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13 Videos (40m)
    • Trailer

    • A Color Primer

      A Color Primer.pdf
    • The Project

      BikeBook Client Brief.pdf
    • Branding Guidelines

      Branding Guidelines.pdf
    • Color Message and Meaning

      Color Message and Meaning.pdf
    • Target Audience

      Target Audience.pdf
    • Competitor Research

    • Color Schemes

      Color Schemes.pdf
    • Color Contrast

      Color Contrast.pdf
    • Color Scheme Tools

    • Using Photographs

    • Tips and Tricks

      Tips and Tricks.pdf
    • Building Your Palette


About This Class

Learn by doing: Playing with references, experimentation, and your newfound color knowledge, create 2 effective color palette possibilities for the fictional Bikebook website.

Develop a harmonious color palette for any website with designer Geri Coady’s 40-minute class on selecting, communicating, and designing with color. You can use the provided fictional creative brief and site mock-up so that—no matter your experience—you can jump in right away or you can use a website idea of your choice. Either way, you’ll be able to practice your perfect workflow for smart, strategic design at any hue!

Want to see color in action? Learn about color accessibility, testing, and implementation in Geri Coady's second class, Color on the Web II: Design for Clarity and Compliance.

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This is one of the color classes you can develop your design and production system from. Wonderful instructor I immediately felt at home with.
Geri is SUPER knowledgeable. Yet she makes all of this color jargon very approachable. Not an easy subject, but she gets it right with this class. I would absolutely recommend this one if you want to get the best information on color and the web.
Shawn Williams

Learning the skills to pay the bills.

A lot of good information that is up to date and useful
Tanya Felsheim

A true artist teaches and inspires art





Geri Coady

Designer & Illustrator


Geri Coady is a color-obsessed freelance designer and illustrator (and occasional photographer) working in St. John's, Newfoundland — the oldest and most Easterly city in North America.

She's been active in the design industry for over a decade, most recently as an art director at a Canadian advertising agency. She's worked with clients of all sizes in the private and public sector and recently illustrated a book for Scholastic UK.

Geri is the author of Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility published by Five Simple Steps and speaks about the topic at conferences worldwide. In 2014, she was voted as Net Magazine's Designer of the Year.

She's also a long-time supporter of the Skills Canada organization, where she volunteers as a provincial technical committee member and coach for the web design and development competition.