3 Videos (51m)
  • Developing Your Contract

    • Kick-off Lecture

  • Five Parts of a Good Contract

    • Coming Soon

  • Fine Print

    • Terms and Conditions


About This Class

So you've been in business for yourself for a little while. You know you should have a contract, maybe you even have one, but is it really comprehensive? Maybe you can't afford a lawyer and you've cobbled together your own version on a wish and a prayer. It's time to clear up the gray area before you get burned. (Or, again, as the case may be. Cause let's be real – it happens to all... Read More

Margot Harrington, Communication Designer at Pitch Design Union

After several years of agency graphic design experience, I was laid off,  and have been running my own studio for over 6 years now. Since then I've found it hard to find financial, legal, client, and life-balance advice for the microbusiness owner wh... Read More