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YouTube Ads For Ecommerce Sales & Conversions

teacher avatar Adrian Brambila, Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Intro To YouTube Ads For Ecom

    • 2. How to do Research

    • 3. How to Create YouTube Ads

    • 4. Post Campaign Launch: Master The Math

    • 5. YouTube Ads Outro

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About This Class

Learn how to create YouTube ads for ecommerce sales & conversions. YouTube is an untapped platform in terms of advertising PPC and is amazing for driving sales and qualified traffic to your store or products. In this masterclass learn how to set up a YouTube ad campaigns and specific strategies to create successful ads that have helped me make sell over 6 figures online from YouTube Ads.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adrian Brambila

Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur


- Made $1M in a Year From Internet Side Hustles

- Ex-Pro dancer (T-Pain, AGT, Step Up 3) 🕺

- Over 100K subscribers and 15 million views on my YouTube channel.

Catch my interview on the the official Shopify Masters Podcast for scaling a store from $0 to $18k selling pink beanies.

Hey SkillShare :) 

My favorite thing in life is teaching someone something I know, watching them grow, and then applying it in their life. 

I first became a teacher about 8 years ago when I uploaded my very first dance tutorial. I didn't know it at the time but 300 tutorials later I would have taught over 15 million people how to dance. 

I used to be a professional hip hop dancer for T-Pain but something incredible happened t... See full profile

