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Wix Website Creation: What Type of Website Should You Start?

teacher avatar Brennan Zimmer, Online Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

30 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. Let's Get Your Ideas Out

    • 2. Types of Websites

    • 3. Goal Setting

    • 4. Quick Tips

    • 5. Drag and Drop!

    • 6. Adding in Apps

    • 7. Adding a Blog

    • 8. Adding a Contact Form

    • 9. Adding in Images

    • 10. Adding New Pages

    • 11. Edit Your Mobile View

    • 12. Finding Pictures

    • 13. Adding Buttons

    • 14. Adding in Music

    • 15. Add Shapes

    • 16. Adding in Videos

    • 17. Helpful Keyword Tool

    • 18. Adding a Lightbox

    • 19. Links on Wix

    • 20. Common Mistake #1

    • 21. Common Mistake #2

    • 22. Common Mistake #3

    • 23. Common Mistake #4

    • 24. Common Mistake #5

    • 25. What is SEO?

    • 26. Off Page SEO

    • 27. On Page SEO

    • 28. Adding in Social Media Buttons

    • 29. Creating a Store on Wix

    • 30. Titles & Paragraphs

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About This Class

Learn what type of website will work best for you with your Wix website.

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Brennan Zimmer

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1. Let's Get Your Ideas Out: within this video would be going over with you. Really website planning for your wigs website. I believe it's so important to have a clear really vision of your website just before you get started. Really? Without one, it can get a little confusing and sometimes frustrating. If you don't have a kind and mind goal to the early end of your website, trust me. Why? Because I've done it before. I have one into website trying to create it. Really, without having any idea on exactly what is it that I am creating now that might sound a little obvious and maybe a little bit weird. We know why wouldn't I create a plan? But sometimes especially if your brand new you're really excited to get started, Just want to jump in right away. And I'm telling you again, really, based on my 10 years really plus of experience in creating a lot of websites, you wanna have at least some type of playing going into it. That way, you don't end up wasting any time and then even worse than money along the way, because you don't want to be training things that a then you don't need in the future or you have to redo it all because it's not what you want and will help prevent that. Planning helps a lot. Now I don't believe you should be spending tons of time planning. However, I would say maybe maybe spend an hour or two planning, depending on the size that you're wanting website to be and have a kind of goal set. But I will be actually going a little bit more tickles a little bit later in this course. But rather, I guess you can say a plan here and just really figuring out exactly what is it that you want in your website. So let me kind of throw out a couple of questions to you. So maybe what you'll want to do is either either take out maybe a piece of paper and kind of writing utensil or go online like I did here and go to, like, Google docks, or like, a word document, and then maybe take this out for yourself. So let me just ask you some questions that are really gonna help you get started really planning the process after a website. So the 1st 1 is what is it that you want. Now that sounds really broad. That's exactly what I wanted to be. I wanted to be brought it really list down absolutely everything you can think of in your website. If you are really brand new, the website is don't really not really sure. And exactly what are on websites are what can England websites What I said Justin is then go on to other different websites and see what they're doing and see what things you like about him and then really start bullet pointing all those different things. I think it's probably best that you do blood points simply because you start to write long paragraphs. You might end up regretting it later simply because then you have to read it all through. So I just kind of creating some bullet points. Kind of like what I did here, in a sense, not exactly blood points, but close enough. And what you'll do is really yeah, do tons, different bullet points and what not just things that you like and other websites. This will really help you want to get into the process of creating your Web site. Then if you're maybe not even sure that of what you want. Or maybe on the flip side of that, you know what you want. I think it's also just as important to figure out what don't want. So maybe for you you do not want your website. They have anything orange in it, or pink or the colors of that for the most part. Okay. And those were settled details, but also really important details to write those notes down. Or maybe you don't want to have the website over 20 pages. Okay, great. Put those Don't sound anything that you can think of as if we were really important to really right down to make sure that you're not for some reason doing that while during the process of creating your website different, save you a ton of time in addition to break down. Really, everything that you're looking for is much as possible when it comes to websites. So that includes things that just even just the colors of the actual words that itself. The pages like the amount of pages and then also even like the theme. Is there certain themes that you like? Do you like that? There is like this big picture that kind of pops up in the beginning. Do you like that? Or do you like to be kind of more direct, like kind of more? Maybe it's kind of like a lot of different tax and buttons up front. What kind of style do you like? And this is going to really help you later on the course. Now there's no right or wrong to really website planning. For the most part, I guess the only per se thing that you could do wrong is just spending too much time planning because, of course you need to take action. You could be planning for 100 years and have the best plan possible. But then what do you actually get done? Because that's really what matters. But not to fear. Because, of course, in this whole course here, I'm gonna show you exactly how you can make a either what's website really quickly and professionally. So that's probably the first thing I suggest you to do is just started planning if you haven't already for your website and then once you feel like you've got a really a solid base on exactly what you want to see in your website then even then get started. Then on the other videos I have in this course really help you step by step through a hallway. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know and I'll see you in the next video. 2. Types of Websites: And when I know I'll be going over through all the different types of websites there are out there now because you're starting a website Analytics. That's awesome. But now they got I can't figure out exactly what type of website do you want now, especially for a beginner. You might not be 100% like you have maybe thought of this before and maybe even if compared . Maybe if you made multiple upsets before you're not kind of aware of this, but he kind of first now gotta figure out what kind of website do you want. I'm sure you know that there's a lot of different websites that you can create anywhere from membership sites to free content sites that have advertisements. I mean, there's so many different things that you could dio so I wouldn't just go over some of the mean ones that go over with. And then also kind of sure my suggestions to on really depending in what? When you're trying to accomplish really throat your website. What? Really, What kind of a website will work best for you? So the 1st 1 I'll just say is e commerce. So that of course if you have your own business or you're selling your own products than, of course, probably e commerce, and be a good way to global created website. Of course, that website you're trying to earn money from now, when it comes to a wicks that they make it pretty easy to set up a store and everything. Now I do believe in order to really create a store, I believe that you have to then have a certain type of membership with wits and are to kind of get that access to do that and stuff like a free works like a free Wicks website. But that's kind of to be expected, but regardless will be going through that later. However, really, that's just one of the different websites that you can create. Another 12 is just, like, more or less a content really based in information sites that I could have with a blogger on the websites that law, the tracks readers and I think that's really gonna be one of the best ways to go about creating most websites. In most cases, they have a blogger that's incredibly important. That way you can really attract more people through like S e O practices otherwise, more or less, I guess you can say e commerce website. It's a little bit more trickier to get people there if you don't have any type of blogger, anything of that sort. In addition to just come over here, they also have what they stayed here on. This is coming from Wikipedia itself. But I can back. This is being true just of general knowledge. I'm sure you're You've seen these websites to of just say websites that are based on advertising. So they also maybe have for content. Whether that's true, blawg polls, articles or maybe some other type of content and then how they make their income is then through either providing that advertisements for other products or services or than on in addition to that, too. Sometimes what you'll see in websites is really a combination of different things such as, say, having your own blawg, Then on top of that, having advertisements on the website itself and then maybe even having their own products for sale. So sometimes you have a combination of things can actually work really well now it really depends, too, because of your say trying to do a member chef site and then at the same time to you're trying to have this membership site the website were then, I don't know. But my point is sometimes certain combinations don't work very well with each other and sometimes only to know that it's just my testing it or maybe just looking around. However, what's really nice about just in general credit websites is most of time is incredibly flexible. So I mean, if you can dream it, you can you really you can do, you can create it. It's just a matter of just taking the right steps in order to do that. Now, within really this course I'm going to show you how to create a more general general generalized website Rather, and they're showing you kind of just the really of the main things that I think most websites will have such a say, a log and just creating pages and all those different things I could be going into, like a super in depth like websites such as the membership. So we're gonna have maybe hundreds or even thousands of people on that that would take may , Actually that would take a little bit longer, cheap create. But instead I just want to be going over if you just the different options that you have more or less even if you do want to create a bigger website not concerned at all, Wicks is definitely be able to help you create that faster than it would taking normally. Although just understand, too, that there are certain limitations to some extent and awake. So that's just trying to be aware of two. But for I would say 99% of people looks going really well for you and in right now, if you're not 100% sure in what different websites you want or want to create, that would be the great time to probably go back to the document that you created from the last video, or even whatever, like the piece of paper that he took out and start taking notes regardless. Now it's really time to for what, exactly what I go up to were best for. You just quickly share in my experience. What I personally do is I haven't blogged on my website. I have, like the really core information that you'd want to this contact page about us. Those have a different things, and then, in addition to that, to my own products as well. Those are the main things that I am currently doing right now and what I've had success in the past with as well. So really, that's what I do that's upset that you can't have success. Of course, with anything else, it's just that that's what I am currently doing. And I think that's what a lot of people do as well. And that's what I'll be really showing you and of course, to If you have a unique situation, we're not always feel free to let me know, too. As far as like, I can create additional content and then on top of that, too. I can even answer any specific questions. You have to try my best on that. But thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you in the next lesson. 