Your Bear Notes Beginner's Guide: Quick Start

Francesco D'Alessio, Host of Keep Productive

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6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to use Bear Notes every day?

    • 3. How to Create a New Note

    • 4. Organizing Your Notes into Hashtags

    • 5. Hack Your Notes with UnTagged, Today & To-Do

    • 6. Understand Preferences to Unlock More of Bear

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About This Class

Bear Notes is an iOS and MacOS application for writing and note-taking. Many people have found it to be their home for taking notes, drawing up ideas, typing up their first big-selling novel and even planning their next project. Bear is a sort of blend between Apple Notes and Ulysses, perfect for both writing short notes or long essays and everything in between. 

In this class, we're taking you through Bear to see whether it is suitable for helping you get things done.

Here's what you'll be learning: 

  • How to Text-Format inside Bear
  • How to Set-up Your First Hashtags (notebooks) 
  • How to Add images, files and other multimedia to notes
  • How to Use UnTagged, Today & To-Do 
  • How to Change Themes and Master Preferences
  • How to Pin and Sort Notes 
  • And tonnes more... 

We've even included a section on whether it is worth upgrading to Bear Pro.

If this isn't your thing, don't worry! Become a subscriber to the YouTube channel for weekly videos! 

Best of luck with starting this class and feel free to leave us questions anywhere!