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Write your first B2B Marketing Case Study

teacher avatar Shashank Rajurkar

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Promotional video

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Why is B2B marketing different?

    • 4. Why is a case study an important tool in B2B marketing?

    • 5. Testimonials vs reference check vs review vs case study

    • 6. 7 Steps to write a case study

    • 7. Plug and play template

    • 8. More creative forms

    • 9. How to make the best use of a case study?

    • 10. Summing up

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About This Class

Customer case studies are among the most important tools for a B2B business, whether you are a B2B startup or an enterprise business or a freelancer with B2B clients. The customer case studies are the most effective tools for conversion of leads or for closing a sale in all these situations.

B2B customer case study writing is perceived to be complicated and at times time-consuming. There are more than one element to work on – customer relation, creativity, interviewing, presentation and all these elements look to be of a diverse nature.

Learning about each of these elements and mastering them is time-consuming.

Creating case studies isn’t like writing a college business report. It isn’t like writing a blog post, white paper or research report, either. A case study needs to breathe life, have a story behind it and show—­­not tell—­­potential customers why your product or service solves a real problem. In short, building a case study that converts is as much an art as it is a science.

This course will teach you both – arts and science about this skill.  

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Shashank.

Presently, I am involved in entrepreneurship training, mentoring and startup consulting.

My prior work involved a stint in an early venture fund and launching and building two businesses.

My current focus area is - early stage start-ups, early traction, lean business model, value proposition, investors deck, business plan, product-market fit, minimum viable product (MVP), strategy, growth, lean business model validation process and more.