3. Goal Setting: within this lesson, I'm showing you really what works for me. When it comes to Senate goals, don't worry. And that could be going over smart goals instead of really going over when actually has worked for me and what it could probably work for you. So with your website, I mean, there's a lot of different ways you go about this and how you can break this down. And really, what has worked for me in the past is doing this. What he can see right here, which is you just called my average week day and I break it down by the hour. But then also by l l m m h m and all those different things and help explaining to you what exactly they mean they're not. They're not really hard. It'll there really, actually straightforward. And I'll be showing you really how it helps me and why it also help you. So first things first. This actually this right here will be included within this sections. Additional resource is so if you want to follow along with me, you can pause this video and then kind of get into the resource is and then open this up That way you don't have to take this into yourself. But here it goes on why this is really important. What really helps me for as far a school setting. So of course what's really important even before this is kind, get an idea of what you're trying to do. And in this case, probably chances are you're trying to create a website, the weeks website. But I know we all have really busy lives. At least most of us dio and you know, honey, go about managing that now. Yes, it's gonna take not gonna take along to create your website. But also keep in mind too, that in the future, I'm sure you're probably gonna be updating it right. And if that's going to be the case, then you're gonna want to. Of course, you have goals as far as that may be updating it, meaning that's once Ah, week. Or maybe that's even once a day for me personally in my website. I always on my website, and that's just what I have chosen to do. It really depends on how active you want to be, but I probably should just be probably at least Weekly I. And really, what I would do is try to then plan around that and tried to really create goals on one year and do those things otherwise that they're not plans. They're probably not going to happen. At least that's what I found in my experience. So let me show you how to really go about planning it so that what you can really hit the goals that you have. So let's say, for example, right now, of course, we had the goal of creating your web site. So here's what you can dio. So right now, let me quickly kind of explain a couple things first. So, yes, of course I have. At times this might very for you as faras the time you wake up and then go to sleep those kind of things. So feel free to adjust that, of course. But let me kind also show you now these air specifically for me. So these will probably change for you. So let me just show you just based on what I dio. So l stands for kind of low prompted productivity. That's what I have found. So meaning 6 a.m. is usually not my best timeto work something because I am not on my kind of prime of the day. I'm gonna still waking up. That's just for me. Maybe for you. That is your private today. It really does depend really person to person. But that, at least, is for me. So I kind of go about really each hour kind of falling out. What are my times that are just not my biggest as faras like how much I can get done during those times and my energy levels are pretty low. So I kind of went about that going here. So 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. for me over the like the low times and then going back to the nine PM to all the way to a long, damn relatively low times of just energy. So meaning I know now that those were probably not gonna be good times for me to schedule on working on my website ordering updates. So that's that's why that's there. And when I do instead is, then I start to fill in different things. As far as what's gonna be important. As far as during those times, what's something that's easier that needs to get done, but at the same time to begin to get done during that time. But then I got in general what is easier. So let me give an example. Maybe, for example, that's taking a shower, hanging bath or whatever whatever you prefer. Maybe that's something you do. It's something really simple, straightforward. What I love about that is kind of wakes you up in the morning. Swell might be able to help a lot, too. So really, being able to make sure this simplistic as possible. So you might be thinking, Well, Brennan, why am I planning out my whole day here right now, when I just want to create goals from a website? The reasoning Why is again? Because you want to make sure that somewhere within this time, which I'll say Emma stands for, like medium productivity, and that hot, like H, means high productivity, meaning your prime time is going to be each. So whatever is each during this time, that's gonna be your prime time during the day and when your credit your website doing really important things, you don't want to be in your prime examples. That is for really most my course that I make. I tried to create them during this, like prime time, simply because I want to make sure that I'm giving as much value choose possible. And that way I can be really on top of my game, and that's what I do. That's kind of how I go about my day is scheduling things and where I believe the balls, important things that aren't quite as important, then I kind of scheduled them throughout the day in other places. That way, it just makes the most sense, really, depending on task. The task. So here's what it means to you. What I won't need to do is fill this out really kind of felt your whole average week day the residents a weekend weekday. And what does that usually look like? And then find times where he can than se work on your website during these times? Okay, So even though you can get a week's website done really quickly, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to get it done in a day and plus again, we'll be updating this too. So we don't want a deal is just make sure that in general you can figure out. OK, maybe between noon to 1 p.m. That's when I'm gonna work on my website, whatever that is to you and maybe for you maybe and said it's gonna be 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. It doesn't really matter again. These air just me. That's just me. Personally, these could be completely different for you. And that's kind of what I suggest you to do is maybe just fill this out. And really, this is bring clarity to and that's what I'm trying to do. The goal of cranial wraps it, but then also becoming crystal clear. You know, this is a type of website when they create this what I want to have on my website and this is when I'm going to create it. When you have all those things and being really clear with yourself, you're gonna find that you're gonna be able to get done a lot easier and more effectively. And that's really what I'm trying to help you. Really? With this whole section here. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know again This part this really this document here is going to be an additional resource is section that way. You can You don't have a type this all out and start from scratch. Of course. Feel free to adjust in any way you like. Thanks so much for watching this video and I'll see you and next lesson. 4. Quick Tips: I just want to now share with some quick tips with you just before we get started with in the next section, just to make sure that we're on the same page and we really understand and really what you should have by now. So just my quick tips for you right now for your currently kind of website planning and the goal setting all that kind of stuff. Yours, cattle order the things or some of the things that you definitely should have of this what I found in the past of what is really worked well, for me when it comes to planning. So first is then figure account. Really? With the pages that do What pages do you want on your website? Some examples. I halves, of course, filling out like home like a home like a home page. Contact us about us. Maybe a shop are. Maybe you're gonna have your different products is a tab too. Or maybe there's a free trial. Maybe there's a patient even says start here. That's a great page for obviously people. Their brand needs the website. Want to get an overall idea of like, Hey, what is this That kind of the thing. And yet just filling up the different types of pages that you'd have here, I'm not saying you have to have absolutely every single page or what not And I'm not saying either. Like a page in a post a little bit different, as far as like, a page as Faras like it's an overall kind of page that doesn't really It's changed too much on a website, although like a post like a blawg post, that's our seem different than a page. I would be going over that a little bit more in depth to in this course of your 1% sure what I mean by that. But really, having the main pages, me and core aspect of what you want on your website is going to be important. In addition to that two nines, the colors in general that you want, whether that red and white doesn't mean colors that you want to see in addition, maybe that is then also finding like the website that you like this post it the website design like a I. You know, I really like this design me, they can incorporate some of their ideas into my or maybe change it up slightly or maybe change it up a lot. But they have it somehow similar. Whatever the case may be, and even find the website that you really like. Oh, may I really do know, like this website at the design. It's always good to have these here for reminders. So when you go into that kind of creating your Wes website when you're like OK, this is exactly like this other design or is very close and I can make changes to it to make it look really similar or make it even better. So that's just some quick tips. I have just to make sure that we're on the same page here and just making sure that you have these things. I think it's gonna be really helpful, too. If you have these things and some help speed up the creation process of creating our own website as well. If you have any questions at all, please, If it'll let me know and I'll seal and next video 5. Drag and Drop!: in this lesson, I want to show you. Exactly how does the dragon drop feature work on Wicks? So right now I've actually kind of quickly picked out a design. You haven't quite seen it yet, but I'll show you in the next video meet, selecting a design and whatnot and how I went about that and can give you a quick overview . But really, with this video, I just want to show you exactly what is it like when it means, like the drag and drop feature. What does that mean with Lex? So let me show. That's really cool. So as you can see, this is completely a template right here. But really, what I can dio is exactly what it says, which is I can click it, and then I'm able to then really put it all around as much as I want. And that's what's really nice is even see here I can. It's literally Drake and Drop. And also, yeah, we're getting a little warning to I'm going out with lines. It's nice in that way it will give a kind of warnings if you're doing something you probably shouldn't, but anyways, it's really nice in that way, if you're able to really easily be able to the move things right now, mine is not moving quite as easily simply because I am also than trading this presentation for you. Meaning it's kind of slowing down my computer ever so slightly. But for you it will be literally drinking. Drop it really easy to do that. In addition to looking great about it is you can then selected from things that you want here and literally. It's like he would be ableto click this and then what it can show up, sold the different options or whatnot, and literally all you have to do is then click drag it onto the screen here and I'll show off. Let me kind of give an example here. So this is just a shit shape, for example. But as you can see, would I will be able to do then is then ah, shape than should pop up as it did. And then it's great to with everything super customized, bold so you can change the color of it that just like the look and all kinds of different things, even you can have this linking to something else to, of course, you'd have this change in size and change the whole like pretty much everything about it, for the most part. So it's absolutely great in that way. And that's really just want to share with you within this video is just to show you this is what the dragon drop feature looks like with other website builders, which I'm a big fan of Wordpress. However, at the same time, to a kind of not so great herbal WordPress is that it's not as easy to get things on your website. It's not difficult, but it's not as easy. And that's what kind of work. What shines is being able to have it be super easy. Get things onto your website looking the way that you want it. So those are then really in kind of a quick overview of what exactly is the drinking drop feature? And the White Wicks is so great to work with, as far as definite the features that it has so in the next video of you and show you more specifically the features and just what's available. And then pretty soon in the next section or two weren't begin getting into the national building. The website. Thanks so much for watching this video, and I'll see you in the next one. 6. Adding in Apps: I want to go over thew how to add APS onto your wicks website. So what you want to do is click on to add APS when you click this. What's gonna happen is obviously the at markets gonna show up Now what you can dio is a couple of different things. First, if you know what you're looking for, you type that in here. However, what's really cool about Wix is that the kind of show you a really brief overview of exactly. You know what things are you looking for? That kind of thing. So let's just say you're looking for free APS. Probably. There's a good chance you might wanna look into some free app, so I'm a click this. There's a total of 109 free APs available, and when you conduce, then is all of these right here are 100% free. You can add these aren't your website, and whatever you want it to be in one that you can add it onto here. So some of these I have not completely played around with, but I mean, definitely they could be really helpful. So let's just say, for example, you want this pdf viewer right here. What I can do is say, add to site. Just click this and then what it's gonna do, is it It's loading right now and what it will do then, once it has been been fully than installed, it's