[Updated] The Ultimate Makeup Masterclass For Eyes | Sarah | Skillshare

[Updated] The Ultimate Makeup Masterclass For Eyes

Sarah, Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist

[Updated] The Ultimate Makeup Masterclass For Eyes

Sarah, Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist

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20 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Masterclass eye intro

    • 2. Eyeshadow Terminology

    • 3. Why: Eyeshadow Bases

    • 4. How: 3 Basic Eyeshadow Placements

    • 5. How: Draw A Winged Liner (Freehand)

    • 6. How: Draw A Winged Liner (Stencil)

    • 7. How: Naturally Define The Eye With No Liner

    • 8. How: Tightline

    • 9. How: Waterline

    • 10. How: Apply Mascara

    • 11. Mascara Tips and Tricks

    • 12. Why: Undereye Concealer Creasing

    • 13. How: Prevent Undereye Concealer From Creasing

    • 14. NEW: Prevent Cream Eyeshadow Smudging

    • 15. NEW: Prevent Eyeshadow Fading

    • 16. NEW: Keep Eyeshadow Vibrant

    • 17. NEW: Prevent Eyeliner Fading

    • 18. NEW: Prevent Eyeliner Smudging

    • 19. NEW: Prevent Mascara Smudging

    • 20. NEW: Prevent Eyebrow Products Fading

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About This Class


This ultimate makeup masterclass is perfect for makeup beginners as it covers these 5 main topics:

1. Eyeshadow

  • What are some common eyeshadow terminologies? 
  • What are eyeshadow bases used for and are they necessary? 
  • 3 types of eyeshadow placements to create tons of looks 

2. Eyeliner

  • How to draw a winged liner freehand
  • How to draw a winged liner using a home made stencil 

3. Defining the eyes

  • How to naturally define the eyes using just eyeshadow 
  • How to tightline
  • How to waterline

4. Mascara

  • How to apply mascara
  • Mascara tips and tricks

5. Undereye concealer

  • Why undereye concealer creases
  • How to prevent your undereye concealer from creasing 

UPDATED: I have added 7 new videos on how to prevent common makeup problems that could occur throughout the day as I am sure that would be useful! 

6. Prevention of common makeup problems 

  • Cream eyeshadow creasing 
  • Eyeshadow fading
  • Eyeshadow losing vibrancy 
  • Eyeliner smudging
  • Eyeliner fading 
  • Mascara smudging 
  • Eyebrow products fading

I tried my best to think about the main issues people face when it comes to applying makeup to the eye area and decided to put up mini tutorials regarding each topic. I hope this helps! There really isn't any order to watch the videos, so you can pick and choose which area you would like help in, or watch it all :)

Thank you so much for your support and I really hope that you learn something from these videos! 

If you enjoyed this class and would like to learn more, feel free to watch my other makeup classes: 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist


Hello, I'm Sarah! I am a certified yoga teacher, freelance makeup artist and a self growth enthusiast. I am so glad to be able to learn more and share all my passions with you here!

