using. So here is the product that I want to go and promote, but this part of actually ended. So we have to use a brand new product that has not ended their own. If I was a pilot, that actually ended, it is no one going sale, and you're not gonna get any commission for that. So here is the product that actually want poison copy like hell. Go back to the eBay Partner Network based. This in person could eat next. Now we have the wink that we actually have to use. And now we're gonna be copping this link, going back to our site and pressing on base like here. After we grab this, we need the description and a lot more information for our product. Let's get the description off the product and posted right in the name off the product itself. Now, it could be as long as you want. Oh, I do suggest for you to shorten it and make it straight to the point. Next thing is the description and the price. Let's go back in hell. Make sure they get their correct twice, which is 67 40 free. Over here. You want to go places and see details by seeing the details. They didn't get the last of the acquired information for this product. Gonna be copping this. Going back and healing, basting and in the price would make it simple. Just type in 67. Now we need the images off the parked going back in hell. Here is one picture of the product gonna be saving this one. It's the best one. Next, we're gonna go back over here and we're just gonna be copying and using a second picture. Yes, Pressed on it Once saving this one I q as well. Two more it here and like those images. So I'll be skipping those. And I don't like just the background in here. It's kind of deceiving. So I'm not gonna be using those images. Go back in hell present and four. So make sure that the force porter you add is the best photo puts on. Add the second photo going back when you and pressing on the second floor there, I'll be using person use photo as well that we have two different pictures I can use. And there's two things you can do here. You can show this on your page once it is published. and approve all you can go. And so on your page waiter, which I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna be showing it radar. So since I'm down on the posted everything that is required, I'm going to be going and pressing on safe. Once it is approved, it's going to show up in their shop right now, it's gonna be just processing in the shop instead. Next step for you to do is to just go and fill up your store with all the different products that you'll be selling. After you're done with that, you can arrange it in different categories such as Eric Collection. So this will be a forced well off just Powerball's that I will be selling. The next one is gonna be the West of it. Now, to make this Imo interesting, you can go and add a YouTube video to this as well. So, by placing one and video once you could eight an actual video, you can post it up, and you can demonstrate what are the uses off this product, especially if you have your own washing with to demonstrate, So that will be an additional bonus, but it's not acquired or anything you want to do is toe have enough information for them to make an educated decision and to the side If they want to buy, you can change. The u l bothers extra numbers right in the back. On the whole your l I'm just gonna be typing in sports own like hell. And if this use a name that available, you have to add moting students sport zone equipment right now. So this is what we can use, and you can press and create the user name. Now, after you do this, make sure you add a so description what this page is all about. So everyone who goes in hell knows what looks you exactly selling after you get everything ready and done. Get every one of your friends to come back in like the speech by having all of them invited doing this speech. Maybe one of them would decide to buy something that you're selling. Thank you so much for watching. And I go, You hope that you've been totally excited and pumped up to get started selling your own products on Facebook. Your next step right now is to go and create 80 on Facebook page, find a few products to feature on this page and start selling them today. 21. Facebook Marketing: let's get started with Facebook marketing. So the first thing that is essential for you to do is to go to the page that you want a market on Facebook, which is gonna be the actual at the shop. So let's copy that. So now that we copied the entire anti shop, we're gonna goto a win poison on wing Bodo. And after that, selecting what says joined and then selecting a specific one. Well, it says etc destination Your oil is gonna be the actual website lead here. And now that we have the exact link bullet, it's just gonna be copying that one. Next step full us is to go, Go, go! And you? L short annoyed. Oh, going to go the short now and just cutting and pasting it right here. There we go. Certainly your well and they're grabbing. This link went out as soon as this world's up. So now that we have this, it is time for us to get started with Facebook marketing the first place. Well, you want to get started with marketing. The product is to market toe all your friends more friends you have, the more likely you're gonna have a lot more traction for the item that your son. So here you're going to be posting Check out new products for 2018 and then be a posting going to it. Displacement beast. Make sure you do eat what doesn't belong here. As always, it's not gonna show up. So we're going to go back copying there once I'm gonna walk for us going back in hell and pasting it again. So we have to force the pinch. So it's reload. Posting it right back in hell on placing one pieced. Now, let's see if this actually loads up person space ball one more time. And there we go. It actually walking. So actually always tested out toe, See if they wink actually works. Now we're gonna go and do some hashtags. So how stuck? Looks like this has stag dog. Stag dog knows? Yes, Dag. Cool plateau. Yes. Tag. Beautiful 2018. Cause of some plastic that I'm gonna be using now, if you're not sure, we translate you won't actually use. You can go and find which