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Worlds Cheapest Cloud Backup & Dropshare 4 Walkthrough

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. 1.0 - introduction

    • 2. 1.1 - backups across clouds

    • 3. 1.2 - look at dropshare 4

    • 4. 1.3 - content in the cloud

    • 5. 1.4 - keka graphical interface (mac)

    • 6. 1.5 - the roundup

    • 7. 1.6 - tweet, share and review (...)

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About This Class

trust me when I tell you, drive space can fill up pretty quickly when you're making HD videos every day, even courses can take up a lot for each of the video files for each section. your gonna need a solution and you'll probably need another one three months later. simply put, drive space is life.

don't worry tho because as internet speeds have been getting faster (mainly upload side) and hard drives and storage technology coming down the price of cloud storage has been getting more interesting when it comes to storing information easily in the cloud - bring these things together with the right tools and you have a stable place to store your backups away from your home machine accessible from anywhere in the world and easier in some cases to work with if you need to rapidly deploy your courses elsewhere.

in this course we will ....

I recently started using a service touted as the cheapest in the world and also took the leap to using some beta software in transferring and syncing my content to it as well. it didn't all go to plan but what did was pretty awesome so i made a course on it! :)

hope you like it! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow


brand new for 2022 | let's decentralize our content into web 3

i'm an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!



hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative m... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - introduction: this course is around 20 minutes, everybody. Are you constantly running out of disk space while making courses or installing software on the machine I've found recently the cheapest or so they say cheapest place to store stuff in the cloud. So today, are you backing up your content in the cloud? Now do it across platforms. Gonna be using a piece of software called get drop share drop share version four, which allows access to Amazon s three racks based cloud, including be to Google drive on duh other different destinations on what's it gonna be discussing what you could be backing up? What you could be putting in the cloud what you could be taking off your machine, reducing the file sizes on your machine to make your origin drive a lot more faster. The more fuller is, the less performance at your local drive you're gonna get. I'm also gonna be talking about a program called Kika on Mac OS X to compress password. Your archives 2. 1.1 - backups across clouds: Let's get into clouds, offer a little bit. The price of backing up into the cloud is coming down drastically. If you've been looking, you've been on the Internet for a while and use hard drives. You'll know that the price of hard drive this space memories come down dramatically in the last 10 years alone. But now in the cloud, it's also coming down per gigabit, and it's got to the point now where it's super, super cheap. The price of back into the cloud has really come down back. Blaze B two is one of the sites that I'm really going to be talking about today, which is now the quarter of the price of Amazon s three and is now at 0.5 cents per gig per month, which is 77% cheaper than S three, which I have no idea how they're able to do this at this price. But I'm going to give it a go. It's early days. At the moment they have a command line interface for creating the book. It's if you're used to Amazon s three yield. You'll know that you have to create buckets which are really folders in the cloud to put your content in. They don't have a really nice you I app for Mac or PC. Yet it's all command line, so it's all in a terminal. But I have found one app, which is the drop share fortune talking about today, which enables you to create the buckets and unless the buckets, everything else so be to is the name off the platform from back blaze. If you don't know about that place, they're a great company that allow you to back up your whole machine into the cloud for $5 a month, which is a crazy price. Unlimited backup on your machine, and I think it's $5 per machine. But you just have it as a tray item that runs in the background on PC or Mac, and it just backs up to the cloud through your Internet interface. So drop share for what it does is it allows you to unify the clouds together. Google Dr B two s three different buckets. Andi, I want to get into enterprise backing up whenever you're backing anything up. Best way to do it in an enterprises have it in three different locations, local backup and often two or three remote locations that might be enough site backup that you take off site via a drive or most of time now is just three cloud back ups in three different destinations on the Web. 3. 1.2 - look at dropshare 4: so drop share. Four. It seems like a powerful dragon drop solution, especially putting stuff across clouds. What's nice about it is you can just drag stuff to the to the tray item, and it will send it to the specific cloud you just dropped from a select from a drop down list. And off it goes. I've had a few initial problems with the queuing. Whenever something didn't get sent, it seemed to have got removed from the Q and didn't get sent again. So I'm thinking it's just maybe a book with version four, because I was using it with one of the brand new features for B two s. So that's a big problem, because you want reliability. One about two drops drop stuff in the Q and no, it's sorted. I am dropping quite large files, so I think they may be timing out on that. My because my connection I don't have a wired connection, and I don't have a broad band connection on a four G cellular connection, so things could go wrong with that all the time. But I really like the ability to drag two different platforms. It's really super slick that you could just drag to the tray item. It pops up a list of your different destinations from Google Drive restaurant or be too, and you can drop the different ones so really slick. You don't have to use an FTP client on for people who are quite newbie it moving files in the cloud. I think once it's set up super easy for you to share, and it also creates a landing page for every item that you put up certain clouds. I don't think it creates a landing page. May be be, too, but I think it works with Google Driving S. I think it works with S three. Definitely. I'm not sure about Google drive, but it means you could just share a link. You are all to somebody and they could grab that file Now, if you're having problems sharing big files, then this is probably something for you. It's also got integrated screen recording on also enables you to mirror from your IOS or your android device and text screenshots of those devices. That's really nice. If you're working with a virtual p A or work virtual Web designer, create your website, you having problems on your iPad or your iPhone. Your android looks different or looks wrong. You can take a screenshot and send it. As long as you've got the app running on your phone, you could do it straight through the drop. Share up sends it into the cloud. You just copied the URL. Send it to your Web designer so you can see the problem that you're seeing. I like I said, moving and sharing big files is easy. Great for getting courses up to Amazon s three for Amazon video Direct. So one of the things that I am doing video courses is I'm slowly getting them onto Amazon Video Direct. The more silos, more open silos that I'm able to put my content, the better it is for me in terms of income streams for different platform. So moving big files off my machine. I got now 20 courses on here, which were taking up about half a gig. That doesn't seem very much, but as you get bigger and bigger and bigger, it's just taking more space upon your drive. So I've got backups of those in three different locations on the Web 4. 