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1. Masterclass eye intro: Hi, everybody, welcome back to another class. So today's the masterclass for science, which is perfect for makeup beginners. So to be five main topics they'll be covering today, and the 1st 1 is eye shadow. So I'll be talking about the different terminologies of eye shadow such as Matt Shade than Shimmy Shake. I'll be talking about I should've basis Why you need them and how they can benefit you if your eye makeup and three basic I should've placements that you can really use to create a launch variety of looks once you've mustered up. So I did a whole other class about it and you can watch it there. Now the second topic will be wing liner. I'll teach you how to do it freehand as well as how you can create a homemade stencil to kind of give you a guideline to help you out if you're a big in it and that that one will be defining the eyes so teach you little trick about how you can just use some. I shudder to define the eyes without using any. I line it as it was, how you can tight line and want to line the eyes as well. And the five main topic we're gonna cover today will be mascara. So I'll teach you how to apply mascara as well. Some tips and tricks as to how to make your lashes look fuller and to prevent any smudges on the island and the lands big component of talking about will be under eye concealer. So I will teach you Had a color, correct. Any dark under eye circles that you might have and how you can proven any creasing off your under eye concealer. So let's dive in. 2. Eyeshadow Terminology : let's talk a little bit about eyeshadow terminology. So in general, when you watch tutorials or when you read eye shadow reviews, you will see four terms and general ones are met. Eye shadows sat in eye shadows, shimmery eye shadows. And then we also have glitter eye shadows. So I thought I would show you kind of like the differences in this tutorial. So it helps. It could make things about easier for you to understand. So in general, you will always hear meant eye shadows. And that's because they are very, very common. Okay, So to show you an example, Matt eye Shadows, I'm gonna use my morphy palette right here. So if you can take a look at this palette, you can kind of see, it's a mixture off shimmery and Matt Eye Shadows so that see, if I put it like that, you can kind of see this one reflects a lot more light. This is that Say this one. And that's because this one has a lot of shimmer particles in it where it's disorders. A matte eyeshadow, um, meant eye shadows. They tend not to reflect light because they have no shimmer particles in it. So this makes it perfect for reading it as your transition shade or for definition, on your eyes. Because if you think about it, makeup is really all about light and dark, right? So if you want to create the illusion off a larger I you want certain parts of your island to look sunken in. And the best way to do that is to use Matt Shadows because they don't reflect light. So for transition shapes like the ones you put into your crease, um met eye shadows worked perfectly well for that. If you do you shimmery shapes into your crease. It may kind of defeat the purpose as because, um, okay, even may defeat the purpose because it can reflect more light. And that me, you know, kind of not give you the illusion that you want, However, do take note that because Matt Eye shadows like, for example, all these, they don't really have, like, shima particles in it. So they adhere to the skin more, and they could also be a bit more difficult to blend compared to shimmery or set in shades . So our just maybe take one to swatch for you. Let me take this so you can kind of see, maybe down. You kind of see the eye shadow. There isn't any, like Schumer particles in it. Um, Okulaja particles its out, put it here so you can kind of see that it doesn't really reflect the light. And I'll swatch the other three here and there. You can kind of compare it. Okay, so this is a matte eyeshadow, As you can see, Not much reflection from this watch itself. And then, since we are here, let's talk a little bit about Shim a shade since it's in the same palette. So, like I said, if you compare the Met and the Shema, you can see this one reflects a lot more light. That's because he has shimmer particles in it. It's grateful, um, applying it at certain areas of your mobile islet. If you want a area to pop or two, you know, reflect more light. So I'm gonna swatch it so you can kind of see that guy Should has a lot looser. It's a little bit creamy as well, and that's made due to the addition of like shimmer particles, so you can kind of see it on my hand. It's reflecting. Might already, and I'm gonna put it on. There you go. So you can really see it. This one reflects a lot of light. Verse is the Met, right? So, um, depends on what kind of illusion you into creative your eye makeup. You can play around with Shima shades and of course, Matt Sheets. And then we have the middle middle shades, cults, Saturn shades. So another example would be like my sigma palette. If you take a look at, let's say, these top two shades, you can kind of see that you don't really have, like, shimmer and let you see this one. They're like little particles in it. The these you don't have any off those like they have no shimmer particles. But at the same time, they are not completely match. You can kind of see that they reflect a little bit of light. So that's the ice. Watch it for you. Let's say ice, watch this one. You can kind of see that there No potables, right? No Shima particles at all, but it's still reflects a bit of right, So let's watch it here. Right, so no shimmer particles not like that one, but at the same time, compared to the matte eyeshadow here, this one reflects light quite a bit compared to the map. So satin sheets agreed for. Let's say you want a very natural look, and it can also help you to blame your Met eye shadows out because let's say you met shadows. I'm not blending. Applying a little bit off like a satin brown shape could help because they are easier to blend than Mattes. And then, of course, we have the last one, which is Blizter Eye Shadows and and the great example to use would be my color pop Golden state of mind palette. So you can see these are just glitter eye shadows. If I bring it down here, you can kind of just see the texture of old eye shadows. All right, they are very a bit gritty. You can kind of see, like, many glitter particles out of each. So let me zoom in onto this one for you. This should Murray shadow. You can kind of see the texture here. I was watching for you, Okay. And then I also put it on my hand running. So can you see the difference? This is a lot of blood up. Um, I hope the camera can pick it out, but actually, you're going to realize does like, there are some specs off like pinkish Blida with the silver bees. It's really pretty. Hopefully you can see like that. So this is a kind of like a shimmery silver eye shadow, but then he has uhm pink lit is on it. I hope you can see the difference between all four shadows. So we have the glitter satin shema and met. Okay. So hope that cursed things up and kind of like for you to also figure out what she eats to use for what kind of effect you want to achieve. Another example of glittery shades would be thes thesis does of colors. It's the does seeing Katie collection, I believe so. I just kind of want you to look at the shadows. See this one. So do you cede amount of texture in it? That's because it's all the glitter particles pressed together versus a mat sheet. Like, um, this. The texture is extremely different. And then compare it to should initiate right Shamas are still more tightly packed in glitter sheets. So if I want to swatch this, you can see how the little particles do pop out. If I would just watch it for you here, I hope you can kind of see like, the little gold glitters. It's a really pretty eyeshadow, okay? 3. Why: Eyeshadow Bases : So now let's talk a little bit about the need for eye shadow base or eye shadow. Prime is so if you think about it, um, I should have is really just powder right or did just Blida particles pressed together. So if you really want them to last on your skin, it needs to have something to adhere to, because if you think about it, your skin is quite dry. I mean, yes, we do produce see them, but it doesn't help the eye shadows to it here. Not as well. So if you really mind, I should is to when you apply it to really stick to the area that you've applied, I should've basis can help. Another good reason for I should've basis is if you really want your color to pop. If you really want that green to stand out using a same colored based or black colored bees can really help as well. Today I'm going to talk about in general three different kinds of eyeshadow bases. So let's talk about each and why you need that. The divers. This one is a typical eye shadow primer like that. Um, I should apartments help your makeup to last longer or your eye shadows to last longer because firstly it allows. It is a little bit tacky, so your powders, which are your eye shadows, will stick onto your eyelids a lot longer because if you think about it, powder eye shadows are just powder. So if you put it on dry