the website is then it will also then give me now a new feature, and that's exactly what we'll be looking for. Sometimes the locations where they showed the new feature kind of very, but a lot of the time, So what'll happen is really one of two things. Either one. It will have some kind of pop right here, like it's kind of happening now, or what you'll be able to do to is then going to add, and then they'll give you new features to. So let's see. So here here's an example as well. Obviously here is it just popping up. I can change the size of it and what not and I'll also be able to then really changed this like a just double click this, and then we'll be able to do is upload your pdf and then it will show exactly the one that you're looking to put in there plus, it gives them the easy options of printed or download it, so that should work out great. So that's just an example of how you can use APS again. Not all the apps are free, although what is nice is that there is over 100 APS that are free, and that could be really helpful. If you have any questions at all, please let me know. Be more inhabiting, answer them. And thanks so much for watching this video, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 7. Adding a Blog: I'm gonna show you how to create a blawg under Wicks website. So if you are using a template, chances are you probably have one of the top pages up here is a blood. In fact, although, if you are using then a blank template, then you're gonna have to add your own blawg. But either way, I want to show you how you can and a blogger and then on top of that, to how you can go about than creating your own like posts and whatnot. So the first thing is that if you don't have a block currently right now and and in order to check that how you do that has just had probably going one of the pages that looks like it could be a blawg, such as, like news and update. That was the one that was actually given to my template as like a blogger, as you can kind of see, hear in the background and how you can also check to make sure you have a blawg is what I would suggest you doing is going to APS or let's see, I'm gonna go back just to make sure I'm saying this right. Okay. So yeah. Yep. Add APS. And then what you'll do is then type and blawg, and then there it's gonna give you the option of Do you want to add a wicks blawg? And if you don't already have that, you consult on to elect a website for free. Is it like an amp and I can actually show you that as well. Just go along with here. So once you would click our search blawg, it would come up like this. And with you do have it, it'll say open app. Or if you don't don't say add to cite an old safe, free as well. So in this case, I already do have it. And what I want to do is I can click onto this. No, there's multiple ways I get to this. I could've also double clicked on one of my blood post, too. Although just to show you as well, what you can get here is this kind of the overall view of like a wicks block. Of course, you can that go ahead and create a post hair. You can manage your posts and all these different options as well. So when I click, then create a block post what it's going to give me the option to do is opposite. Then start filling out whatever it is I want to put for a block post. And what's nice, too, is that it offers to kind of different things to you and how you want to go about it as faras, like just a lot of different options when you get it started, as Faras like you can add in, Of course he has the title and then also the description. But he can also add in categories as well, along with pictures and the videos. That makes it really easy to do all of this. So that is really how do you go about this as far as creating your own blawg on your Wicks website and then also adding posts later on in this course will be talking about more about like the CEO aspect of your posters to make sure that they're gonna be seo friendly and to really help you as much as possible for search engine optimization. Thanks so much for watching this video, and if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know, and I'll see you in the next video 8. Adding a Contact Form: if your potential customers have any questions or maybe your current customers have questions, you want them to be able to contact you. And that's kind of exactly where a contact form comes into play. Now, it's probably gonna be a good idea. They have some kind of page or tab on top here that's gonna be specifically for contacting you as faras, like your customers be able to contact you something like this right here and when will be able to do is well right now I'm in. Actually, this page but for this example doesn't matter all too much as far as just to show you how to do it. And really, what I want to show you is then exactly how to add on to, like, I had a contact paid onto your current like page that you want the form to be on. So the first thing you want to do is go over to add click That and what's gonna be a button pop up here is gonna give you a within multiple different options someone you'll want is then contact. Then you're gonna be able to kind of decide which turned really different. I guess contact form you want to use. I personally like doing this one to make sure that it's gonna be enough space for the but either potential customer or current customer, whatever the case may be. And as you can see here, you can actually change it up the way you want to move it around, as you would expect, probably by now and then. Also, you can change the size, too. What I have done in the past is I like to have us around the width of the spear on 500. As you'd see up here, that's huge. That's usually how big I like having mine. However you you might have a different, but that's what's great about, Wick says. It's very customizable. And once you then put this on your page is for your contact page. You put it where you want, obviously, just then click off it and then it's gonna be good to go. And that is that how you add a contact form onto your wicks website. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know, and I'll see the next video 9. Adding in Images: in this video had to be showing you how to add pictures to your website. Your Wicks website. So again, if you haven't your own theme when you can do here, is that there's already come kind of imagery went out. What you can do here assembly, then click here to say change image. What will come up then is giving you like options to select from your computer and pick certain images. Maybe that you already have saved or something along those lines, Then you can change the image. What's also what's really cool is, if you wanna have it, do some certain features. What he can do is you go over like the hover, like when people say hover over this, it would actually change or when it's clicked. You can then also slight. You know what? What does it do or worse, that go things of that sort, which is really cool. So let's just now say that you do want to add another image or different image to your website. You'll want to go into ad, and then what you'll do is then go over to throw over image, and then here you can directly upload certain images that you have in your website or what's really cool about, which is that they have free images to that you can use and then also look different. Clip art to something to note as well is that some of these, like the stock images from example, are paid, so you'd have to pay for it. However, the good news is, is in the advanced strategies of this course I go over actually actually a great place, our couple great places on where you can get really great photos. Fourier in pictures for your website that it costs absolutely nothing and their copyright free, which that's the key you do not want them to be, you know, have any copyright on them. Otherwise you just don't want any trouble or anything of that sort. So that was really cool. And of course, yes, they do have free images. However, the place I'll be showing you has literally millions of free in great and by the way, they're really, honestly great images. They're high quality images that you can use for free. So I'll be showing you that in advanced session off this course. But of course, if you did want to upload one. All you have is click this and then I'll give you the option to upload. And then it will show up on the screen here. And just like this image here, you can adjust it any which way you want. And of course, you can move in anywhere pretty much where you want. And that is how Then you upload a picture on your Wicks website. So if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know Otherwise I'll see you next video. 10. Adding New Pages: Within this video, I will show you how to add pages onto your website. So the first thing you want to do is scroll over here to the left menu and then click on menus and ages. When you click this, it'll bring up a couple different options for you. What you'll probably more than likely want to do is under site menu. You'll see all these different current pages that you have, and if you chose ah, theme, then you're gonna have something defaults, kind of like I have currently right now and say, If you do want either keep some of them or get rid of them, you can easily do that in addition to let me just for show you the first time on a show you , which is how to add a page, which is You click here and I'll click at a page. And as you can see, it did add a new page and what it's going to do right on top. Here's he gives me the option to make this really whatever I wanted to be. I can just say for the sake of it, testing, I'll say, done. And then what? I could do if I want to. Then further added, it is I can click over here and then this could give you more options and were really almost whatever you want to do. You could do with this. Now, say, for example, you don't want this page under, like after, Like, the home page as you can kind of see, Hear it? Like currently right here after the home page up on top here. What I can do instead is I can then dragged this over here and really, I could put it wherever I want. So now you can see it. It's right over here, so maybe I don't want it right there. Or maybe you're thinking they I don't really wanted that. I actually wanted under, like, saying use an update. So what you can actually do it is just literally have to just pull us back and really just drag and drop it in. And now, if you were to then scroll over the news and update it's gonna have a drop down box basically in the Senate, then allow you to see this page right here. Once it's been published in everything as far as like saved and whatnot. If you're like seeing it in, like the preview boat, then you'll be able to see that happen. So as you can see, it's really easy for the most part, just add things and then it's safe. He didn't want to get rid of this or whatnot. You can just set the good down here to delete and you'll ask you again. You confirm the deletion of that and you're on your way. So that's really kind of how you do it, as faras adding pages. But if you do have any questions at all, please feel free to let me and I'll be more than happy to help. Thanks so much for watching this video, and I'll see you in the next one. 11. Edit Your Mobile View: making sure that your website is mobile friendly is incredibly important, like I've said before, although it's credible, Wicks is that automatically they really make your website to be mobile friendly. Now here's the little kicker, though The thing is, even though that your website is mobile friendly or more than likely at least should be. Does that mean that it looks great on the mobile device? And the answer that is simply, No, that's not necessarily the case. And let me kind of show you how you can ensure and make sure that your wives had looks great even on mobile devices. So what you'll do is you can be really anywhere on the editing string here on your website , and what you want to do is go over Mobile and you want to click this and you will want to then click on to edit mobile view. What this will do, then, is it's gonna shrink this down quite a bit. Now it's on to kind of show you exactly how to use it would not for for now, I'm gonna get out of this. But you can watch that if you want to, but what does it do is shrink it down like this. And what you can do that now is you can really go through your website and see exactly how does this look like I'm the actual you know, smartphone instead of you having that should take out your own smartphone or whatnot and being able to figure out yourself. So say, if I don't really like where this is, what I'm able to do is still the same easy thing which I'm able to then drag and drop where I want it, which is really great. And you really get the pretty much the same amount of really thinks you can add on to here and now what I do suggest you doing is to all your mean at its on the desktop, I do suggest that although if you do want to just see for general in general, like, how does your website look like when it comes to, say, being mobile friendly and like, How does it look? What things do you like? What don't you like? This is exactly where you're gonna be able to see it and make quick edits if you need Teoh . And that's really my main point Feel like it? For example? Maybe Like you wanna have is over here and be more matching her. We're not meeting more like this, something like that. You get the point here, and that's really how you go about it as being will switch views. And if you wanted to, Then when you're done a fist, make sure, then you can also actually preview it, review it just to make sure 100%. And then also to make sure you publish it as well. So where around right now I'm gonna do is I'm just go back to the desktop mode and by the way to I'd actually I take that back. Don't could publish that. That's gonna publish your website. I meant to save apologize. So when you actually this brings up a great point, though it which is when you are completed with your website, you can then click publish, and then that's gonna give you the option to name your website. That name you wanted to and it also allows you to to add on your domain name that you may have already bought, and you can get that connected easily onto your Wicks website if you have any questions whatsoever? Please feel free to let me know. And I look forward to talking to you in the next video. 