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Workshop Básico de Brush Lettering en Español

teacher avatar Vivi Furlong, Diseño gráfico - Lettering - Publicidad

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Usando la guía del ABC


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      Trazos en el ABC


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      Proyecto Final


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      Saludo Final


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About This Class

Si ya completaste el Mini-Workshop donde te enseñé sobre los trazos básicos, la postura, y materiales que podemos utilizar, te invito a que no te pierdas este workshop en donde iremos juntos letra por letra del abecedario, y luego aprenderemos trucos para conectar letras y poder crear nuestras primeras palabras.

Para todos los alumnos que terminan esta clase, he preparado 6 Ebooks de práctica que no te puedes perder. Aquí te dejo los enlaces exclusivos con el 50% de descuento:


Bouncing letters:


Conecta tus letras:

Estilo propio:


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vivi Furlong

Diseño gráfico - Lettering - Publicidad


Hola! Soy Vivi.

Soy una argentina viviendo en California. Aunque he sido estudiante en Skillshare desde hace mucho tiempo, no había creado ninguna clase porque doy clases en Español. 

Soy Licenciada en Publicidad desde hace 2003, con un título intermedio en Diseño Gráfico. En el 2016 comencé a dibujar letras e ilustraciones. Desde hace un tiempo que enseño en Michaels y en mi propio website. El arte me ayudó muchísimo como terapia y es por eso que me encanta enseñarlo, porque sé que puede ayudarnos a todos a expresarnos, y tambien porque me da muchísima satisfacción cuando mis alumnos logran sus metas. 