skin, it doesn't have anything, really to stick onto eso. I should have. Bases do really well for that and some eye shadow basis. They also provide, like Seebohm control, so it prevents the interaction off your sebum and eye shadow. So that's great. So this is a typical I shed a private, and they generally don't have any color to it. So this is nude, so it's skin tone like that. And then, of course, if you don't want to go out to buy a nice set of primers specifically, you can just use irregular concealer like that. So I do like the Mablean I do like the Mabel unfit me if the primary focus because it's actually quite fluid, so it blends quite easily onto the skin, and it also still provides a base for my eye shadows to stick on it too, And edit benefit for consulates is because they do provide coverage if you have any of those like veins that you would like to conceal before your eye shadows. Concealers worked very well as eyeshadow bases as well like that. Whereas, let's say, for example, to tart crease lis concealer, sometimes it tends to be extremely sticky. So what happens is your eye shadows will just be really patchy. So I'm playing around with your concealers and see what you have to see which one will work for you the best. And of course, the last kind of I should've base would be a colored eyeshadow base or something like that . Um, what they do is if let's say you want apply a green eyeshadow and you wanted to be really intense, you can apply a green base. Um, so you can also use a black beast. So, like any Joe, I, Linus will do. Oh, even those tops off Joe I. Linus, you can use those as your basis. Well, okay. What these do is they will intensify the colors so some shadows may not appear as bold or as pigmented as you pigment it as you would like them to be So this is where they come in. So in general, whenever you see those makeup pictures with, like, green eye shadows that pop out really, really, really beautifully Generally they're gonna use a eye shadow base because I shadows by themselves. The festival must be really pigmented for you to be able to see such and intense green color. But it also really helps to have the same. I should've bees color before, or a black bees. So generally I should've primates had varias uses. But ultimately it's to help your eye shadows which are powders to stick onto your eyelids and then what you're going to do before you apply your eye shadows. You just put a little bit onto your eyelids and then blend it out. So as you can kind of see, it doesn't really create anything like in terms of color onto my skin. But, um, obviously you can really feel it. But this area now is a lot tackier, which basically means any powders that I apply here, it will stick a lot better. I hope that makes sense. So maybe I can show you like a demonstration. Um, so this is where I applied. I should've prime it. So if I feel that this is the area, that's tacky. This is the smooth, um, skinheads sexually not touched by the primer. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take a shade of eye shadow, and then I'll just apply. District did not do it again. Do it from this time. It's a bit hot to do it when I'm just looking at the screen. But I hope you can kind of see that even though I started from here twice, the pigmentation is a lot better for this one, right? And it's actually because you have a beast that I should was cling on to it. So it appears more pigmented that way. And what I'm going to show you as well is, um I'm gonna wipe it, and then you can kind of see that which one actually last longer? You is. I'm going to take a piece of tissue and I'm gonna wipe it. Okay. Just like rough wipes. So you can kind of see you don't know if you can tell. Um, I can tell in real life, but I don't know if the camera can pick it up, but you can kind of see that the intensity off the side, which I should apartment is a lot better. Then decide that was the bare skin side. So you can kind of see that I shed apartments. Do help to hold onto eye shadows better. I hope this demonstration makes sense. So even if I do that, you can kind of see eye shadow still has. I should a promise that it still has some and in real life it still looks pretty OK and then the decide without it's pretty much gone, so hopefully that helps you have eyeshadow bases. 4. How: 3 Basic Eyeshadow Placements: Let's take a look at the eyeball test. So please don't judge my drawing. But I tried my best. Um, so obviously we're gonna have the eyebrow. We're gonna have your eyes. And then, of course, some of us may or may not have those. It's actually called the crease. If you don't know what your crease is, it's basically when you push in gently, you actually can feel your, um your orbit that the bone. Yeah. So this is decrees. And then this will be called your mobile island. It's the one that moves when you blink. So this is called a mobile islet. This is decrease eyebrow. OK, so I'm going to now show you the different color placements that we can talk. We will do today. So there's three different color placements that, um, we can actually talk about Andy's. Actually, the basic ones that I feel once you master, you can really do any look because it's just changing the color combination. OK, you would realize here I actually labeled the colors. So we have a transition shade, a dark shade and a light shade. What? I usually think these unnecessary for its because it with these three shades, you can actually come up a variety of look, So that's what I'm gonna do today. For example, if I just use a regular makeup palette and I'll just show you this it's from makeup geek, Um, apologies for the dirt, but if you take a look here, you can see, for example, this would work very well as a transition shape. This would look good as a dark shade, and then maybe this for a light sheet. Of course, it's up to you to mix and match, depending on your skin tone in your preferences. But as long as one is darker than the other, okay, and then the transition shape would be something that is pretty similar to your skin tone, but not too dark. Yeah, of course. Cool tones, warm tones that's also up to you. So let's start with the Verve office. I look so this is called the Doctor out to be so, as you can see here, we have the transition shape above decrease and in decrees, transition shapes are very useful to help your eye shadows blend nicely and to create it soft, Grady in, instead of it just being chunks of eye shadow on your island, and then you can see here on the outer part off your mobile, ala it There will be a dark shade and then off course that in the 2/3 of your mobile island would be their light shade. This gives effect off lifting. So generally what we always like to do is if you find that your eyelids droop a little bit , putting a darker shade on outer. What actually caused to give the illusion of it being slightly lifted? So this, once again, it's called the doctor out of E. The 2nd 1 is actually what I call Halo smoky eye. So as you can see, the doctor shapes actually on the inner and outer that's off the mobile island and then duh like to shade is right in the middle. And then again, we have the transition shade above the crease, as was in decrease foot. It's moved Grady in. Now what does does Basically it draws attention to the middle of the I'm, and it actually makes your eyeball look a little bit rounder. This is the top one, which actually makes it more lifted. So this one doesn't give your eye and make it look a bit larger. A little bit more round again. Tree, different shakes. But it gives a different illusion. Okay, so once again, this is D Halo, smoky. The last one. Apologies for the correction team, but the last one, Actually, I didn't even use the the light shape. I only used a dark shade and the transition so you would realize this one is more for, I would say, suitable for Asian eyes. Very suitable for moral. Let's as well. Let's say you don't have the crease. What this does is it draws attention to your last night so the DACA shape super dark shade would be on the last line itself. And then you slowly work your way to what's the lighter shade all the way outputs to its the brow bone so you can see DACA slightly lighter. And then again, you of your transition shade in decrees and above decrease to give that smooth transition to eye shadow shapes can be used because how many times you layer can actually intend to find the eye colors well or intensified the pigment as well. So, to our shadow shapes, is basically what you need for this kind of look. And this is called the, um, great and adopt to light radiant. So let's recap, doctor, like, radiant. Look, we have the halo, smoky eye, and then we have that DACA out to be. So once you get these three placements down, any color variation will actually give you a large variety off eye shadow looks that you can do. 5. How: Draw A Winged Liner (Freehand) : So in this clowns, I'm going to teach you how to draw wing line it freehand. So generally I recommend if you're a beginner and you want to draw Wing Lina gel line is a little bit more difficult to deal with in my personal opinion. So usually what I recommend is a regular pen liner like that. So I'm generally preferred the ones that have a brushed him, Let me show you. So this one has a brush