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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Bio, Descriptions & SEO Video


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      Starting Your Career On YouTube


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      How does youtube work?


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About This Class

This course, will take you through the basics of building a YouTube channel. We will discuss the following topics

- How Does YouTube Work?

- Branding

- Bio, Descriptions & SEO

- Starting Your Career On YouTube

- Sourcing Music & Photos

This aims to give you at the least some knowledge around how YouTube works and some ideas you can use on your own channel.

Please feel free to ask me questions you may have about any of the content in the course.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Cherry

YouTube & Social Media


Hey, I am a YouTuber focusing on teaching people the way YouTube works and what ways you can maximise the potential of your channel. 

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hey, my name is James and I'll be talking through the YouTube Academy course. It's a bit of information about me. I run a leadership challenge grant from 5 thousand scribes to 400 thousand words first year of ease my channel pride, real-world examples to these lessons. I'll take you through the branding of your channel. Has make sure your channel gets monetized. And just quickly is you don't have to give you marketization. More and more channels these days are being denied the opportunity to make money from their channels. And last on, monetization will have given the best chance of being approved by YouTube. Will look at places for you to find music and any strategy need. We'll look at creating descriptions and setting up your channel with SEO in mind. And lastly, we'll look at ways we can achieve grow from the start in that 10 thousand subscriber girl. If you ever have any questions or wants chat about anything, just shoot me. A message might help. 2. Branding: Today we're gonna be taken them through some usu brining case studies and feelings at HCI and suicide sheep, as well as look at some websites where you can find good logo designers. Lastly, we'll look at the simple things you can do to differentiate yourself from other channels and increase click-through rate. Set. Hci is an artist who produces content like customizing a brand names, giving them out to popular influences. On his channel here has a lot of challenges with big prizes and putting money in Teslas. Challenges are exciting to watch, especially if they have high stakes and can bring a new type of audience. Therefore expanding his fanbase further. Using popular influences another great way, it's brand viewers as it's taps into their fan base as well as your own. Is USP towards the star was how to draw videos specializing in comic book are very particular niche in the art world. He also does regularly giveaways, usually giving away all of the products and videos. Oftentimes fans, driving engagement both a socialist and channel that ever moves the chance to win an expensive custom item. Here are some example of as thumbnails use simplicity and a signature paints watch in many of his thumbnails. This thumbnail makes great use the facial expressions and bold text during viewers eyes and makes them more likely to live in the video. And this is Photoshopped this thumbnail to create a more extreme version of his videos content. This makes the video see more extreme looking simply by adding more ice than what was in this video. Is simplistic. Perch description works isn't something I suggest for smaller channels. But he does however, make produce the same layout across these videos. And including the social link essentials. Check my description unless until look at maximizing SEO and your and videos. Moving onto a music channel, we have Mr. suicide cheap, one of the original music creators boasting over 12 minutes, described this in 5 billion views. He has a key niche for electronic artists who use a smoke, usually smaller and underground is a very unique Carlton thumbnail style. The next is video stand out. However, this is more representative is brand rather than him trying to stand out. Reason is VJs is such a niche is because some like that, yes, to complete to much, he uploads every single day, which is great for the YouTube algorithm, means YouTube is more likely to purchase content. It also utilize this play this very well. This is probably one of my favorite thumbnails of, is he always selects does two offers backgrounds ranging from watercolor to line out to detailed 3t, like this. Bright colors also attract people to the video with a good use of video game filter. Style central what most music creators often have their logo in the thumbnails. Islam now makes great use to the ground manga and anime market across the world. But also pills to his target market electronic audience. And keeps a general theme across all of his thumbnails. In this case, dish to all, which almost all YouTube's will the suicide sheep as playlists that cover both shoulders and Altis. Making it easier for viewers to find music similar to that taste. This is important essential for every YouTube it's due or Matthew or channel. Game is you should create playlists based off of what game you're playing, any