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Wedding Photography 2: Posing a Couple for Wedding or Engagement Photos

teacher avatar Phil Ebiner, Video | Photo | Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project: Practice Taking Photos of a Couple

    • 3. Live Poses

    • 4. How to Shoot Posed Wedding Shots

    • 5. Using Pinterest to find Inspirational Photos

    • 6. Intro to Engagement Photos

    • 7. Equipment for Engagement Shoots

    • 8. How much to charge for engagement photos

    • 9. Picking the Perfect Location for Engagement Photos

    • 10. Tips for Posing and Interacting with Clients

    • 11. Engagement Photo Examples

    • 12. Thank You and What's Next?

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About This Class

Wedding photography is an amazing skill that is very marketable in any location. You can make $1,000s each weekend shooting weekends wherever you live. In this course, you’ll learn how to interact with and pose a couple. You’ll learn this by watching a live demonstration with the photographer and a couple. You will also have access to a downloadable guide that has 7 poses, and 35 unique shots - a great starting point for your first shoot.

This class is perfect for beginner photographers who want to become wedding photographers or just want to know how to take great portrait shots of couples. We recommend taking the other courses in this series - How to Shoot a Wedding and How to Set Up a Wedding Photography Business - for a complete education in Wedding Photography.

Meet Your Teacher

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Phil Ebiner

Video | Photo | Design


Can I help you learn a new skill?

Since 2012 have been teaching people like you everything I know. I create courses that teach you how to creatively share your story through photography, video, design, and marketing.

I pride myself on creating high quality courses from real world experience.


I've always tried to live life presently and to the fullest. Some of the things I love to do in my spare time include mountain biking, nerding out on personal finance, traveling to new places, watching sports (huge baseball fan here!), and sharing meals with friends and family. Most days you can find me spending quality time with my lovely wife, twin boys and a baby girl, and dog Ashby.