to like that. It's very shop in pre sciences, you can see, and it draws really clean lines like that. So this will give you a lot more control, and it will help you to be able to form your wing a lot easier. So I proof of brush tips to felt tips because felt tips. After a while, it can become a little bit wonky at the end, where you realized a tip will no longer be s sharp. So that's why I prefer brushed. It's like that. So how do you generally draw wing liner? There are a few ways to align your wing by ultimately depends on what kind of look you're going for. A win line a general idea is that it's going to lift your eyes if you think about it. This is your eye. A wing line of a kind of give the illusion it's lifted because you are drawing You're reading really black definition or brown definition to your eyes So it kind of goes up to give your eyes and lift a lifted effect. So it depends on how lifted you want it on and how natural you wanted to be. Okay, so the very first thing we're gonna do is actually for me. I think the easiest way is to really just formed the wing shape fist. And then what you're gonna do is you go to fill it in. Okay, So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to draw the outline of the wing, and I'm going to align my the edge of my eye to the top of my brow. So usually what I like to dio is I hope you can see Yeah, I'm gonna draw one line. So he helps, actually, if you lift your eyebrow up a bit like that. So it kind of stretches the skin on your mobile islet here, so that helps. Kind of like, Can you see that? Yeah. It helps to give you less creases and the more flat surface to work with. And then what I'm gonna do is usually I'd like to look here and then I'll draw one line down like that. So I don't know if the camera focused, but I hope I hope it. It can see right now, I drew a line from the edge of my eyeball to the edge of my eyebrow right here. So it kind of gives me a guideline. And then what I'm going to do now is I'm gonna draw that down. Connected to the lash line like that. If I close my eyes, I hope you see, there's, like, a triangle there right now. So it depends on what kind of look you're going for. Ultimately, I keep saying that because there's actually no rule Esther to say every line must be the same thickness, you know, and things like that. So I want you to take a look in a mirror now and see. Do you like the illusion that this wing shape gives you for me? I think it's OK. I quite like it. and for me, because my eyes are not perfectly round or m and shaped. I like to actually draw a thick align on my liner out on the outer edge of my eyeball and then slightly thin as it tapers to its my teared up. So I like the shapes that I'm going to fill it in. Just take the minor, kind of like color it in like so next. So now all you're gonna do It's the easiest way is, Instead of pointing your line of like that onto the skin, you're going to turn it sideways. So don't point it like that. It's a lot harder to draw the line. So if you see if I take it to my hand, maybe if I do, obviously. So let's say you're trying to draw your line when your lid it's a lot difficult. It's a lot more difficult to do it like that, right? But if you do it like this, you have a lot more control and you can cover. You can kind of draw one line just using the age of the brush like that sieges, drawing like that, this is like this. I hope that makes sense. So I'm just going to draw the line on my last right now. So this is how to wing looks so far. So now I'm just going to connect the lines to my Trudeau. So just pushed brush site ways and then Sidoli so you can kind of see this. I looks a lot bigger, right? So you can tell the difference with a wing line of this is one without you can kind of see that this guy looks a lot bigger. It looks a little bit rounder and shape right due to the idea that the black line a kind of helps even out any unevenness that the natural islets could give. And then I also looks a little bit more lifted because the idea that doing a minor gives the illusion it's the eyes are kind of going upwards, right? So if you really want to further, kind of like further emphasized a lifting effect, what you can do is you can take concealer, really put this like so you can see it as a bit of shadow underneath my eye right now. So what you can do is take some concealer, put it up here and then a lot. You can also use it to clean up your wing, and then it's just gonna look really perky. Your eyes a little really awake. So this is how I would do an eyeliner freehand. I hope that helps. So let me recap the steps for you. So the first step issue going to draw one line from the edge of your eyes to your eyebrow. That's the general guideline, and then after that, you're going to draw one line down from that to connect it to the lash line so you foam like a triangle. Then if you're satisfied with the shape you're going to fill the triangle in and then you're just going to connect the triangle with a line across the lash line. And remember, always use your eyeliner sideways like that. This is pointing it like that and you drawing on your island because it's a lot easier that way. So I hope this helps. And now let's move on to the next class 6. How: Draw A Winged Liner (Stencil): so that was doing an eye line of free hand. So if let's say you're struggling, you still don't really know how to do it. Freehand. One of the easiest way I found when I started doing makeup was I actually created stencils for myself. So I know in the market they do sell like I lightness Stansell's right now, but the are quite expensive. So, actually, what you can do is you just take any old name card it like this is my old name card. Um, just draw you cut out like a triangle, the cane. So it's not a very big triangle, and I would suggest cutting it too, would the edge off the cod. So what you can do is you simply just align it on your line like that, and then you just shade it in. So it might be easier that way for you. Um, I would recommend trying this out. You can also play around with, like, the shapes of the trying golds, right? You can play around the shapes. Do you like it like longer, Wider, You know, and things like that, um and then you can just kind of color it So once you've cut your stencil out like that, you are ready to fill it in. So what you're going to need to do is you can go straight with your eyeliner so you can just, you know, put it aligned it against here and then just used a minor and kind of fill it in if you're comfortable with that on your confidence. But if let's say you're still not confident of the stands, all what you can do is you go with eyeshadow office. So it's like when you're painting or when you're drawing. You don't like to go straight with a pen. You want to always have a pencil, get a good idea of where you're drawing should be like, and then you draw it in with your pen. So kind of like the same I d idea here, Um, it may take a few more steps, but it can really build up your confidence, and he also can make less cleaning. You know, it can result in less cleaning up because I've been there. I had to, you know, remove my wing, do it again, or use a cute to clean it up, and it's actually a lot more time. Hopefully that make sense. So what you can do is you can't just immediate. So after you form your Stansell, there are two ways. So let's say you feel very confident that you can color it and perfectly you can go a hit and just align it to you. I like that. And then just shaded in with fuel, Um, I like Oh, you can also create kind off like, uh, like a lee out for yourself. So you know how sometimes when you're drawing and you're not confident, you kind of just use pencil fits. And then after that, once it's satisfied, you take your pendant and you go over it. So it's kind of the same thing here if I Linus So what you can do is I would suggest going in with an I shed office. So I just will use any regular pellet like that, Um, and then I'm going to fill in the triangle with a dark brown or black eyeshadow. Ex share would suggest dark brown, so it's less obvious. And then once you satisfied the shape, you can go over with your minor. I'm just gonna take this shade right here. Does this just a red von palette? So I'm just going to use an angled brush like that on. Then I'm going to dip it in to the shadow once and satisfies amount of product on my shutter. I'm gonna take my stencil so you can kind of see a line. It kind of where you want your I Ah, you're going to be remember, Lived your eyebrow up like that. So it stretches the skin. Yeah, and then I'm just gonna fill it in that so it's a bit sake. I mean, comfort to my freestyle on. This is a bit thick, but as you can see, it forms a perfect shape for you, and then you can kind of play around with it. Okay, so with your stencil, we're gonna fill it in, so just remember, align it accordingly. So remember, stretch the skin. So, like, if you see if I don't stretch my skin, I actually have a lot off excess skin here, which can result in, you know, delight us skipping because it doesn't have a flat surface to work on. So stretched the lids, lift your eyebrows up, and then position your stunts old away you wanted to, so I think for me, this is fine. Press it down firmly and then take your