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9 Videos (28m)
    • Introduction

    • Your Project: Rapid-Fire Drawings

    • Materials

    • Prompt 1: Draw Standing Up

    • Prompt 2: Draw With Music

    • Prompt 3: Draw While Rotating Paper

    • Prompt 4: Draw Blindfolded

    • Prompt 5: Draw While Talking Aloud

    • Drawing Is for Everyone


About This Class

Draw on everything with celebrated visual artist Shantell Martin. This half-hour class takes you into her NYC studio to explore the projects that inspire her, the markers that move her, and creative prompts she's used with thousands of students to help everyone find their own personal creative voice.

Watch her create a series of rapid-fire, stream-of-consciousness drawings, then draw your own "creative sprints" using 5 of her favorite prompts: standing up, with music, while rotating the paper, while blindfolded, and while talking aloud. If you're used to studiously sitting to draw, this is unlike anything you've seen or done before.

This is a class for artists, creators, makers, and everyone looking to kickstart their creativity. No experience or technique needed—just break out a pen, follow the prompts, and let it happen!

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I love the way Shantell works, she's created a very interesting and unique class that brings a new perspective to your art.
I really liked this class & teacher. Drawing has always been one of those soothing meditative practices for me so the projects we're enjoyable... satisfying. Thank you, Shantell.
great stuff! and so much fun too! take this class and SURPRISE YOURSELF :)
Maria Regina Tuazon

designer. sketcher. musician






Visual Artist

The work of Shantell Martin is a meditation of lines; a language of characters, creatures and messages that invite her viewers to share a role in her creative process. Part autobiographical, and part dreamlike whimsy, Martin has created her own world that bridges fine art, commercial and the everyday experience — conversations, objects and places.