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WordPress : Install Free forever HTTPS SSL certificate for your site

Jay Mayu, Illustrator & Software Developer

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9 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Advantages of https

    • 4. Add a site to Cloudflare

    • 5. Complete Cloudflare setup

    • 6. Install Wordpress Plugins

    • 7. Complete the setup

    • 8. Cloudflare Features related to WordPress

    • 9. Thanks and Goodbye


About This Class

Do you have a WordPress website currently running on HTTP protocol and you want to install SSL certificates and let your readers/customer browse your site with HTTPS protocol? Then this is the ideal course for you. 

you will learn everything necessary to install an HTTPS / SSL certificate on your WordPress powered website with the help of the third party provider Cloudflare's free tier. You don't even need a card to enable this service. We will learn step by step on how to implement it without spending a single penny. 

By taking this course you will be able to convert your HTTP websites into HTTPS powered secure website. This will not only boost your customer’s confidence on your site, but it will also boost the SEO rankings in Google. If you are a freelancer, you may use this skill to deliver secure WordPress powered websites to your clients. All this you can do it without spending a penny!

 We are going to make use of the third-party certificate provider Cloudflare. We will also learn how to take advantage of Cloudflare other than the SSL / HTTPS certificate. If you already have a WordPress website or if you are a WordPress freelancer who has some basic knowledge of WordPress then this is the course for you. All you need is basic WordPress knowledge and a will to learn a new skill.

Addition to installing SSL certificate on your website, you will also learn some advantages of having Cloudflare integration on your WordPress website. For an example, you will learn how the CDN network helps and how to save your site if it's under an attack from hackers. 

So why are you still waiting? You have nothing to lose. Join the course and I’ll see you inside. 