lineup to fill it in. Pretty Okay. I kind of missed a little bit of top, so it's okay. So what I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna cover it up. It's a bit hot to see. True to camera of, you find out that that me and then he just, you know, press you're lying down. Fill in that last line. Oops. Okay. I made a mistake. Now, if you is he making mistakes like I did it? Like, for example, this little thing there take a little bit of, ah, my cell of water or any makeup remover that you have on the Q tip like that and just simply kind of, like go over it gently. So let's say the wing is not a sharp as you would like it to be. You can also used a Q tip to kind of, like go a little bit. So I'm gonna use mirror mirror because I kind release you what I'm doing So you can sharpen up the wing like that. It's the same thing I would conceal this area, so I haven't put on currency left. But you know, doing that, it really gives you. I'll lift that effect. So to stand so can work, especially if you're a beginner. It takes a bit of time. It takes, um, you know, you also have to kind of cut if you cut the triangle's a few times to see what shape you prefer. But it's a good way and kind of It's a good way to build your confidence, really. And personally, I prefer my free freestyle kind of wing because it's a lot more tape it, and I can control it a lot better, but it's because I've been doing it for a while. But you know, stencils really can be a great stepping stone. If you are worried about wing, line it so you can achieve the same effect. You just need to, you know, practice a little bit more and used a stencil to guide you. And even if let's say you make a mistake, it's OK. Just take a Q tip. You know, simply clean up like I did. And then, um, you know, you can get pretty decent, minor, distant, decent wing like that. So I hope this to Taro helps and let's move on to the next class 7. How: Naturally Define The Eye With No Liner: hi case. So if let's say you want to define your eyes without actually using eyeliners because I know I Linus can be very intimidating and eat has quite a bit off a learning cup that you need to handle. So usually, if you want a very natural look of your makeup beginning, I actually recommend using, uh, I shadow and an ankle brush. So I'm going to show you how to naturally define your eyes today. So basically, this is the same theory. Is I minus So it basically at definition to your lash line, and it also can give the illusion off more round eyes around that I sorry or even, you know, for me, for example. I like to even at my eye shape, kids, My eyes are Emond, but not perfectly amond. So it does the same in fact is a lot more natural. So I'm going to show you how to do that. So I'm just gonna use any regular eye shadows to, for example, have a rival on Pellet here. I'm just going to use the doctors shape and then I'm going to use an angled brush like so. So I'm gonna take the darker shade with an angled brush type of the excess. And then I'm just going to line my lash line with the eye shadow very gently. So you have a lot of leeway when it comes to using eye shadows, because, um, it can be a little bit messy. Uh, and you don't need to get the exact same line and then I'm gonna wing it out a little bit, just a very slight amount. So I don't know if you can see the difference that this one has a little bit off liner using the wing, and then the sun is bare eyes. It kind of adds definition. And of course, if you want to, you can use black eye shadow. I use a very subtle eyeshadow today. But if you want to really intensive, find a look. You can go for a doctor eye shadow as well. So I hope you can kind of see that your friends, that this one has a Lina. I just used Doc Brown eyeshadow. And then this one is the bear. I So maybe with this lighting would help you better. You can kind of see the difference now. I used quite a bit of eye shadows. If you want to make this more natural, you just using light to shape or you used the shadow I did about three lays. I think if I should've because if not, it will not be obvious on a camera. But you know, you can actually see that eye shadow. It's quite a bit of definition already. You don't need to always use, um, black miners because they are quite hard to master. So you don't play around of eye shadows. You don't even need to get an eyeliner right with this technique, and it still looks fine and, you know, defining the eyes and reshaping your eyes. So I think it works perfectly well. So you could definitely try this out if you're a big enough or you just want a more natural look to start with. So now that we've wanted a next class 8. How: Tightline: Okay, so it's now we're going to talk a little bit about tight mining. So what? Mining today? So where exactly is your timeline? Your tight line is actually right along your lash line. So if you take a look Yeah, I'm gonna do that. Yeah, This part here, this is your tight line. So what that does or why do you Timeline. It's actually really simple. It really adds a lot more definition to your eyes without, you know, you don't have to do your wing liner that's on top of your eyelets on DSA. Sometimes many people just want Atmel volume to jab lashes. So tight lining can do that as well. Tight lining is really good for model. It's because actually, everything about it model it. So if you don't have a lot off space on your islets, then sometimes putting a thick wing liner can actually cover almost your entire island so tight lining ATS definition without actually removing any lit space. So what? I'm good to show you now, as I'm just going to use a regular Joe I Lina and I'm going to show you how to tight line So tight lining really does given effect on, um, adding more definition to your islets. Sorry. It really adds more definition to your lashes, and it can make your eyes look a little bit more a week. If your eyes tend to water like mine getting a eyeliner, that's a lot more Molins. So something that really is getting an island that's creamy. Any Molin who actually helped tight lining a lot easier. I'm going to show you this one s so you can just gently put your finger on your I let lift it. Okay, so my eyes do water when I tight line a little bit, but, um, after a while, I suppose you get used to it now. It would be very useful if you use a gel liner and set off an I call. That's because if you are, your eyes tend to water. It can kind of much down to your lower lash line throughout the D. So OK, so I don't know if you can tell the difference. Said the site has tie I and and this one doesn't. Hopefully you would be able to see that this side actually has a little bit more definition to the lessons delicious vocal bit full, and I don't have mascara. So if I actually appoint my scare on it, it will add more definition to the eyes as well. So you can kind of see, decide. Has a tight line. Yeah, and then this one doesn't. Now, for tight lining, I would suggest stopping right here. Just be careful. Um, don't bring it down because of it. If you bring it down, you are dragging your eyes down. Right? And that's not the effect that you want. Okay, so let me just show you again. So you can kind of see this. I has no tight line. The sun does, so you can see, like, the There's a bit more definition to the eyes and the lashes look a little bit full of. So that's how we tight line or why you should timeline 9. How: Waterline: So now let's move on to the water line. Um so, waterline, what exactly is the water line? So if this is your tight line, this is your water line. The water line is the area at the bottom. So sudden people they like to kind of draw both their tight line and a water line. You can do that, especially if you're really large eyes. Because when you do that affect this you're narrowing your eyes down will make your eyes look smaller than normal. So if that's an illusion that you want to go ahead, it also makes your eyes look a lot more prominent. So the isil definitely defense thing that people will see. So it's really up to you what kind of illusion you want. The other one is You don't always have to water line the entire thing. You can just water line halfway. So what's the difference here when you at black? Um okay, so I'm just using a black eyeliner. Yeah, but if you when you use black and you lying the entire water line what it does, it creates a smaller I or the illusion of a small I. Whereas if you just kind of water line here to like the I would say maybe like the half Sorry halfway through. Or maybe even just like the out of one that it just adds definition and makes your eyes look a little bit rounder because you are actually like sinking in this area here, Okay? And that's using a black eyeliner. So if you want your eyes to appear bigger instead of water lining black liner, you can use a Beijing China or a nude liner. And of course, if you want extreme, you can use a white eyeliner. But when you use Newt I, Linus and you put it onto your water line, it basically just makes the whites of your eyes look a little bit logic from afar. And it can also just at Mom kind of like brightness. So it just makes you look more awake in general. So to show you the effects of water lining, I'm going to take my brown minor. This is just an urban decay one, and I'm just