challenges and any other things you can think of. The example is typical gamer who has a place for each different game that he plays. Likewise, if you're a finite channel, you could create layers space off of certain topics that you cover. Like how to invest or credit in the right mindset. Where stuff and has a real estate and financial channel as loyal fan base and has 2.2. million subscribers is how plenty of viral videos. And as a self-made multi-millionaire, where it makes great use of trending topics is more recent videos discussed the stimulus check for covert relief in the US. He also often talks about stock market news. He has a good niche with by shrill state in the stock market. He also has a likeable personality which makes it more enjoyable. Fees alone from his videos. Equally as important is thumbnails are always clean and emphasize to bring in viewers. Is most viral video talks about hybrid Tesla for just $78. This uses both trending topics, are shocked expression with matching body language and clean bald text, all of which store and a large audience. Graham has plenty of bold titles across these videos. Each of these would stand out in most people's feeds. Notice how the millionaire and real estate are fully capitalized. Needs are, as key was in this title, capitalize and helps them stand out. Having an eye-catching logo is really important. So I'm going to try some examples of places look which people may not think of. I can easily list a fiver logo design websites, but personally, I believe they worked for low budgets and the hardest fund quality. They're included simply to provide a low budget option. If you're wanting to invest into your channel, logo would be a good place to start alongside anything you need to make your videos. You can find a lot of great size on Instagram who are more than happy to speak to you about your ideas. Sometimes the out fine but worth it when you do. Cost can be varied, but you have proof of that work. Try and find people using hashtags. Remember, it doesn't always need to be lowered. Designers, instead of designers, often have the capability to design logos. So use a wide range of hashtags to find people. In other way you can find a good logo designer is through urine research. Some YouTubers made blog about their updated logos. I managed to find a lower designer from a blog post on a YouTube is website. He had already done a logo and a solid lagged. So it was the case of trying to find someone who did the channels logo. There are some websites that specialize in gaming logos, for example, often these will be a better choice than Fiverr, while some other sites may be costly. If that's the case, you haven't got the money to get a good logo. Even if you are young, try saving about $20 a month or doing some extra jobs just to get that logo intro, which will make you stand out a little bit more. If not, simply invest your time, consistent schedule going and invest at a later date. The way you interact and the type of person you showed your audience is one of the biggest ways you can stand out. If you're drawn to likeable personalities. So make sure you are unique in the way you interact and bring across competence in your videos. Creating something memorable like a phrase can make yourself stand out. Also help people connect with the channel. Think about a way you can do the entire on every one of your videos, or like graham credit joke around a certain phrase. His smash the like button, which is somewhere in every one of his videos, has created engagement both from the likes but from the people commented that they smash the like button. Likelihood is being itself will be unique. Bringing you pass nights at the table, it's probably the best thing you can do to a differentiate yourself. 90 just on camera, but bringing that personality into responses in the comments too. Even if you have to emphasize policy or personality to get it across. As always, if you have any questions, just message me. 3. Bio, Descriptions & SEO Video: Hey, and welcome to the lesson on bio descriptions on SEO. Your channel buyers important, especially when it comes to SEO, doesn't have to be complex, but at least include an overview of what your child does. The opposite schedule, some topics you may cover and hijo channel may be end up. I'd also use a cooled actions such as join the family and subscribe. Seo helps you run better Ganesha competition. That's her more popularly or key words, the more likely you are to be discovered in births channel. There are a few things you can do when you start with page rank better. Look it using keywords and your channel description. It says game as you could give more details such as war aims, whether you'd press play multiplayer, you should use Q was constantly and your thighs was and fits your descriptions to. But do it in a human way. Don't just throw in key was if they don't fit in with the flow of your text. When creating the title fuel video, again, utilize keywords. One example would be if you are reviewing an Apple watches, I just got first gen 20-20 Apple Watch for $300. He was fast Jen, and 20-20 will help if people are searching for any info about that particular version. This is much better than a title that simply states that I got the new Apple Watch. It's small things you can do fail specific channels to give the extra based tools that star. There are a couple of