1. Welcome: Hello and welcome to the world off Sick Your fortress. My name is Jay. I'm a software engineer on the WordPress freelances. I being freelancing for over 10 years on WordPress platform. Also, I'm teaching close to 20,000 students in Buda me on other online teaching platforms. By taking this course, you will be able to convert your http powered websites into a T. T. B s power secure website. This will not only boost your customers confidence on your side, but it will also boost the seat for ranking in Google. If you are a freelancer, you may use this killed to deliver a secure, buttress powered website to your clients. All this you can do without spending a single penny completely free. We are going to make use off the third party certificate providers Cloudflare. We will also learn how to take advantage off Cloudflare at that s Cecil and itchy DB as certificates. If you already have a word for his website or if you are WordPress freelancer who have some basic knowledge on buttress and this is to cause for you all you need is a basic voters knowledge on will to learn a new skill. We offered 30 days. No questions asked. Money, back guarantee. So why are you still waiting? You have nothing to lose for joining the cause. And I feel you inside. Bye bye. 2. Introduction: hello and welcome to the course in this cause. We're gonna implement match TTP certificate, toe unsecured website, a wordpress website. So here you see the my own line dot com. It doesn't have any certificate installed, and that is an exclamation mark. If you click on it, the chrome tells you that the connection to the site is not sick. You're so which means, people, if you if you have ah, credit card transaction and that sort of things in your website people are not going to do it because your side is not sick. For example, if you can't throw aside like YouTube or popular sites in Fort Bliss, I would Oh, yeah, it's a secure and it has a lock mark and the you are say's http s, which means this kind of sides are highly secured on the data sent and received from your PC to the server, and the data that is sent from the server to the PC is encrypted into him. So the hackers have very less opportunity toe grab the data and then in court it so they won't be able to decode and see what you have sent since you're using the secular certificate. So we are not going to go into the technical leaders. But we going to see how to implement it Practically on your WordPress website enormity implemented. As you know, I'm reading accuse off Cloudflare. Cloudflare is 1/3 party provider and the they you will not only get actually be a certificate, there will be other advantages. Answer. So we will look at them in a future and listen. So that's it. Enough! Bablu, Let's big 3. Advantages of https: Hello and welcome back. Before really jumping into any technical native, I want to cover some basics. I want to talk about the advantages of using STD B s over. Http, I'm not going to use a technical Jagan's that would end up confusing you, so I'll try and explain everything in simple, plain English authenticity. It guarantees the use of that. Whatever the data they are provided from is generally enough to trust on has not bean altered by anyone. Confidentiality, it actually is uses that all the activity done on the website by them is totally encrypted . With 50 TB s on it is secured enough that it cannot be visible to someone who is trying to sniff through the network traffic secular. It's really crucial that when someone is doing some monetary transactions, such as purchasing through your e commerce website, visitor wants to stay a sealed that the confidential information such as credit card or bank, it'll stay secured and it does not falls into the wrong hands on this. Http, based new others. That's the same thing. Ach Ashes uses that it's completely safe enough to do the transaction apart from these things recently, do good announced that all the http s to these websites will get a boost in the S your ranking. So the important thing to know that it's not only beneficial to the users, but it's also Ben officials to the web masters, the chanced of Web site visitors. It's the utmost important if anyone want to survive in an online business. Therefore, if you're using any online transaction or if you are chance transferring back on for some secular information, I highly suggest you agreed your WordPress powered websites to S T. T. P s. Based on the method that you're gonna learn in this course. So that's also this Listen to you in the next listen bye for now. 4. Add a site to Cloudflare: Hello and welcome back in this section we actually going to create our neck new account. So first hey, do cloud flat outcome C o duty F l a r e dot com Head to that website on Took on, sign up on fill in the details and creating their cart. So pick on, just fill out the DDS gonna create ago. Now it's going to ask you for your site. The side that we're gonna add is my own like dot com. So I'm going to copy that removed http part and pecan at site. So what is going to happen is that Cloudflare is going to travels through the DNS records and it's going to pull it up. So kick on next. Andi, I'm going to obviously select free in future if you wish. You can update toe other paid plants. Ah, to match your re comments. So here you see, the Cloudflare has ultimately pulled all the, um, Dean's records for the my online dot com on its you see google dot com and everything. My email email undated The Imex records and see name. Everything is pulled from the see panel or the hosting account on dumb. Now it's So what is actually happening here is that Clark Fair has pulled out all the DNS records and it's going to store it in their website on the next time. If you want to make any Deanna strangers, you don't have to do it in your house, sticking, hosting account or in the the dumbing ah service