In 2011, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Film and Tele... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, skill share. What's up? This is Phil Evan or back with another wedding photography course in this part two of the series of wedding photo courses that I've put out. We're talking about posing a couple for either wedding or engagement photos. So learning out interact with a client or to clients and posed them in beautiful ways is a very important part of being a wedding photographer. Luckily, I have my friend will again, who is going to show us how to do that? We actually have a live demonstration of him in an engagement session, and it's actually my wife and I who are playing the part of the couple, and we show you exactly how to oppose the couple in five or six different ways and in each of those ways, how to get 345 different shots from each pose. So it's a great lesson, and there's even Mawr where we're going to dive into engagement photos, taking engagement photos, how to pick a background working with people and then another review lesson of where we dive into a wedding or a couple weddings that will has shot and he shows you the post sessions that he's done and talks about the technical and creative decisions that he's done . He made Teoh take those photos. So if you're interested in wedding photography, I think this is a great next step toe learning to be a complete wedding photographer. So enroll now and I can't wait to see you in the course. 2. Project: Practice Taking Photos of a Couple: Okay, so let's talk about the chorus assignment. The project for this course is to practice taking photos of a couple. So what? It does take a little bit of work. You need to get a couple. Or it could just be a couple friends that you want to take out and go to the location that you think will have a beautiful background and practice taking photos over the next few lessons will be showing you lots of examples of different poses and how to find inspirational poses online. So use those lessons as examples. Take those, put them in practice, get a couple, go out, have fun and take at least three different poses and post them to the course site so that your project for this course, I hope it's a fun one. You can see my example project on the course page so that you know what you have to do. But otherwise, let's get straight to the lessons 3. Live Poses: Hey, guys, I'm here outside with Fillon. Isabel and I want to take you through five basic poses that you can use for your engagement photos or on the wedding day. There are tons of different poses, and you can kind of use them to interact with. But I found that thes five separate poses will really get you exactly what you want and the basic needs for what you want. Sometimes you don't have a lot of time to do these, so I've kind of broken it down. Five poses and within each five pose, I have them doing different positions again. These air super basic. They've always worked for me. Different photographers will take you through different things. But these have always been the best and easiest and quickest way to get the shots that you need to tell a story. So Okay, so I want to start with you guys just like, yeah, arm in arm. Basically, just like that. And then looking looking right at me. Okay. Cool. And then now look at each other. Very cool again with Phil looking at me and this will like him. Perfect. And then now switch. Okay. Good. And 123 Now, um, if you guys could just look each other in real time, okay? Okay. So it's Phil here, and I want to show you the photos that will has been taking in this lesson, and I'm going to break it up into each little section of the photo shoot. So in this first little look, he had a standing shoulder to shoulder is a cool look looking directly at the camera. Then we looked at each other. I looked at Isabel, and then she looked at the camera, and then Isabel looked at me, and I looked at the camera. So this is a quick photo shoot. A couple things that, um is Bo was not too happy about was her hair kind of being in her pace and put I don't mind that at all. And that's something that you could totally fix and photo shop if you wanted to. But for these first photos, I thought they came out really well. Nice background. Backlit with the sun shining from the background. Got nice, like hair light around the edge of our heads and great shots. Okay, so now if you guys could just Yeah, so if you could like we did when you just face each other. And I called your hands. Yeah, perfectly. Look each other and you could actually probably smile that. Be great on, then. Go ahead. And, Isabel, if you want, take a look at me and feel Keep your eyes on her. Forget anyone today. Awesome. And then is built like NFL. Look at me. A good, very cool If you guys just just hold out further. Like Like, what is hard arms straight out. There you go. Here are those photos of us with our hands spread apart. He had as kind of together at first, but then we spread out a little bit more. I kind of like the look of that kind of looks like the bottom of the heart. Almost. And then we did a couple shots where Isabella's looking in the camera and we basically reversed that. And this is just a kind of a fun different shot again. I like the background of this path going along the background. It's not too blown out. It's definitely overexposed up here at the top of the frame. But where we are with the trees in the background. It's actually really nice. All right, Cool. So if you could fill if you could go behind Isabel on, like, holder and hugged from behind action shot, you can hold his hands. Yeah, perfectly both. Looking at me also, I'm very good. Now. Can you guys manage to look at each other? Oh, that's getting a quick kiss really quick. Really fast. That it's awkward. It's fine. It's cute. Okay, now is well, keep looking at me and feel Look at her bigot. Cool. And then if we go and let's switch that Yeah, perfect. And then you get a good look at your wedding. Smile. That smile here. All right. Cool. The next one is I kind of had you get sitting down in this kind of same position. So, Philip, you could sit down and then Isabel, just like nestle. And between his legs Here, the photos with me behind Isabel. These air some of my favorite photos I love how will Kind of just kept snapping away. He told us toe, look at each other to look at the camera to give a little bit of a kiss. And in those little moments, you get funny pictures like this where we're just reacting to each other again. Back to this voter, you have the nice sunlight in the background. I like that little lens flare that you're getting kind of just the steps of all of heart are kisses and everything. But again, I think the looking at the camera, this one where one person is behind the other, Typically the taller person is