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1. Intro To YouTube Ads For Ecom: one of the biggest advantages of using a search engine, which is remarkable is that people actually type in what they want to buy. They'll actually type in if they want to buy something cheap and they want to buy something expensive, like literally, people type in. I want to buy an expensive sofa, and what's amazing is that you can create an ad that pops up on Lee when someone is searching for your exact product and the game of trying to convince them that they need to buy it is not even there. They already want to buy your capturing by a traffic. The game is just making sure that you're the place that they buy in front. Now I know you've probably seen and you've heard of Google ads before and YouTube ads and you probably also maybe heard of comments like, Oh, it's too expensive CPC there, too. High area. I'm here to let you know all that is fake news. I'm a living example of a person who's has figured out search engines and YouTube ads and made them work. So before you judge any type of traffic, not just Google Facebook guides, Instagram and Snapchat ads or whatever new platform adds. Always try yourself. So I'm encouraging you. What I'm gonna teach you is basically a way that you contest your very first Google ad campaign with just $25. That's it. If you have $25 to spend, then this is a complete, valid testing method which I'm about to show. But first, let me prove to you that this stuff actually works. I know. Come food. Show me. Theo. Adrian, the Eagles just won and are hanging the Super Bowl, and a massive consumer trend is happening. Oh, my goodness. I launched an ad literally five minutes ago. Check this out. 50 three people on my site right now, and I'm gonna hit Refresh, because just within the last five minutes, eight orders. Right now, my campaign is set on broad match for, uh, keywords that you could probably guess. Like the underdog mask eagles dug mass, German shepherd mask. I'm pumped to see where this is going to go. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight. I got to check this out today. Sales. They're literally every few minutes. It's been going crazy since launch yesterday at like eight ish PM I get My thumb is hurting . This is in say, Well, there's some proof this does work. In fact, both those campaigns are about 60% profit margin, which is insane. But the power of that all stems from how to do really, really good research. And I'm about to teach you exactly how I do research. Same way you can. 2. How to do Research : after Ukraine add account It looks something like this. And what I wanna review right now are two free tools on how to do research. What's crazy about this process here is that it's absolutely free as no cost at all to do research. In fact, the more time spend doing research that better, more successful. Ah, your campaigns are going to be. So, um, let's say I was going to try to sell something to James. What would James by? Probably an Irish potato? Um, so you do keyword research on Irish potatoes If I was going to create an ad that James would most likely purchase. And when you tie something in Google, Google's already going to give you lots of ideas. It is an incredibly smart algorithm based on behaviors, and right when you type in a word, you ever notice that Google auto fills What, um, your phrases are? This is actually giving you a big hint about what people are searching for relatives to your keyword. So the actual process doing research starts right here and Google by just typing in your idea. The idea. You may see an ad on Facebook and one do research. You may next time. Uh, you're hanging out with friends, you know they have. Ah, we're watch myriad of different material. You may. That may be your idea. So the ideas that generate from anywhere and then your research process basically stretcher typing in Google, Another place you go to to find really quick ideas on what other areas. Air searching is at the bottom. Word says searches related toe Irish potatoes is These are all different types of search phrases that go with, um, are Spectators. Now let's let's pick something a little more concerned behavior. Let's put Irish soccer jersey And now there we go. We're getting some ads, rings and Google shopping ads and some text ads, and Amazon is also in a text ad. So now I'm saying a bunch of different types of phrases because sometimes when you think of your original idea that actually might not be the right one. It's actually maybe one of these suggestions this right here now that you're looking at it with a different lens of not just a user of Google but a marketer of Google. It's a game changer right here. It's doing basically all the research for you. You've got to put the initial input, the other tool that I'll mention right here, which is usually my go to just at very beginning. And, you know, I just I just tested two different phrases to see what what ideas could be popped up here and that, You know, it's been, what, five minutes? So now I'm gonna use Google trends, and this is really good for finding those trending products or to see if something is in demand or if it's increasing demand or declining. There's two different types of products. Basically, when it comes Teoh search engines, there are trending products and these air products where you might have a line on Google trends. It's gonna be skyrocketing up. And then you have ever dreamed products where maybe they're not ever gonna trend. However, every single month, every single day people are buying them who? I'm so sorry, James. Looks like Irish jerseys are on the