You Can Monet! Wheat Stacks, End of Summer Free Mini class | Leisa Shannon Corbett | Skillshare

You Can Monet! Wheat Stacks, End of Summer Free Mini class

Leisa Shannon Corbett, Fine art painting

You Can Monet! Wheat Stacks, End of Summer Free Mini class

Leisa Shannon Corbett, Fine art painting

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2 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Monet Wheat Stacks End of Summer Introduction

    • 2. Monet Wheat Stacks Finishing Touches

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About This Class

This is a free, mini- class that shows the finishing touches to a painting I did for another Skillshare class. 

If you are a beginner/intermediate painter and would like to see the whole class from the beginning. click on the class link for a big discount on the Premium class.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to message me in the box below the video. Enjoy!

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Leisa Shannon Corbett

Fine art painting


Leisa Corbett is an artist and designer. She has been drawing since she was 10 and painting since she was 13 years old. She was never was happy in any profession other than the visual artist, even though she has digressed from her path now and then when she joined the Army and served 8 years in the U.S. Army as a German linguist and Intelligence analyst. She studied Art History in Berlin, Germany and earned a Bachelor of Arts in art history. In her thirst for more knowledge, she earned an MFA degree in Visual Art. After graduation, she worked as an adjunct art professor for 7 years, until she decided to devote herself to her art business full time. She loves music and is a closet singer. View her art at

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1. Monet Wheat Stacks End of Summer Introduction: - Hi . Lisa Shannon Corbett, visual artist, digital designer and videographer. When her My First Love's as a child artist, was painting, I'm teaching a series of painting classes on sculpture dot com. Call it you can Monet, and you can then go. These courses are for beginning and amateur painters. So you wonder why I think that as a beginner that you could copy the work of a master like Monet. Well, the answer is the recent. I think this is because the difficult decisions already made for you then go on. Monet, have decided, uh, what colors to use, where to use them, how to apply them. How much pain to put on what the subject matter is. What the size of the painting is I have to do is to found this process with me as I teach you how to use the paint, how to use the brushes and how to apply the paint on the canvas. So I will tell you things I've learned over the years, such as with layers each layer on the painting. It's good to let it each layer dry at least 24 hours before applying another layer. Now, that's something that beginning pain years old don't always get. They think that the painters have done it all in one go. And usually that's not the case, even though it may look like it, it's not so Okay, so the next thing is to give you an idea of how these classes work, I have created this re bonus class. It's a foul one to a skill fare class. I did call you can own a summer wheat stacks in the summer, and I'm going to show you in this class the finishing touches of the painting. So if you would like to see how I did the painting from the beginning from the white canvas , please watch, um, you can moan a weed stacks end of summer. So please message me with any questions you have. If you're on YouTube, please. Like this video if you do. If you're on skill share, please give me a review. Let me know how doing what you'd like to see how you'd like to be taught. So enjoy this class and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Bye. 2. Monet Wheat Stacks Finishing Touches: Hi. This is a bonus class for eight stats to Monet. You can moan a end of summer, and I'm going to turn around the camera here so you can see. Yeah, I think that's pretty good. See part of my pellet and see the Yeah. See the whole hanging. Now I thought about this, and it does say in the summer, when you look at this, you see this beautiful red orange yellow light from the setting sun of late summer. And I do not feel that I have that sufficiently. Here we go in the painting. So what I did is I've taken a new piece of palate paper. Put some lizard in red, gold, yellow Oakar, cadmium, yellow light and a couple of dabs of titanium white Here, too. I want to get a sort of an orange yellow glow here. You don't have to to too much definitive. Okay, I've got my water here and paper towels. Okay. Gonna dab the in my number eight flat. Uh, grown blocker. Brush bristles. All right, So can going Teoh get a couple of different tones here. Oh, I do love this. Okay. And that salmon color you give from mixing the listener and red with cat yellow light. Okay, I'm going to put just a few finishing touches here. Maybe a little more cab yellow light here because I want to define the haystacks little without drawing lines around them. Because that if you draw a line run an object that makes it flattens it out. You've been in a painting, OK? And put some in here too. Let's see. Okay, I'm just gonna suggest light falling on this by these very light. Okay. A few other ones here. Too much. It's too great. One of the little bit. Okay. I'll put the lizard crimson with the yellow Oakar to get slightly darker. Lights went some over here, too. Little pinkish glow from the setting sun of late summer. And it's late summer Now we all know it's going to be winter, so we soon So we treasure this late summer, son all the more. Okay, The Eliza Rin Crimson, combined with the cad yellow light makes almost this sort of pinky salmon color. And I'm going to It's also the shadows side. Okay, Like comes this way and bounces and reflects back into the shadow. So your shadows are never going to be totally dark unless there's no light, in which case you can't see anyway, So that wouldn't count. Okay, let's put some pinks here. Remember Demi Tosh that is just laid in. Don't rub it in. Don't do a lot of blending, okay? When some lighter little letter you some salmon color in here. Just tiny little dots. So I'm going to use the very end of the brush. You can use small brushes, but in my opinion, little small round brushes end up looking to way too fussy and overdone. How do I know this? I've done that a lot myself in the past, and I've seen other people do it. Okay, That's Kinsa pink in here, and okay. Remember I said you spread the color around to leave the viewer's eye around the image. So I'm going to put this lovely in the salmon pink in different parts of my image. So the viewer's eye travels all around. Okay, a little more yellow up here. I really love this painting. I mean, I love Mondays, but I kind of like the way mine turned out to Okay. I'm gonna wipe off the salmon color cause I want a little more golden yellow tone. Okay, A little yellow Oakar. Okay. Sorry. Don't want Teoh cover up the campus when I'm painting on it. I don't know why that scene from the Godfather seems to be stuck in my head this morning. Okay. Into this green, I'm going to put some little bits of Yeah, the lettering. Crimson Onda. Okay, let's put some light yellow one here. Yep. Because there's some really light yellows here. Some light yellows here and some meals have to go in with his Pinker is going to look unnaturally bright. Let's see. I think we're done victim. Pretty sure we're done. So I'm going to take off my gloves now and hold this up so you can see it. Here it is. And if you want to see the print out of the original Monet, it's in your course notes. All right. Um, Stephen, the next class, when I do one of my own paintings with techniques I've learned for a Monet by