provider. What you have to do is simply unit Anybody in the sittings in the cloud fair clout you have inside itself on dumb. That fund it is that when a user visits your website, he will be first validated by the Cloudflare. Anything is a hacker or if he is trying to misuse or trying to take advantage off your website, the clown flammable, detected and block him and also other bandages in the using a cloud, for we will discuss it in another Listen. So here you have seen that it has pulled all the records on D. C. They have scanned eo existing the industry const to make sure your website and medicines mail services continue to run. Once you change the names, I was took place. Okay, just simply read, stories are going to read everything um on Take on. Continue. Now, the next thing you're going to do is you're going to change your name. Service currently in your domain would be pointing to your hostin become Now, You know what you need to do is you need to point it to the cloud flare. So simply copy this on. Go to your dorm. Interested? And if you are using, I'm currently going toe. Explain it using name service, unnamed Cheap. But if you're using Ah, some other website click, Click the link here. I need help changing my name. Service Onda, select your register. Go Ready and extinct. There are 454 examples and select that Internet show you step by step step instruction. That will be very helpful. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to say I'll show you the name Chip Looks like named Ching panel. Say what? It shows what to do. Okay? Yeah, And take on my knees and we'll do custom Deanna's and copy these things. So I'm going to do the same. So I have the Dominus Tina, and I'm going to buy only coming from to pick on manage the next thing. What we'll do is it's already on custom, Dean is. And, uh, I'm going to copy and replace it here, copy. Angry people could place it here on kick on this city. It might be different if you're using some other Domine providers. I obviously hit Gordy. I don't use them because their dashboard is very clouded and they always try to up sell it So many product that I don't I don't necessarily need so I simply hate them. I don't use them. I love named cheap. They're very gives him people minimal dashboard. I love their services. So that is all. And now, as you can see, ah, the name team is operating the lumps name Silvers, and it's going to take another approximately one minute off time. So I'm going to post the video, and once it's done, I'm going to continue from club here. 5. Complete Cloudflare setup: Hello and welcome back The name cheap. Uh, venous service has been updated. So I'm going to go back to Cloudflare on going to pick on. I'm done so everything is done and I'm going to click on. Continue now. Cloudflare saying status is ah active. The website is active on Cloudflare on dumb. The security level is minimum on the assistant certificate is something that we gonna change. So this isn't certificate. We're going to change you too. Yeah, we're gonna keep it do flexible. We're not going to change it to be going to keep it that flexible because we gonna use the flexible certificate. We are not going to use full certificate. The different between flexible and full certificate is that when the connection between your end Onda Cloudflare is encrypted in the flexible, if you go for the full the clinic the data that is sent between your end oclock flies encrypted on from club plan to the server is a is encrypted again. So that is that frontage off using food. But since we don't want toe, increase the complexity and since I don't want to force all these technical stuff on beginner level users I'm just going to skip the full and I'm going to do the flexible, which is more than enough for any website. Eso I'm going to keep it at the flexible Onda and let's stick on the crypto country quipped . Always come back to over here so that is it at Cloud Friend and we gonna have to make some changes in our ribs, would perception? So let's see what other things that you need to do in now. Whoppers website in the next video bye for now. 6. Install Wordpress Plugins: but we'll come back in this video. We actually going Teoh installed to plug ins that is necessary to enable Cloudflare powered assistant certificate in your book purse powered website. So in order to do that first you have to log in on day on, go to the been dashboard. So I'm inside that been dashed. But right now and I'll go here and I'll go and kick select. I've you. So what you have to do is to simply have to have over plug ins and click on at me and come here on a search for club flesh installed. The 1st 1 here, click on Activate. Okay, now click on. Add new again against it for clothed flat. On this time you need to install Cloudflare flexible SSL. If you remember correct B selected flexible SSL as the certificate that Kenya will that we want to install. Uh, so the to plug in science start on dumb. So before moving to the next section, let's go to settings on Select Club Flat Onda, Have you haven't account already signing here? So yeah, I have a count already style type J at my youth online. That's my email for the A P I key you can click on get your A P I key. So in order to get your a Becky, you can simply come here and select your email address here and click on my profile. And it will take you to this page on Dhere Select Global AP A View Ap. Keep click on that and it will ask you for the passport. So give out the password. Confirm that you're not a robot. Obviously stick on view every Aquino the wiki is here. Just copy that. Come here pasted and click on Save a P I credentials for re actually going to enable the automatic cash management. So take on. So this will improve. The Cashman has been on your silver and the pages will be a lot much faster to your messages. So these these are the things Ah, these are some advantages