User Research Techniques and Basics | Amy Mauriello | Skillshare

User Research Techniques and Basics

Amy Mauriello, UX Strategist and Designer

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11 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. UX Basics Welcome

    • 2. What is User Research?

    • 3. Recruiting Participants

    • 4. Field Studies & Contextual Interviews

    • 5. Surveys & Questionnaires

    • 6. Card Sorts

    • 7. Personas

    • 8. User Scenarios & Use Case

    • 9. Task Analysis

    • 10. Affinity Diagram

    • 11. Class Project


About This Class

This class is about the basic techniques user experience professionals utilize to gather information about users of a website or product. You’ll learn how to conduct an open card sort, conduct structured interviews, create user surveys, and conduct a task analysis.

By the end of the class, you will be able to talk to users in an effective way, gather data about how users are using your website or product, and be able to translate that data into actionable steps. You’re going to have an excellent portfolio piece illustrating your design process to others which is an invaluable skill to have.





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Amy Mauriello

UX Strategist and Designer

I'm a UX Designer focused on making user interfaces beautiful. I’ve been working in the design field for roughly 11 years, 5 of which have been focused on user-centered design. I’ve worked in a few industries, such as medical, government, consumer packaged goods, financial, software as a service platform, and web development agencies. Each of them poses different UX challenges and I’m able to use that insight to new projects I take on. I’m well versed i...

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