hold the hottest are stags out there. The next thing that I am actually doing is searching for her stacks that are trending right now that that will be using in order for my post to start trending. So the first thing I'm going to be doing is going toe web ste A that Emmy Boyzone soldier right here and we have to do next is to type in the item that I'm searching for, which is gonna be something related to dog poison search. And now we have people have places, and the best of all, we have hashtags. And how many people actually following those specific hashtags? So here it is, a whole entire list off every single hash tag that we can use for this specific keyboard. So we here, we have to have stack dog over the day. I didn't get that one. So it's going at it at the post and typing stag dog of the day we go stag dog hope the day right down and so on. So you want to go full the entire list of all the different hashtags and posed as many of them as you can to get your einem actually training over here now that we have a few things that are walking for us So we have there on there, so think that those people why they should go forward there was the Google your well, there was the Hashtags for every single one of those keyboards winning and as many as you can do it. Let's go toe the actual post and use it for something else as well. So let's copy your right heel. Next step for us is to go and find dog related groups, so just type in up. He'll dog was on so much and now breasts on groups with here. Next up for us is to join as many of those different groups as we can. You want to join the groups of a lot of members. So this one has 488,000 different people in it. He was a few groups that are already joint, such as this one with you, which says I love my dog. So now that I'm already in a group, what they have to do next is just go and pieced this part of the time selling write down all the way at the top of it Now, sometimes it won't let you paste those specific things because it's gonna go against the rules of the girl. Just be aware over that. It's not always gonna work for you because over here it says this post has been submitted and pending approval by there means so if they don't approve their specific boast, you might actually get kicked out of the group. So you have to watch out for that. Make sure you read all the stuff that actually sets you. Sometimes they would actually approved this in case they don't approve. Oh, you want to make sure they dough go to dead men? It's gonna say moderate awake next with that min itself. Question, they admit, and all you have to do next is just to send them a message. My placement message went out and just let them know what you're actually sewing and told them nicely what kind of things that you are actually doing. So that's one way for you to go about this. Now, if this doesn't work as well, there was always a different kind of group that you can join. Another thing that you can do is you can go and find a group of people in it. That is the way to it and send them a post as well. So let's go to a different group weight. Now I would like hell and go to this one. The animal the cat in the global is cooperate, though that's a different kind of group. And try to piece this one over here as well. So I'm basting it in waiting for it the world up as it satisfaction. Brivio If it doesn't match, you can always do a space. Sometimes that will actually speeded up. No next oppose is to press on post and see if this gets instant above and it actually didn't. Now, another thing you can do here, you can get your post promoted all the way at the top over A specific group we have to do is to contact the administrator off the group. It's gonna be usually the top one of depend post in it, and that's them. Hey, listen up. I got something to do with dogs. Would you like to go about and posted all the way at the top of the screen for maybe 20 bucks a week? And if they agree to this, that's great, because then you can go and post it up for a whole week and you get a lot of attention, especially in the big groups such as this one that has 14,000 members. Make sure you pick, then niche groups have something to do with the arms that you're selling. It's more Wakely. You will get what most sales. 22. Youtube #1: Marketing Product Essentials: let's get started marketing our item for sale on YouTube. So here it is, the product on one, actually. So next thing you want to do is to create a demonstration off this product on YouTube itself. Now it does help for you to have the actual product on hand so you can do a video talking about this product, talking about the uses of it and what you can do with this product. Now, even if you don't have the actual copy of the pilot, you can still go and feature it on YouTube. And here is how it is very simple. What you have to do is to find the video off the Powerball that you're gonna be selling on YouTube. So powerful gonna go into and such right in YouTube itself. And then what we're going to be doing next is trying to find the exact I know so in his deep Powerball, and we want to find the video that we can actually use. The video that we want to use is more like a video that everyone else is showing how to use their power ball So we can do that off course we can use a video coming from Google from the official website. So going to go, go, Gonna go in, type in, pieced And here we're gonna go into Powerball, an SD that is dining that we'll be sewing personal videos and trying to get them from the official source is probably the best thing. But if you can't, you can still grab pieces of it from YouTube. So the correct way for you to do this is very simple. You gotta go and use images off the actual product instead of using motion. So if you having like motion pictures, you actually risking copulating the specific product. On the other hand, if you want to use this and you want to use it yourself and you wanna post it up on YouTube and don't get and then you trouble whatsoever and still promote apart that you want to use , what you have to do is to look for Dan bother that you're selling and work for the images off the actual product. So we have