of using Cloudflare Onda. The next thing you need to do is ah to optimize club flair for WordPress. So click on apply. Obviously we're going to do that. Okay, The water you say the door settings have bean succeed. The default setting has been have been successfully set cool and If you want to clear the cache, you can simply click on push cats. So push put cash so that politically, all the cash in your server So those are small tips, so we are pretty much done at would percent. So there is a small change at clouds flats, and, uh, now, So we look at it in the next video bye for now. 7. Complete the setup: Hello and welcome back. We're gonna do a one last change, so let's head back to Cloudflare. Account on dumb selective upside. Currently, we have only one website. That is my own line dot com on dumb if we have to do with so pick on Pedro's Andi, then select Click Pedro. So what we are actually going to do here now is Ah, we gonna make sure that all our pages are going to go through Http as not STT p. So in order to do that what we what we gonna do? Oh, we're going to give a you rule here. The rule is going to be a two dp Onda. Uh, everything falls under my you don't mind dot com will be redirected to that If d d b s signed click on add a stating and click visiting and units say Always use STT B s. There are so many options you can play around with. But what we're going to do is we're gonna use always use extra g p s and force https for these You are take on save on Go. So everything is done Ideally a website shirt work in HDTV s right now. So now the pig you are really page redirection is done. Now we're gonna come back to our WordPress site. Andi, tick on Cloudflare, go to settings and click on Cloudflare on click on Settings again. Come to the bottom on. You should have this option enabled. So all the settings that done and, ah, let's visit our website and type my own online dot com on. As you can see, the side would be loading in an S T T. B s protocol. So and it also say's It's secular. Do you remember previously said it's not secure. Your connection to decide is not secure, but if you see it sees, say's it's sickle, then you are doing it. It might not take effect immediately. Give you the time up to 24 hours on DA. The changes will take effect. Definitely on. It will work like a magic. You won't have to do anymore changes other than what I have done in this tutorial. So I hope you enjoy this tutorial on if you like it. Please give it fi star on. Duh! The fi star is the only thing that will keep me motivated and make me create more such tutorials and causes in all these platforms. So thank you very much. See you in the tutorial. Bye for now, daycare. 8. Cloudflare Features related to WordPress: Hello one. Welcome back. So you have successfully implemented the assistant certificate in your website. Now your customers are your readers can visit your website. Ah, with the secured http. Desperate a car. So congratulations. Now it's time to celebrate. Give it up on your back on give a pat on your back. Onda, you are awesome. So in this section, we gonna actually look into some of the features that we can get from Cloudflare. So just go to the dash book on, go to settings and take on a flat. So let's go through these options that we have here. So the first thing optimized Cloudflare for WordPress we have actually hit don't apply when we tossed intially installed it so that a school that we have done made it. The second option is support cash. So what is gonna happen is that what cloud flies going to do is that it's going to store the static files in debt service globally. For example, you will have html CSS and JavaScript files in your WordPress center. So these files will be saved in Cloudflare servers around the world. For an example, say your server is in U. S. a and you have a visitor coming from Singapore on if they use. If the user is coming from the Singapore and if the data this week is to be loaded from us to the Singapore, it's going to take more time. They're going to be a big network latency. So what cloud flat asses. They have their service in Singapore. So what they're gonna do is they're gonna just pass all the static data from there, replicate locations in Singapore to the users. So the users will see that the page is loading much, much faster. Eso basically Cloudflare is claiming that you can see 60% date increasing page load speeds for WordPress websites that are using cloud flat. So that is the advantage of having a Cloudflare on. If you want to clear the cache that is told across all locations, you can simply click on this perch. Cash button on it will be simply removed. So if you made any changes to the website, the latest change will be visible. It's not that close. You will not update the changes that you have in your website. It might take some time, and if you want it to be take effect immediately. You can take the putsch cash and in the end, we're coming back to is the second option Third option automatic cash management. So what I discussed previously, So if you let the Cloudflare toe automatically taken can take care of the cash management so you don't have to worry about clearing and removing Go stuff. Let the cloud fell out flat. Take a rough it so I would trust a club flare over myself because I'm a lazy guy. I would let that out flat to do the work for me. So that is it for the homepage and let's go back to sittings. And this option B is actually switched on when we actually first installed about purse plugging and set it up. So let's keep it all these online reborn club flat to be all this online on. We don't have image optimization option inside the three tails, so I'm going to skip it. The second thing is developing more say for an example, you are doing some changes in your websites. Say you are changing the color off your website or changing the heyday made off your word President