decline. So this is good to know. But if you never use this tool to affords free, I spend a lot of time in here when this tool has made me a lot of money. Um, let me think of what's what's a what's a good idea. Actually, I'm curious about crypto to see if that's still on the rise of is on the decline. So, like here, this was that riser. Everyone was talking about crypto currency and all that stuff. It's definitely flatlining and probably stay that for a while until the market goes up. But plug and ideas here, it's a really good way to see what is being searched now to clarify the numbers. Um, I'm gonna go back to Paris Jersey here, so notice that there's members of like 27 15 11. This doesn't mean and has no correlation to the specific volume of how something search. It is a number of relativity. So right here, March 11th Irish jerseys would search basically 100 times more than it's used Teoh. And obviously that was a problem because of the World Cup. But so it doesn't mean that it was searched 28 times. It's a number of relativity. Now you want to get an idea. This is crazy that you can do this to get exactly how often something is searched. That's where keyword planner comes in So again, when you go and you log into AdWords. You'll click on tools keyword planner and then right here, you I would start, user, I spend more time on this side. Ah, fine. Keyword. They'll put in Irish jersey and I'm gonna actually gonna get, um, not only just data on my exact phrase, but also other phrases. And this data is basically exact IRS Jersey that alone in the United States, I have some filters here is searched 320 times per month. Um, I can scroll down here and see what else is being searched. Irish rugby shirts, its search more than that, 408 times per month. And so each one of these is a different phrase that's being searched each month and has this number here, which represents how often it searched. Here's the crazy thing about Google. You may look at 320 searches, and yet that's not a lot. How you ever gonna get rich off that? Here's the thing. When you are marketing on a search query, a search of buyer it doesn't matter if there is a 1,000,000 If there's 320 because the person behind this search already wants to buy. Think of it this way. 320 searches. Let's say conservatively, you created the campaign marketing on Irish jerseys and 1/3 only 1/3 of this traffic. Of these 320 people ended up purchasing from you. That's 96 customers, 96 orders. So let's say you were selling a jersey for $30. That's $2880 in sales. And let's say your profit was, um, you know, 40%. Um, so 280 times 40%. So you would profit basically 1000 over $1000 just off 320 searches. That's the power Knowing the math, knowing the numbers. That is what is amazing about Google. Because it's not about quantity. It's about quality. Very, very different from, um, Facebook, as were crying in the audience and has hundreds of thousands of people that so different. This is more about that sniper focused approach. So what I just showed you here in Google trends, uh, using actually Google and coming up with these ideas and then putting them in p word planner is literally the exact process that I do. And I hope you you're watching this you like? That's it. Yes, it's really that easy. Most wire people doing this, it's because it's foreign. It just like when Facebook ads just came out. Not everyone hopped on board and Google ads. A lot of people think it's very complicated and hard. Yes, I feel like I am a nerdy guy. But what I just showed you was very logical approach. People are searching for specific product. We can actually figure out how often that searched, and then we created add base up it and basically test. Here's one less, uh, piece and that will tie into your research is like, OK, great 320 searches a month. But how much would it cost me to put an ad up? Right? How do I know when I create my ad, if I should keep it? Oh, are if I should let it test? I don't know if it's good, and in the next video, we're gonna talk about actually walking through a campaign. But right here it's actually giving me the range of what it would cost to get a click. So at the low range would be 28 cents at the high range of $1.58. Now, from my personal experience, I'm when I'm marketing. I always am able to get caught. Caught my cost per click much, much lower than actually what the bottom number is. When you're starting out, you probably be in the middle between these numbers. It is very rare to have someone actually be at this at at the high range. And if that's the case, I mean you're doing something really, really wrong. And in Google really, really wrong or bad would be like if your marketing Hebei and Irish soccer jersey and really it's an ad and pays its about Irish potatoes. Google knows those two things are completely different, and Google still gonna take your money. But they're going to make you pay a premium because you're totally marketing the wrong thing at the wrong behavior, right? This isn't basically about it's like a puzzle of matching the right pieces, connecting the right searches to the right product. Google's job is Cem is to be the best places, get answers and answer the best questions in the best way. So if someone says soccer jersey and there's the ad for Potato, Google's gonna make you charge a lot so much that hopefully encourages you. Not to do that are to figure it out and fix it. So if you're doing a good job, uh, teeming over the good ones saying, Hey, Google, they're looking for an IRS jersey. He's one of these 320 people and you taking a page as selling literally an Irish jersey. It's not rocket science