12. Finding Pictures: for this video on a be showing you some a little bit more advanced strategies for your Wicks website as far as some things that not all people know about and I want to share with you kind of the more advanced things, just extra knowledge, bonus knowledge, I guess you can say really just adding on to this course really help you be really credit Great Wicks website exactly the way you want it to be. So first is a website called Picks obey dot com and what do you want to do is obviously search of that website and then you'll come to this right here. This website that look very similar to this is not the same exact thing. And what you'll be able to do here is be able to find over 1.3 million images and videos that are basically done by the community which are free, which is great. So let me kind of give you real quick example here, So maybe I want to have ah, picture of a microphone or something. Or maybe let's go back to the example of Mike. So I want a type of bike and as you can see here. Not now. Keep in mind. These are like this kind of an ad right here, the whole shutter stock, which those costs money. However, as you can see a total of 60 pages here, all these pictures below in using, as you can see, a lot of these air high quality to should I would say the majority of them are high quality . You can then really get anyone you want. And let's just say, for example, for bikes. Let's just say maybe for you like this one were to be able to do is then simply can right click this and save this. And then you have this image to use for your website. As you can see here, it says free for commercial use and you don't even have to give the author credit. Isn't that great? And that's exactly what he knew Tuesday. New free download or whatnot and also kind of prove to you that this is, you know, reliable great website. A total of 529,000 people so far like picks a day on Facebook. So clearly this is interruptible website. In addition to that to another place that you can go that often overlooked is Google images . Now I know you're thinking, Brennan, you can't just take any image off Google. That is true. However, there is kind of a little a little at a guess you can call secret behind how you can get great images for free. So on a tape on what you looking for? So in this case, I said bank. Now, if I were to go ahead and use these, that would not be good, because probably more likely, there's copyright behind these images. However, what I can do is I can go into settings, help to the back, going to tools and to go under usage rights. They're gonna want to say label for res and these ones are specifically for people to reuse . And here are all different more images for bikes that you can use for your website. So these are just some more advanced strategies that you can actually use then to go forward and really create a great website that also looks right as well. Hope that this video is to be able to help you as faras. Just some things that I have learned over the past 10 plus years and, in fact, just of me doing websites so long on Lee recently had I actually feared this out. So hopefully this is gonna be able to really speed up your learning process and help you along the way. Thanks so much for watching. And if you do you have any questions? Please don't feel Let me know Otherwise I'll see you in the next video. 13. Adding Buttons: as you can probably guess, were how you'd want to go about adding buttons to your wits website is you want to go under , add, and it wasn't be there as an option is buttons or button. And what can be here is multiple different options for you to choose from now. What's really cool about thes buns here is that there's different text involved, too, and obviously different shapes to so really here. There's a lot of different options for you to choose from when it comes to more or less websites that were like kind of modern theme. If you want to call it that, I think that these top ones were probably your best back as far as the design aspect. Of course it's completely up to you and how you want to go about it. So let's just say I want this one right here. Oh, yeah, I'd have to do then is then trade that over and I wanted to change the text. I could just click this and I could say really anything click here, and if I wanted to get at a link so when people would click this, they would go to exactly there. And of course, this is also very customizable, as you could probably guess in the design and you can change it a lot of different ways as well. And of course, size does are you are a up the change size. However, I want to show share with you with something that's really important is that the text itself the size of that does not change with the button. So be aware of that. I want them to let you know about that. But otherwise I think in most cases you probably won't need to have a bun that big. But anyways, I wanted to show you exactly how you add this. And of course, you can move this around really anywhere you want. And that way you can get the customers or the visitors on your website going to work. You want them to go? Do you have any questions at all? Police fulfill, Let me know. Be more inhabit help! Thanks so much 14. Adding in Music: within this lesson, I would be showing you how to add music onto your website. So maybe you have a podcast. Or maybe you're a band or you want to just display music on the Web site or some kind of audio on the website or your website, and this is how you would do it. So you want to go into ad and there's multiple different ways, and actually you can How you can approach this. The 1st 1 I'm gonna show you is equal under music here, and what you can do is there's multiple different theme. The players they have here. They have a much more simplistic here. They just drinking, drop otherwise that have ones like If you have an album cover, you can see it here or or even here. And what's really nice about this, too, is you gonna have different text on top. Here is well and you can give people samples. I mean, there's a lot of different things you can do and how you choose to do it. Like what signs That's great for podcast would probably be something like this, and what do you do is then, let's just say I wanted a at this time to hear. So what I'll do is obviously drag and drop. And once I bring it to say wherever it wanted to be, we will be able to Dio is Then when I double click, it is going to give me a couple different options. So the first option is going to be than talking Teoh really about Like what kind of like what are you trying to upload A is that isn't trying to be a like some kind of audio file or what is the call to action? Basically. And this was in a pop up? Sure to is exactly, you know, what exactly are you trying to show here And I'll be able to give you the option to fill out this information. And right here, as you can see, it tears me. But on top of that to you can see that you can add different things here. That's not music, animal. Why that they're honestly although he had music here and make like, select that and then that will then be put into here and there We have the option to edit thes things as well. So there you go a Sfar as like the whole, like saying, putting music on the Web site or for your podcast, whatever the case may be, of course, you don't have to have these things here as far as, like, these paid things, but that's just showing you the different options that it has as well. If you do, you have any questions at all. Please feel free to let me know. Be more happy to help, and I'll see you in the next video. 15. Add Shapes: Let's talk about adding different shapes and things to your Wicks website. So let me stroll down here and maybe final place where I did want to do that. So maybe for an example, let's say I want to add something down here. For whatever reason, if I wanted to do that, all they want to do is click add, and then what you'll do is then go over shapes. And as you can see her, I'll just scroll down to show you as well. They have a lot of different things that you can add on to this, and what you're gonna be able to do is really obviously use just about anyone that you want to use. And all you have to do as you could probably expect, is just bring it over. And what will be able to do is, of course, customized that, however you want it to be customized. That's a simple really, is that. And now, as far as maybe if you can't find the exact one that you're looking for, sometimes that's really nice. What you can do is then you're able to actually go down here. You can actually see different things they have available. I just double click that. But also what he can do to is you can then click like the design aspect. And if they say that found the color I'm looking for, maybe you want a little bit. Not is I guess, like that color you're gonna have a little bit like you change the actually transparency of slightly and then also to, you know, of course, change the color as well. And if you want a specific color, you just go down here for the color code and you'd be able to change this thing had color, and then you'll be able to then get the whatever color that you're looking for in here to whatever shape or whatever you want. So of course, right here. This is obviously not going to be final in here, but again, it's just to simply show you this is how you're able to then add different shapes to your weeks website. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know. And I'll be more than happy to help. Thanks so much for watching this video. And I'll see you in the next one 16. Adding in Videos: within this lesson, I'm gonna show you how to add video onto your Wicks website. So again, as you probably know, are catching on my now you want going to add and what you'll do is then what you'll end up finding down here below is a section called Video. This is actually where you can kind of get different social players such as YouTube video, daily motion in even Facebook. Do you put on here? Which is pretty cool. Otherwise, if you do have, like a certain video, what not what you could do to is you can just simply drag it over here. Now this will be kind of big, would just hold on a second. And what will be able to dio is then, simply then you can even take videos of you have a YouTube channel, but then also to what you'll have here wants us, then completely finally loads. Then I'll show you that what we'll do is click this and once you click at what's gonna give you the option to Dio is then be able to actually then add like either you or L. So if you have a certain like video, euro on YouTube or something of that sort. But you'll be able to do then is kind of an ad that on here. So you want to do then is you'll want to click really one of two things just to check, to be sure so. And by the way, it'll also kind of gave this example Video to don't worry about that. But what do you want to do is then click into settings to change certain things that you do want to do that. In addition to that, to you have the managed video section. What this will do is one to upload than certain videos, or if you can then connect your videos through either linker would not. Then you're gonna be able to then do that. Now I will say, as it's gonna show me right here, that's some. Sometimes it's gonna only allow you a certain amount of like file sizes so you can't be too big. However, the good news is that for the most part, chances are your videos probably won't exceed this so and also here, too, as you can see in bed any video from YouTube or Facebook and what you can do here is just this paste, the URL from the video and it'll also uploaded here as well. And then once you do, that'll basically kind of do its thing in the Your video will show up right here. And then, of course, you can then change up the size to just by doing this and move it all around. And that is how you add a video than on Truex website. If you do you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know, and hopefully I'm not going through this too fast. But I do think some of these are a little, for the most part straightforward. But please let me know. If you do have any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer any of them that you do have thanks so much, and I'll seal in the next video. 