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1. Promotional video: Hi, I'm Chunk, and I'm happy to meet you through this video. This video is about the course writing your first big movie customer case today. Customer case to read. Among the most important tools for booby business with A You are a big movie star up our enterprise business out of freelance of it beautifully. Cline's the customer case Tereza. Most effective tools for conversion off leads are for closing a sale in all these situations. Beautifully. Customer case study writing is perceived to be complicated on our times, time consuming. There more than one element to work on customer relations. You have creativity. You have interviewing. You have presentations, and all these elements look to be off a diverse nature. Learning about each of these elements and mastering them is a time consuming process. Creating a case today is not like writing a college business report. It is not like writing a block post are a paper. Our research support a case study in used to be bred life. It needs to have a story we handed, and it needs to show, not tell, potential customers why your protector services solves a real problem. In short, building a case to read that Converse is as much as an art as it is a science. This course will issue boat Are 10 signs about this girl. This course will take you through the exact steps you need to take to get your first case story quickly. If you are seeing this video, you're probably connected. Toby Toby, Product or service offering in somewhere. Other discourses for all off you. You could be an at least a startup founder with not too much money to spend for hiring a professional case to the writer discourse winnable your first, our first few case studies with least off investment. You could be a freelancer offering you off services. Toby declines. This course will enable you to bring out and showcase your customer case studies in the shortest possible time. You could be a founder off any stuff is beautifully business auto marketer. As a team member off a big movie business, this course will help you understand the whole dynamic suffocate stomach history on it will allow you to get the best when you outsource the work to some professionals. If you are digital marketing professional, this course will help you to gain the required knowledge off. Creating customer case study for your Beautiful Cline's. What is the Wiki History? Nobility? Case study is the magical period Ducks is supposed to change the game for in your favor. The Swiss Knife Off Terrific marketing word history contain can be multi purposed in text image video on document IVs like Web or period forward or people either. Slighter case studies can solve a role in e books, white papers, guides and best practices, webinars and conference presentations. The case study is a documented every prospect loves to you to have customer case study is a story off your product old with your existing customer as a hero. Guess Tereza just stories. Histories provide a structured problem and solution. Former that provides context situation on challenges that the reader can empathize with. Case studies demonstrate the solution. Providers approach to the problem solving for clients. Why do you need a case study? You believe your product offering improves the user experience and uses life. But how can a prospect they believe in this statement? Unit is show it is true. Using a real life example. Often existing customer. The case study will tell the facts off what you did for the customer under actual results that the customer saw as a marketer. One of the biggest goal is to build trust. There are many ways you can work on to build trust marketing case to reserve. The best way to prove that a Your efforts Dr Drizzles Here are some of the things that great case that issue do for you. They can generate qualified leads. They can convert leads to the next part of yourselves. Funnel more efficiently. They can make your product or service personable. They can show off. Your notable collines on deck can close deals. When do you use a case study? Customer Casestudy fits in all levels off yourselves from Bennifer. Stuffed pastries on aren't limited to the face of closing deals. Almost 70% plus B two B Bias in the otherness stage and equal in percent of all the prospects in evaluation. Stage off the sale cycle acknowledges that case stories are among the most influential content You can use your case areas, a marketing and sales tools in both your in born marketing campaigns as well as in you are one push. This course is like everything under one single roof. When it comes to creating your first video, pick a story. In this course, you will get everything that you need to learn about writing your very first customer case . As a professional marketing material. This course will explain the seven steps process of creating a believe it history, explaining it step in details highlighting the key focus during that you need to take care . Off course also offers a plug and play ready to eat kind of template. So once you have all the information ready, it just a matter of a few hours that you can roll out your first case. City Buying Discourse PTC over the basic farm off a B two b customer case study. It will introduce you to some of the advance more creative for months to, and lastly, you will learn how to make the best use off a bit of a case study in more than one way in your marketing and sales effort. What specifically will you get as a part of this course? You'll get video lessons covering the concepts and framework of building ability. Kayseri. You'll get all the concerts, promotion knowledge about how to write how to go over building a big a big customer case study how to make it great on how to make the best use off it. You get a ready to use template for a quick B two B case to leave design. This will save her time working on the former writing when you are ready to write your first case, study and also bring a focus on what kind of information and data you need to get ready before you start writing it. You also get support needed when you write the first case that you are not working alone. When you overcome your first kiss City, you get all the support needed to clarify doubts, sharing concerns and discussing strategies as a part of this course outcome. Start even. Expect from the course the obvious outcome from discourses, your first big big history in a more efficient manner that doesn't distract you from your quarter. Focus on the business. This happens with the least amount off investment in terms of your time and resources. If you are an entrepreneur or a freelance service provider for bill declines, this course will lead you to have a collection off history, showcasing where you excel and what expertise differentiate you from the computers. All this would mean more lead convergence, more sales, closing shorter sales cycles and more business for you. If you are a bit of a marketer, this course would give you an edge to understand how to build a bit to be customer Kayseri and how to make the best use off it when you're done. And this will help you to achieve your sale. Schools summing up between the B two b marketing its stories and not feature benefit that allows for it to create a relevant and engaging connection with the prospect to customers. Successful beautifuI founders and digital marketers use Bilby customer case studies to tell these stories in the most efficient and effective. If you're not using this tool or if you're not using this tool to the fullest potential, you're missing something important. Sign up for the course and London Skill Tree 2. Introduction : Hi, I'm Shashank and I'm super exactly Toe. Have you in this course, right? Your first beauty customer history and I will come you for the first part of this course, which is about introduction to the course. Customer histories are among the most important tools for booby businesses, but a you are a Bilby startup or an enterprise business are freelance of it. We do declines. The customer case trees are the most effective tools for can margin off leads on for closing a sale in all these situations. B two b customer case rewriting its pursuit to be complicated on that times time consuming the more than one elements to work on. Like you have customer relations. You have creativity you have interviewing. You have presentations on all these elements. Look to be off diverse nature, learning about each of these elements and massing them to write a case that is very time consuming, fearing case stories, isn't it like writing to your college report, But it is not