here is one of the products that here we can use hell and you want to use something that is a little better than this image So here is a good one. I Q and so on. So you have to look for good images that we can use showing the benefits of the product such as this one here. He was one of them. And you want to get, like, a three standard 20 images or Toto? After you get all those different images, you want to go and download a problem coat come easier. We're going to go. All right, Here. Have they been come easy? I know. And here you want to get the free version off. The companies use software which is get the free trial for Windows over. Mac, Once you get this program, you're going to go and do a voice over all the Parliament yourself using the images you found on the Internet and then you're gonna be posting it out to your actual channel. And it doesn't matter. Even if your channel has been a few subscribe ALS. It makes no difference at the moment. Then you want to make sure you add the specific tags for this channel. So the different tanks is more likely to get you more people to go and watch the video after you go about and create the video, you're gonna be posting it on YouTube. So here is the videos that I created off this product so you can see it. I'm doing the same exact thing. Except I have the actual product. When you have to actual products, it makes it so much better. So you no longer have to go about and create a video just showing still images. You can actually so actually images off the part of being in use. So I created one video to video free videos, four different videos off this specific product. It wasn't like we did. So many is that you don't know which one is going to get you the most traction. The 1st 1 I could eat. It only got me our idiot views. And this one was three months ago. Then I went in and I created another video which got me 12 years in another 1 49 and so on . It looks like the more videos and quit over the same exact topic. The more I get people toe go and watch the video. So this is the longest one that I actually created. This one was all the way to 16 minutes long. I go and review this follow. So after you go and could eat the video in the next, the boy is to pose the wink off the product that yourself. So over here here is the product that I want to sell. Next thing I'm going to be doing is copying the wink down. Getting on the eBay partner Network would be the next thing you'll be doing liking into it . So now, 1,000,000,000. The eBay Partner network, we're gonna go and peace the actual item that will be some present create. Now we have this. You have to shorten this up just a little bit. So now next step is your l. So I don't know. Then we're going to go to beat Lee, and you have to do all those different steps in order to be most successful with selling the product. So now it's shorten it up to a very small amount of voting, and it makes it so much easier for somebody to do copy and paste. And it's no wonder confusing. I'm going to go back to our channel and type descend, get euros here and peace this since I'm giving them the opportunity to buy this product right for our video After they watch, the only thing you have to do is to refresh the page after you go in peace to then and now . Next step for us is to go and pin this all the way at the top. So plays on pin and this is going to replace therefore spin ahead and pin this item all the way at the top of the page. So when somebody goes and watches the video, they can go and buy the Spartak immediately from you. 23. Youtube #2: All about thumbnails: add a Tom Neal. As you can see, there is an option. You can create a thumbnail, so either you can use one that comes directing for the video itself. Oh, you can upload one that actually comes from the Internet itself. Just make sure you own the copyright to it cleat the Tom Neo image that you can actually use. You want to make sure that it's not copyrighted. So we're gonna go and work for an image that's not copyrighted that we can actually use for our own YouTube Tom now. So the first thing you want to do is to type in what kind off item that you're actually looking for. And then we're gonna go into so much, does themselves press on it once. And then the next thing you want to do is to press on usage whites and look for items that says way but for reuse the items that the labeled for reuse you can go and you can copy them. But you have to be a bit careful for an item that looks like this. This looks like it's coming from a movie itself, so it's probably not good for you to use that as a thumbnail image. Other things that look a bit like something like this. It's definitely something that you could reuse. And there was a bunch of different images. Hell that work like that. You can actually use them. So you have to use a bit of your own judgment before you pick the image itself, and we use it on you to another safe way for you to do. This is just to go toe pics, obey type in the name off the product that you're working for and just pressing on the soldier itself and see what kind of images actually pops up. As you can see, this is the same exact image that I found four way. But for we use now, I have a few different choices that I can make and use for my own YouTube video. I can use the two images we have. What hell I can do a different kind of keyboard so much instead to see if I can find as a images or I can go to Google and take a look at all the images that are appealing like hell and labelled for reuse and pick a few of them and then experiment with them. The reason why I say experiment with them is that you just don't know which Tom Neo Image is definitely going to go and get your lot more friends to take a look at the video that you created. The image that is has to do with the Tom Neo itself is very, very important. In fact, you can even get a photographer one fireable to take a picture off the Tom nail for you. It is that important. 