there that is gonna usually have Google, uh, making paint very cheaply for your clicks. So one other thing I'll say, because people say it's too expensive, is let's say it did cost you exactly 28 cents to get a click, right? So if I do toe usually how I tested product is with 100 klicks. And if I do 28 cents times 100 that would mean I got 100 clicks, so that costs me $28. That's it. $28 to test this product. And if I sold one one product and I'm selling it for $30 that means I would I would have total sales of of 30 bucks, right plus my overhead, which is $28 then and then the product. So if I sold ones, probably not gonna work out just between simple math but Faisal two or three or five and usually conversion rates on Google ads, usually about like that 5% when people start out. If their specific these numbers, you can work. But this is just the beginning, and this is just a taste. And right now you have all the tools you need to start doing research on your ideas for search based campaigns. 3. How to Create YouTube Ads: so now you understand the importance and value of research. Really, the game of search engines is in the master researcher now. I would say the more time spend researching, the better your chances of finding something great Instead of just thinking about Facebook . You can think about Google and other platforms because people are looking to buy things everywhere they go. And if your marketing on a search engine like Google, you can capture them right in that moment where they just want to buy. The raid took out their wallet, and that's your ad they're going to click on. So now I'm gonna walk you through Google ads actually setting up a campaign and add. So I know sometimes if people are transition to try and go for the first time, there may be, ah, couple learning curve without further do. Let's walk through setting up your first Google ad campaign. I hope your pump, because we're about to make our very first YouTube ad there's some super cool things from YouTube as a youtuber. I've been running ads on YouTube for a long time. On is definitely I think I seen in the e commerce game that people are just leaving money on the table by not being here. So I clicked on new campaign. I clicked on video. Typically, you're gonna wanna click this 1st 1 here means product and Brian consideration. Um, and we're going to click on the 1st 1 The second option here is the sink your Google shopping ads to you. To which you can also do that one's really easy. This right here, the 1st 1 those the game and where it's at. So in this example, I'm not running this currently. But this was a campaign that was running when the dad bag was popular. So I'm gonna set a dad bag. Aziz, my campaign aimed $20 will be my daily budget. And here's what's freakin awesome about you two bads and kind of sly is you can actually use any video on YouTube. Has your ad meaning on? I hope you don't do this or if you dio do it under the table. But you could just find a video you like, and then use it as your own ad. Is that crazy? So, uh, your networks right here, basically, if you cook this first option, it's gonna be appear in search results, and the second option is on YouTube Videos on, but I like to do is I like to separate them out. So, um, I would create an entirely new campaign for the YouTube search results. I don't like look something them just because when you're looking at the dashboard, you get a very clear indication as which campaigns performing good is it videos? Where to search results? So that's one thing I forgot Dad bag, and I'll just label this videos to know that this is a video type of campaign for the bid strategy. Your bidding is actually based on views, even though your goals for sales or leads and I like to just put at the beginning five cents. It's the highest. Your willing to paper basically an impression. Or I guess it would out considered a stronger than impression because people at the sit and watch it. But the placement and the targeting is where I think you two becomes very, very awesome. So, um, keywords is basically the same exact game as search as the search campaigns, which is courses heavily based in so you can basically put the same exact replica of keywords that you're targeting on the search network. You just copy and paste them and put them here s. So I don't think I'll need to review how to do this because it's literally exact same things that this is Onley focused on searches within the YouTube platform. I think it is definitely viable. I completely recommend to do it, especially if you're already marketing on the search engine. It's literally just copy and paste. And now that's one way you're scaling on the platform of YouTube. So topic is, um, I think more of a gamble, especially at the beginning. This is more of like picking interest very comparable to Facebook audiences. So when people are categories by what they tend to watch on YouTube, it's basically placed in here. I think the dad bag it's in particular this product. It's probably not the best option. Unless I went into, like, gifts here. Uh, maybe that would be one option. I'd test, but honestly, I'm all about Testing should always test with each product, but I think my if I'm looking and being his complete transparent, do I use topics in my targeting? I usually don't. I usually don't unless it's very within a niche. Like if it's a political niche, I think I would definitely test it here if it's in basically anyone, these top level categories. There's a slight chance, but I'm always a fan, especially with the leveraging consumer behavior to rely on key auras, user intent versus relying on Google's