17. Helpful Keyword Tool: I want to talk to you about keyword research and why it's really important and how to do it as well. So when it comes to, say, creating your blogging your website, you want to make sure that you're writing content about what people are actually searching for. Now, if you are just kind of coming up with help us off the top your head. Sometimes on a lot of times that that's really not the best way to go about it. Like it once again going back to example of, like builds bike shop. If I was to think of some random things off top, my hands are running about that article. There's a good chance possibly that that actually may not be the best way to go about it. Why? Because maybe people aren't actually searching that up. No, that question could could have people searching up, but it might not. And there is actually a way on how you can verify this. And I want to actually show you that within this video, So really like he were research is really all about is helping you confirmed that people are searching for a certain thing that you're writing about why that matters is because then that means that you have the potential possibility to rank for that turn keyword or keywords. And then they get people to your website. That's why it's really important. So let me give an example. So this is actually this website and I'm using right now is 100% free. It's called keyword tool dot I owe again. That is cured tool like this dot io Or I could just type it out supposed. That's what it looks like and you just type it in and then you'll find a website like this and what's really nice about this? What says it gives you ideas based on actual people are searching for? So let's let's say that I'm thinking about writing an article about track bikes. So maybe I'm trying to figure out what exactly should it, right? So maybe what track bike can So I can, like, start a sentence out all kind off, or maybe maybe like, a title, and then you can just start it and this will kind of continue it for me based on what are people actually is searching for? So I'm a do is under. Then click that and then once it, then it comes up with all the different things. When it's done loading what not what you'll see is thin, the different ideas that it has for you. What I've noticed is that the ones that are most popular tend to go on top here. Now you'll notice that some of these are like a locker here, and they have a paid subscription thing. However, that's actually not needed. And I'll tell you why in just a second. But as you can see here, here are some things that people are after looking up, which is what track bike do I have? You mean they're trying to look up? But when they have so maybe you can have some kind of post on your website. If you were, you know, about bikes you didn't say. Here's all the most popular different bikes or whatnot over different track bikes, in this case, also, like, you know, what bikes of those have been recalled are also like the all these different things here. Like which here's a great one. What Trek bike to buy now. Maybe that doesn't make them all sense like that of the best grammar like what? Tracked by to buy. Maybe there's a better way to say that. However, you can rephrase this a little bit saying, like maybe what truck bike to buy for your father or for your brother or something like that. In that way, you can actually then include these keywords into your blood post and that weight. You can actually confirm that. Yes, people are searching this. So, you know, you might be thinking, Well, how many people are actually looking this up? And that actually goes to the next thing, which is called It's called Google keyword Planner. And what the Google keyword planner does is you can type in keywords into there, and they basically shoot out. Like exactly how many people are looking for that, that specific, like phrase here that you've typed in. How many are people are looking for those keywords now? Something that's really important to note is you can't be changing up these keywords. Otherwise, that's gonna completely kind of screw things up a little bit, so you want to make sure using these exact keywords in your title. Otherwise, you're not gonna be ranked for this one That's just kind of how that works and how didn't have to do than the group uber planners. Really easy. You haven't been signed up for a free Google AdWords account. Don't worry. You don't have to use ads, But what you'll do is go into the Google keyword planner recently, Leave me changes where you're not gonna be able to get the exact amount of people that are searching it. However, it will still give you a good amount of an idea of, like, over range off people that are searching the certain thing, which is like maybe between 1000 people or maybe even more What? Not when you're first starting out. What I suggest is that kind of attempt is go for keywords that between that are I'd say probably between 10 to 100 people are searching for each month that the reason why I say that is because the ones that are gonna be saying the thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, or maybe even in the millions I mean, that's gonna be really competitive, and it would be really unlikely for you to rank, especially as a new website for the certain keywords. So in other words, you kind of have to build yourself up over time. In that way. Eventually, a one point once you've established yourself enough on on, you know, just on the Internet went after Nestor your seo practices building a thing. Hold back links to your website, all those different things. Then you can start to get a more 30 for website and start ranking for those more. I guess you'd call higher and keywords, but until then, out trying to stick with keywords that are between probably 10 200 searches a month. That way you have the best likelihood of ranking the highest on it and getting traffic from Google that way and just reminding to it does take time for you build. Isn't that like an overnight thing? We're gonna get traffic. If you're looking to get traffic in the cooker way, I would suggest probably doing maybe something's on social media and what not That might be a faster way to do it. However, I think the long term game you want to be doing things as far as a scale for your website that's gonna ultimately help you if you have any questions at all. Please feel free to let me know. I'll be more inhabiting into them. And thanks so much for watching this video, and I'll see you in the next one. 18. Adding a Lightbox: let me teach you how you can add a light box onto your wicks website. So just to make sure, just in case you don't know little like boxes, it's kind of like a thing where you may have seen in the past where there's, like this little pop up that comes up on me like a website. Maybe you're just about to leave the website and then a pop up comes up. That's kind of what a light boxes and pretty much what it is. It could be used a lot of different ways. It can be used for getting people to come back to your website and get them to maybe put in their email address for some kind of item as faras. That seems like a free these something of that sort. So let me show you how you can add this on to your wife's website. So the first thing you want to do is is go to add, and then once you go to add than what you wanna do is go over lightbox, and they have multiple different options here. Of course, even if you don't like, the design is very customizable. The one I just chose was this one right here and already have this up right now. And as you can see here, I can completely change this the way I want it to be, Really, Whatever I wanted to be now for the design to you can click design. And then that's an even more options, of course. So they kind of give you some recommendations as far as what might seem to work the best. But it'll kind of different things that you can definitely dio and you can even get even more customizable and just customized it like the actual colors and all that kind of stuff . I could get into that super detail but hopeful that kind of use that idea and then in addition to So what's gonna be important about this also, Is that a couple different things? The first thing is what's going to this? And you may want to go into the settings here, and this might be able to Then I can give you an idea of exactly what is going to be doing such as, like automatically display lightbox on the pages. Do you want that Meaning? What is that? A trigger at like you want to set the Chargers that right here. And that's a bill so important. So I'm a quickly going to that. Just show you a swell, which I suppose is the same thing now, actually, and as you can see here, looking at all the different options of like, You want the axe, you want the coals and whatnot, so that's really interesting. So there's a lot of different things you can do with this again, whether you want to have people go to a certain page that called the action to take them to maybe your store page here or even at in, say, like to get their email addresses, for example. So there's a lot of different ways and you can go about this. But that's just how you get this up here and once you would actually managed to this like, get this finalized, said the triggers. Then you'll be able to Then it'll be in like the background, and so, until someone after charges is, it won't pop up. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know, and I look forward to talking to you in the next video 19. Links on Wix: In this video, I will be talking about how to add a link onto your works website. The good news is it's really easy, just about just like pretty much everything else with words website, although I do want to show you just to make sure that you know how to do it. So really, what you're gonna want to do is find some kind of text. Now, if you don't have any tax at all, you can always add either a text box or really a title, whatever you want to really link it to, and then you can type it in really, whatever you wanted to say. But regardless I will show you how you can then link that certain tax, whether it's already written or whether it is something that's already currently that you have, like put aside than you want to put in there. I mean, you want to put me get your own. Either way, I want to show you how to do it. So let's just say, for example, I want this call us toe link to maybe a different website are different. Page what I want to do without double click this box and then I wanna have this highlighted this text highlighted. Call us, then it's I'm giving all these options. The one I'm gonna want to go over is the link one I'll click that. And as you can see here, which is really nice in the way that make they make it really easy for you, as faras like is assuring paid. You want this the link to if so, like maybe the clients page I want I can click that and press done otherwise If there was a specific one that I had that baby now on this website, I can go under a Web address and I could pace it into here as a side tip. I always recommend adding a new window. I don't necessarily for most cases, I don't recommend current window meaning. Then it creates another tab basically for the person. So that means that they have now two of your either websites or when not up on their really their Internet on what they're trying to look at. And I always like that because just in case they accidentally maybe the lead one, they still have your original Web set up and still going so I always like doing that. In addition to that, too, there's a lot of different options that you can have a go towards, which, such as email, phone number and even also light box to which I'll be getting in tune a little bit as well . So let's just say for sake of example, I want us to go to my clients Page and Albers Press done. And then with that, this will then be able to when people were would click this. This will go to my clients Page. And of course, you have all the other ways that even customize this if you like. So I just want to show you that and how easy it is to do that and exactly how you can link text and how you can link just about anything going to either. A different site are different Page. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to let me know otherwise. Thanks so much for watching this video, and I'll see you in the next one 20. Common Mistake #1: I first want to talk about the first major mistake when it comes to creating your own website. Now this is more based around. If you're brand new to creating websites and what not. However, I still think that this is a good reminder of really everybody. And like sometimes I'm guilty of this myself. But I'm overall pretty good at this, and here's what it is, which is, for the most part, you wanted the updating your webs as much as possible. So the big mistake that most beginners make for sure is not updating their website enough. So let me can I give you some actionable tips? Because I know it's great to hear about Hey, this is what not to do. But here's I want to show you also or tell you this is what you can do about that, how you can go around that and more, more less actionable steps and how you can fix the situation. So here are some my tepes. So Mike tips are to trying to update at least every week in the very beginning stages like If you're not used to updating your website and whatnot, then maybe try just updating it every week. And when I say updates, that could mean things such as? Maybe if it's for your business, doing some updates hours. What has happened in a week if it's for something else for nearly e commerce website, you have new products. Are are some of them sold out? Have some of Seoul meeting. Wanna make sure that everything is looking good for the like the e commerce naturally, but should make sure that you know your total amount is correct As far as like, if you have ax amount of left in a certain amount of like a product, they should do that for you. However, you just want to make sure that things air verified and good to go. That's that's always a good idea. And I do want to say to It does depend on your website like if you have your own blawg like me and you can website is kind of revolving around your blood. I update my website literally dealing and when I say update, I mean I am new contact to nearly Billy or editing something and the reasoning because of that is just the table website, it is it just needs constant really needs coming from attention about the same time to al. See the benefits that later on in the future. And so would you to as far as just building up your website over time in addition to when it comes to