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Using Metaballs To Create Abstract Renders In Cinema4D

teacher avatar MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Object Creation

    • 3. Textures

    • 4. Creating The Scene

    • 5. Creating The Scene 2

    • 6. Photoshop | Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create Metaballs and animate them so you can present them into a super abstract peice of art.

We shall go through how they are made, how to adapt and how to present. We shall then edit within Photoshop ready for you to use any super cool presentation.

Time to have some fun...

#Source files are included. You can download from this link.

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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome back. I'm sorry. It's been a world with my latest Toots Oil client. Looks take a neighbor, but I really wants to get something up because I had a lot of requests for no a new star. But is that the metal balls? Which I've been doing lately for my poster designs? Um, people just intrigued about using colors on top, the shapes you get from them. So what I want to do and that you talked to. So it's not necessarily the post design. It's the creation off the metaphor South, which then you can take the elements from it and then make interim star paste are probably designed piece of fun. These that we make today, but just wants to give you the basic, um, solve to tour of how to make this. Then you can make it into in abstracts or poster onda. We can play it colors and stuff afterwards. Look, a textures I did, actually by some of these metal touches. So when I give the files for the tutorial, you'll get some of these free rivets that you can play around, have some fun. So yeah, let's get started 2. Object Creation: right? Uh, him again then. So Stage One cinema full date they put up in your file first in winter is because off the animation this I want that to be more French. It's lasted longer. It lasts and more shapes you can solve make. So I usually get about 2 to 5300. The first we'll start support. I put that to 300 frame rates frame 2nd 30 That's fine. I also go to the render sentence and just make it instagram in size. Most my workers on Instagram initially And then when we go in, supposed to work, that's when you can play with this off a three a two sides 300 dp i But for this now, which meant do a 10 80 10 80 72 when you got your source squares, you know what's play with? So first things first we get up. Teoh, assimilate Andi particles on a MENSA. Um, we just turn this around. You want everything to go up upwards for this first artist longer new example design. I did. So you press play that you can see the little particles going up if you click on the Metsa and go to stop. Start, stop! Because we know about 300 would get a 300 here on, then the lifetime could get further on. But, um, this doesn't go to 300 friends or finish rather than finishing it like 90. Aware of finches of 300. Um, the spirit you content to speed how fast wanted to come out of it So it really slow We're really fast spending on what? What you want todo I only put a say 100 for this, and then we'll go from there. So I'm gonna create, I swear, make it into nice. And I can't think put it on Teoh 50 just to smooth out, spur and then reduce the size. So how we want this is gonna be just a really random shapes. So we're gonna get to clone up McGrath that Klina, we're gonna put the scare into the cloner, and then you can play around of harmony. One of those turn this toe object because when you turn it Salakjit That's how it connected to the MENSA. So now you go those balls coming out to them. It's a and then this is This is what I was saying, in terms of size, uh, speed. So it so you can get really slow. But have you because of that, you can see is making the shapes. Um, just think of that. And then from that, we're not gonna make that into a metta ball. This is the favorite thing you like. So now it comes out of obviously, that is the right. Um, So what we need to do here is bring down the whole day such display. That something said, um, editors. Just this subdivision. Just get ready. Like, basically that to SMU's out smooths out the bulls Well, and if you got like a really slow in my back, the money trust as well, that's keeper one. So as you can see that coming out here, Ukraine in the shape Or rather, um, one thing at the moment the size of the bulls is a bit, but you can see how we're now traits and that the really random, random shapes uh, spring studies done appear on that. So now you've got them coming out. They start to merge, they come out, I think is really I think, a bit too slow with women so maybe get up to 15. Was it coming out there? This is where we crates in. I just love them because just so obstruct. However you've put the balls into service. How how it's gonna come out. I think I said you need that. People can make them look similar. But whenever you create, it is actually just unique to you, which I think is really cool. Um, it's the clearing A Now those are Turness turn cloners of supposed to. Yeah, that's that's how we got it coming out. And then you can You can make them come out quick, understand? Give you different shapes. Um mm. So just having the play around another thing you can do is if Ugo Teoh. I think this was this. Have you got two tags? Um, similar social cinema four D tax and go to. But Sean is It was fine. Great. Seven of this Waas No. Still he's got full of So my don't Yes, you go back. You got on vibrates in. So that springs. Another adamant of of how of how you can make it so no interest since that So it is also doing is coming up the mitzvah. There's also a vibrating as well. So you're just gonna create really, really random shapes, which is really cool. Um, 50 bucks in that one or just a woman? Yeah. You can get them good by constant vibration. Beauty uniforms scale regional more the same size. Then that should come out. Yeah, it's a really big and then he just pulls up and then you've got no shame to play with. It was really a simple Is that just a few? That there. So that's the stage one. So next we can look into colors on light in. And then just to say, What's security? Like a serious like Well, on me, Dio it's the same. Is the same method the same, the same stars of metal balls, but you're gonna do them slightly different. 