like writing a broad block First, our white paper, our results report a case. It needs to breath life. It needs to have a story behind it and show and not tell other potential customers as to why your product, I also is also real problem. In short, building a case study that converts is much like an art asthma shot. It is like a signs, so this course is gonna teach you both art and science. Parfitt. This course will take you through the exact Steph that he knew to take to get your first customer case that, if out quickly, what is a B two b case study? BEAUTIFUI Customer history is a magical period that is supposed to change the game in your favor. It is a Swiss Army knife off ability, marketing word history. Contains Can be Murdy proposed in text image or with your document types Webpage, your period forward or PPF? Earn slights years. I guess it is conservative role in your e books, White Papers and Guides and Best Practices and Webinars and also conference presentations. The B two B customer case study is a document that every prospect loves you to have. It is a story off your product told with existing customer as a hero. The case to reserve the stories, they provide a structured problem and solution. Former that provides the contacts, situation and the challenge that the reader can empathize with. Guess, studies demonstrate the solution. Providers approach to the problem solving. Why do you need a case study? You might believe your product can Saul a significant problem for your prospect. But how will the prospect believe this statement? You need to show its true using in real life. Example. Often existing client. The case study will tell the facts as to what you did with that customer on how actual results that discussed, UM, I saw as a marketer. One of your biggest goal is to build trust the many ways you can work on to build trust. But marketing histories are the best ways to prove that your efforts Dr Drizzles here are sound things that a great history can do for you. It can generate queller qualified leads. You can convert the leads to the next part of yourselves. Funnel more efficiently. It will make your product or service more personable. It will allow you to show off your notable clients, and it will help you to close more deals. How do customers stories work during the sales process? Potential clients through a mental rural blacks as to why they should not work with you off company or you're offering it just human in nature. Case studies validate those fears and objections while providing a solid rebuttal evidence that those same doubts are unfounded. Sharing your existing Klein's positive experience is far more effective than expecting your prospect to just take your word for it. This course is like everything under one single roof when it comes to writing your first case study. In this course, you will get everything that you need to learn about writing your very first customer history as a professional marketing material. This course will explain the seven steps process off, creating ability. Kayseri explaining it step in details highlighting the key focus there, in course, also offers a plug and play ready to use template. So once you're really with all information, it system are a few hours that your first case that he can be rolled out while this course teaches you about a basic form off ability. Customer case. Today you didn't introduce you to some of the advance and more creative for more stool, and lastly you will learn how to make the best use off a case study Once you are very with a case study, and this can happen in more than one ways, boosting your marketing and sales effort. This is how the course content looks like after the initial three parts, essentially telling you the basics off a baby will be case. Today it's dynamics in the context of Bolivia customers, the foot part will put things in the right perspective as far as different things you need to do as a social proof. The subsequent three parts will deal with the whole process of writing your first case study and making it better and the last part. One part will deal with different ways in which you can put the case to the to use what specifically you will get. As a part of this course, you get video lessons covering concepts and trim works for building your ability. Kayseri. You'll get all consists knowledge about how to go over building your believe E case Study on how to make it great on how to make use offer. You get ready to use template for a quick design off your bill. You pick a story. This will save your time on working on for my writing when Serie with all information. And this also will bring a focus on what kind of information on data unit to be relieve it . If you start writing your case study, you get support needed while you write your first history. You are not working alone. When you're working on your first custody, you get all support needed to clarify your doubts, sharing concerns and discussing strategies. All is a part of this course outcome study can expect from this course. Now these are come from discourses. Your first bilby casestudy our first few B two b case studies, you know, efficient manner, a manner that didn't distract you from your core focus in your business. This happens with the least amount of investment in terms of your time and resources. If you are an aunt of another, are freelance service provider for bill declines. This course will lead you to have a collection off case studies showcasing where you excel and what expertise differentiate you from competitors. All this would mean more lead convergence, more sales, closing shorter sale cycles on more business growth for you. If you are a big movie marketer, this course should give you an edge to understand how to build ability, Case study and Haro make use off it in the best interest off your sales schools. What you learn from this is from a past several years of experience connected mobility, businesses on starting up. Who am I? As you all know, I'm Shashank, and I'm currently into start of consulting and training. In past, I connected with start ups in three ways. Firstly, as a venture capital fund team, I was adding value to Fort Pillow companies. Secondly, I've co founder to Bolivia businesses from scratch and build them to a level where big banks watch for our solutions. And lastly, I've been mentoring and training start of founders, including BOOBY founders. The approach that I recommend here is based on the framework based on board off what I have seen in my own Bilby experience and also from what I see from the Beautifui startup founders that I have been working with. So let's get started in the next part. We were discussing why and how will it be? Marketing is three units and how it is different than a consumer marketing a Bill C. marketing now just before we get started on the next spot yet is a small introduction. Toes Klimley in school of starting up this close to the part of the offering from Klimley in School of starting up Klimley, in School of Starting Up, offers a range of founder companion courses to meet the challenges of founders building new startup businesses To know more about other courses, visit www Climb hyphen lean dot com. 3. Why is B2B marketing different?: B two b marketing. What makes it special business to business markets on the techniques used to explore these markets are very different under consumer markets. None of the businesses buy the products for the pure indulgences they by the parks with the ultimate aim off adding value either to ward by all of it what they're offering in order that they can move their product offering down the chain until their products. Finally, the Consumers B two B marketing is therefore about meeting the needs off other businesses, though ultimately their demand for the products made by these businesses might ultimately be driven by the consumers are general people. There are eight key factors that may be to be markets special on different than consumer markets. We will discuss each one of them now beautifully markets our more complex dissident making unit. In the most households, even the most complex dissidents are confined to the small family unit, while act um, such as clothes, food and cigarettes usually involve just one person. The dissident making unit in the booby markets is highly complex. Ordering products off low value and low risk like a paperclip, may well be responsibly off a junior officer, but a purchase off a new machinery that is vital to your business. Main mall, a large team that makes decisions over a long time. The dissident making unit often changes its competition. The specialist