behind the other will look really good for your photos. So this is more like just looking, looking straight up at me. Um, yeah, this is perfect. Exactly. Now his book. If you look at Phil keeping yet that's good. And then feel like Isabella's, we'll get me, um, very good. We get out of kiss on the cheek, you get stand up again. This photos that will took sitting down actually came out really nice. We're in the midst of a drought here in California, so you can see that the grass is just completely dry. The parks in our area just shut off water, which I think is a good thing to save water because we have an rain in a few years, and so it's actually kind of a nice background. It looks a little like fall. It's during the summers, but it's a nice little vintage e shabby chic sort of style, rustic style. And again, we'll just had us look at the camera. Look at each other. I love how the light is coming in, hitting our faces. That just really adds a little three dimensions, more three dimensional aspect to this photo. And typically you want Teoh have photos looking either straight to the camera lens or looking down at your subjects. There are some times when will shot our photos for the wedding that we were actually looking down towards him. But typically, that's not as flattering as if we're looking up. And so I really like how these photos came out again, and this was a nice one where he just told us to look down at our wedding rings, and, uh, it just came out really nice and in some of the other lessons, will talks about looking, having your clients look down. It adds a little bit of emotion to the photograph, and this one. I I just really love the composition of it all. I love that there's this bright over exposure up here. That's highlighting the back of our heads, and we're just sort of looking straight down. And yeah, I just feels like were were a great couple right there, and I really love it. Okay, so do you mind getting a piggyback? You know, I'm not a law working, right? Very good. That looks very pill. Okay. And then you guys could try and look at each other. That's impressive, Like he has accomplished because you actually, like laughing each other. That's a good time to get a get a photo. Good job. Okay, Uh, and then if you guys could get down, get down. Here's a couple photos that he took right before we hopped on to a swell hopped on my back . And I really like these two again, changing up the perspective, going from a semi close up where our heads are perfectly framed to a wider shot. I really like that. Well, did this were kind of joking around? You can see Isabel laughing with me. You can see the sun in the background. You see a little bit more detail where we are going whiter. The background isn't as as blurry. It's not as the depth of field is in a shallow, But then he asked us to do the stand, getting on my back and again we'll just snaps away. I really love how he does that. And I think that's something that you should be doing as you are photographing your own engagement shoots or weddings, where you just kind of keep snapping away and you get these funny shots were kind of smiling. This was like before we settled into our smiles. But a great shot here is another one where we're just kind of laughing really nice, changing from vertical shots like these ones. Another great one Well composed. I love that. There's lots of negative space up here to a vertical or horizontal photo right here. Really love this photo. I'm looking off the camera. This is another technique that you can actually asked your clients to do. If you want, just toe, have one of them look off the camera. Have both of them look off the camera. Sometimes you might think, Oh, this is well, didn't turn out well because Philip was looking at the camera, but I actually think I really love this one this might be one of my favorites from the entire photo session. And then getting that last shot where we were smiling at each other was really great. And I love the sun shining through and everything about this one. And then if you could just hold turn your backs towards me and hold hands and walk away. But that sort of slowly said, Look, we're not looking each other. Can you guys get a quick like maybe like a quick kiss? Nice. Very rad. Cool. Okay, here's that photo of us walking away. I love the composition Were on the lower thirds of this vertical photo. Lots of negative space. We are framed by these trees. I'm not exactly sure if will did that on purpose, but I'm guessing he did. I like how the two trees kind of frame us together. You can see our hands being held, so that's nice. We're giving each other kiss again. That nice rim lighting around the edge of our head hair and our shirts is really nice. And that's what you get when you put back lighting when you put us in front of the sun. Typically, that's not something that that people recommend in photography, but because you want to have the lighting source shining on the subject, But with sun sometimes too harsh and adding that backlight is really nice. So the this one came out really nice is well, let's say just get on either side of the tree and then start, like, totally behind the tree. And then yeah, and then if you guys get to sneak around and try and find you, go see if you can find each other on the other side. I think it's nice. That's good. Can you get a quick kiss on this front side? Yeah. Good. Bad if you guys could both be, like full body, but, like, pretend you're kissing on the other side, But just But just hide your heads. Yeah. No, I mean yeah, exactly like that. Perfect. Yep, that's it. Right before we left, we were talking about how it would be great to get to use something in the environment to get a great shot. And so, wherever you are, whether you're out of park with trees or in an industrial city urban landscape, try a use. Whatever. Is there as a prop within your photos. So these ones came out really good. I like the difference between these two. You can really see that will step from one side to the other. And you got more of a lens flare. But this lens blur, it softens everything. And I really like how that looks. This is a great photo too. But when comparing both of them, I actually like this sort of hazy look. He had us reach around and look at each other. This one came out really, really nice. I think I might print this out and put it up on my wall, reach a little bit further. Get that kiss. That's totally nice and then reverse it. And I think this combination of these reversal shots again you have some that are a little bit brighter, more exposed. Love. The shot in that combination with this shot is pretty funny. I really like that or this one. And that one really great photos. And we had a great photo session. So again, this, you know, this was actually that's just playing around after our wedding, but this could be a great photo engagement session, and all these poses are something that you could do on the wedding day If you pictured us in our tax and wedding dress dress, These would be amazing photos. So I just wanna think will for the great tips on posing. And I hope that you can use these ideas. Teoh, get out there and start taking your own engagement and wedding photos. 