3. Textures: So we're back now, This is the fun Bill we're gonna start, isn't and Textures. And then look at some light in on, then look at background as well. I'm gonna do free versions. One which is gonna just going to be a lease. PNG. So you can take the shape of the balls on the take them into foot shop and put them onto any background you want. We're gonna then do a metal balls with an object using these metal textures, and then we're gonna do the third woman. She is with a studio background. So it issues a nice light in which our thoughts, um, someone said me like this studio background to use it gives you the option off. Um, some nice lights and agree Grace cockerille. Actually, I got it from somewhere on the site already ready for this trip. You got studio, so it gives you these lighting options that saves a lot of time, but also is good when you're a pin them up, you can actually see how things that don't. You can learn from it yourself as well, so I know the 1st 1 was You're going to just do the shapes. We're gonna just play it until Oh, yeah, just on just what's not. Say no just to put in another element to this after. Because we do is still lows for these as well, because they got because there are limits that that it would be good to make a animated version as well. So have you got any designs that you create and you want to balance them off from my class via skill shirt and instagram? But be good to see your animation as well. So because you're nice to D flat still version of a poster or your artwork and also be good to see what you've actually done of it Ruth, the vibrato or the meta you can do different directions, that sort of thing. So you have to do. I'm sending through and I give feedback on, um, probably about the malted your designs. It's getting to work together to share. So, yeah, I downloaded Information Square. I think it was like any, like, $10 or something, but really into sort of metal testers and stuff on. How did some of my one Justin on instagram was with these textures? So when you when you got to show your so happy with, um, these touches I'll give to you in the files. Well, so save you a lot of time and effort, but you get the results you want quite quickly. So I just put that onto the the metal there and you can see straight away if we just quickly prefer preview at no se Harold, license looking. There's quite a few variations. We're doing a good dark cold to some of them to shut Vestal because we got no lights in the moment and be better just here with a light one so that she can see if you export that's out there, you'll just get no background. You just get that version there. Um, moral bolt is just to show you a bit of light. And, um, this is on the new versions. Maybe I didn't show you this life. What would just just spotlight for this one? I should have them. It's this case bots. Whatever version you've got, I'm just gonna get it in place. Um, you can use the other views on here to see where we're gonna be put in the light in and see that dead on there Now all of us is far, far, far too broad just to say try. So what you can do is while poor, but you can put a bit color into it. So bottom side, too much were your parents put in So I don't second the sky, but it's terrible. Put on shadow days, put on spot inferno Lauridsen. Let's just put background behind that for the moment, just to see what we're playing with. So I just put a plane. It's on the ground, I should But since I was one. But it's not work a new material just for the background just so you can see what we're playing with. I used to sit back that fills the turn a two you see there with square. So you know you've got enough room that doesn't cuts off for theirs. You consumed with the white, definitely bringing out to go. No, Most of our even using lighting the strangest if it golden purple, we all know works that student like a purple. Pretty nice. Thank you. Bring in sunlight. I want to be part of the name. But that would change the angle, so I'm still learning to. What's that? It's transport. What? Sure it's on this camera Flats on them to get in the white from last on this so destroyed. Cool. If it popped up, then you can just press play at a time. Just get another unique shape. Try a different no mark. You're under that playing with the lights. This is gonna be this the woman A background. You can't see the edges. If with for this design you want do you want it? Like what does that say? Now you're gonna be able to see that Just said just for this first version only gay with That's these colors. A really nice there. So we're gonna close the satins you're gonna get to save, but see PNG after channel. That's my support of thing. What after channel does it just This is all in standard rendered, by the way. So you play physical. That's when you can get into the popular to this stuff. This is just a quick to toil using the textures on the shapes. So when you render this out, Chris rend up one from yesterday. You see now and then you get to say and see this shapes that happen. It thinks like she And reaching for the end subdivision to snow, though smoothed out that serious on the no, you will be the tensions trying to settle for this. Good to see you like this. See this trial and error or good funder? No, that works. We gave me that one. Look at these touches that Yeah, that would carry the gold one that for the 1st 1 uh, floats that ginger transcended. But what we do when we were going to make it, mother and then put some colors or nets it we're gonna go that want to be in with, and then I'll come back and show you The two other options were due in the studio set in on with some sort furniture around. 