topics. You know, it's it's basically a difference between. Are you gonna put money on yourself that you're going to do it right? Or do you wanna bet on Google that they'll pick the right people for you? I like to make sure everything is in my hands and my control. Um, and the placement is probably the coolest aspect of YouTube. Imagine eyes, your washing TV stations and you could place an ad on the cheap. Unjust. The TV stations are relative to what you were selling or what you wanted to direct people, Teoh. And that's where this comes in. It is my number one go to after I'm done with this quick walker, I'm gonna show you print on demand strategy with placements. But it is so awesome. You can just you can place videos on YouTube channels. You could even place videos on ads on just videos themselves and curate a list. Very, very cool. Very, very effective. Um, so for this case, I'm gonna basically do all my targeting on searches. Just for now. Again, this is just a rough example. Again, I'm not doing this live. This is not a campaign that's currently running, but I did run some campaigns. Almost a dad bag review, Dad bag gifts. Basically, what I'm doing is when someone is searching for this type of keyword phrase in YouTube, my ad's gonna pop up on whatever video that is shows up first. So it's basically one way to capitalize on this person's already interested in learning more about my product. My as well plot my product right in front of them so they can buy bye for me versus someone else. Again. It's the same game as search based campaigns. Okay, here's a cheeky part. You can find any YouTube video if you want to run as an ad and all you gotta do right here , copy and face. And you just get plugged, that bad boy in. And now this is literally insane. I don't know why you two lets you do this? It's that easy. Ah, lease on Facebook. If you're copping someone's video, you gotta go to the effort of like, downloading it and then re uploading it into your channel, Not on YouTube. You literally can copy and you are out and plug it in as your ad crazy. The in stream at is, I think, one of the most obtrusive types of ads. But they do work if you have a very curated, um, type of targeting, for example, based on what I'm saying is, it's not gonna work well if you use topics. But if you're using really ideal placements and great keyword, targeting the video ad for the in stream is is fine, because it's a difference between when you're watching a video. And let's say you're watching a video on how to play or kick a soccer ball. But then an ad front insurance pops up. It's like what? That's not what I'm interested right now. I'm I came to YouTube toe, learn how to kick a soccer ball, right? Uh, what you're doing with this, even though it's in stream and it's gonna object the video that they want toe watch, basically What you're doing is you're saying my video is gonna pop up in front of you and I'm sure I apologize for that, but it's gonna pop up, and it's exactly what you're looking for in the first place. So it is not as invasive. It's kind of like, Oh, that makes sense. I'm looking for dad bags. I'm looking for use on Dad buys or what the dad bag is. Hey, there's a dad bag at Perfect makes sense on that's just being smart with your marketing. So then once you have, uh, that's set up on your in stream at you just have to put your final your l of your landing page on your display. Your else just gonna be the main domain oversight so that be kicked. Push skate dot com for me, and then this would be my landing page for my dad bag. The video discovery add, although very cool, does not work at all for e commerce. Here's why you don't get to options of where to send traffic if someone clicks on that image of that, uh, headline. If you get two options, you got either send someone to a YouTube channel or you gonna send someone to that video watch page and sure, maybe the video watch page is a good commercial and all that good stuff, but I'm a much bigger fan if you're gonna pay for Click. That click is off of YouTube, where there's less distractions onto your landing page. So I would say, unless you're trying to be youtuber, that's gonna be a good at platform. If you're not trying to be YouTube and just sticking e commerce and selling stuff, you'll probably never create a profitable video Discovery ad. Always stick with the end stream ad. Another cool thing. As a companion banners. You can actually upload your own image. You don't just have to stick to the one that YouTube creates, and I'd highly encourage you to upload an image. There's no text rules or anything like Facebook's. You can put all text by here, cook now type of stuff, but after you've done that, you put the your l's and the ad name ready for the next step and one lot. We have our ads set up just on those keywords, and just like we do with search terms, you wanna have a solid negative cured game. Here's a difference. People are searching on YouTube to consume content, toe, learn to educate or to just kill time. And when you put negative keywords in, it's gonna just filter those search phrases down to a relative search query of content. So very important. Don't just launch a campaign without negative keywords. Always, always, always have negative keepers, no matter what you are trying to target this right here is the sickest, dopest print on demand strategy you can do on YouTube. And it works insanely. And I think I came up with a really cool way that I could teach it. Teach it on a trend that even if this video doesn't get updated for a year from now, I think it's still going to be a massive consumer trends. So you get two