4. How to Shoot Posed Wedding Shots: So let's take some of those practical positions that I kind of showed you with Fillon Isabel, and let me show you how I use them in an actual wedding setting. So those air really a base structure for you to build off of the big thing here is that we want to build off those and kind of incorporate the vibe of the couple that you're with and how everything's going and how you're feeling. If it's a stressed out bride, if it's a fun bride, if it's a stressed out groom, if they're feeling relaxed, you really kind of be able to gauge on that day. The big key thing is to use those tips that I told you before those five poses and kind of incorporate them into what we're doing here today. So here we go. So here's a very quick shot. Let's first talk about the technical stuff here. Most cities I'm going to be on as long a lends I possibly can be. The reason why is because that's gonna cause that nice Boca at a at a focus, look in the background and have them nice and clear in front. I'll shoot it a 56 or a four on the 80 to 400. If I'm using my 24 to 70 I'll probably go down to a two point if I can, but really again to get that stuff that's really in focus and really out of focus, because that's what looks beautiful. That's kind of what our eyes air aesthetic toe looking in professional ways. We're here, and I so 500 cause we're outdoors or in shade, the backgrounds lit up by the sun. You can see a kind of a nice kind of gloss light across their faces and along the light along their hair, I hear rather and then right here on their shoulder. She's got a nice, like kind of rim soft light coming in. It's really important that kind of find a spot, Fillon is Bo had kind of scattered before, and we found a nice botanical garden that was near their venue, so we drove over there in between their reception and their ceremony. This not only is important for photos, but it's important time for them to kind of relax and come down from the ceremony, and they can kind of just kind of relax and let things go. Everything's in motion. They shouldn't be working about this point. So let's start. So let's see, we're here. Are are 80 to 400 millimeter lens again, long lines to get that look. And I am basically start with them looking at each other like we did before. Fills being a little goofy, which I'm a little lucky with him as a groom because they're a little more lively. You can see here I have them start to walk. I'm ahead of them shooting with a pretty solidly fashion or 2/100 of a second. Um, and then I'm also here kind of just doing different compositions as they're walking. This is more than just walking, being natural, telling them, talk to each other about the wedding. So those are nice, quick little shots here. We've stopped Instead of having them hold each other across, I'm having them doom or of a, uh, smell the flowers in between having them smell flowers and having them look each other. And this is the base structure is having them look each other. But then I'm like, let's go foreheads. So they create this nice little quick little forehead thing I have fill. You can see down here his pockets in his left hand. So it's just those little things. Remember, Phil, put your popular tan. Let's do foreheads and smile real quick. Snap off very quickly again. I'm at 230 millimeters, so I've got that back around. Really had a focus over here again. We went from looking at each other with their arms around each other. Toe Isabel, look at me. Feel. Look at her. We did this earlier in the gate room. Photos. This worked out wonderfully. I like a little bit of a closer crop with the head. Uh, there we can step back the game at 230 millimeters. There's a little bit of a flare, but I really do like putting the sun in the background. You can see how they're highlighted in the back here. You can see it's a nice highlight here, and there's enough light pushing in from the front to cover their faces. It's just really location, location, location. It's a good location. Good time for the sun to really knock these out again. Stepping back at 330 millimeters, having them cheek to cheek looking right at me. Grab that quick shot. Here's them shoulder to shoulder. This is kind of a nice looking D. I. Y look, that's become really popular. Is just kind of that kind of old school farmer. Look where their shoulder there, side by side, kind of do that again. It looks really nice because of the book in the background. We got trees and nice out of focus, um, having them looking each other against the same stuff that having you run through and you can see how it really plays out well, having them look at each other, I think they're laughing at a joke here that they're talking to you about. Um, you just kind of have to be quick. Got a quick kiss in their, um, and then I kind of repositioned had him kiss her forehead. I do again, like That's my style. With the negative space, I thought it worked really well. It's a really beautiful photo that Phil can actually used later to put a graphic on over above or on a on a photo album here. We just came down to cover the okay again, really lucky. After noticing how big the bouquet was now beautiful. It was. It works really well in this space. You can see that we don't normally get that lucky with bouquets. But the color of the okay with the color of the background really looks great. So really, after knowing the space, knowing the bouquet, you can kind of pick and choose how you want to shoot different photos Here. Here's another one. Close up getting long lens here. This has got a kind of a filter on it. I had them walk away from me again, just like we did with the positioning. Had them walk away, shot A little bit of the photos showed a little bit of the dress detail and his shoulder detail again. A great shot, also of the hair that her friend had done for her. Um, this one's negative space. Same deal again. Here's a little bit of a different shot. I've kind of tried to put some negative space. I'm not super excited about the shot, but had them look at each other. Do little smile. This is a little bit too out of blown out. We see weaken brought it down and editing But, um, you know the works nice is not the best photo. Here's them just being themselves because they're just a goofy couple. It looks great. Just, you know, be prepared. Be on it. Kind of shoot when you can again. I'm at 220 millimeters. I'm not in their face, but I'm still getting a really