site. Onda And if you refreshing, see your side, it might still be showing the all things it may not reflect what you have in your but you have done in your website. In that case, the option is to clear the cache and that what it's gonna do is that it's going to clear the cache in all the locations and it's everything will be corn and the new uses. They'll have to download everything. But if you're doing some development, Andi, it's sexually not worth worthy to clear the cache across all the locations. So what you can do is you can simply switch on this option. And if you switch it on, what's going to do is that Cloudflare servers are going to always pick what is the latest latest Lee available in your website and show it to you. It's not gonna take things from them, Ah, cash servers. So that is actually a short cut where you can see the latest look off your website without having to go through the go through without having toe clear the cache of your website. So you gladly on the the adoption cash html accident. It's not gonna work with the free ties. I'm going to skip it on the security level. Off course, the usually stick with medium level security. That is enough for the good purse. Website on fireball is not available for the free tier on at once. DDOS attacks also not available for the Frida on the final option is automatic. Stoudt is relaxed. Actually. What it does is sometimes you might be using Jake Oreo. Bootstrap files that in the FTP location. So what it's gonna do is that it's actually going a Ah, pick up the TDP s files. Interrupt, Http. So the problem is, if you're using http and https together, and if you are using ah, https protocol in your website, some off these http files will be ignored or dropped by the browser. So what Cloudflare doing is that they actually try and pick all these things from an https location. So everything will be available in your website on the last but not least, the last tap is analytics. So actually, I didn't have much time. Toe let analytics take place. Only I have one day off a traffic data available so you can actually see 346 SSL requests Familiar Made to my website Onder, the cash has saved 390 k b over the over the last one day. The total Bambi This 1.7 in people's used out of fit the 3 390 cable saved that. That's a good substantial amount. You see the cash to request on catcher things on Also, you can check on bandwidth unique visitors on day trips there, no trips. So these other advantages if you're using Cloudflare. But wait a minute. That is not all That is one thing. No. If you believe your website is under attack and somebody is trying to launch an attack against your website, you have option click on enable I'm under attack. Mark, if you have enabled it on, go to your website. Now the Cloudflare is going to check with the You are actually a genuine user before letting you into the website. So your website will be Find yourself infrastructure will be fine. The Attackers won't be able to get access to your Web server. Resource is easily The Cloudflare is going to first check the user and it's going toe track all his intentions and see what he's actually trying to do before letting him into your website. So you may have actually seen this kind of lonely thing in other websites. So actually, this is what they're doing. They're using Glad Flatow limit the user resource is limit the use access to their website . And they are simply cutting off all these boats and hackers from the website. So that is it. Actually, I hope you learn some insight into how to use cloud plan. All this stuff. Andi, I hope you enjoy the course. So please leave me with a fine store rating. I really wish you do. Um, the ratings are the only thing that would keep me motivated to make more and more courses like this. So if you have followed any of my courses, you know that I don't like teaching a two that I like the I like to teach teach as you go. I like to take the approach of teach as you go approach. So I won't be teaching everything, but I will be teaching what is necessary to get the work done. So in this case, I'm pretty much sure you all go to know what is necessary to implement an http s certificate in your website. Your WORDPRESS powered website using Cloudflare. So that is all Gentleman. See you. Bye bye. Take care. 9. Thanks and Goodbye : Hello. It's time to be example. You made these farming's you are simply all some. Not many people would make the effort to complete the course, but you did so I'm really, really proud off you. Now you know how to implement a free SSL certificate on your would burst powered step size . Now you don't have to rely on 1/3 party person are you know you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to get some expensive SSL certificate for your foot first power website. Also, it opens window off freelance opportunities for us. You can probably create a gig in five hour dot com and say I can implement free SSL for your WORDPRESS powered website and you can sell it for $20.30 dollars, $50 or whatever the geek you're planning, Whatever they read that you're planning to sell your geek on also, you can as a value addition when you are doing freelance, you can give this s S l's. You can add this SSL certificate on top off your product and give it your client on client will be very happy to see that his website is now fully secure with GDP s protocol. So finally do rate the cause. It's very important for me. Please drink the cause and give me a five star rating. And if you have any feedback or if you have any negative feedback on me before leaving in the getting feedback on the course, please message me. Oh, let's talk on the coast forums on. We'll figure it out. I'm always here for you to help. So no matter what the question is, please ask me in the forums. I will always help you out. So that is all, ladies and gentlemen, Goodbye and take care.