coming. They leave with their different contributions and, of course, open off time. People, leave the company or change shops. This complexity and dynamism has come implications for beauty markets. The target audiences for Bolivia Communications RM office they made up of groups up constantly changing individuals with different interests and motivations. Each person off this dissident making unit will also bring in their own psychological needs to the dissident and can create interesting variations to the selection of products and supplies. Beautifully, marketers need to fully understand the different needs of dissident makers, often within the same vdv customer and us. A bit of eMarketer need to relate to these needs in your promotional strategies. Beautifully bias are more rational. The truth is that B two C consumers are often less well informed, less accountable to others on the far more susceptible to the whims and indulgences and recklessness. Then, in a case, often individual inability context, ask on the most were far less likely to ask whether the product that we're buying has a good R o. I return on investment. We buy what we want, not what we need. What does it mean to be to be marketers? To some extent, the fact that we will be bias are literally rational makes the job off duty marketer easier . All that we need to do is to design and manufacture good product and deliver them on time and at a good price. But not quite right. Will be. Bias are not entirely rational due to the accountability that consent. Small suitability buys Preston Security are key issues. No B two B buyer wants to risk his or her lively word our reputation and buying on under level product or service. So this makes emotional issues. It is trust and security, absolutely critical. This sentence placed great emphasis on Brian the Reputation case studies, which convey reliability and consistency over the life off a product being purchased. B two B parts are more complex. Many a Times B two B products themselves are complex, but as the purchase of a consumer product requires little expertise, the purchase often industrial for it frequently requires a qualified expert where consumer products are largely standardised. We to be products often require high level off fine tuning. Our custom addition, even simpler industrial product frequently have to be integrated into wider system and, as a result, bill how specific requirements and you export examination and modifications. Key to be doing a marketer is to be fully informed in relation to the product being sold. As a result, B two b sales often technical sales, meaning that the cells people in will you be markets are often experienced people from the technical discipline. You also need promotional strategies that convey the completeness of the information on your product. A limited number of buying units. Almost all will be markets. Exhibit A customer discretion that confirms the parrot does principal off 80 20 rule. A small number of customers dominate the sales ledger, nor we're talking about thousands and millions of customers. It just It is not unusual. Even in the largest video, be more companies toe have 100 or fewer companies that really make a difference. The difference between light user and have users is a martyr off small degree for consumer markets compared with the skill off difference in B two B markets. A small number of customers widely different sizes under presence off fuckir cons is a major distinguishing feature of Bolivia markets, and this requires a completely different marketing approach. Customer relations are most crucial for beauty marketers. Key accounts not only required the product delivered to them when it is needed on in the country is that they need. They also routinely required services like Quick Problem resolution under technical arise in your promotional material unit to display that you understand how it is took it or to your key accounts. Biliary markets have fewer behavioral and need based segments. Will you be markets typically have fewer behavior or need based segments? Done is a case with consumer markets. Part of the reason for this is a smaller target audience in booby markets. The main reason for a small number of segments. However, it simply that a business audience behavior our needs very less done that offer consumer audience brims, insecurities. Indulgences are less likely to comment off bias mind when the purchase is happening at a Bilby place. The fact that we will be markets have literally a few segments make the job of blue eMarketer is easier when it comes to having standardised contained for marketing. An important distinguishing feature off European markets is the importance of personal relationship. A small customer base that buys regularly from Bolivia. Supplier is really relatively easy to talkto cells, and technical representatives visit the customers. Often people are on the first name terms. Personal relationships under trust Delap's. It is not unusual for ability supplier tohave customer that have been loyal, uncommon date for many years. The consequences off this emphasis on relationships for marketing budgets are relatively high expenditure on people yourselves and technical support on more modest expenditure on the other forms of promotion. Prospect declines also make a suspend on your relationships with your existing customers today. Violating Buying your product beautifui bias are long term bias by consumers. Dubai attempts like house and costs, which are like long term purchases. These incidences are relatively rare. Purchases that are expected to be repeated over a long time are more common invariably markets where the capital machinery, your confidence under continuously use consumables is prevalent. Fordham over the long term products and services required by the businesses is more likely to require service back off from the supply businesses. Repeat purchases like machine parts are office consumables on day also will require ongoing expertise and services in terms of deliveries, implementations and installations. Or why is Exeter the long term focus on will be markets? Three traits Toki points for booby marketer to keep in mind. First, the importance of relationship building in Bolivia markets, particularly with key customers and, second, that important, self technically focused cell steam bill. UV bias are more demanding than we do. See bias. They have a responsibility to make the right decisions. Man purchasing On behalf of the companies, they take less risks. Therefore, they need the quality to be absolutely right. They have the expertise to recognize a bad offering when they see one they used to getting what they want And the implication for booby marketers are very clear. Trust and security are crucial elements for ability by when you need the right tools store . Rest of these needs men, you're facing your booby prospects 4. Why is a case study an important tool in B2B marketing?: just like B to C marketing B two b marketing to have a number of traction channels and a variety of marketing tools that can be utilized. Where a marketer, you have social media, you have conferences, you have the blog's. You have the press coverage and what not just the way you can use all those tracks in journals In will be markets. You can use all these tracks and channels in B two b marketing. But when it comes to tools that you use in B two b marketing customer case today is probably the most important one. What makes a case to the important tool for beauty? When you're planning to buy something new, how do you go about it? The a good chance that you will look around for reviews for the product that you want to buy. You want to see what others are saying about that product. You may also like to talk to friends if they have wonderful throated before, Why do you do that? Because you want to know what others think about this product in orderto there. Somebody assurance that there's nothing wrong about it or nothing bad about it. Everyone needs and reassurance to drive away the fears off some unknown or wake factors. Case studies in the context of will be give you a chance to arrest of these elements in buying Baby, too. Because Thomas Case studies give consumers the confidence or trust a product or service reporting relatable human evidence off its value. Unlike a testimonials of history, puts the value in action taken the user on a specific journey through the uses off despotic . In the whole life cycle, a rich custom minority is loaded with derek courts and characterizing. Indeed, ALS helps the prospect to relate your product and service on impresses them to imagine