nice close up composition of them being goofy and them really showing their personality. Um not sure it's going on here. Here we go. Them walking again. I walked ahead of them, start out with a very clean them, holding hands, walking towards me. Then you start to kind of play with the composition a little bit. She opened up, opened up a little bit as they're walking there really are relaxing at this point, just kind of taking a stroll and stepping back. It really is a key of you as a photographer to make them feel comfortable because you can see as they feel comfortable, the photos just open up and they'll just be they'll just be beautiful here, have them stop. Take a quick kiss, continue on walking, continue that frame and that shudder and you can see as they're getting closer. I'm auto focusing to get them in a nice composed shot. Again, they're relaxed, not super stoked about this fence in the background. But we got there emotion on their faces here is stop them by a tree. And I do again, I'm trying to get that nice, cool, pretty flare in the background. And I'm focusing here on the wedding ring and on the okay, you can see him at a longer millimeter. Um and I'm there out of focus. But it really wanted to focus on the book. Can have it really show because we wanted document all the little details. Here we are, the same tree I turned a little bit. So they're a little bit in the shade. You can see the sun is lighting up her hair right here. Which is kind of what I was trying to achieve is just this little kind of highlight to break them up from the background. Um, you can see again. I turned them around. Here is Thea. Here's the book. A little bit closer, foreheads touching. Who's that kiss again? Reframe a little bit higher. Son is still poking through in the background. I don't care about blowing out the background because that's not what I'm concerned about. I'm concerned about their faces and seeing the emotion, hear them in the same position. But I took a big, giant step to the right. The sons now Maurin my lens. You can see a flare across. It looks pretty, adds. It's nice, glowing effect to the entire thing. This is a little more daring. I feel like this would look nice on a cover. It's not really documenting anything, but it's a very beautiful artistic photo. You can see him at a longer lens, so I've got things blown out. I'm took the hood off my lens and I'm letting the sun just just blow into my lens like crazy, Nice, beautiful sun flare longer the lens, the more the more flair you're gonna get. Also as wide open as you can be. That's what flares are. You can see the aperture ring is kind of right there. It's nice and big, and it's out of focus because we're such a long lens. This I got really lucky with the position of the sun, their position prepared, ready to shoot, and that's how we got that image. Once I noticed that you can continue to do shots like that, I could see them like, Oh, how did I achieve that? Let's keep doing Let's keep doing that. Kept them out of focus. This is also a great cover shot. We can throw some text in front of it again. Try and getting those details of the dress is also really good. So I took that shot, saw the details in this shot and when I tried to get a little bit of a closer detail shot. So that's got more detail and so something she can show. This has been, I think, the money maker fulfill here. He and them have really like these shots and kind of did. It's really lucky at this shot, because typically, lower angles are not necessarily flattering. For some reason, filling Isabel pull it off really well. Here's that pensive shot of him looking off in the distance. She's looking at him. I think they were just kind of taking a breath and relaxing again. Same thing. These have a little bit of different filters on them right now, but we can see that we can see the flare here. We can see them into themselves. They're looking at each other. Really focused on each other and again here. I had them looking at me just to get that nice, beautiful flare profile pic for Facebook. Ah, fantastic shot. They really pulled it off. Really good looking couple for this job. You can see the different edits here. They moved apart. I do like the one of them closer together and a little bit of a bigger flair. Um, it's really just more of a style and type. A shooter you are. Feels pretty excited. You could see I move them down onto the grass. I kind of like we're near this hill. So I was able to kind of put a nice green background behind them again. Sun behind them. Um, quick kisses. Quick, quick. Same thing. Looking at each other, shoulder head on shoulder, looking down here. We got kind of lucky. I'm on 140 millimeters here, making them laugh. They're just joking, relaxing again. The sun is still in our background. We have fill out of focus. I think he's looking up at me or the videographer. We're kind of having them talk. Relax, just getting really nice candids having visible look at me. Same same deal. Stepped back just to get a little bit of coverage. I wasn't too excited about the shot, but it's good to just kind of get some different coverage. Um, here, since we were there, have their hands placed on each other's is a good shot to get zoomed in a 400 millimeters, so there's some fall off. Then let's go back to the car. Had them walking back in the direction we came from again, just like we showed in the posing shots. Having them walking away from us looks great. Focus on the details of the dress. Son is still in the background, so we get a nice soft light in the front. This is a great shot that we're using for the class, so there's a filter on it. Another good shot to get the details of the bow, the dress, his suit that Okay, The jewelry could do without the fence, but it still looks like a beautifully composed nice shot with the filter. Here's back up, but the position we're and I have them turn around just to get a couple of coverage. This shots been really popular, going back to the old American style of shoulder to shoulder. But now we still got the details. We got the bow tie, We got the earrings, we got the dress. We got the book A We got the jewelry. We got the boot near. We really got everything here that really sums up everything about the style of their wedding. Not necessarily them, but the style of their wedding. So you kind of look out for shots like this. This would be a great album. Cover, maybe for your next rock band. Here's another just a little bit lower getting that hand so again, style of the wedding, but a little bit of them inside. So you know you can use those for different things, like you could use those for thank you cards. You could use those for their website. You could use them for their profile pics or for a wedding album. Anything like that again them looking at each other, going back shoulder