Actualmente trabajo como... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Bienvenida: lovin venue. Police. Tacky, suitable My sissy on e shorter, maybe like and you know, CSS every murder workshop. Gasic amigo. Comment. Okay, if this is the woman vendor brush lettering. It was a free man. Valerius Asset and mean workshop. Principal rush lady told bicycles and work they must in a really workshop in your points on gs get shown in the figure for for well, really watch of the night. Our city of London the workshop here power in bringing Chico's in Santiago The Russell family awful in Catalunya in tow. Recommenced there were with that comedian like last. Don't send me through calls, but sell or transfer I e. I only know about, you know, I wrote about us in the process. If they were in Notre Sexy on active combat brigade for this instead workshop Done. Much of these tough, compacted looking 2. Usando la guía del ABC : for lack Almost ask really territorio e they would get. And he told me about a common stars. A pretty sure thing. Tm press up anti give guitars say, Would you like a sister? Meaning workshop Tall OK, and they workshop bicycle Okay, gets on transit Classical seen All we see is the work of our moocher polar Acela e isso Trevena Anagram Patricio Markkula Literacy hasn't gone Tola Stress. Okay, shopper anemones, Anil Meaning? Worship a secretary Go me in the criminal Tamar s it the chef a little while, But I Sorry to hear no popular car in most remarkable referee those the city and I for me ma moneda loanee Carl diferencia in give us a settleable pencil e e elaborate party taking europe Aso see a commercial explica in a meaning work show and principal the brush lettering I apple also the tour last ever me and thus I e less I mean like a sure communal sick, see shy system in the world shop shall heated Your opponent s eight people remain in Syria case even the most common animal tracks of a sicko problem for Martin letters Get away from your Grasso's bill of Mr Cuomo. Seven and letters. But I can't go latches for Marlboro booklets and then the, you know, core Welcome Poster la If the formal aboard. Oh, no, You know what I know. Like what? I don't know. If that I mean a better sea level were left, laugh a place and then any for restless. And then, you know, you see, four months told us. I mean, I said, get in and I see it the fucking now. Rapprochement translocation Kona. Same O C. Across. And then Tellis Ananta, Corvino Carbon Martina called Welcome poster or for my elbow class and then the yearbook lettuce. And then you're gonna trust Katumbi Impallaria Motion of the list Security going public like I got a little bossy commenter Sea shepherd in the test set of Brussels It another very answer. More complete girls one No, una linea agro is such a case. Una linea acosta this in the end, the Cuando una una fina s in a linear esta Sandia city in the US So there well, traffic will care. Let your son a classic Kilowatt Morneau infant care momento in the highest Haram's, a pocket of land Tomi and letters and it's about their get in and have a lower lettering. Castro a separate complaint. Lena is on the toilet. Literacy a portion. Alina Capital is donation. Asked on the show. Must Lina Maria held the Schengen? Leanna's Let me know. Coghlan's see Capital is let the exit lo tenemos telling Alice. And then they get on the ship. Little in your kitchen and trust in them here, said the Torah. It's lead ricocheted Thomas. I wanna cause it, actually, for the most regarding the most lettering, for example, is the people. The the warhorse Extra in Florida equals a sine Kamina city on a hill address at him. See, when it's a Syria, Bassett come in them, um, similar video and Hamas, Kernan, Kentucky, Paseo and Thomas Wanna steal exist it comical Almost. Barry are not sick Kilos, but younger Kern In the letter c, the car happening king. He looked at the kilometre on the hemp. Assad is a dollar A scenario in the new Pola. You know time I should wrap Caleb Sir 2 p.m. for singing Stop CEO told El Aguila seven Hope solo. I took the Emperor See ish Oh boy Coma a formal address E welcome with a capital for other like here in Tokyo. Okay, Last four months. E poor than MPs. Upsy and piece of Iraqi. And if the castle the phone left Little Montmartre, several naval Alina if there was a window dress Oh, come here. Suck E e Terminus letter is the direct us when a practicable principle and the castle trust secure practical points Trust a man on Saleh and doesn't show. And that is the case that severe in local Always solar um announcer and that kind of trust consequent even see CNN quarter Obama's are only lost his phone toe You'll demon s Acela Manasseh own mission addresses Seem is how much can t I s escape with a secure A weapon? Boco Musica Impressive way Michele Bruno sing community does get sensory mean trust our home hold up in San Chico Its exact time until a meeting room video Am Mama's gonna throw Marco? - Yes , there have been selling around there They were thinking that one, it seems and say Yeah, boy and see more And I am a strong and not really there Trusses Cohen Different coloured Cee Lo Ambien in the palate 3. Trazos en el ABC: Alabama's scenario trances in the scene and you know what does? Oh, yes, I don't know A lot in in the Uinta Former Oh, no See, Ben Life violencia Different people are very important in the above. The are e j laugh alot They are heinous Togar sick on And I think the says booth the way Estancia you know when that is in Anjali Crescent Way Welcome aboard hockey where only Paseo But I said the dress up in a given market in the okay The happiness I see settling sick the most important the Does that translate later take care of you know Sylvia and s they never get terminal Contrast so us and then the parable only Look they said homes in Grado fiddle me and the hunger Because Litvack, you're ok thing that s so romantic. More bumper in us in the same lay there It's me I said you're mean in my short quick one store in a cool for Russell likes because include helping CPO ticket See Syria. I can no selling here. Look atyou some No is. But this is the most vocal. He s seeing a seven leniency around last April Quadri Cola or a shadow on this The people 4. Conexiones: Well, most of lateral go. Next bonus Cuomo They have a ritual told scenario bombs only Letras e female mental massage Intel says idol bicycle. OK, asi una raila Cassie parquet realize that s given Gone own Alina Ascendant and Templo. So then go on a but a second. Okay. And so says aka whether show you need quite get ultra literal for ejemplo. Yeah, well, let me see your colonies and then Yeah, Oops. Hi, I e I know comas dificil the connector coliform market. You know, for him home had terminal life, life together and the last The little I think he on this incident in Lyrica in Santa has settled dresses us and tell couples are in the literal Casey por que probablemente Mitrice's And then I think Mark orto Oprah elemental thing. Let me go. Yes, You make it a good thing. Yeah, um see me trousers and entertaining. It's a moocher mass. I gotta go. Casey Venturing out. What if I'm cooking? See you. Yeah, guys see? Thank you. Our tango on a interior Antos is Show them a year and they see the Syria. You don't have a car? Most wow meeting that There s a lot. Yeah, a little glass. And also, if it connects CMP mirroring lies Terminals won't trust us. And then pedo and so $1 while I said we're not really s then Sorry. And tamano Calle Italian paparazzo e in momentum machinery Me para una wanna connection? See Imogen Normal don't. I don't think it's address apportioned bronchial. Trust me. Get real! You killed Russell Continual him on Channel O Kill Trust another venous in Gardena one. I'm okay. A stock. I said dress. Oh, say I turned in my court. Hinton says Larry Lioce said trust us and that CME barista The name Okay, Pensar and don't see in Gaza Last said let Syria similar Give me lean people can cure a signalman Southern prepare say similar in a castle Love a 11 Corta Millette seeing it dresses and then there Yeah, you call me at a meeting K Really simple cocoa. Momus. Erica. See me See Canada. I love letter c. Maybe you It says okay can form. But I said I love it gonna every so she He was a real income. Your gas. It takes a quarto anymore being searched and for the him blow bomb lab going. There s a I love. Okay, look it I've seen s I was gonna kill it can kill a C S k. I'm talking ticket being second lettering, I can say I told the woman so low. It's like it created a storm in a Solaris. I see. And Tobin said he read it on this pass after in the past, a living. You didn't know the Syrian people. They see Mona Llinas and then the pencil and a monocle live on a trip in cell in media E In Ki Angulo, I am still of the row. They will have a renewal of Trussell. They have a couple of years later. US e co mamas are apple and thus allow as personally over. Okay, The name. Okay, it and have a look at that. A perfect practical practical Paktika Paktika elaborate exit show. You know Estalella, Dream e And one through four must later. Okay, Close Aloma Chico on Cornel Apple Pan's I mean it for us. They assert Let us eat. I'm, which is the most still of the dentist. Sick Leave well enough alone. Dorsey Levens. Okay, Sandy Hman. See? A practical It was a stockholder. Puttalam in Canton. Pero ethanol Boco clatter No arugula for Maria. Yeah. What? When you in the later in? You know, I think there as they get no like in the Practica would Okay, Lohan, Logan. 5. Proyecto Final: way. 6. Saludo Final: when I should Almost nothing under like last night which is a massive for stabbing literally on my compartment. Continue if they also in the workshop even get the currency s comentario. This is a physical in a mini or don't get their Rinella e room firm like Amona happened in estate workshop Asako We haven't opened the the national momento and think to man he told after where they gave us support from ballerina last Even Billy's going from us. He context No, I think the simple pass they were kicking put us about $1 a ticket asking because a person secures answered I got Oh no, no. They have not americanus their workshops in Okay Boca missing pharmacy. I rearrest tutorial classes I would choose Show me a plan and class and workshop, don't they? Don't open them with cheese because I'm super meaningless e g in the show, Everything I say Wow, it's nothing a limited e non the less than perfect hell, Every minute I must welcome in Kanto brush lettering on the lettering and see nothing but a Propia asa. In Syria, most elemental people will happen Madonna and Brush letting nearly as to get the animal significa seca told the local media