birds with one stone one you're gonna learn this concept to you're gonna be able to apply it to this specific category, even though it can be applied to basically any category with the right strategy. So this strategy is gonna involve placements on YouTube, so let's go back very quickly. Just walked through this on creating a YouTube. Our click on video product and brand consideration, and you could continue on standard consideration. All right, this is gonna give it away. Correcto. Yes, Cryptocurrency. Huge consumer trend canvas. Start this budget, usually with YouTube, like two straight $10 doesn't seem like a lot. But with you, TV get a lot of bang for your buck. Uh, maximum CPV cost purview. I'm gonna type Bitcoin again right here. Um, and then again, I always like to start out at five cents per view. Okay, let's get down to it. The strategy of placement on YouTube with print on demand is insane because you can literally pick individual videos or a curated collection of videos and channels to market on. If that didn't make you go like what? Lap me? Break it down. Check this out. If I was to sell Bitcoin shirts, um, what do you think would be the best places on the Internet to market my ad? Wouldn't you think all the top first page of Bitcoin videos to be good? Because if this is a search in that search, literally millions of times per day and people are watching this, you know, for a fact that people are obsessed with Bitcoin, and it's only going to keep getting worse. So what you can actually do has take the U. RL's of each of these videos, and then you can place intentionally on your Adam or to say, any time someone watches this video right here on what is Bitcoin. I want my video ad to appear. If you're still not like, mind blown, here's exactly what you could do. This is all about consumer behavior. When someone is watching this video, you know a few things about them. First of all, they're super curious about Bitcoin. Second of all, they probably are just learning about it, and they have a lot to go and each one of these videos. Basically, you can you can dive in and figure out the user intent behind each one. Now this video, particular living, breathing and betting on Bitcoin. I would imagine that someone is watching this because they've already have an understanding of Bitcoin. Maybe they seen people make money off of it, and maybe they're probably in the game with this video. Particular, it would make sense to market something like a bit coin jacket or shirt, and this is a random video. This is not my video, but basically this is like a video ad. This one is a funny one. I bought my car with Bitcoin, and I honestly think this is a huge game, uh, that everyone can win in right now of marketing Bitcoin shirts or crypto shirts, ripple shirts and you can be as specific as possible. Let's say you want a market a shirt called uh based on Ethereum, which is a type of Cryptocurrency. You confined Ethereum based videos and market Onley on those videos. And so when that pops up, you have this funny, witty cool shirt that pops up right before the video and guess what? Most people people going to click on it and they might buy off of it. In fact, they usually dio, and this could be applied to any category sports, politics, different trends for Christmas. It's such a cool dynamic were targeting people in a behavior not in a demographic. They have a behavior of searching for this category or niche, and what we're doing is we're placing a very, very relative ad right in front of them. Hopefully with the good enough offer to get the click and then get the sale. So how do you place these videos? Let's first start with that first example of picking that video. I'm going to click on YouTube videos right here and right here. What I can do is I can hit a plus sign. And Aiken literally just take this u R l copy. This year L right here and I can just paste it and boom, I've just added that exact video is make sure the titles matching and right there and there . I've just put my very first placement on a YouTube video and what I would do eyes. I would search through that niche, whether you're doing the crypto thing or something else and find not just every single video you want to find, particularly videos, which you're trying to put yourself in the person shoes of why they're watching this. What's driving them to spend, you know, five minutes 10 minutes or longer to consume this content, and based on that, you can figure out if that viewer is most likely also a buyer. So let's make just one more here. Ah Tai Lopez. This is perfect. If someone is watching how to make money with Bitcoin. They're in it. They're super in it. So I click on plus right there and add that to And and now I've added my second video for placement again. You could spend hours searching for different videos that you're gonna intentionally place your ad on. It's amazing. It works so well. I'm so excited for you to test it. Now there's something else you can do which makes YouTube incredibly awesome. Gonna hit the back button here, and you can also target YouTube channels in general. So one thing about that you could do is so this is a search based on Bitcoin. Everything's gonna pop up here and you can do a quick filter. And from the filter, you can just click channels. What's gonna happen is the most popular channels based on that search term, we're gonna pop up and again. I just clicked on this YouTube channel and let's say I'm confident and I know this you to child very well. I don't, but let's say I did, and I know that any person who subscribe and watches their videos is someone who's also qualifies as someone that I think would also be interested in my product. So I'm gonna literally place that you are l right there of the channel and added and boom. Now this is crazy. Any time this person has a video that's viewed on their channel, my ad's gonna pop up in front of it. It is remarkable. Here is another cheeky, super awesome strategy that I have leverage to make tons of money as well. And this is a influencer strategy. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the YouTuber, the dominant show, but each influencer has their own different trades, their own saying zone, things that they do or brands that they like or styles that they wear. And basically, if you're paying really close attention to those aspects, you can capitalize on it. So, for example, I know that this youtuber usually ends his videos with ah saying he goes, You mean like this? And that is something I would create in a shirt and basically on any one of his videos that pop up because with any type of youtuber, they have a super loyal type of audience that air constantly watching their videos, each one of his videos. You can see those millions of views. So if you're really integrated with them that influencer, I can just crane ad with that shirt with that print on demand shirt. With that, with his sayings, multiple sayings and then I can create on just a copy his your L for his YouTube channel. Just let me get back to right here. And then any time someone watched his video, I would basically have my shirt pop up with his saying, This is a remarkable strategy that works incredibly. It's all about just paying close attention to the YouTuber to the influencer. Don't now have given you a niche strategy on what to do and also an influencer strategy. Here's the catch about being a youtuber. I am a YouTuber. I want to make money off the videos that I post on YouTube. The only problem is there's people like us marketers who want to market on those videos because each youtuber draws their own type of audience. And if you're being very specific, as well as to where you place your ads, you could make a killing way more than a YouTube can make. So now you know how to create a campaign on Google ads. And if you watch the video before this, you know how to do research Now, just like any campaign, especially trying something new, it's always scary, right toe launch something new. And so one thing I think is really cool with search engine is you can actually guesstimating what your cost is gonna be to do a test in the land of Google. I like to think of ah, 100 clicks. So if you get 100 collection to have at least one person, two people, or even five people or more by if not, you gotta kill the idea. So there is some testing there, some risk. But with Google, you can actually look up through keyword planner, which we walked through on how to actually find, you know, like how often expensive white look leather sofa is and actually estimate how much the cost per click for that is. Now, let's say, for example, um, the costs of click for the word skateboard is 50 cents and you want to test running an ad on that? Well, what's cool? So it's very simple math. You gonna put 50 cents in my calculator and then when it times it by 100. And so that's 50 bucks. Basically, I am going to spend $50 in order to get 100 qualified people and hopefully within those 100 klicks, Aiken validate the product and all you want trying to do. Just get a sale break. Even if you have to lose a little money, that's fine. But all my tests and then the campaigns I showed you with the with the $18,000.30 days the pink teeny um, or the Dog Mass. $10,000.4 days they all started with a 100 click tests. Usually my testing budget was $50 or less, so it's quite remarkable when you do that research. So I just wanted Teoh end this video with the thought of you literally have all the tools you need to be successful, you know, to do research, you know how to create a campaign, and you can even estimate your ad budget of how much is gonna take to actually test the research and idea that you have. You have everything you need to get started 4. Post Campaign Launch: Master The Math: just for this course. I wanted to find a quick trend so I can demonstrate and be fully transparent of how you capitalize on it. So for this particular trend, my sales I know this is on Shopify. This says for the month we can clearly tell this is just the last three days on DSO I'm at 5000 turned $55 in sales. Um and I have spent $1392.67 and we're all about sharing being transparent here so you can see right there my total spend the cost of good of my product is $11 I'm selling it for 40 . But I also have a lot of incentive to buy in bulk, which I'll show here people are. So I've definitely had some sales. So again, there's a couple of $100 sales, even some $200 sales. Where those Yes, sir, Right here some $200 sales. And again, this is really a concept that goes back to C. R. O. Conversion rate optimization, making sure that when you are paying for traffic, people are taking the action that they want and you are maximizing the average order value . So things like incentives like, you know, if you buy one, it's at this price you buy two. It's a little cheaper. 