shoulder, looking at us, looking at each other great, wayto quickly put them in different poses that were able to use later. Quick kiss. We found this place down in Manhattan Beach where we live. They had kind of seen this before, but basically it's, Ah, magical thing that meant a lot to them, sort of once upon a time, happily ever after. And they just kind of wanted to go down and shoot some photos. So we did a really quick photo shoot down there. We happen to be in a good spot. We got some coverage, had them walking straight down here and found some good spots for them to do. Unedited, quick, quick shot. Again. This is them relaxing and kind of feeling it bouncing over to Donovan and Kourtney really quick. They were luckily at their church. They had some nice spots. I did the same thing, having them look at us, having them look at each other, having one look at her having one look at us. So the big thing is like, you know, it's very quick and easy to pose them on. Boast brides and grooms are not used to being in front of the camera, so it's it's kind of helpful. Have them sit on a bench, which I think they liked a lot. This one was again, Donovan looking at her, her looking at me again. She was a little bit of felt awkward, a little bit, but it made them laugh, which was great. It's helpful to kind of, uh, to teach them to sort of just relax and laugh. Couldn't get a really good kiss out of them. But she did like kissing his cheek. So we did that again. Cheek to cheek, facing us quick were on again, 185 millimeter with the nice blown out background on, then doing quick one of the rings. And then these guys were actually at the film school, that they went to school and, um, in the college. So we went over to the building and I did a really quick shot of them, kind of near where they met in the lobby of the school that they went to in college. Here's one of the negative space. This is just kind of my style, putting them down in the lower thirds on the right end in the bottom. They also had a long, long shot at the church. They got married that I was able to step, I don't know, probably 200 yards away from the church and really condensed them on this long, long lens. So we get them to get him looking at her, her looking at me with the background of the church, out of focus. But you can still tell what it is. I have them stop looking each other walk towards me. So we get a couple of other really good shots. The big thing to take away here is to take a look at those poses that we talked about in the other lesson. Have them do it very quickly and very efficiently. Have them be relaxed and make sure that you're kind of knowing where you're gonna put them and what you're gonna dio knowing the place that you're gonna shoot them and knowing where the sun is gonna be is very, very big and really can happen. Some happy accidents can happen with some flares, but also just being prepared and knowing your couple and knowing the types of people they are and where you can put them is really helpful. 5. Using Pinterest to find Inspirational Photos: Okay, So in the action item, we asked you to make a list and download inspirational photos of different wedding poses. Couple poses. And one way is to go on Pinterest. So I just want to show you how to do that. If you head over to Pinterest dot com, it's just Pinterest. P i n t e r e s t dot com There's a search bar of the top, and if you search for wedding poses and press enter, it will come up with a bunch of awesome poses that are really great and inspiring because we gave you a lot of great ones. But things like this where you're looking up at the bridal and groom party, this is a great idea. Kissing the hand back to the groom's back and the bride facing the camera. There's lots of different ideas that we can give you. There's lots of fun ones like this where there's heart symbolism with hands on the back. That's a popular one. Here is a silhouette, just something to think about when you are shooting your own weddings. Lots of them are very similar to what we did in the engagement practice session like walking away, holding each other, this one a little bit different, where the bride isn't behind the groom holding the bride up. So, as you can see, there's just lots of great inspirational photos, and you can either click on them to view bigger, and then you can pin them to a board of your own. Or you can right click and save the image to download it and then email it to your phone. Or however you want to share it with you so that you have it on the wedding day itself. So this is a great way to find inspiration for new ideas and to get the best wedding photos that you can during your post sessions. Thanks for watching, and we'll see in the next video. 6. Intro to Engagement Photos: everyone. We have a bonus section for you guys on shooting engagement photos. So shooting engagement photos is sort of something that just happens after you become a wedding photographer. The your clients will also want you to shoot their engagement photos. So Will will be covering the equipment that you need to know different poses that make a great engagement photo and picking the perfect location for your photo session. It's all pass it straight over the will, and I hope you enjoy this bonus section. 7. Equipment for Engagement Shoots: we're doing engagement photos. We want to make sure that we have all the right equipment for this. Typically, engagement photos for me living in Los Angeles are at the beach. I try not to do that all the time, but I tend to go toe different outdoor areas because I use a lot of natural light. Don't like flashes for engagement photos, adults. So I'm not gonna talk about flash. Typically, I'm gonna have a long lens, like a 72 200 on my camera, maybe an 85 prime or 100 prime with a very wide open aperture, like a 1.41 point 82 That's the area that I want to be shooting engagement photos with. So make sure we have got a camera, maybe a backup camera, because you never know. Ah longer lens, A primer to and something with a big, wide open aperture. Also, make sure you have enough media and you have enough battery toe last you a few hours. Typically, my engagement sessions last anywhere from an hour to 2.5 hours 8. How much to charge for engagement photos: making money on engagement sessions is a little bit of a tricky game. You can sometimes include those in your packages for your bigger weddings at a discounted price. Or you can do him as a separate piece. I've known a lot of photographers, and I even do this sometimes. Is there separate, and the couple will come shooting engagement session with you and decide if they want to do use you as their wedding photographer. If a couple has a lot of money, they'll tend to go with and do a ton of different engagement sessions and pick out the photographer they like, if that's