the benefits of using them. Case studies, the most critical tool to bring under proportionately to see off those social proof histories can be used as a partof, mutually beneficial customer appreciation program that builds stronger business relationships. With this approach, you don't ask for a favor from your customer. You offer a benefit. Your customer will be excited about you, including them in your history for the country and bunkering with a brief explanation as to why you're doing it. Customer histories advances, your research of a joke. Lines to a new high, a level where your clients become your eye rockets, depending on your cell cycle and the company size under organization off your target lines . Histories can be used lee valuable material when it comes to closing a deal. The more dissident makers involved in buying your product, the greater possibility that you will find this content very useful for closing a deal. Not each of the decision makers in the buying process would get involved in evaluating every aspect off your offering and East Dissident maker in the buying process. Put limit his or her scope off in relation to the extent off expertise that he or she brings. Guest. It is given a portion to address to those questions that on individual buyer in the buying process might have that might be from the area, which is beyond his or her own expertise. Case studies generate quality leads through the marketing forms, and the city is case studies. Condemn it. Some good quality leads anyone who is after to read about your company and how your company has helped somebody on. Based on that reading, if the person takes an action to contact you, he's a very definite qualified lead, a different stages during the sales process. Many of the potential clients tend to throw off mental roadblocks as to why they shouldn't work with you. Then you some convincing before they can move on to the next stage off yourselves. Funnel case studies validate those fears and objections while providing a solid evidence that those same doubts are unfounded. Someone else has pride, your product or service, and has had a great sexists helps here. And sharing a client's positive experience is far more effective than expecting prospects to just take your word for it as it'll do, you have a better conversion. Rated each stage off yourselves. Funnel case studies grandeur in a poison to tell a story about your product through someone else's voice. This lens a chance to relate to potential customers or users on a completely different level through a need. Storytelling. Think of history as a long form of customer testimonials that arts to some humanity to the product and service. It shows the real people that see your value and exported separates from this usual cells material. The champion customer that starts in your case study broadcast of the potential customers Steaks, please, that you hold what your user base on that lends you to be an authority. This liberates from a show off definitely pays off when you this liberates from a show of definitely pays off when you're kissed. Tereza. Seen by your prospects and lastly, but not least in terms of importance. Creating and using customer case studies in your beauty marketing is value for money. Histories have a high return on investment comfort to many other types of billy. Marketing case studies are often forests at the lowest possible cost for a huge potential rewards. B two b Customer case studies. For every beautiful businesses, it is 50 off their stage of business building size of business type of customers are Size off Marketing Team You may be an established business or what you maybe just be starting on a new beautifui start of business. This tool is is full for border situations and also in between situations. Whether you're a $1,000,000,000 Vela studies business or just a small time player, case studies offer you what is all needed. Inability, marketing. You might have some big, short customers, well known names in your customer list that can definitely get included in our case. Studies on this for definitely have an edge. Huge plus when it comes to liberating the case studies over yourselves effort. But even if you don't, how such big names in your list showcasing how you're offering has made a difference to or not so famous businesses in real terms told through a case turned media, makes a use difference your prospects. You may have a full flys marketing department with high profile chief marketing officer driving your marketing strategy. Or you may just be a single father situation where you take turns to play. All the roles in your business are you could be an institution in between. These two extremes, including a set off histories as a marketing tool, is a necessity for beautiful businesses in all these situations. The cracks is the customer case. Tereza universal marketing tools for all the booby situations 5. Testimonials vs reference check vs review vs case study: Welcome back. One key fundamental purpose. Derek. A story. Provide his social proof. This lesson will discuss a few tools are processes that a business use for a social proof, and these tools are testimonials. But our friends set on review. We will understand each of these tools and see how they connect with a history. Social Proof is a powerful psychological phenomenon where people will behave similarly to the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. In today's world, social Proof plays an important part in the ability to reach new customers with the social proof. You can create an information cascade where your prospects off though the actions of others and then make the same choices that everyone else is making. So we are all prone to the social precious. They're different tools for social proof testimonials, her friends Sick interview in case study. Let's look at each one of them closely now testimonials, inner testimonial and user off product or service as opposed to the manufacturer. All the creator attest to its effectiveness and explains how others can benefit or off. Using that product testimonial consist of an existing customers return a spoken statement extolling the watch off of product testimonials work because they aren't like strong self speeches that come across as an unbiased boys. And they establish trust in the context of beauty products. One needs to go beyond mere testimonials testimonial, so usually shark statements but a customers and for a complex video product, they may not be able to capture the whole essence of the journey off your product that a friend sick do Your Religions is gathering and analyzing off background information on a proposed business deal that you can make. An informed sorority can make an informed decision about whether to go forward or not. Part of this due diligence process involves checking the reference provided but a vendor. This is your chance to talk to someone people who have used sub who have used this product before to understand a challenges and the goals on about the experience that they had with diversities Windows product. Since this requires an investment in terms of time and resources for prospect, that reference shaking would probably get pushed toe a fairly later stage in the sales funnel, mostly just before dissidents teas. You still need some other ways to deal with the social proof needs in the earlier stages. Off yourselves. Funnel customer reviews A customer review is a review of PRODUCTOR service member customer who has purchased and used and hard some experience with it. Thanks to Social Maria blocks and free online review sites like Yelp, Consumers and B two B customers can share this and depends on your product. Other services quickly and easily through customers reviews Soliciting and acknowledging consumer for back is voting exercise to recruit new customers and also to re tender exist existing months. No useful customer reviews to pose a limitation when it comes to captain the whole journey for your customers when it comes to using your complex beauty products yesterday. A case study, on the other hand, goes beyond simple testimonials. It is a factual report off your products implementation under actual achieve results, they are in our somewhere to show your prospect to customers your products value through someone else's words. The greatest thing about customer case that is that if you make it right, it allows you to highlight your successful experiences in a way that's much more convincing , showing your potential customers all The reason says to why they should choose you for a complex beauty products customer case studies. Other must on day work at E. State. Off yourselves funnel. However, the bottom line is that you need all of these tools for ability marketing to artist to the social proof needs. You know they're all connected. If you provide a flat farm player, cause must leave reviews and give testimonials. You know who is super excited about using a forex, and the other one's probably would be the potential countries to be included in your case turned. On the other hand, once you have worked with a client for creating a case study, it's much natural that you would include them in your potential list for sharing when it comes to, but often sick. 6. 