1.3 - content in the cloud: So clouds. Let's talk about clouds offloading your platform. Agnostic content across clouds. Just said in the previous slide. Being able to get that content off your machine means your initial hard drive is faster. It's your scratch drive that you use for your video. Editing is just moving that stuff off that you're It's just sitting there, not doing anything. You've already uploaded them. You just keeping them there just in case or you want a blow to another service later on. Having them actually in the cloud just means building more flexibility. It means I can go with a laptop, go to Cyber Kathy somewhere. No, my data is in the cloud, saving my hard drive space and move it from the cloud to another cloud. The benefit of that is also the speed off the connection from where I've hosted in the cloud. So it creates redundancy in case of platform goes down or falls over. So, for instance, say one of the platforms. So your website where you're doing your courses for some reason has a DOS attack or it falls over or your server company goes comport. Then at least you've got these redundant files elsewhere. You can copy them onto another side, link them up Europe and running again. One of the other things for using cloud storage is a found recently was this hasty male five player plugging for WordPress, which uses Amazon s three fuel files. Now, if you're considering doing a podcast, you're already doing a podcast on it. Cost you a lot of money permanent. Transfer those files or your podcast account cost you a lot of money per day to transit. Back and forth. I found that s stories. A good alternative, Cheaper option for storing files. It might be interesting to get in touch with this company and see if they will change their plug in to use back blaze Be too, because that's even cheaper than s three. But you can host your own files in the cloud. Put this embedded player onto your WordPress site and have all your podcast content being served up from the cloud from s three. A really fast option. Bear in mind that you could also add on the Bolton feature of S three, which means that each one those podcast files could be served a different points of presence around the world. That podcast will stop super quick. Wherever that person is closest to that server in a different country will get that file serve quicker. It's just a nice little touch for people. Listen to your podcasts. They get the benefit of not having to route all the way to a different country. They could get it locally from where they live. Superfast Internet Push system wide back up to B. T B two for off site security. The reason why I put this in There's a lot of co working spaces around the world now, which are either 100 megabit or gigabit. Imagine over lunch time being able to back up your home machine or back up your clients machine Over lunch. They bring in their laptop. They have to move all of that data from their local machine into the cloud superfast backups. You don't have to worry about it. You don't have to worry if you've got the latest backup or not. Using some of these cloud features at the price that they are now is a definite benefit to your business, and it just gives you that extra fall over that fail safe for your clients the benefit of having clouds host your courses on your own cloud Hosting. Take control of your media we've seen or I've seen over the last six months. Different course providing platforms like you to me. Skill share teachable. They've all changed in some way. Either be at the price single. The customers have moved from one platform to another platform or mainly the pricing issues . Be enough to host your content on your server. Managing end to end The whole experience is not having to take a cut when it comes to the money. I think you know me. Take 30 be sent. I think skill share Take a similar amount. Being able to take transaction of payment and get the whole amount is huge Most of time, though micromanaging all of those issues could be a problem. But with the cloud, this enables you to take back control of your content. 5. 1.4 - keka graphical interface (mac): So let's talk a little bit about Kiki here. One of the downsides for B to right now is that you have to have your buckets, your folders, if you like public. Now, the problem of those I don't want to upload my backups. Aunt, have those public files found and downloaded because then I have not benefited from it at all. Or if the system all the platform gets hacked, then my files are spread out there. And then all of a sudden there on victory, I didn't get any benefit. But I've spent a lot of time on them. I've been using this compressor really beautiful. You eye on it for Mac, that enables me to compress and encrypt my files and actually put a password on them. Now that's not to say that they can't be brute force donned, attacked, and the password found it just makes it a lot harder to do it. So for extra security, in case of download or they find them zips. I've compressed every one of those files. And what I've found is that Kiki's great has this additional archival called 10.7 set, which I think is more of an up to date zip. If you know about archiving or compression, it'll you'll have heard of DOT Zip or WinZip or Mac Max Zipper, I guess. Is it known on the Mac? But I found that seven zip, especially for media files, especially for courses, really does compress it incredibly well. So it save you the time to upload it to the cloud. Saves a little bit of space on the cloud in terms of how much space you actually have there . So obviously bringing the price down there. But if somebody does find it over, the side gets hacked, at least is a password on your files. Super Super Easy. It's Dragon Drop. You set the password initially, and then you just drag their What I've done is found a folder found the contents of each folder for each course create the sevens it. Then I upload that with drop share. Fall said that have one file in each folder in the cloud, so it's easy to manage also great for courses for users to get content after registering. So if you are going to do your own hosting of your cloud files, being able to give access to your book it via, say, a registration on your website and then sending them the password afterwards. I'm just about to start using the great marketing tool called Drip the I O or drip taco. Maybe at the ability that after they paid using stripe or PayPal for me to send them a message and give them the latest password on access to that folder means they can download that contents their machine have the full HD version on the unlock visit when they get there. 6. 1.5 - the roundup: So the roundup, then hope you're inspired to go and take another look at cloud back ups. If you've been putting it off and think you know it's bit too expensive or a bit too cumbersome, please do go number. Look, it's changing rapidly on the pricing is coming down. The more people that use the cloud hosting, the more competitive these services is going to get. I looked an easy talk. Will drop share four for pushing content into the cloud. I absolutely think this is a way to go using command line and being stressed out about book . It's It just adds another level of complexity. We're used to a having a drive connected by USB and doing out back up that way, so it's gonna be as easy as that. I feel that drop share enables that for the clout, and we also spoke about possible large files and content you could be storing in the cloud saving your local dis space. Optimizing your local machine for productivity is an absolute must. Please leave a comment or a project share and lever of you really helps us get noticed. Onda really need the coverage. I'm putting all my effort into skill share course making, trying to build those income streams up, said that I could work full time from the Web and ultimately hit the road. I don't want to be statically nomad forever. I would like to be a nomad traveling around doing these courses on four G and explaining all the issues that I come across. I hope that was useful. I speak to you soon. 7. 1.6 - tweet, share and review (...): while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.