345 That's a very simple type of way. They increase average order value. The up sell trying to figure out is someone by his socks. Do you offer pants something by shoes? Do you offer socks? That's what I mean. So other things like that up cells are other ways. You can try to maximise traffic because we are paying for this traffic on. If you are getting that traffic, your Web site and they don't take the action that you want, then that means you are losing money. Now let's dive into what everybody wants to know. Is it profitable? So let's take a look. I've had $5255 sales. I've spent $1392 in ads. This is an export of my order. Since I launched so line item quality, I just did a sum total, and so I have sold 157 units. My costs of goods is exactly $10.99 times 1 57 So my cost of goods sold is $1725. And let's do the math. Okay, so my total profit in three days is $2107 so it is profitable by a long shot. So now that we know it's profitable, let's talk about other numbers are really important to understand when you are paying for traffic C p A. Which stands for cost per action or some people say cost per acquisition is basically defined by how much money you spend or need to spend in order to get someone to take the action or, in our case, by from you. So to get that number, you take the total cost of the ad spin and you divide it by how many orders or if you're not selling something. Sign ups are F peas or form submissions that get, and that's how you come up with the CPS. So far, you can tell that I've had 93 orders, and so basically I'm gonna divide that, but my ad spend here so 1003 year 92 divided by 93. And so my cost per acquisition comes out to $14 in 96 cents. So basically this number is one of the most, if not the most important number of any campaign. And it's how much money I need to spend in that market in that niche with that targeting to get someone to purchase. I'm not sure what system you are using out there, but I'm a big Shopify advocate. What awesome thing. You can just go into the reporting analytics dashboard and right away you get to see what your average order value is. So I'm at $57.75. This is a super sexy member. No, because it is the epitome of a cash flow money machine for every dollar that you spend. How much do you get in return To calculate your return on ad spend, you take your total sales divided by the cost of the ad. So when I add all that up, um, I have a $1 spend and $83 and 78 return. So basically another way to read this would be for every dollar that I spent on this campaign. I have received or made $3.78. I would consider this just three days in a huge success. And when you're looking at these numbers, how do you determine you know what's a good benchmark or what you have? And this is more of a philosophy of business on at least my perspective to shed some light because there's, I think people out there that think if you're running a campaign and if you spend $30 you bring in the customer and you just make those $30 back, then that's bad or if they spend $30 you actually lose a dollar, that's bad, too. But we're really what it comes down to is thinking long term and think about the lifetime customer lifetime value of that person that comes into your business, and it has to do with this. Are you in the business to make a quick buck? Or are you in the business to continually find ways to provide value to our customer that comes in to your business? So if you're bringing in a customer and it actually is break even, that is considered a huge success in my book. If you're able to profit like this, then great. But in my mind I have basically a profit of $2000. That means I could be more aggressive in my strategies to bring new customers because this is the game. It's long term. It's not about making one quick dollar. It's about building a brand building something that a business where people continually come back and keep buying from you because you build trust, you have great customer service and you have other products that people want to buy from you because you continually offer great deals. So I really want you to think about that when you're running your campaigns that it's not really necessarily about making a profit off the first sale. If you could do that, that's great. But really, what it comes down to is bringing customers into your business because it all these new influx of customers that I have, if they only buy from me one time, that's a fail on my part. As a business. Persons marketing on search engines is just one way that you could acquire customers and the game right now on front and traffic, which is entire courses built upon. It's about maximizing customer acquisitions. It is the game of getting as many customers as you can for the lowest dollar amount. And so what? I bring in a customer and I'm at break Even it is it two thumbs up, huge success. Profiting is also great, but I'm not really concerned about that. On the very first sale, I want that I want my profit to hit on the second sound third, stale and so on and so on because I'm gonna build a brand on every one of my entities. I'm not in it for the short game to make quick dollar. I'm in it for the longer end. And if you have that mentality, you would do amazing things when it comes to your online business. 5. YouTube Ads Outro: well, I hope you enjoyed learning about search engines and the power of user intent and behavior . It's crazy that we actually go to a place online and type and exactly what we want to buy, and we have the opportunity market and add on that that is literally insane and worth testing. You want to do online. It's possible the craziest technology. It's never been easier to be successful in line. But if you do not take action on everything you've learned, you will never reach that point of success of getting to you where you are now to where you want to go, no matter what you convey by a 10 new courses. But if you don't take the action, you'll still be where you are right now. But I know that's not gonna happen. All right, best of luck and keep hustling. This is Adrian out