going to lined out to 1/3 of my water line, so it's very slight, but, um, it still adds a bit of definition, so I don't know if you can tell the difference. So adding some college your water line does make the eyes look a little bit, Let's say at some more definition, but it also makes my eyes look less round. I think for me personally, because off my eye shape, so that emphasizes that my eyes are not probably they're not round so but you can kind of see the difference yet. And now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna walk to line the whole thing. So it really adds definition to the eyes on def. You have larger eyes. Does can make your eyes look a little bit smaller. Okay, so you can kind of see the difference between a line on either his mind, and that idea isn't so. I hope you can kind of see the difference between water lining and why you wouldn't like to water line for the effect that you want. I would definitely say that if you are water lining, the best way to balance it is to maybe have a bit of eye make up at the top, maybe adding a little bit off like a thin minor. Um, just using the same pencil can kind of balanced ei out because right now, if you can kind of see my I will. Personally, my my personal take on it is that the Eid looks a little bit unbalanced. Right? So what I would do is I would draw a line on top of my lash line if I'm going to want to line. So I just show you the effect. So this is just water mining and tight lining. I didn't wing it. Um well, anything but I just edit that more in my lash line, so it feels for me personally, there's balance out. This balances out the water line more, but it's, of course, personal preference. And I do generally prefer tight lining and want lining with a brown liner because I don't really use a lot of eye makeup currently. But if you do the very intense colors on your eyelids, black liners work really, really well in giving you the more dramatic effect. So, like a rep Arabian makeup or things like that, definitely. You can use black minor all the way as well. So we're gonna move on to the next class 10. How: Apply Mascara : I'm just gonna use my com. This is a miscarriage I'm using. Currently. It's okay. I don't think it's fantastic, but, you know, it's a pretty good, decent drug store mascara. And then what you want to do is great ball as much access as you can because you don't want too many too much product onto your brush. Next thing you won your mirror to be 45 degrees below, so I'm just going to use my viewfinder, Um, and then his exact motions. So you know, these pesky ones that you can never get. So that's where the name cut really helps. What you gonna do is let me see you gonna take the name card, push it down kind of here and then just legal it. See, if you have comes on your eyelashes right now, this is swear to brush comes in. So you just gonna comb it through, and it removes as many clumsy as possible. So, like I have one here. Yeah. Now, if you do have must caress much is so, for example, I have one right here. Um, wait for it to dry before you actually use a Q tip to kind of Let remove it because if not , it's going this much. Which, actually does is what happened when I tried to remove it. When your mascara smudges dry, just take a regular Q tip. And then what you're going to do is you're just going to go to it and then turned acute it like that. Now, if you find that you tend to get muscular smudges on your look upper lash line and no lash nine, what you can do is actually to powder your islets, because, actually, smudges happen when Stephen from your litz, your skin basically interacts of the mascara, and it causes merging. So one good way to really prevent smudging is to really powder your lips so I can use any powder is so I, for example, just have a regular face powder, but you can use any bone. You teii me, use my bone eyeshadow shades if you're not wearing any eyeshadow, so to prevent smudges, I'm just going to use a bit of powder to powder my lids and the bill apart. So my lower lash line like that, and like that so that the Seebohm doesn't really interact with the mascara. So just a little bit of face powder, any face, part of a do or even a bone shaped eye shadow can work. And then I'm just gonna gently I had it on. So that is a good way to kind of prevent muscular smudging. 11. Mascara Tips and Tricks: this class will talk about how to apply mascara and some tips and tricks that I have when it comes to applying it. Okay, so tip number one is to not hold Humira in front of you. So many people hold it at eye level. So if you take a look, if it's like me looking at you right now, this is your view off your merit, right? So when you apply your mascara, you can see what you're doing is just that you may not be able to see if you're getting to the roots off your lashes. So I would actually suggest put in your mirror may be about 45 degrees down. So if you take a look at the mirror will look something like that. So you pointed that way that if that makes it so, then when you look down right, you can actually really see if your mascara's getting to the roots of your lashes. I'll show it to you later. Overnight de mode application thinking. And then the second step is instead of going just, you know, straight up if you're one, um, try doing this exact motions that dispenses more product until ashes, and it helps to kind of give it a little bit more volume. And then the third step that I would recommend is if let's say you tend to get clumpy. Lesh is getting a comb. Something like that. I'm sorry, minds a bit dirty, but you know, something like that. Whoa up. And then you can just call me lashes out. So the last of my half is that sometimes you struggle with getting all maschera really close to the lash line. So what I would suggest is getting an old name current. So, like, for example, doesn't my old name card with the stencil? So the wing Lina. But what you can do is, you know, you use the name cut to really kind of like she lashes up, and that really helps to kind of get to the roots of the lashes. And it really gives a lot more volume to your lashes menu applying mascara. So I hope these tips helps. I'm just gonna show you how I do it. 12. Why: Undereye Concealer Creasing: I'm not going to talk about why under eye concealer creases so and I conceal its aero put under here to cover out that I self also, As you can see, I have really bad ones. But, um, why do concealers usually crease under that festival? This is a very delicate area of skin, and it has a lot of movement to it. So usually there will be under I wrinkles. Okay, so usually many people don't think about skin care, but if you really think about it, it's kind of like prepping the skin for the consider that you're going to apply on top, so I creams important. But depending on the kind of eye cream, it can also result increasing, so festival. If you don't apply eye cream, your under eye area can be quite dry. And that can actually result in the consular creeping into the lines a lot easier because the skin is not plumped up. Um, and if you really think about it like the desert wise, you know, like so hard as it's, the san area usually has a lot of cracks, and it's because it's liking hydration. So if you don't put under eye creams or hydration like you don't put any under eye creams under your eyes. It can result in a constant increase and quite a bit. And on the other end of the spectrum, if your eye cream is a little bit too rich, it's too heavy, especially like those um, thick, rich kind of eye creams. Applying too much of it can also result in your under eye concealer creasing. That's because the area underneath I know it's extremely moisturize, and there's a lot of like slip to it because if you really feel you're under area and if the eye cream is really to think you can kind of fuel like there's a lot of, like slip to it. So if you put your under eye concealer, chances are it's also going to move around quite a bit, and it can also go into decreases quite often. So usually what I like to do is I'd like to prep my under eyes oven. I gel so not really an eye cream, because for me, I I realized when I use really rich eye creams, it can tend to crease. So for me currently, right now, I'm just using this. Um, it's like an ice room, so let me just show you the texture of it. So if you take a look here, it's not really like a cream based kind of. I like I cream is a Nigel, and if I blend it, it's actually really lightweight. Yes, I hope you can see that. So what does Does? It's basically going to prep the under eye area, giving a little of hydration, pumping up the skin a little bit. So when you apply to Consul on top of it, it's not gonna go creeping into the wrinkle. I hope that makes it. 13. How: Prevent Undereye Concealer From Creasing: Okay, so now let's talk a little bit about how to prevent your under eye concealer from creasing . Now I festival apologized if you can kind of hear, like pounding. Yeah, I don't know what that is. It's not construction. I have a feeling someone's pounding chili on top of my house on top of my apartment. But anyway, so now let's talk a little bit about how to prevent under eye concealer from creasing. Now, if you really do think about it under eye area has a lot of movement. Whenever