24. Youtube #3: Using keywords & cards: The next thing that you have to do is to find Web urban keywords that you can actually use for the video itself. Now what Google actually does. It works at the kind of keywords that you put in the West ing itself in the description and in the keyboard section. And then it links the video, and by ranking the video, it puts it up in a special linking on YouTube. So it also has to do with them out of wasting that you can drive within the post 48 hours that the listing is up on YouTube, which means that as soon as you create a new YouTube video, you want to get as many people as possible to take a look at it. One way for you to drastically increase the volume off people. Looking at your video is to put in relevant keyboards into it. So to do this, it's very simple. You have to come up with it to his 10 different keywords that have to do with the item itself that you are actually selling. So that's one off the things that's going to generate a lot more attention to your resting and I don't think that you could do that is also really simple. Is in the description itself to make sure you have a link to the product that you're actually selling. This is also available e important, because if somebody comes in to take a look at the wasting, their finally in, though, you have to make sure to get them to actually buy the product itself. So for you to do this, you have to have some call to action. One off course is in the description itself. Another way is to use either annotation or cards. And that's just another way for you to get people to actually one of by the pilot that yourself. So by ending a card you can actually promote either and other channel, you can get a donation. Oh, the best one is together link, and that's the one you want. You want people to actually go into your real website, and for them and what YouTube actually does. It only allows you to link to an approved website, and you can do active link the video itself that is on YouTube to the listing on etc. By just creating a coward to it. So we hear All you have to do is to type in there. You're well off the website itself. Just gonna be at sea that come and I don't have to do Act one with hell and we're gonna be pressing on next. And it's what's gonna actually do hell, it's going to create the card for you. And here you can just put in the Coto action, which is get somebody to buy the product. You can put a diesel taxed, which is tells you what kind of product you actually selling. And here is the image itself. So you can use the pre made images that they're already our existing over hell all you can go and plants on change image and use your own image over here. And eventually what you want to do is to create a coward. And the code is gonna definitely wink the video that you created on YouTube to your at sea channel. And this is an excellent way for you to drive traffic from YouTube to your at sea twisting 25. Conclusion and additional tips!: congratulations. You got all the way to the end. Now it is time for you to take all the concepts and everything else you own and discuss and actually start to do it so you can get paid. Now a lot of people get all the way to the end and then they decide. Maybe this is not the right type of business for them. That is totally understood. Not everyone is cut to do sales and everything for them. But on the other hand, it is something that is very while for you to keep on practicing. Because on your practice, you'll get good at it. Other people who just get started in sales c A l e really? So amount off money that is coming in. And to get this college really easily do not be the scorch. This is how you get started with sales. You started swot. Then, as you build up your expertise, your ability to pull us away people and get into the next trouble, you will be able to make more and more sales. More and more people are gonna listen to you and be able to buy it for me. There was a big difference between selling something to somebody face to face. Divorce is selling them on social media and on what the new Age right now is to be able to persuade people how to buy stuff online. It is no one go. But you get the face to face interaction where you talk to somebody, try toe establish report. Once you get really comfortable, that poison, you start selling. But all those concepts are all the same when it comes to sales. This is why it's so much important for you to actually learn how to keep on doing this until you find a way that works for you. Therefore, I'm gonna go into right now and help you of sales one of one now. So how do you go and convince somebody to buy something that they want to actually buy? All they even don't want to buy it at all? Bastable, you establish your presence. You have them know why you an export in this area? Next, you make them comfortable with who you are, so you give them helpful information. The next step for you is to get them toe, actually buy something, and to top it off. You have to give them an ability to know that they can get a rebound at any time. This is one of the other reasons why, while people really like to buy something, they know that they're safe in actually buying the pilot a lot of times. The purchases on eBay Oh, Kabul, that when you do, is retirements. If you dislike the product for any reason. There was also that Tony Day money back guarantee, especially if item is not as described. All those protections are for you, and as somebody who is sound things on eBay, it gives them the opportunity to check the product out. And if they don't like it for any reason, they can send it back and get a full refund. This is a win win situation for you there. You can sell almost any product annual on eBay and get paid 26. Great job you completed this course: Thank you so much for taking this course. It took me a few months to actually create this class. Since you're taking this course, I want your feedback. I need to live use for me. I need to know what you think off this class. How well it was. How much did it help you and what you think in general, about this class and about my teaching method? If you like, this goes make sure to what others didn't know what you think of this class itself by writing your own honestly view. So let me know everything that you think this class is all about with that said thank you and see you on the inside, But