really checking into your website daily, I mean, for a lot of people, it doesn't need to take very long. I mean, you can take a lesson 15 minutes. In a lot of cases. If I'm just want to look on a weapon, just make sure everything's looking good. It will easily take me under 15 minutes. Now I'm adding new content to the Web site. Yes, it will take me longer than that. However, if I'm just doing a quick check in like you might be doing, especially when you're first starting out, it should definitely take under 15 minutes. Next is then help save some time to is you do have a block like me. You can use the strategy of then after a schedule your block post. So that way you don't necessarily have to be there in order to get the blood post out. So if you have ah, a couple of blood post right now that are finished and are quite posted yet you can get them scheduled. You gonna select the date and the time of them getting really posted out in published to your website. That way you don't have to spend the time that do that, and that only takes a couple extra clicks when you're creating your own blood pools. So that's something a really good tactic or tip to use as well. The last thing I want t like to tell you to is a lot of the times when you, like, sign up for sayings like certain things such as like with you have your email account say, linked up to your phone. Sometimes you might get new emails popping on your phone, letting you know, And that's kind of what's nice, too. Is that what's my send you updates if they need to or not, or something about your account, and it might get sent directly to either your email address or your phone and really just see what that is that you take less than five minutes to, and that's kind of automated. Now take out of the question when I depend on that. No, I wouldn't. But I think that's just not a nice thing to That's nice about works in generals. It'll send you updates and one that if you subscribe to them. So that's just the first really major mistake that I see beginners making. And even some some people to that air have been doing this a while. Sometimes they forget the update, their website, and it just it helps with customer satisfaction, really attend of the day, making sure that everything's up the date and it might end of actually saving you some headaches as well. So that is my first thing that I want to go over with. You just went to avoid as far as mistakes come as being a newbie when you're creating your first website, thanks so much for watching this video and I'll see you in next one 21. Common Mistake #2: The next major mistake is not getting feedback on your website. I've actually done this impasse before and I'm like, How did I forget to do that? And when you get really kind of caught up in the design aspect of the website, you can just get caught up with it. It's a lot of fun and, you know, you just believe that Hey, this is this is it. This is the best that it's gonna get, and that's not necessarily the case. And I want to give you some tips about this, especially as you know, if your this your first time critical website or whatnot, here's some really important tips for you. The first is asked her friends and family. Ask him what they think about it now. I'll be straight up and honest with you. They might purposely maybe be super positive because they are your friends and family to some extents. Maybe that's the case. Maybe that's not the case, but my point is you do want honest feedback, and of course you are gonna get some positive feedback. But they're only giving the positive feedback. There's probably a good chance that they're not telling you everything. So my point there, too, is Don't just ask just your friends and family asked even people that you don't even know being strangers are you knows it's an animal just like, you know, go to people and just say, Hey, do you have a minute or two? Just look at this website from your whatnot are something of that sort. Maybe you're in some kind of Cobb or some kind of activities where you are around. Different people were not, and maybe they have some our interests, and then they can look at it for you and see what you know. See if they're really need you feedback there, probably more willing to give you more honest feedback. That may be your friends and family. Possibly. So that's really important. And just like a whole side comment to this whole video here is don't take things too personally. Be totally open to feedback. Feedback is a good thing, and you do want feedback. That's how you improve and just be open to it. Next is then really super important. Ask your customers if you already have customers or if you do plan on getting customers or whatnot. If possible. If you do have a customer base, asked them, Hey, would you maybe screenshots or something of that sort and say, Hey, what do you think of this designer? Do you like this? Said see what kind of feedback you get? Maybe they'll say, Hey, that that's great. Maybe you're missing this and then you'll be like Oh, my gosh, that's such a good idea. When I think of that, that's something why you really want to ask for feedback, especially comes for customers. In addition to this is a strategy that I like to use, which is just let's sit, just sit back a little bit and then just come back to in a little bit. So maybe when our to pass from giving even a day or two, go by and then go back to the website. What are your thoughts on it? You still really like the the design? Or is it like, Wow, I really don't really like this anymore. Or maybe it's like, Oh my gosh, look what I forgot something of that sort. Something always comes to me when I do that, and that's really a great strategy to If you can't implement that I really like doing that again. This is you don't actually want to take forever when you're creating website, right? But at the same time to do that, I think you only finally benefit beneficial results. If you do do that and the last thing I want to say to you is just put your really put your feet inside the customer shoes meaning act as if you were with them. What are you looking for in a website? Are you happy with the design? Is is it's is overall, easy to use doesn't have everything. How will you be looking for as like the customer all those different things And those are really like my main tips for you when it comes to really making sure that you are getting feedback from website. That way you can improve, and that way you'll have more customer satisfaction. And that's what's really gonna help you drive up sales or and or in general just for you know, that you have a really nice website. If you have any questions at all, please let me know. I'll be more than happy to answer them. Thanks so much for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one 22. Common Mistake #3: mistake Number three that a lot of new website creators are really people that are just making their new websites. What they really common mistake they make is not adding illegal pages to their website. They think that kind of just, you know, put out their website and that is it. And I'm telling you that it's gonna be best really. Now I am not. Any person has to do with, like I can't necessary person give you a legal advice. However, I can say that generally, for most things have just based on my experience and when I have seen it. Probably what you've seen to on the Internet is you want to have some type of legal pages on your website just to be saving me as well. It was better be safe than sorry. So let me just give you a couple tips about that. So what do you want to do is add the's into the footer or the sidebar of your website? And what what they'll be probably called a something on the lines of terms of service. There's some kind of disclaimers at dependent upending the industry you're in cause certain industries have certain disclaimers and whatnot and how they worded and whatnot. So you want to look into that a little bit more? It's really pretty easy that you look that up. Just if you say, if you were in the health and fitness niche, I would maybe even looking other websites that are in that nation, see what they have done and kind of get some ideas off. Then what to do about that? Now? I do. I am pretty sure that for the most part, it's OK to I don't know when you use the word person copy, but you can take a lot of information from other websites and kind of put them into your disclaimer. But then, of course, make some changes to it to make sure it makes sense for your business and make sure, obviously, that read through it to make sure that everything that they said applies to yours that way just makes the most sense and whatnot, So make sure to actually look through everything. But generally speaking, that should not be concerned. As far as a duplicate content, of course, normally would not want to obviously copy someone else's information and then put on your website of Alec giving them recognition. However, when it comes to like this clamors and stuff like that, Google is generally more of where an understanding off that I would look into that a little bit more, just to be sure. But I'm 99% sure that it's completely fine if you do that especially for changing some things, too, that he should be good to go. And the disclaimers, by the way, do not be didn't have to be. 100 pages, 50 pages, 30 pages, 10 pages, five pages, even two pages. And most the times. Like when I say pages, I mean, like, not actually like pages but like it doesn't have to be long is my point. It can actually be relatively short, but just look into this as far as your exact industry and just make sure that you're putting just the main core information that you need on your website just to make sure that everything's fine legal wise. That way you'll only be thinking yourself later if anything were to occur. But that's something that's really important. One to mention in addition to is affiliate disclosures. If you are like, if you are recommending other people's products on your website for ah commission, then you'll have to have affiliate disclosures on your website. It really throughout your website now it does depend on what kind of products you're promoting. What company? For example, Amazon has different rules and say other websites. So you want to look into those different things and what not just to make sure that you're following all their directions, but otherwise for the most part, it just about yes, making sure that you're adding legal information on your Web site to make sure that everything is truly good to go. I hope that this was really helpful, Teoh. And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know and I'll see you in the next video. 23. Common Mistake #4: let's move on to mistake number four or the one of the most kind of bigger mistakes that I see people making special in the starting out is not putting a blogger onto their website now I will say up front here. Do I think every single website out in the whole entire and it should have a blawg? No. However, I think the majority probably should. And here's why creating a blogger for your website over time could be an outstanding way to get traffic to your website, whether even if you're selling services products, although certain things that could be a great way to drive them to either your services or products, or even both, possibly and really the website? Well, yes to your website, but then also, really, the Internet is really made up of content, and that's really how things get done through content. Meaning that's how people find you is through your own content. Whether that's on social media. One of that's true then, like ASIO from surgeons in such as Google and all the other ones. I mean, that's really what it comes down to, and maybe have hurt saying before my content is king and I think it definitely is a Sfar, as I think it's only high importance. No. Is it the most important thing in the world? I don't think so. But at the same time to I do think it is King as far as eventually thinking more traffic to your website and with traffic. Obviously that means more per people on, then naturally convert to products or services. And that means more sales for you. So if you are able to, you know, maybe set the goal of maybe writing a block post a week, maybe even deal he at one point a lot of people expecially your first coming off after be like, Whoa, that's not gonna happen. Well, maybe technical of doing once a week, that's a great goal. And then my end of the year, you have 52 blood posts, and that should help you in ASIO Overall, as far as driving more traffic to your website or maybe your to appoint or you you still feel that that's a little too much. Well, then maybe then doing one or two. Maybe then one or two a month, maybe something like that. Whatever you feel more comfortable with, but realize the more good content quality content that you have on your website, the better chances of Google and really people finding you in your website enterprise and services. And that's why I'm a really big believer and really having a blogger on your website that we can really eventually really help you built traffic. Now, is this gonna be an overnight kind of thing? What? Where you post a vlog post and bam people are there as far as traffic. Unfortunately not. That's just not how it works, however, in time meaning anywhere between probably on average, six months. Plus you should start start, you should start to see some results. And that's really was about his long term game. And that's really how you're gonna be able to really gain traction online. And that's one of the main really mistakes. I see people making is just saying now I don't need a block and just overlooking it completely. I think that could be a big mistake to a lot of different websites. I hope