7 Steps to write a case study: Welcome back to the new listen. Seven steps to write your case Study. This lesson will take you through the seven step process to write your first case. Study. Step one. Deciding on your customer which customer you are, including your case. Study radio Fine, Good options. You can ask for it back from your sales and service teams. You can see your past trends in buying by your different customers. You can look through testimonials and reviews by customers, or you could look for some social media mentions by some of your customers. What would be the correct here that he would put? Select your customer to be included in the first history? You would like to have a customer who has a good knowledge about the product from your company that they have been using. You would like to include a customer who has seen significant results because off your products, possibly if they are bigger known names, it's even plus. Or if they have spits from your computer and then find some good value in what you're offering that will add immigrated one days. Your ideal option is someone who is genuinely excited about your product offering who has actively been in mourning to refering your company to other customers who is an extrovert and comfortable to talk and share on who has interesting, ongoing and future projects off your company. Next part is deciding on the spokesperson wants to decide on outlined the ideal person would be the one who is the decision maker. Specificity of Forex of services. But important part is that individual see you interview for your case really should match the decision maker or the audience that you're trying to reach out. Eventually have an initial check for the client and the spokesperson. Dirty Giron on how the object to rt stays is just to get a feeling. If the person under company are comfortable with the plants Steptoe reaching out to customers How do you reach out the best ways to start sending out a short email? This is the first step to formalize a case study. Plan A few things to you. Keep in mind when you write email at this stage, be complementary booster. You go and make them feel really special so that they will say yes to sharing their experience through your case study. Keep your introduction emailed ways Shot and quick. Possibly you can attach the questions. 22 questions that you would like to ask. So the customer and the spokesperson can go through the questions and decide whether they are are they're not comparable to participate in the case study. Your next task is to get that customers attention and how them agree to spend time with you telling you on how they use your parks and reporting all the results there. They're experienced. Some of the clients may feel hesitant to be the subject of FIG yesterday. Some clients may want to remain anonymous for the future of giving away some information or a secret to the competition are some a few that they may appear in a bad light through history. You need to work on different ways and strategies to get the customer on board for your case study. Financial reward is something that some people offer. Ideally, if your client is delighted with the results, start to you. Your product is for us, then you don't need to work in this direction. Using this option is not a best option for you. You could possibly work on a case to the planning document, which is a document giving a clear explanation as to why you're creating this case study and how it will be used. A statement defining information and potentially trademark information that you expect to include in the case study things like the names and logos and job titles and the pictures an explanation as to what you expect from the participants beyond completion of case study . This will give a clarity towboat you on your client as toe what specifically is expected from this exercise, then comes to the stage off signing off initial signing off. You need to get a sign off on the case to the planning document. Our overall flying before you begin. The writing close is to make sure that your client is on board with your whole project. Step three. Plating your questions. Here you write tend to do questions. You go meet decline for face to face interviews, which are the best ways to collect information for your case study. You may send a list of 22 questions in advance, which will provide an opportunity for a client, Toby Quick for dollars. Three Information and get the best out of your interview. Of course, you need to work on a balance within this on being spontaneous to get the best courts from your clients. Step for interviewing. So some of the questions that you mean like tow us for include things like, What way? The goals? What challenges with experiencing before going in for your products? What did they like? A body of product against other options? How did they go over in deciding about the purchase off your for it and how have they benefited from using your product? Essentially, it is about a question on three things. The challenge the customer was facing. How the solution solve those challenges on the customers, positive feelings about the whole experience. These three things are the key. Focus for your interview. Put together a list of open questions designed to give a customer ample chance to talk about each of these teams. If the customer feels comfortable with your recording, the interview, you can refer to that later. This will help you to focus on the conversation rather than noting details. If that's not possible, then the next best alternative would be to have someone to accompany you who can take notes while you have a check. No, you have a set agenda on what court things that you wanted cover in the customer interview . You need to build a conversation rather than making it sound like an interview, conversation and courageous, more open chat on more sharing experiences. This may trigger some more new things that you probably didn't think. The hope. Sometimes people don't articulate things. Doing the talk in a really, probably, if some part of the conversation doesn't make sense and you're not weekly around that you should fall off with a client for more clarifications or not, you can probe MAWR and confirm what is mean by those statements after the interview. If you notice that client is test upon some interesting new points, which you, Mr, in the conversation, you should go back to the client and ask for more fall of questions about that point. Customer courts. You need plenty of them. You need plenty of customer courts during the interviews already eventually consider alone on at least three or four in a single case study. Customer courts are the wanting that puts case studies in a high position when it comes to credibility step. Fight the writing, The case study In this stuff, the most important part is title history. Title captures attention and sell the rest of the work. Put your most concrete and most impressive reverse in the title. When you write a case study, it's gotta be a balancing act. A case really needs to work on a balancing act between your customer at the center as a center of attraction on your company's business case. But you write from your heart. You subverts box outs and pull courts kind of highlights to take it off your business case . DOn't show client in a poor light. During the interviews, you might gather some information of our clients business that could point out some undesired to display off their businesses in a bad light. You must make everyone look good. In this case, three customers rambling do not feel uncomfortable in editing the content to make a better sense of the story. But while doing that, make sure that your customers courts are not actually getting killed in the process. Customers voice is the most important element in your writing. The fact that you have actually spoken to the customer automatically livered soup history about all other content customers. Whites acts life on authenticity to the case today. Call to action needs to be included in