I move my eyes, I smile and all that so creasing is quite inevitable. But there are a few ways to kind of prevent it all slow decreasing down. So the very 1st 1 is after you have applied your concealer, right? You're gonna apply a kind of like a thin veil off translucent powder over it. Because if you think about it, powder kind of holds the liquid all the creams down so that he doesn't creep into your fine lines throughout the day and then emphasize decreases that you have under your eyes So thin bill of trances and power that is actually all that you need, Um, if you really went at it coverage you can go ahead and use some form of powder foundation and put under T eyes. But for me today, I'm just gonna demonstrate using a translucent powder. So I'm just going to use this one. It's just a white has this and powder I don't know if you can see it like that, and I'm still going to use the beauty bundle. All right, So, yes, I like to use my beautiful and I'm just don't take a little bit onto the beauty blunder, the point of science, And then I'm just gonna put it on you guys, so it just like gently before, But here now, I do know some people like they live two put tons of it, and then it's the baking technique, which you can do but personally for me, I'm usually quite natural. I don't really put a lot of makeup these days. So, actually, a light veil of trances and powders all you need. So if you really think, um so just again just to explain if you think of your consulates, they are cream. So do you will creep. They're kind of move around on your skin throughout the day, So if you want to kind of prevent that from happening, you want to stop them from moving about. Powder is how it's supposed. You're going to use some powder. So if you really think about it, setting your makeup is basically the idea of preventing creams and liquids from moving on your skin and then going into your fine minds and then emphasizing it. Because if the liquid concealer cream concealer creeps into your lines, it's gonna accumulate indoors lines. And that's when you can kind of see why. Oh, why are my lines, you know, super emphasized and things like that. Okay, so the powder kind of prevents to consider from moving about too much so it can slow down the rate of creasing and, you know, provide kind of like provide minimal creasing throughout the date. So this is definitely one technique. You can do another quick tip as to how to prevent under eye concealer from creasing so after you applied your concealer. Because concealers are usually a mixture of like oils, they're quite Emolia, and what you can do is you're gonna take a regular piece of tissue and you're going to separate it out. So you're just going to kind of use that one ply like, once one ply of tissue. So it's really thin. So I'm just gonna separate my tissue out. So too thin it about if you really think about it that way, and then what you're gonna do is after you apply your consulate, right, It's still a little bit tacky. What you're going to do, is he going to take the tissue? And you're just kind of gonna press it gently like that over to consular. So what does really does is the tissue absorb excess oil from your concealers. So this kind of also helps this concealers from slipping around too much because the oils are real eateries and why the concealers can move about. You know, they have kind of like a slip to it. So if you reduced, you remove that and you also kind of removing any excess consulate. It's piled up there, the chances of it accumulating and you're fine lines. Tragedy will be lower, so definitely tried. It's out. You can use it to a thin piece of tissue and then sent it with translucent powder all. You can just use a thin piece of tissue throughout the day. And then, you know, don't set up a powder and just constantly do that because you can Dan constantly touch up if you need to. However, sometimes I actually saw a little tip on. That is, if you feel like you constantly need to touch up your concealer throughout the date, maybe the consolations not long lasting enough. Or sometimes you feel that you know the coverage just somehow. Wayne's throughout the day and you feel that you really want to touch up? Um, I would actually suggest not truck, not setting your concealer. So I know that sounds a little bit strange, but actually this is what I do. So for me, I just use a really good concealer, that kind of self sets by itself. So, for example, I used to tart shaped a Plan Seela throughout the day. So when I put the consular, I don't put powder over it. So if I do feel like I'm going to need a little bit more concealer throughout the day, I can just take a little bit more my fingers and then apply it on and it will be perfectly fine. So it's also really about finding a consulate. It works for you, works for your skin. So for me, it's a tart shaped tape. It goes on to my skin nicely. It has really good coverage, and actually, I find it set by itself. So I don't really have to put a thin veil powder over it. And, um, if I really do need to touch upon the date throughout the day, I can do so. The reason is because if you put powder and if you want to put concealer over to powder, it's going to just clump up, because if you really think about it the general rule of makeup iss creams before powders, right? So if you're actually gonna put powder and then put concealer over it, you're going to see a little bit of patches here and there, which may not be very pleasant for you all. You might just have to remove your whole under eye concealer and then do it again, which some of us may not have the luxury of time to do so. So a quick tip for me is, if you really want to touch up your constant throughout the day. I suggest not sending it powder. And then every time you see their creases, you just simply take your ring finger, press it down and it will actually smooth out decreases. And then you're good to go again. Just know that you'll probably have to do it Is a few times trout today. Yeah, so now we're gonna move on to the next class. 14. NEW: Prevent Cream Eyeshadow Smudging: Now we move on to the ice section, so festival when it comes to eyes, if you're just using a cream eyeshadow, which I love to dio as special, I'm just going to work and I don't really want to put on this amount of makeup. I like to just use a cream eyeshadow on my islands, and I'm pretty much good to go, so I'm going to just quickly draw but on my lid. But this I so you can kind of see it so it looks something like that. It's pretty subtle that if I look down, you can kind of see really adds a bit of dimension to the eyelids. But the problem of cream eye shadows is it's very emollient. And if you have oily skin chances up, it will probably slip in slight annual migrate somewhere else besides Toe Island. So a trick to do that is, if you don't want to put any other eye shadow, you just want to cream eye shadow on your lips and you're good to go. Just go over it with a thin layer of translucent powder. So what I'm gonna do is I'll take a fluffy shadow brush any shadow brush will take a bit of translucent powder and just go over it very lightly, like so the translucent powder doesn't change that. I should've colors. Remember, translucent powder is translucent, so it doesn't do anything, except it just adds a layer of powder to hold the cream all the liquid in place, so the same thing. Translucent powder holds onto the moly and aspects off the cream eyeshadow holds it in place so it doesn't budge. And that will help to make sure that you'll eye cream eye shadows days where you actually applied it and, you know, makes it kind of like last a lot longer, because if it slips and slides, then chances over it moving around fading Onda intensity and Pickman would probably just be decreased. 15. NEW: Prevent Eyeshadow Fading: The next thing is I should have fading eye shadows, ultimately powder pigments. So if you don't give them a lay A to stick to. Usually dio probably just disappear throughout the day because you're out and about, and what happens is the intensity and pigmentation will off course decrease. So to prevent that, what we want to do is to give a layer for the eye shadows to stick on. This can be using any I should've promise that you have, or any Kansi list that you can use to put over your islets as a base thin, thin layer of concern. Almodovar applicator Put a little bit You don't want too much, if not, is just going to be Creasy and very hard to blend, so just take a little bit. I like to use my fingers to work it around. So you also realized at a consulate neutralized any kind of like the veins on my eyelids, so it gives me a kind of a flat surface to work with, and then I'm going to blend it out just a little bit with my beautyblender. So the base kinds of gives it a section so that the powders off the eye shadows. Would you stay there? And usually that helps to prevent it from fading off course the better. Wait, um, would be to use an I showed Uprima because I should've prime is also helped to prevent a c bem from interacting with your eye shadows. So we do produce even even on our islets. And you don't really want the Sieben from the eyeless to interact of the eye shadows because that's usually what causes it to fade and move around and, you know, decrease