reasons why should transcript, will videos. We'll come to another ladies and later on? One reason is to create subtitles, few videos. Youtube is more likely to suggest features which have subtitles. Have a look and see if it's easy to transcribe the content you produce. And if psi, make sure you add it went great. New ideas. Fast, three sentences are important. Youtube's algorithm puts more weight to them. So use cue us to summarize your video. Some examples. Fee buying a new Apple watch. My review of the $300.1 gen Apple Watch, or actually the specifications and usability. This gives a quick summary of the video and that's key was like review, Apple Watch and specifications. Fat-free sentence also show up in the YouTube search next to the video. As equally as important for click-through, right? Don't be afraid to be likely with your descriptions, you all the 5 thousand cars is available. Egypt needs to know what your video is about and pick up as many key was so it can push it to the right people. Video description is a great place to display your transcript. The description field fits 5 thousand characters, including spaces. That's usually enough to fit in a transcript for a lengthy Lidia is likely your transcript is keyword optimized. The video description is a great place for search engines to index through video effect for YouTube, SEO. As always, don't overuse your key was, if my keyword is Apple watch, I would only use it maps three to five times in the description as either doing in rondo SEO. Thanks for listening. As always, if you have any questions, shoot me a message. 4. Starting Your Career On YouTube: Welcome back. In this lesson, we'll take a look at some things to consider when starting your channel. Once you have your brand infected, you can focus on these next three points to put yourself a good starting point. Consistency is vital to every social media platform. Schedule and be strict. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or reward persistency. Doing this will push you out towards the top of the search is therefore putting in front of more people. Make sure you do this with your socials to redirect into your YouTube. For example. Then the first few weeks of YouTube, I managed to get 20 or so, so subscribers, but manuscript a 100 or so followers on Facebook. Welcome back. In this lesson, we'll take a look at some things to consider when starting a channel. Once you have your brining protected, you can focus on these next three points to put yourself a good starting point. Consistency is vital to every social media platform. Schedule and be strict. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or, or consistency. Doing this will push up towards the top of the searches. Therefore button in front of more people. Make sure you do this with your social stew and redirect into your YouTube. For example, with him in the first few weeks of YouTube, I managed to get 20 or so subscribers, but managed to get a 100 of size followers on Facebook. Down to the musical content of my videos and the shareability of the content on Facebook. I can then redirect them back to YouTube to suscribe Engagement Advisor at every stage of your YouTube career, I see plenty of channels not utilizing engagement, especially when questions are asked. This links with persona, find your way of interacting and don't be afraid to be personal with your responses or ask questions about other people. Certain wise, this can vary depending on your channel. My channel doesn't have my face or voice in the video, so I only get my persona across in the comments. If you can find a way to make yourself likable, engaging, confident, and you'll give self big boosting Eng subs. The last thing is don't be afraid to put yourself out there, especially on camera, which makes it easy for your audience to connect with you. This of course, depends on the content you're going to be producing. You can visit the lesson on optimization for more depth. How the putting it simply, have a look at how you can optimize your descriptions in the blood. For example, if your video is focused on a person, make sure to include that person's name and the description. And there's many ways you can. It doesn't mean copying and pasting that. Instead of writing where I talk about how Hey, put where I talked about how in southern name. This will help a little. I'm pushing you up the ranks of the topic on that person. Another thing is subtitles. If they're easy to do and suitable for your content, they give an additional boost and SEO compared to videos without them. Make sure your thumbnails are solid also. So you can successfully compete with the other channels. Utilized both playlists and cards with playlist create Tophat series and videos that got together. This will allow views to find videos are similar and will keep them watching your content. Calls do a similar thing. They suggest videos Joe fewer, hopefully keep them on your channel. I suggest using a new video you may want to drive views to and something that relates to the video they just watched. Lastly, feel free to ask your viewers to Like subscribe. Make sure you don't overdo it and keep it natural. Graeme Stephens utilizes the phrase smash the like button, often makes a joke about that somewhere in his videos, which in turn becomes a thing a lot of years comment on. One thing you can do is add a branding watermark that