East Case study What should the prospect do when they're finished reading a case study call to action will direct your prospect to get interested to your company. Step six Revision Cinda Draft For Jackson idiots are a necessary part of perfecting your first drop document. After the case to the draft is prepared, you will need to send it back to the customer allowing. And unfortunately, for him to give feedback on do all required, it's Step seven. Acceptance approval is a crucial states before you release a history to the market. Once the final draft is agreed upon after carrying out unnecessary, it's send a final rough copy of the case study to the customer part of final approval. You should never really the case study that is not approved by a customer. In a clear communication to you this day, Pastor process to create and write a case study is to ensure that you don't get Corden Azzam verification and rather create a moment, um, feeling to inefficient and ineffective experience. When you write your first history 7. Plug and play template: Welcome back. Now that you're clear on the seven steps to create and write a customer history, let us focus on the actual content for the history. This lesson will give you a plug and play. Ready to use can offer template that will give you an idea as to what kind of content is needed for your first case study. As such, there's no one fall kind of solution when it comes to form art and design off a history case. Studies can be completely customized in terms of visual soundly or designs. What goes into a history and how it is presented is essentially driven by your target audience for a first history that you're writing you can use. A ready to use can offer Templar, which has seven building blocks. Block number one title. This is the most important block. This is the most important block in a case that is so it is important that you spend enough time on it to get it right. Keep it short and simple. Focus on highlighting the most compelling accomplishment, although your product may have resulted into many such accomplishment for declined. But he should always focus on a single specific result. When you're writing a title, some of the examples of good titles are like online advertising. Return on investment doubles in just three months. More traffic, less cost, lead volume, doubles or a specialist. First training company doubles revenues in six months. So you are not only focusing on a specific achievement as a result off using your product for decline but also giving specific numbers to give a sense off what these benefits could mean. Toe any prospect. Block number two executives somebody. This is a crux of the story. Give a two or three sentence summary off. The whole story are focusing on the success. Some of the process may not read the whole case study, but just go through the executive summary so this partners to ensure that they get what is needed to push them to the next level off yourselves. Funnel Block three About This is the border Klein. The three or four things that going toe this block. One of them is the introduction to your client. This is the introduction to the company, which the case today is all about. It can, which can include some information from the company's website are other information that you may have gathered during the conversations and also didn't. They're working with the company Diesel Sarah Context, which will help to match the prospects situation with your customer institution. Second part off this block is to describe the customer's business, the objective years to generate a better understanding of the context of the company's current challenges and goals. Some information that you may include here would be things like how long it is in business and how many employees do they have. What is it trying to achieve in this business? The next part in this block is you need to have a solution. The objective here is to generate a better understanding of the context of the companies need send a pinpoint. Some of the information that you would like to include would be thinks like watch challenges and objectives lead this company to look for a solution. What would happen if the company didn't find a solution? Did it explore other solutions? If so, what happened on the last part that you need to cover in this block is the dissident process, exploring how the customer arrived at their decision to work with you helps to guide potential clients through their own decision making process. Some information that you could include would be how did the here a body of product who are always in world in selection process and what were the most important aspects in the considered evaluating different options and how they decided on your option? Block number four Challenges. This is a block about the problem and its challenges. Right? Two or three paragraphs Details off specific challenges faced by the customer before it started using your products or services, you also need to give specific goals that customer heart set out to achieve them. In this block. It's good to use a formula going from general to specific described the challenges in general terms followed by what pains to disperse civic customer was trying to say Welcome. This will help the prospects relate to the top level, pinpoints and not get bogged down with a specific issue that company faced and which might not be an issue for this prospect. Block number five. How did you help? This is a body of product, a two or three paragraphs section that will describe how your characters always provided a solution to your customer problem year. You follow formal offs Going from specifics to general. When you talk about solution, start with what you did specifically with this cool customer. First, this will give inside says towards specifically went in to solve the problem, this specific problem, and then talk about how this kind of full could generally benefit other businesses going through similar situations. This will allow the prospects not hiring this specific problem as to customer in the case. Study has still relate to the case today as long as the struggle is under similar grounds here, you include here. You also include the key achievements, but you need to keep this shot. Focus on the most important results that came out of your work with this client. There's another section where you can be giving more details on the riddles. You can try to give a quick evidence about the key achievements. The goal here is to have a quick understanding of the evidence on how product is found to be effective, but a customer some information that you could include will be, is any particle aspect of solution that it like the most. How is the product making difference. The customer's business Block six results. This block is about testimonials, right? Two or three paragraph testimonials that proves how your product impacted the company and how it helped the company achieved schools and Children. Do you include numbers in as many places as possible here to quantify your contributions? This is a section where you haven't a poison. It reboost about your product as much as you want, though in the perspective, after customers, real life experience some information that you may include wouldn't would be. How is the product or service helping to save time and increase productivity in what ways just doesn't announce a competitive advantage for your client? How much has it increasing specific metrics in Block seven customer courts? You need powerful customer courts. Pick a few powerful customer courts from the composition that you had that you would like to include to support the story that you're telling you will be using more than one court in a single case study. Your first court should be in an early section of the case Study on this first quarter. Summarize a specific results that came out of work rather than a general priests. Essentially, there are three teams around with. You need to have the courts about first of them. Challenge are the pain show the pain or challenge in the cut that custom a phrase before the solution came along. Here is your chance to get getting some emotion. The letter toe customers challenges Second team is the board decisions Feature Accorded speaks as to why customer chose your solution. A great opportunities to call out all your competitive differentiations on the 13 is about benefits Jews, a common that speaks about the main benefit. Other benefits that custom my experience out off using your product, how many courts you have to use in a single case study used to or four short, snappy courts through our case to the appropriate