in intensity and pigmentation, so I should have privatise would be best. If not, concealers will look fine as well. 16. NEW: Keep Eyeshadow Vibrant: Of course, you can also have the issues off. Your I should is just not being as vibrant. So what you want to do is make sure you have a good base. So using a consular, I prime a to neutralize all the veins. And I you know all the veins on your islets. And then after that, you're going to use a similar shade of cream shadow the low before you apply your I shed on top. So So this is the eye shadow that I showed you. And now I'm gonna use this base, which is very similar in color. So if I put the eye shadow back on to the bees, you're going to realize it's a lot more intense than the one just a plane's watch. So if you're going to use a green eyeshadow, try to find a green eye shadow base. So this really intensifies to green pick mons in the eye shadow, making your eyeshadow look a lot more vibrant. Maybe I'll go in with this shade. So by itself, it's pretty pigmented already. But if I put it on to my hand, it doesn't really show. So I don't know if you can see that. So that's why I put the base on, and I'm gonna apply it now. Another trick is if you're going to apply the color to your mobile islet. So the area, the main area, what I would recommend to intensify the vibrancy and intensity is instead of using eye shadow brush, you're going to use your fingers because the warm from your fingers kind of activites depict mints even more, and it will make it to become a lot more obvious. So shadow brushes do help, especially one precise like placement, but usually for me, for my mobile islet. I like to use my fingers, I hope blended out later. But you can kind of see the difference in the eyes now. And I think I want to add a bit of the definition on my out, like out to the area. So I'm going to take a bit of a duck brown on a pencil, brushed. Oh, a very focused, brash, and I just put a bit of brown here just to give it a little bit more dimension. If you want to learn more about out of E and where you can put your I should, as I made a class of the three basic eye shadow looks all placements. You can check that out. So after placing the shadow, I know it looks a bit messy. Don't worry, you're going to now take the blending brush and blend it up off course. If you do not have that, what you can also do is use a black eyeliner and just budget on your let's kind of like giving it a black face, because when you provide a black base, whether you put on top of it will also be generally a lot more obvious. I hope that makes it. 17. NEW: Prevent Eyeliner Fading: then we have this smudging off eyeliner now, Um, festival there, different kinds of eye line is there The born that I use is actually a pencil, Lina. So we have pencils, we have liquids and then we have gels in general liquids out the most, I would say long lasting Sorry, let me move back. So liquids are a little bit more long lasting in a sense that they last a lot longer for me , especially throughout my entire experience of using I, Linus. So probably if you want something to really last, you can use a liquid. But, um, liquid can also still fate. So be very, very careful about that. Pencils are a lot easier to, in my opinion, to draw. If you're a beginner and then jealous full, you know, you have to use, like an angled brush and so on. But ultimately all three different kinds of eyeliners still can have the tendency to fade over time. So usually what I would recommend is same thing. These are generally liquids and creams. We want to set them down. So it's always the same rule offsetting down to cream and liquids on our skin. So I line is probably one of the most common things that we do when we come when it comes to make up, and we probably spent quite a lot of effort in it, so we don't really want it to be smudging around or fading throughout the day. Now, if it fades, the best recommendation I can give you is to set it so if you use cream pencils, liquid minus or gel Linus. Generally, there's some form of emollient ingredient in the eyeliner that causes it to make the pigment go onto your skin. So because of that, we want to set it so you can use untangle brush something like that, and you're going to dip into black eye shadow if you used a black eyeliner and go over the eyeliner one more time. So you just want to dip your ankle brush in just a little type of any access. You don't want any black powder, you know, spraying all over your face. And now you're going to just used a black eye shadow to kind of line over or go over where your eyeliner waas, so we're going to do that now, so this is very similar to you using translucent powder and setting your face after foundation and concealer. So this helped the black eye shadow kind of hold the island. And to place this prevents fading over time. 18. NEW: Prevent Eyeliner Smudging: And the second thing is, if it's smudges around, what I suggest you to do is to put translucent powder on the areas weight usually smudges. We're going to take a bit of translucent powder, and we're just gonna put down on the areas where you know it kind of as much is quite a bit so for me, you'll be underneath the eyes. I know I did it for camp dealer ready, but I just kind of want to do it now again, just to kind of give it an extra layer. And those of you who tend to where i, Lina without any other eye shadow. What I would recommend is taking a bit off translucent pattern like a shade of brush and just go over your blank islet. Then you put your eyeliner on. So that way it also kind of the trans isn't pattern. Your best skin kind of reduces the Seebohm and kind of reduces the interaction with the sea bottom and your eyeliner. So I hope that kind of helps tha smudging or, you know, prevents as much smudging as possible. Okay, so I'm just gonna put a bit of translucent powder on the other side, if not going to get smudging here and not here, so do that now. So, for example, for me, my eye line attends this much, usually on my lower lash line and depending on your eye shape and your islets. Sometimes I know a lot of people experience like smudging on their mobile islets. Now, if this happens to you often, and if you only wear eyeliner on a daily basis, try to put a thin layer of translucent powder underneath the lash line and on the island. So this prevents interaction off the eyeliner with the Seebohm, and this reduces the chances of smudging. 19. NEW: Prevent Mascara Smudging: then we also have a scare. Mascara is pretty much the same thing as I. Lina. If you apply it on your lashes, Um festival. Try to choose a waterproof mascara that usually helps to prevent smudging. And if it still smudges on you leg, it does. For me. What I want to do is again. I want to reduce the interaction between the mascara and my skin. The Seebohm from my skin take a bit of translucent powder and especially the areas that you income toe smudging. So for me, it would be the lower lash line here, and those of you who don't have eye shadow. You know, it's above your mobile islet like that, especially if you're the kind that you know you want natural. I looks, you know, you don't really put off eye shadow, and you always tend to see mascara smudging onto your islets. Put a little bit off translucent powder on your eyelids so the powder will prevent the sea bottom from interacting with your mascara. So putting a thin layer of transition powder on the areas that it's much is that usually will help to reduce the chances of smudging 20. NEW: Prevent Eyebrow Products Fading: we have three more problems that I would like to talk about. So don't lost the bet. Last one will be eyebrows. Now. Before I did my eyebrow embroidery, I realized that my iro pencils on my iPod. My eyebrow products will usually fate throughout the day, especially at the tail end here. So what I want to do is I want to get to set it to make, to prevent the Emilian pots off the IRA pencil two from moving around and feeding. So to make sure that you know we want at the makeup to last as long as possible, we're going to set it. Um, so there are two ways you can use the translucent powder and just just over your eyebrows. I can show you that now. So do. On this site, I'll show one eyebrow, so I'll take my big brush and it just kind of dust my around. Make sure there's no any any left of a powder, so just do it very lightly. I remember translucent powder doesn't change the colors that it's perfectly fine, so that will kind of hold the eyebrow pencil auto eyebrow product in place, so it should last longer the other way, which I generally prefer is a golf, and I like with an angled brush, and what I'll do is I'll take a brown that is very similar to my I should a pencil, and then what I'll do is I'll draw it in, um and then, of course, just go with your spoolie and brush it out. So take a spoolie and just brush it out so you don't have any powder is clinging onto your heads and to make it just a little bit more natural. Now it's the whole same idea off. You know, if you put a cream on, you have an emboldened product, and if you don't want to move, you put a powder form over it. So that really helps me to make sure that my tail stays as crisp and, you know as pigment as possible without it fading throughout the date