pops up for a short time in the video. Clicking on this button was subscribed to the channel. Either use an image of your brand or find a scribe on image on Google News that instead, this may be more effective since it tells you is what the button does, rather than a logo popping up. You can find this in Egypt CDO seconds channel than branding. Aim for quality over quantity. You should figure out how long it takes to create the best product. You can. Then find a schedule which works with that. Better production value of your content and more likely views or stay around. As you learned, get quicker at making videos. You can turn change up your scheduled to include more videos each week. It's important thing caught you actually can bring to the table when it comes to your channel. What values you have to that person that was watching a video. Maybe you're knowledgeable and can teach a certain topic well, or you bring humus your gaming channel, try and find something you can do to add values your videos. This will make viewers want to watch it more. Or if your videos. Monitoring your analytics closely is something we all do. Scraped CPUs go up. And if a video is doing well, it may be a good idea to create similar content to that. Also, I make sure it's push it to the top of the playlist, it's n. This may push more fewest to other videos in that specific playlist. You'll transits a website where you can search for what's trending in different categories such sci-fi games, people in society, and can be broken down into different countries. Make sure you check the trending searches tab on the left, and hope you find something in your niche. Another thing you can do is to find videos that others are doing. Maybe its trends such as what I spend in a week, which still popular this year. Something like this is okay, it's due from time to time. Just remember to put your personal spin on it. Collaboration, chemical important your channel. The more people you work with, the more ideas you have access to. Find people around your subscriber count and have fun with making videos. Thanks for listening. As always, if you have any questions, shoot me a message. 5. How does youtube work?: Hey, welcome to the lesson on how does YouTube work? All my lessons, I went always talked through everything on screen, so it's sometimes easier to pause and have a quick read through anger. Back to listening for any extra detail I might add. Jumping right? N have as YouTube require you to have a minimum of 4 thousand more, charles, its works out to be a 240 thousand minutes of watch time, which is a decent amount of views. However, with a good brown and schedule, it should come quicker than you think. Setting up an absolutely sucked down is simple and you also must have your accountant standing. Some people don't realize that YouTube doesn't have to allow your channel teach lies, adverts. This means you have to keep your channeling good standings, give yourself the best chance. Frost music creators, that means getting permissions for the tracks we upload. For other grant is it might be creating more friendly content tours. Start with channel to allow you to get at what's approved. If you are using music, make sure you've got explicit permission to use in your videos. Is because any copyright strikes and the channel reduced the likelihood of YouTube allowing your channel top hats on. Having permission makes easier. So are any claims from both YouTube and your energies and the accounts claim button. Also know it can take up to 30 days and warfare fruits. So keep that in mind when you first apply. Last thing I suggest is doing quickly research issues, channel add policies as it goes over not only YouTube's do's and don'ts, but also add sensors on rules. From what I can see. As long as your original it's likely you'll get approved. Cpm is the mountain advertiser pays for a 1000 visitors to the advert on your channel. And the next slide, you'll see that this varies a lot. And depending on your channel focus can affect how much you can make. The rpm is the amount of revenue gap for a 1000 views. This figure was $0.32 on my channel for that month. Nothing accounts overviews regardless of whether the view has an edge that will not. In this screenshot you can see the CPM jumps about unknown Yad. Asked because advertisers will pay more for non-scalable rather than skip one. There are also higher CPMs on financial channels rather than reaction channel. For example. Simply because businesses prime on YouTube, we'll have more of a budget to push through that adds the more likely its target channel similar to that audience. In the grand scheme of things, it's more important to focus on the content you push out. As the CPM control. Your choice of ads may vary depending on your channel. Myself was having skiffle, non-scalable and overlay adds sponsored Kazaa and aware, lethal and display ads are owned by default, uncounted, changed. It's up to you to figure out what works best for your channel. Non-skilled, who adds may seem like a nuisance, but bringing that money wrap up, getting approved is up to you to use. Discretion is no easy task. The best thing you can do is to be original and grind away, gave a good schedule and avoid, oh, copyright strikes. Lastly, future, don't approve your channel. You can reapply off for a month. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message.