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Sorelle Amore, YouTuber, Videographer, Photographer

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8 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Be Worth the Follow

    • 3. Build Your Credibility

    • 4. Find Your Niche

    • 5. Make Meaningful Messages

    • 6. Balance Authenticity Over Beauty

    • 7. Make a Plan to Execute

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Join YouTube star Sorelle Amore to discover how you can build a devoted online following of a million or more!

When it comes to YouTube, Sorelle Amore is an expert. After she began posting travel videos on Iceland to her YouTube channel a few years ago, she methodically built up her following to the well-known travel and lifestyle channel it is today. Along the way, she discovered how to create content that truly connects with potential followers online and created a community that has stuck with her through thick and thin. Now, she’s sharing her favorite tips and techniques for building up a devoted online following using examples from her own past content and other creators she loves. 

In her signature conversational and authentic style, Sorelle shares how to:

  • Figure out what you bring to the table online
  • Find your topic niche—and evolve it over time
  • Prioritize authenticity over beauty to gain truly connected followers
  • Create a posting schedule to get the most eyes on your work

Whether you’ve always dreamed of becoming a YouTube star and haven’t known where to start or have had an active YouTube channel for years, Sorelle’s authenticity-focused approach will help you unlock a whole new way of looking at community-building online. 

After taking this class, you’ll be empowered to be your true self on-camera, share authentically with your followers, and build a large following that can’t get enough of the real you.