this was helpful to you. And if you have any questions at all, please will feel let me know. I am more have it answer any of your questions, as you know. But again, Thank you so much for watching this video and I'll seal in the next one. 24. Common Mistake #5: the last major mistake that I want to go over with you is not communicating. So what do I mean by that? I mean ah, lot of didn't see new really, either new bloggers or new really website owners. They kind of forget the whole thing about than communicating back to people what you might seem like. Well, isn't that obvious? However, I see a lot of people flat out ignore potential customers, and here's what I mean by that. So if you're creating blawg posts, you'll probably have a section below that allows people to comment in that comment section , obviously, eventually, probably a one point another. Somebody or multiple people are going to comment whether that be, you know, the positive positive comment, or maybe sometimes not so positive in a lot of them. Not necessary, maybe all of them. But I think the high majority of them you should coming back to the reasoning being is this builds up trust with the people that you're talking to, if not maybe necessarily, going to make a sale. Sometimes it might depending you, like you say, Eric, amend this product or whatnot. Well, then and actually might make a sale. But on the flip side to that, sometimes it's just good to build up trust with people, say, and it shows people that you care responding back to their comments or feedback or whatever the case may be. That's really just shows them that you care. And that way they will be more willing to read your other posts because they know that you're you care about them, you're willing to respond to them and eventually that they may even become your customers in the future. So just taking the couple minutes or not even a minute, sometimes just to respond back to their comments can be such a big game changer. Again, I see this is a big mistake for a lot of new website owners. They just don't do it or don't get in the habit of doing it. Here's a mistake, especially that I mean, when I started out, which was a little afraid to reach out when I mean reach out, I mean joined Facebook groups during some community communities, or maybe there's a club in your town or city or whatever that has that's really into, say, creating websites or blogging or something of that sort. That's a great way to meet new people and then also really get tips from them. One that I'm currently doing right now is I'm in multiple different Facebook groups, and I like to help people out. But at the same time to sometimes I ask questions myself. I mean, I'm always learning as well, too. So that's really a way that how you can really accelerate your growth on that as well. And then, lastly, just what I want to talk about within this video here is just make sure you're obviously responding to everyone, especially if they're using your contact form on your website. Usually, if that's the case, it's going to probably more. I guess you call serious questions. Sometimes you'll get occasional email of people just trying to sell something to you that has happened to me in the past, however, of course, probably more more times than not even probably just ignore them or delete them. But of course you want to be making sure that if they are your potential customers, contact me or having questions that you're getting back to them as soon as possible, and that's why it's so important. just obviously making sure that you're updating your website and you're trying in with your website. And that way you can also communicate with your potential buyers or even past customers, make sure they're happy as well. The this is really just the collection of in my top five major mistakes that I see you know website owners make Is this the end all be all list? No. However, I think these air definitely the biggest ones that I have seen people do in the past. And then these are just the ones that I really want you to avoid as much as possible. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know and I'll see you in the next video. 25. What is SEO?: So what exactly is S CEO? So sdo, in case you don't know stands for search engine optimization. Now, this section is gonna be really important because this is what's gonna help your website over time, build traction. It built traction as far as like getting people to your website. So let me kind of give you the definition here and then also all expand them as well. So they say that search engine optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or Web page in a Web search engines unpaid results or for often referred to as natural or or like organic or earned results simply show an example an actual real life example here. So I typed in what is ASIO to Google. And as you can see here, there's these different websites popping up here and the this is what's considered organic or natural really results here. These are not ads. How I know they're not ads because they don't say like and next to them Sometimes I don't currently see an ad in this certain like search, but some searches you'll see, like on the top here, it'll say add And those air ads. But instead what you want is to really get in the top. Search results. So that way, when I'm, like, say, if someone like me where I was curious about S e O, I would probably I probably then go into was, say, one of these websites right here, Whatever. When I like the best here and usually most the time, the first result here is the one that gets collect the most. Then the 2nd 1 and then the 3rd 1 Usually that's how that works. And that's exactly kind of why it's in the place where it is. And over time, naturally content will start to rank better and better. Although I said there is a decent amount to S e O. But I'm gonna be sure you just the main concepts of what you need to know. As far as I see it really help your website. So this is what really what search engine optimization is. And let me let me go into more depth with you in the next video. If you have any questions to please, feel free to reach out to me and I will seal in the next video 26. Off Page SEO: with this video. I wanted to go over now off page as hell with you and how you can get prepared for that. So what you want to do is you can either access it up here or I'm just for the sake of it all showing down here as well, for what he can do is go under on the right of published changes. You wanted to go to post settings. Doesn't be really important. Anybody you don't want to dio is as you can see here, this is the post year l that says, what are the best bikes to buy in Wisconsin? This is pretty much perfectly done. If I was looking to rank for these keywords, so with off Page Seo this another way that he can help you rank. So with your your l you want this to say your main key words that you're trying to rank for ? So in this case, it is what you know. What are the best spikes? Survived? Wisconsin. Notice that there are dashes in between. You have to have those dashes in between. Otherwise, it's going to get a little funky and just not gonna work out. You want those dashes in between those dashes Basically active spaces. So you want those there? If you're say, for example, that for whatever reason, your post comes up looking like maybe like something along the lines of maybe five ways to I would actually like this five ways to find the best bikes like that. And for whatever reason, that's not exactly what you're looking for. Then what you would want to do is then, of course, put in whatever the keep means, who was your rendering for into here, and then you'd have it like this. Next for off Page s CEO is you want this to be so like, what are the What's the title that you want to search engine to see? So what does that mean exactly? That means that when people then our say on Google and they see the like, this result here on say, yes, Google. This is what they're going to see right here. What are the best bikes to buy in Wisconsin? So maybe what would be maybe more entertaining for them to see are where the best well is there something that you can add on to this to get their attention. So maybe what you could do is something, like maybe something like this and info graphics. So maybe if you had an infographic into your website that you're trying to find a way and we know how I got in to grab their attention. And as you can see, while this really actually does help a lot like it, burly brings my attention to an infographic. So when you would then say, See this on your website itself, you're not gonna see this section right here if you didn't want it to be there so that also really nice as well and then lastly, last mean thing that you'll want to do is far is off. Page Seo is the post description, which is also really important in this. That's of this part right here. And what you're gonna want to do is gonna make sure that your keywords that eternal ring for are also in here. I would suggest doing that one some meaning having a keywords in here once, So find a way somehow to add them in here, so you probably have to delete some things, but you'll see some along the lines of saying are you asking yourself the question? What are the best bikes? Two by two by and Wisconsin. So, as you can see here might actually my key words are in here right now. Like, what are the best makes about Wisconsin. And but it looks a lot more natural. And I may be added, maybe another sentence or two. And then once I'd be done with that, you'd be good to go then with off Page Seo. Now again, these are the more Corp simplified basics off on an off page seo. And if you're looking to learn more, I definitely has a just again just checking out that guy that I've included too. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know otherwise. Thanks so much for watching this video, and I'll see you in the next one. 27. On Page SEO: you're not gonna want to skip this video at all, because I'm talking about on Page Seo, and it's very crucial for your websites success. Now, let me show you what are some of the basics that you want to know is hard on Page Seo. So hopefully you kind of have a grasp of what kind of is s seal? If you had asked. Absolutely no idea. Coming into this course, if you're still a little confused, just hold on a little bit. I'm gonna try to explain this as best as I can. In addition to I've actually attached a great guide in the resource is page like of this section. So make sure the check that out too. That's gonna do a really good job of explaining absolutely, like the really core basics of just about everything is farce. ASIO goes I mean, the reason why I'm not putting absolutely everything of s e o into the specific courses simply because there's a lot to it. I'm just trying to give you the overall b six of just the quick, simplified things of what you need to know. So let me go really thing by thing here on what you need to know on just the basics of on Page Seo. So the first thing is than the title. The title is arguably one of the most important things that when it comes to them s C S e o . Now s u is tryingto really rank for a certain keyword or keywords in state search engines Such a site Google. So let's just say I have made an article, maybe about what are the best bikes to buy in Wisconsin. Okay, so let's just say I was trying to rank for that, so let me just do that right now. So what are the best best bikes to buy in Wisconsin? Okay, so for now, I'm not going for necessary percent Kraemer here. I'm just giving you the example of the keywords. And what I'm going here is really I am making sure that I have the key words I'm trying to rank for. So maybe the whole keywords that internal ring for here is what are the best fights to buy in Wisconsin? If then we've been able to dio keyword or research, which by now, in this course I am actually gonna show you in the next couple videos. How they do that but urinal and do a thing called keyword research. And it doesn't tell you or not whether people are actually searching this up on Google and other search engines, you'll want that that make that really ensures that you have a chance of people coming to your website. So if we've done that, then that's good. That's good video. Go right there. What's also going to be really important for unpaid Jasio is if we're trying to rank for these exact words here in a while, put these exact keywords exactly like this into your host, meaning you're actually content of the post in multiple different areas. At the very minimum, I would suggest doing it, trying to do it with somewhere within the first paragraph of your article and then with the last paragraph at minimum. Now you don't want to do with thing called keyword stuffing. That's where you put this like every other sentence kind of a thing where it just becomes absolutely ridiculous. You do not want to do that because you can get penalized for that from Google. Now that's not I'm not saying that the overwhelming. I'm just saying that toe really give you a heads up over out that if you just go about adding this maybe two times, maybe between 2 to 5 times within your article that say around in the range of maybe 1000 to 2000 words, then you should be just fine. Should be any issues, but the minimum I would suggest putting these keywords in the first paragraph in the last paragraph of your article. Additionally, two with can be actually helpful as well is adding like putting these in bold, sometimes to in your article. If you pulled a cured, sometimes that can help. Now there's a lot of different ranking factors you'll learn in the guide, and the resource is in the resource is section here that you can look into. You'll learn that there's a lot of different ranking factors that go into on they just CEO . However, if you start, say bolding, some of them, sometimes that can help slightly. Another thing that you can do to is like with the pictures that you add on to your basically you're blawg post. You can you can add it like the names of them and you can entitle them your main keywords. So look, when you're saving these computer, so maybe you're getting this off of the certain websites that I'll be showing you later in the course on how you can get some great really some great photos for free. You can get like when you download them and say them to computer, even named them the actual like keywords that you're looking for or looking to ring for, and then with you, then come into your website that can also potentially help you with on be jasio. No, those are, I would say the really court basics of on Page Seo there. Now, Is there more to it than that? Yes, However, I just say for the most part, those are the main basics off it again. If you don't learn more about on Page Seo that are Ruckman just checking out the guide that I have attached in the resource is really tab that I have in this section. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to me. And thanks so much for watching this video, and I'll see you in next one 28. Adding in Social Media Buttons: having some type of social media for either your just your website or especially for your business is incredibly important. And in order for you to show that you want to have it, we have them available or easily available on your website, and I'll show you how to do that within this vale. So what you want to do is scroll over ad, and what we'll see is then social media. And then when you see that or social same thing, right and what it's going to be able to give you is then the different icons here and you'll be able to find exactly which one more than likely that you're looking for now, they do have noticed that they do have most of them. Me and Georgie ones mean the most common ones. Now there is a way, if you have, if you're on different different social media accounts and whatnot there, you can just simply upload an image and then kind of put that be similar to whatever one, like whatever designed you have, match it to that, and that's another way you can kind of get around it. But for most part weeks, kind of just gives you the overall me and aspect of the most popular ones. And what you're gonna be able to do is these air bars. So what that means is it gonna is gonna basically bring all of them and took one? And what you want to do is when you get this going is one of then click visit to get the set. Now, let's just say hypothetically, I'm not on Twitter. What I would be able to do is just be able to remove That's him out on Google Plus, but I am also hypothetically than not on YouTube. But hey, I'm on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. That's great. So now what I'll be able to do is once I have it, too, like though set location where I want it to go, I can then change this right here. Toe wear. I were at whatever my pages. So I click this and changed this then to my Facebook. You're all here and you'd probably want this going to a new window. I mean, it's your call completely, but that's probably what I would deal. And as you can see that a lot of different options where this could go. But of course I had had this adjust you that probably doing this and said, taking them to exactly where they're expected to go, which is the for your Facebook account. So I could get that set up like that. And you know, they're really the same thing for the other remaining social media that you have. What's nice too, is say, if you say Let's just say that you wanted to add a different one or what? Not that you do have other ones, too. You click all and now a say, for example, I want to add Let's just say I don't know apple for whatever reason, I will then say Add t Ellery. And as you can see, it now gives me this option and now it's going to be in the bar. So I say, done, really of the sea now is apple is now included in here, which is really cool. So there you have it right there. Not just be aware, too, of a different design. As you can see, the apple one is white, which looks good. The Facebook one is also white. But if you notice the Pinterest and the instagram love. Those are actually not completely way. They're also great. So being look up for that, making sure that, you know, everything looks good. But I was just doing that just to show you the example. And then also I was doing it relatively quickly, so I just simply need to go back here and then just change out the logos here to make sure they look good. But of course, these you can go around anywhere. You want to make sure you're putting it really exactly where you want. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know and I'll see when next video. 29. Creating a Store on Wix: within this video will be showing you how to add a store on to your Wicks website. Now, I do want to say up front that in order to accept online payments, you're gonna have to get the e commerce premium plan. Now, I know that may be upfront. You Maybe you were thinking that you could add a store, although this is just one of the ways again how Wicks makes their money and that's just whats required. So I just want to say this upfront. That way I don't go through this whole video and then you're surprised at the end that I say that you'll need the E commerce premium plan in order to have a store on your website. Now, what I will say is that maybe for some businesses, this really isn't even needed. Maybe you can show pictures of your product and just say you can come in to purchase them or in, or maybe you have them linked to Maybe that the listings that you've posted may be on your own Amazon account or E B account or something of that sort. That's kind of a unique we do around it. If you want to call it like that. But you could possibly do it like that. And regardless, I do want to just share with you. What? You can do them once you do have your own like e commerce premium plant. Now I don't. However, I just want to kind of give you a very quick overview, which is let me the exit out of this. But really, what you're able to do is gonna have your own tab up here. And you can surely change that to whatever you want. But you really the you get the chance to really make this your own as faras you had your own images in here whether that you're gonna use stock images or your own photos, you're also able to add titles along with, of course, the price and then even extra things such as best seller new items and then also say sale as well. So there's a lot of different things that you could do in addition to when he conduce. Oh, is when you want to take gold more customizes. What you do is suddenly stopped. Click this and then this gives you a lot more different options. Where you can go about this as far as like, how do you want the layout to be At the design, the sorting, all those different things are here now, when it comes to in general, what I found of for e commerce platforms here is, I think, having a simplistic design is that helpful? I would definitely if you do have a e commerce website. What I would suggest is maybe trying to get some inspiration again from other websites and tryingto make something similar to that. If you really like that, and that's always a good way to go about it. And again, if you did want to, then have that. You know, membership as faras, like being able to have their specific plan where it allows you to actually basically make sales on your website. What you then do, if you want to change these out or whatnot, is you click manage products, and that's exactly where you'll be able to switch out the photos and all the other details that you'll need. So that's what's really nice is a really make it, for the most part, really simple for you. It's just that you do. Unfortunately, that specific plan in order to make have purchases done in the website. But again, you don't necessarily need that if you're going to be creative about it, such as having your own like listing, say, linked to, say, either your own eBay listing or maybe Amazon listing. So those are just some ideals for you. But hopefully that help you kind of understand that this is how you set up a wig store. Of course. Is there more to it? Yes, but at the same time to I don't have any products per se. But at the same time, I just want to show you really just a quick overview on how you go about this, how you can edit it and what is required in order to really make sales on your website as faras accepting payments. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to 11 and I'll be more than happy to answer your questions and I'll see you in the next video 30. Titles & Paragraphs: Now it's time to get started on now, creating your website. So really, what I'm gonna be showing you throughout these next videos is how to do certain things and how to use, like, the certain really options and features that which offers to you and how to do that. Like how to get it on your website and really, how to do everything for the most part, is for us. What are the options that they give you? So what I'm gonna be doing here is what you can probably tell already by now is you can't see me currently. And the reasoning wise, I wanted to make sure that you can see the design of the website really well. So I made sure that I am not in the this, particularly this whole section of the course Don't write, I'll be coming back. But for the at least this section, I'm gonna be then really just showing you how to do certain things that way. Of course, I want to make sure that you can see everything and there's no issues whatsoever, So let's get started. So for this first video, I want to show you how to add than, like titles and then paragraphs onto a certain web page. Now, of course, when it comes to then figure out like, what are you gonna do it on, like which different? I guess either what page or really we're going to do. It really depends on your theme in depends on legal what you have in mind. However, I'm just kind of using a template. So I'm just going to show you in general just how to do this. So in my template here, actually, technically speaking, if I like this, I didn't I wouldn't even have to add anything per se, except maybe obviously changed the picture and change what's said here. Now, if that was the case, all that I would need to do simply is double click this. And what's gonna allow me to do is really say anything I want here. And as you can see, I have all of these options right here. So if you want to change the fund, you do it here, heading here. This also means, like the size of the tax itself or the different. Sometimes it depends, like if you want to use a heading or if you want to just use the find site itself? Either way really works. I think the best way to customize it is probably through. I guess the font size that you can make it really exactly the way you want it. Then of course, you have the bolding. You have all the other things that you'd really need or want really? Here for you. But let's just say the example of hey, you want to add a title? But you do. Then as you go under add, you click this and was gonna bring up then is it gonna bring up all these different options ? What you want to do is go under text, and then I'm gonna have to find out which one works or looks the best for you. So I think it really depends on what you're kind of going for, However, like, is it as it says underneath here to it says, this theme is for like, the page in section titles. This one is for the main headings, any kind of help to have a little bit in that way. But let's just say I want to use heading for here and and don't be afraid to experiment. Experiment either. So I literally just drag and drop. And now I'm able to then have heading here. I can change this to again whatever I want, and I'm able to then change the font. So I want a different fund. I could just change it to a different fund. I want the size change. I just need to I think it helps to highlight it and then be able to then change the font. However big I want. Of course, make sure it's not too big. But as you can see, it's really for the most part, pretty straightforward here and then Also I wanted to show you as well is if you wanted to say add tax to you didn't want to go about that. You go into at again and you go under, of course, tax. And then I would suggest clicking one of thes Donna are trading and dropping. You can actually click it as well, but drinking drop all these works pretty good too. And if you wanted, like you know a paragraph, then two straight this over wherever you do on it. And then as you see it's there. But see if I wanted is for some reason over here. I could do that to and then say If I'm done like moving it around, I just click off it and then now it's gonna stay there. But if I do want editor, I just want to just double click it again and it's gonna allow me to really put anything inside. It's easy, Yeah, so as you can see their ego and if safe, he didn't want to delete it. For some reason, you can always press the delete button a lot of times that works. Otherwise you can kind of just go off it. And then I kind of just disappears as well. So really, that's how you do the titles and paragraphs again. This is really using. Now, if you are then going about to say a template, then you might not even have to do this. But if there are something that you want to customize, that is how you would do that and finding really adding the titles and then also paragraphs onto a any really page that you have on your Wicks website. If any questions, please feel free to let me know. But otherwise, thanks so much for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one