YouTube VLOGGING: How to Start A YouTube Channel Today | Peter BVC CO | Skillshare

YouTube VLOGGING: How to Start A YouTube Channel Today

Peter BVC CO, Video Content Specialist

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18 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Starting with WHY Take This Course?

    • 2. The Proper MINDSET You need to Start YouTube

    • 3. Difference between VIEWS and TRAFFIC for Success

    • 4. What is required to start a YouTube channel?

    • 5. BREAKDOWN of the YouTube Formula

    • 6. What Type of Videos YOU are going to make?

    • 7. The Two MAIN Types of Content for GROWTH

    • 8. When Should You UPLOAD a Video?

    • 9. Understanding VIEWS + UPLOADING Importance within 24 HRS

    • 10. What is SEO and How do I Apply It to MY videos?

    • 11. What are the MAIN Ways YouTubers make MONEY?

    • 12. THESE are the Tools I Use and YOU Should Use

    • 13. INNOVATION


    • 15. Why Your Videos ARE NOT Doing Well...

    • 16. How to Properly Deal With HATE and CRITICISM

    • 17. Summary + RECAP

    • 18. To YOUR Success

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About This Class

You're an aspiring YouTuber who wants to get into VLOGGING but has NO IDEA where to to start? 

How do you go from 0 subscribers to 1,000 subscribers? What kind of videos should I make? Should I consider making a YouTube channel for my personal brand/business/entertainment? You will find the answers to all these questions HERE.

THIS course is for YOU.

After I've devoted three years to YouTube, I have condensed what I've learned into a course for your success on YouTube. With well over 10,000 subscribers and 2M views across all my channels - you can learn from my mistakes and failures without having to devote three years to learning what I knew in exactly 45 minutes.

Unlike OTHER YouTube courses on here, I am not promising you millions of subscribers, or fame - what I CAN promise you is that I will show you everything I know in order for you to have a better foundation and understanding for your online content and be AHEAD of the game.

You put in what you get. You CANNOT be average. YOU have a message. You want creative FREEDOM. 

Well YouTube is definitely a good start to the online content world and I hope this course serves you well.

What you will EXPECT to learn:

  1. How to START a YouTube Channel (Overview)
  2. The Proper Foundation to Make MONEY on YouTube
  3. What EQUIPMENT You Will Need?
  4. How to STAND OUT from the Crowded Market?
  5. YouTube Marketing and SEO
  6. Successful YouTube MINDSET to Win

p.s. I hope this course will benefit you after my own failures and scars from creating on YouTube - I hope you learn, grow, and profit from my knowledge and spread your message to the world.