4. Creating The Scene: So now back on, Teoh option to designed to where we're gonna use a pre mate studio, which you're getting your download far. Um, this is where the the metal was really sort Take Take it a shine to detail Now I've just taken the gold texture off Just a shoe for a moment to press plate So what we had I will just say now, just do turn eight in 10. 80. Just show you now how the lighting can make these really, really trying stand out. So you see, the it cost me that look or even in the background like that would be really nice, actually mushy. Dhirendra, Mr. Mons Rather, who's up for work as well? You don't always knew Textual work done. This creates a new material. Not sure it's good new material. If we're nice, Kind of the world's great. You gonna go green like this? So you're working without great backgrounds. You see the quality that what we got back together for, like, a lighter color against the grey, but with the light and stuff. Okay. Really getting nicest kind of Look, give that a very touched up. Really good for abstract stuff a website for backgrounds, that kind of thing. I revert back to the purple. I just don't think it was like, Right. Um, just this will the out. They need to be a lot smoother. I need to find out why. So you there's not smooth on this side of thing subdivision. It's true. That's one time to see that. No sepa smooth the oh, no, Just to get you have to dio not low on the render subdivision to get the smoothness Let's get all the way down to one. No, not us. Yeah, that's eat this meat now. So I was an error from before from still another one. So every every render the other one minute. But you see the quality there, How smooth it looks like in the cousins. Have you really nice for background for something? Okay, so continue that I want to show you some of us were gonna make this slightly different from for first design. Let's just say five. So So this is three. Okay, so now, just to show you what it looks like with attached as well, and, uh, you can you can use them as the original colors, but also with the designs are still alive. Making mother. So then you could play with radiance on top. Have you seen how these touches were really well in the shapes we're gonna make kind of like an abstract and obstruct seen. Now first, though, another little trick to get to simulate particles turbulence. Um, what we're gonna dio let's just make so determines. Pushes the the bulls off into a certain direction. So you're always gonna get It's always gonna get something. You need something different to be moving around again. That way, at the moment you can have a play with fall off the shape. Well, okay, you see there now that just coming out in any direction of candy chyna. Well, los, it's about down Teoh. Fine. Again. We worked in the 10 I to shape. So now what wanted to? Because Because we got a background behind us studio that went well. I mean, you want to make it. Is this kind of like a museum? He said this is like the back army years. That was when you got the lights in. If you consume in here. No, se, uh, this is the kind of just about the ground, remember? Got the shadows underneath. And so I think that really ready for So say we're gonna to, uh, sometimes kind of nice and low version. Love you care in that we're gonna make any shape. Now just is there. Sit, sit in luck. Easy. A museum piece that we're gonna get to. So order Gee before sues this shite. Get into a condom in the middle where everything is happening and then from the and change this live in here. And then I used a Which one was it at some array for that inside that. And then you call it a kind of like a shape of insider. So get out. Nice. More subdivisions here to make it look smoother. Would you play that now? Is there is inside it. That's pretty cool. I'll just make up a tiny bit. This is off the ground. Clear that? No, we could look at that. You can do anything you want that, but it's kind of about the ideas. Creative bubbles coming outside of shape with the background to go here in the light and just make sure that suit so cool. Realistic? That's a improvement. Nice But now the just just to finish off, we can give it like a shiny tester. So just get that ended metal just to show, you know, my mom forever to labor. She now you've got the texture. So we've got kind of a clean, clean balls but placid looking inside kind of girlfriend gold friend Istres. This will allow. You can see. I think that's pretty sure because well, you also get you get reflections off the balls from the metal touches as well, so we'll just wait for that to render on them the tenements of fruit shop, complete with colors and then composition soon but 5. Creating The Scene 2: so jeans my computer crashed balancing act quickly. Everyone just don't like Chris Sports on the tube put into the middle of where the balls are coming out by smooth bores up different material attached onto the balls and then a code at the bottom that I don't So that is coming out of the claim. We're gonna render that out to them. We're gonna play a favorite shop for the final colors and then with, uh but 6. Photoshop | Conclusion: I just couldn't recap because I just shot like him here at the windows that keeps crashing my recordings. So just to say I've used the graded I've been using, I got it off the Internet on you. Just use different shapes. You can use hue and saturation to change the color. You can see how they can work in the same environment, but they let slight differences that could is like family. Um, this one. That's quite cool, but I might change. I might create another version of these to go with it, but yeah. Hey, lets the tutorial to give me any feedback on instagram made by Studio Jake you on and anything Couldn't skill shelters post on your work, Whether it's still animation on the get my feet back. I also put electric for the source files in for cinema four D so you can play around roof my files and then you got to see what you did