important to them. Typically for me, I charge anywhere from 200 to $350 for an engagement session, and that usually includes about 10 edited photos, 10 to 20 edited photos and about a two hour session with three different looks. What the looks are is the couple will have three different outfits that they want to change into throughout the two hours to kind of knock out what they're looking for. If there's more looks, if they want more photos if they want more than two locations all tend to charge even more . That 200 to 350 usually ranges on 2 to 3 different locations. Luckily, I live in Southern California, and there's a ton of different areas for me to go to, so it just kind of depends on where you're at. 9. Picking the Perfect Location for Engagement Photos: So you want to pick a fantastic location for your wedding? Couple your engagements. Air your get your photos are going to put on a save the date cards they're going to put on their website for the opening of their popular reception stuff. It could be printed out on large at the reception. I've seen a lot of couples that they take the engagement photos that I've done, and they put him on their table at the reception with, like, a white border and those signs. So these air important photos that are going to be seen with you there so you never know where they're going to be used. So picking a location is crucial to not only the background but the light and making sure that they're comfortable. It's the first time you're gonna be shooting with your couple. So figure out the types of photos they like again. I'm in l. A. So a lot of times it's the beach, or it's a Foresti Junglee area park with a lot of eucalyptus trees. It kind of depends on where you are geographically, um, picking area where you're gonna be comfortable. Also be wary. Ah, lot of public libraries and public spaces may require you to have a permit for some time through this shooting, so check that out before you go and make sure you're covered. You don't want to get sued, and you don't want to get site cited. Typically, I tend to do a lot of engagement photos way closer to Magic Hour, which is around 678 o'clock down in Los Angeles during the summer. May depend on where you are, so check that out. Ah, lot of sunset photos with a lot of flares and a lot of back light tend to be really nice if you're using the long lens like I talked before, You can blow the background out as far as focus goes, so maybe the background doesn't necessarily matter where you are. The most fun engagement session I did was a couple of a couple of kids, and they were surfers, so we went to the beach. We had we brought a prop as as a thing, and they stood on both sides of the of the surfboard and we shot them. But then we also went out into the water and I took my go pro and did some kind of engagement shoots out in the water, and that was super fun. Eso It always depends on the couple on what they're looking for. So talk to them, figure out what they're looking for and then pick a great location. That kind of brings out the couple that they are, the relationship that they have and somewhere that they're comfortable with. 10. Tips for Posing and Interacting with Clients: So you want oppose your couple in a very easy, easy to understand manner and kind of blow through a lot of looks as fast as you can for the engagement of us, you only have an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours. So this kind of has to be snappy, and you're always gonna be racing the sun. If you're a natural light photographer, remember, in the longer lesson, I kind of talked about posing with your bride in your groom. This is almost the exact same thing, and I kind of go through the same poses. The great part about this is if you do this during the engagement session, when you get to your couple at the wedding a t actual wedding day, they're going to know exactly what to do. And you're gonna stay Vatana time on your wedding day. So if you could go through those same poses in the engagement session, learn your repertoire between each other, make it easy, relaxed there on a Saturday or Sunday, it's fun, like there's no pressure. The day of their wedding is going to be great. So again, make sure you're looking at them. You're having fun with them. You do the tips that I said earlier. Ah, lot of looking at me looking at each other, looking off into the distance, smiling. Keep them candid, kind of talk to them. Sometimes doing the arms around the front are really fun holding hands. Doing the awkward prom pose tends toe garnish a laugh or two. So snap away so just kind of look back of those tips and really have fun with it. 11. Engagement Photo Examples: So let me show you guys some quick examples of some engagement photos. These are actually some of my favorite engagement photos that I've taken on, and it's a really good example of the poses that have kind of talked about earlier, along with a good way to use props and figure out location and a lot of a lot of good things. Let's just kind of dive into it so you can see here up in the upper left corner. We still have all our metadata so we can talk about exactly what I was using. Here are my friends, Devesh and Jen. They we actually had found some cool frames and they kind of wanted to use them. So we shot with frames. The fun thing about this is that we're able to play play around with them. It's kind of cute. They liked him. They've gotten a lot of good response from them. They actually printed a couple of amount for their wedding that they used. You can see here. I kind of focused more on the hand in the frame. We went to the beach. It wasn over Cats Day, so kind of helped that we had something to kind of focus on. Take away from the gloominess of the day. A lot of these you can see I'm shooting with my 22 70 that I have a little bit of a lower I s O And then also maintaining that 2.8 when I can, just to add that depth and make it look a little bit more professional. Also right here, you can see that there's a lot of nice little texture around that goes well with the frame . Well, with the colors that they're wearing, kind of gotta stick away from, like, crazy patterns and, um, super distracting colors. If the backgrounds gonna have more texture that's was getting at. So yeah, So I had a lot of fun shooting these photos here. Over here, I ended up using. This is actually this was taken a long time ago, but it was taken with one of the first times I got to use the 72 200 which was really great . It really blew out the backgrounds, really happy with the with the with what happened with it. I tried to put a lot of foreground elements in these photos you can see this right here is a little bit of the weeds that were in the front, which really look kind of fun and really good. They're really happy with these photos. I got lucky was