Graphic Design Fundamentals for Non Designers

Alina Balean, Creative

6 Videos (15m)
  • Vocab You Need to Know

    • Placeholder

  • Quick History of Graphic Design

    • Short History of Graphic Design

  • El Dorado

    • El Dorado (2:15)

  • What goes into a layout, part 1

    • Layouts (3:52)

  • What goes into a design, part 2

    • Colors and Typography

  • What goes into a design, part 3

  • Resources

    • Sum up of what we learned


This class is no longer available.

About This Class

This Class is For You if. .. If you're a design-curious non-designer interested in getting a basic understanding of graphic design, this class is perfect for you.  You'll walk away from this class with working knowledge of the fundamentals of graphic design. Skills you can implement immediately in your own work or in working with designers.  Really, no prior design experience or too... Read More

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Alina Balean, Creative

Designer by destiny, Entrepreneur by blood, Wanderlust by choice. I have over 5 + years of professional and freelance design experience. I've worked on print & web design projects such as magazine layouts, conference & festival branding, And... Read More