places. Now it's your turn. Ready to use template for writing A case study is available. You can use it to make your own first case study 8. More creative forms: Welcome back. The plug and play ready to use template gives your basic former to get your first case really out quickly. This lesson will give you some ideas as to how you can make it better. Boat using a text. Former also in terms off using more creative former's for text. Former case study How much should we the length of the case study? Some people say shorter case studies is better. Some people prefer a longer former a size off finder to 7 50 or 800 words is decent enough size uniter Tell a story. Histories can be like stories. The former could follow a Florida where a problem or the challenges faced by the customer is villain. Your product is a hero. Details on how the challenges where overcome is like a battle on results are like happy ending. The kind of flow that works better includes an extra focus on some of the elements in the case Study. When you talk for the customer, begin we're putting the spotlight under customer and not your product. In describing the challenge, use a customer court. The Journey journey section is quite often skipped where it is put including shared the steps the customer took to solve a problem, including other products and services that they investigated. This is one place of the story where the reader begins to identify and empathize with the situation. You might like to include a story under discovery. Tell how customer found out about your company, how your products sold a customer problem. Customers problem. Then comes the solution. It's a short time. This is where you have a funeral picture, product or service without fear of starting to promotional share. How your customer implement radio product or service, including the details as to time, commitment or obstacles start their welcome. And, lastly, the results details on how well your products all the customers problem with many. Abbott as many specifics, is possible. Finally, this is very you summarize and close your story. It is always useful to have a skin mobile. Former somebody's will read each part of your story, while some others will just look at the headlines on then other highlighted murders. The former of the history can be merged schema ble but using the elements like pull cord. So sidebar somebody's another version of the text for Marty's a feature story former feature story for Marty's used frequently about a feature story. Journalists. It uses an impactful and eye catching leave sentence or an opening paragraph. Question and answer is yet another former for case study Q and a former. It works well for biliary markets. It is also useful as it takes very less time to produce. Videos and slight shares are other creative farmers. The advantages with the videos and slice share is that they could shared very easily and also the other ones. They cast that engine off your audience very quickly. How do you decide on which former that you need to follow for our first case? Study already to use template or some improvised. But you know God should suffice, as this will give you more freedom to focus on the process rather than the presentation. It is good to experiment with different form arts as you go further. First of all, the style and the tone off your case, studies should fit your product. Andi is no hardened for strollers. Toe what form out of the case to the Should you be working at what stage, but it should be the one that should resonate with your target audience 9. How to make the best use of a case study?: we'll come back once you have your case Study or flu pastries in hand, How do you make the best use of them? Customer case studies like a Swiss Army knife For Billy Marketing, there's more than one way to use a case study in your sales and marketing action. Put your case to the on your website. The most popular use off your history is posting them on your testimonial page off your website. You can use the visual elements of popular interesting courts or highlight the boxes are bubbles. You can link specific talk by customer about a specific feature off your product during the case, study to the religion page off your website. You can also take the case story along when you go for a speaking engagement. Speaking engagement works well when whenever there's a group of people in the room that if you pitch them right, would move the needle for your business case. Studies are ideal. Set off tools to accelerate this process for them. The Attraction Channel, where you use a case Studies in press release. You can do a Presley's off history for you. If your client is okay with it. You can also put your case study tour 11 media companies who may like to feature your client and cared a feature story around them. Media stories will also boost your search engine rankings. You can post your case study on Twitter, Lindell and Facebook. You can also use socialites to drive traffic to your guest. Adi's it shows is one common traction channel. For most of the beautiful businesses, Brick should offer you an opportunity to showcase your correct in person. These events are like exclusive for industry insiders and AR designed to foster the interactions we didn't vendors and their prospects. You can use case studies in this channel to build interest in what you're offering. Guess studies can also be used in your company's blocks. Targeting blocks. Prospects to customers really is also another effective way to get attention from your prospects to customers and off course, you use your case three years a great sales collateral Train yourself steam to use case studies to close deals to send emails to prospects to reuse information on the courts. In the sales presentations on use the courts on the referee lists, you can use a case study in a webinar prospects are interested in learning how people like them. How solve specific problems. You can create a webinar to a specific but common problem, common problem or solution on. Also, explore if your customer can participate in the Lebanon. If you are creating a newsletter that is subscribed by your prospects and the customers, you can repurpose your case studies in those newsletters as articles. So how do you decide where to use a case? Study? Possibly think off ways in Miss Case Study can be used in the existing traction channels that you're using in your business model. In an early stage that is up to the product market fit. You want to keep the word set a minimum, and managing multiple channels creates over as you grow to a later stage off your business building, and you are more traction channels. You can have more uses off the case study, but the bottom line is that this is entirely driven by war channels. Work for your target or inside that stage off your business building 10. Summing up: Welcome to the last part of the course. Summing up here is a key learning from this course number one at every stage of the sale cycle, case studies can make or break your chances of closing a deal. There's no one size fits all kind of thing when it comes to raise to present a case study. There's no hard and fast rule in terms it of former for your case study, and you should decide the former deck would resonate with your target audience and lastly, the critical competence off a compelling history or a story about a solution. Been clear and concise and backing up with your claims. You have a ready to use Templar if you wish to make use off it, making your first case study, or you can create your own design. Former, too. If you wish to have a feedback on your first case study, I would love to offer if you send a case study to me, are you? You send a link off your history to me, and of course, this is not gonna cost you anything extra. I would also love to get your feedback. I don't want to hear from you, border content on the presentations and the clarity in learnings and usefulness or anything else that could help me in making future courses better. If you found discourse useful, I would love to know a specific aspect or example off varied major difference for you. And finally, thanks again for joining the schools. I would allow to see your baby customer case study in action, or maybe even have it as an example in my block are included in this course to promote it. If you still have any questions, start holding you back from starting the whole work. Or if there's something that you feel I haven't covered, Please let me know. I want you to get here B two b customer case to the order as quick as possible or just say good day. And I would love to hear what you're upto politest