an overcast day. I have them in shadow a lot, so we were able to kind of get a nice, even light throughout the entire thing again to point at 200 millimeters. That's what that looks like, and that's a wonderful look. If you look at the poses that we talked about before, we start out with them looking at each other. And then I asked for kisses, forehead kisses. They were very indicating each other, So I got a lot of them kiss each other, which works out great again. Typically, you're not looking at all of these all at once. So it's really fun to just have one picture that they used for their save the date card. Here's one where I had them sitting. They tended to look right back at each other, and that was great. Here's one where I had him looking at her. He just naturally did that snapped away. Got a really nice shot. Um, really worked out well here. The green look great. I did add a little bit of saturation to these, as I recall, just to kind of make them pop. They were color wearing their contrast with the green. So when I found that spot, we kind of honed in on it and stayed there. Here had them sit on these steps that we found again started with the same thing, looking each other foreheads worked. They thought it was hilarious. They laughed, snapped it off. Got a kiss in there really quickly until he's still kind of laughing. This really worked out great. I really like this session on and they're really fun to work with. But it also helped that I had that 72 200. It's really step away and make it look pretty. This is a really quick shot of my friend Kelsey and Matt. We ended up going Teoh actually want to Disneyland. This is a really good spot. You can't tell her at Dizzy Lender here, but the sun was in a great spot. Were able to shoot them on the 7200 again, which I was allowed to take in a Disney languages crazy, um, and was able to get a really nice flared shot of that wonderful mustache that he's got. Um, they really walked away. Happy with ease. Here are my friends, Danny and Megan. He actually or she actually wanted to shoot at a more industrial spot. This is where we found a lot of lines. A lot of garages. I would actually straighten this out a little bit more. She naturally put her leg up. I think she's kind of into that again. We started looking at each other, Then we went into a kiss, snapped it right away. We chose these colors to go with his background. So they were popping out, but not too extreme and that her skirt was really kind of a little bit more allowed in the shot. Here's a cute couple. They decided they wanted to go to the beach. They weren't from around here. They actually met at the pier. So they came out here just to do their engagement photos and visit some family before they went back for their wedding. So I only shot their engagement session. So we went to the Manhattan Beach Pier and again using the 72 200. I was able Teoh Shoot Long Lens is again a pretty flat day. Lighting wise, I had them get a tandem bike, which worked out great. The only bummer part about this is amused. Is shooting a 2.8? Probably should have shot a little bit of a higher aperture. You can see she's very much in focus. He's not. I think it's little bit fun. I think they like the focus on her, which was really fun. We went into the pier after that again. Here's the one looking at each other, gazing into their eyes. I went to the one, the turnaround, where he's holding her from the side, looking each other. It really creates. It's really fun atmosphere, and sometimes they laugh and you can capture that. Here's a really fun engagement shoot. I think I mentioned this before in another shoot, but here's a really cool GoPro, uh, GoPro engagement shot. They love to serve, and that was kind of the thing that they do together, which was super great. So I was able to get out there. I used to go for to get this shot, and it really is about the camera that you got with you. You can see that it's at 2.77 millimeters. So it's basically a fisheye. It's the standard GoPro I So 100 I believe this is was the GoPro hero three. So it was able to take a bunch of photos and actually took this and printed it out onto some wood planks which were really cool that they showed at their wedding. But this really captures kind of who they are and what they dio to spend their time, which is kind of really important, I think, engagement photos. They also use this for their state of the date card, which is really cool. We took the surfboard out before they were before they were out there, and they're kind of being goof. We've got some really cool shots. Don't care for the advertisement down here below, but, um, we tended to then get away from that. I use a 51.4 in here, mostly because I wanted the 1.4 you can kind of you have to get a little bit closer for these types of shots because it's a 50. I did want to get that fall off those So you can see here. Just her eyes are and focus. He falls off pretty quickly, but again, I had the whole get behind her. Hold her, look at her, have her look at him and this is on her way to look at him. We got a really good shot. Here's her looking down again. A very sweet photo that he really liked. I think they kind of like the focus on her, which a lot of brides tend toe tend to enjoy, hears them just kind of hanging out the beach is a really great photo. This can also be used on the head of an album. We can put titles over the top in the bottom. It's always good thing to keep in mind, and then again, them facing me. I do try to put the sun again at their back so that they're highlighted, but just a little bit, and we got enough balance off the sand to kind of fill in their faces and make a really good shot. You can tell they're actually really in love and really looking at each other. It's really great 12. Thank You and What's Next?: everyone. I just want to say thank you so much for enrolling in this skill share course on posing a couple for wedding or engagement photos. I hope you've enjoyed it. I hope you've learned a lot and that it was inspiring to you, and it has helped you take the next step to creating your own wedding photography business . Now there are two things that you can do for us. One is to leave a review for the class of that. Others can know what you think about the class, and then the second is to enroll in the next class in the Siri's. Also, if you never enrolled in the first class, we have the part one of the wedding photography Siri's, which is how to shoot a wedding where we walk through an entire wedding and show you the photos from it and talk about the technical and creative decisions we took to shoot that wedding. And then in the third section, we talk about setting of your business and all the things you need to do to have a successful business. So thank you so much for taking this class and we'll see in the next one