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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

94 Lessons (8h 40m)
    • 1. Understanding the Tarot: Why should you take this course?

    • 2. Bonus: Understand why any Tarot Deck will work for you!

    • 3. Hello, I am a Tarot deck. May I come with you?

    • 4. Read the cards, not the book! Read with your mind's eye!

    • 5. Got card spreads? They are unnecessary!

    • 6. Tarot "Data": Symbolism. Engine: Intuition. Delivery: Actual Reading.

    • 7. A brief introduction to Major Arcana

    • 8. The Fool

    • 9. The Magician

    • 10. The High Priestess

    • 11. The Empress

    • 12. The Emperor

    • 13. The Hierophant

    • 14. The Lovers

    • 15. The Chariot

    • 16. Justice

    • 17. Strenght

    • 18. Wheel of Fortune

    • 19. The Hermit

    • 20. The Hanged Man

    • 21. Death

    • 22. Temperance

    • 23. The Devil

    • 24. The Tower

    • 25. The Star

    • 26. The Moon

    • 27. The Sun

    • 28. Judgment

    • 29. The World

    • 30. Brief Introduction to Minor Arcana

    • 31. Ace of Cups

    • 32. Two of Cups

    • 33. Three of Cups

    • 34. Four of Cups

    • 35. Five of Cups

    • 36. Six of Cups

    • 37. Seven of Cups

    • 38. Eight of Cups

    • 39. Nine of Cups

    • 40. Ten of Cups

    • 41. Princess of Cups

    • 42. Prince of Cup

    • 43. Queen of Cups

    • 44. King of Cups

    • 45. Ace of Pentacles

    • 46. Two of Pentacles

    • 47. Three of Pentacles

    • 48. Four of Pentacles

    • 49. Five of Pentacles

    • 50. Six of Pentacles

    • 51. Seven of Pentacles

    • 52. Eight of Pentacles

    • 53. Nine of Pentacles

    • 54. Ten of Pentacles

    • 55. Princess of Pentacles

    • 56. Prince of Pentacles

    • 57. Queen of Pentacles

    • 58. King of Pentacles

    • 59. Ace of Wands

    • 60. Two of Wands

    • 61. Three of Wands

    • 62. Four of Wands

    • 63. Five of Wands

    • 64. Six of Wands

    • 65. Seven of Wands

    • 66. Eight of Wands

    • 67. Nine of Wands

    • 68. Ten of Wands

    • 69. Princess of Wands

    • 70. Prince of Wands

    • 71. Queen of Wands

    • 72. King of Wands

    • 73. Ace of Swords

    • 74. Two of Swords

    • 75. Three of Swords

    • 76. Four of Swords

    • 77. Five of Swords

    • 78. Six of Swords

    • 79. Seven of Swords

    • 80. Eight of Swords

    • 81. Nine of Swords

    • 82. Ten of Swords

    • 83. Princess of Swords

    • 84. Prince of Swords

    • 85. Queen of Swords

    • 86. King of Swords

    • 87. Conclusion, tips and advice

    • 88. Thank you!

    • 89. Bonus 2: More about card spreads.

    • 90. Bonus 3: How to read reversed cards.

    • 91. Bonus 4: How to clean and store Tarot Cards.

    • 92. Questions and Answers about the Tarot

    • 93. Colors in tarot cards.

    • 94. How to meditate.

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About This Class


Tarot Cards have been around for a very long time, and with then, a great deal of wisdom.

"Understanding the Tarot" is going to be a very straightforward, yet smooth and enjoyable to understand. Through the course of the centuries, Tarot gained a lot of rules and complications. However, it is much easier than it appears to be. 

In this course, you will get a good foundation about Tarot Cards, your Intuition, and how to combine both to provide amazing readings. After a few foundations classes, I will be sharing the symbolism of the cards themselves, in a way that you will learn to connect that symbolism with your intuition and interpretation. You will not need to learn by heart everything I am saying. You will need an open mind and allow the information to blend with your knowings. 

While you are going through each of the cards, I will be sharing additional tips and lessons, so it becomes much more enjoyable! It is the best way to learn, especially when talking about Tarot.

Do not hesitate to check out my Intro video. I am sure you are going to enjoy this course and learn lots!

Note: "Understanding the Tarot" has new classes. One of them is about Questions and Answers, while others are more topics that will help you with Tarot.

New classes with the new "Conspiracy Tarot" will arrive as well.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light


Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely talented at doing Energy Healings, he loves working with Tarot cards, taking his readings to the next level. He also enjoys doing Mediumship readings. In addition to these services, Fernando offers Energy Clearings on homes, venues, vehicles and small objects such as rings, statues and more. He love... See full profile

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1. Understanding the Tarot: Why should you take this course?: hello and welcome to on their standing the Terrible. So in these cars, we're going to learn about you guys, right? Terror cards. But in this course we are going to learn, like a book like the rules. We're going to focus on a more open course, me more intuitive type. Of course, I like to focus on the symbolism I have been using their cards for over seven years on Still, today, I learn new things from them. So in these cars I am going to give you a few introductions, a few baselines that will help you to get started with it, their car to like how to find a card or how to find a paralytic. How to understand in green the cards, how to use your intuition. But mainly we're going to be focusing about the symbolism of the cards themselves. Were going to be reviewing each of the cards one time on. You should yes, allow yourself to be open minded, receive information that works best for you on leave behind what doesn't in these cars, you're going to learn how to use your intuition, and you're going to learn how to develop a strong bond with you and your terabytes in these cars and going to be using the cosmic terror. But the symbolism on all the cards, it's not the same. So even though you are learning from the cosmic terror, you will be able to read the symbolism from all the characters. Well, in other taxi, listen, murder that you have. Even if you have no dick, you will be ableto get connected with one Asmus you connect with. So in this card, you're going to enjoy. And you're going to learn a lot about the terror in an intuitive way on in a way that you will connect the symbolism of the cards with your life. So don't wait more on. Yes, let's go for it. I'm pretty sure you're going to be very happy about Theo. 2. Bonus: Understand why any Tarot Deck will work for you!: Hey, everyone. How are you guys doing? How are those readings going? Are you guys getting to connect? We bear with your thoroughly cards. Well, I hope so. You know, I actually come with this class. Got precisely about a little bit about that. Okay? This fat of the importance off your connection with the cards and Garrison Bally Sims as well as they different decks with difference in march. You know, plenty of you having asking. It's, you know, I have bought the writers Arab there, you know, and some of its symbology is hardly for, you know, they friends. And staying with the fear of sorts is very different from one to another thing, you know? But I say, explaining an earlier cats, you know, it's normal. Every single dig holes, all the symbology that you need people, right, with accurate Mr some things in different existing body changes. Okay, this is why I created this class. Okay? Card. Like heart. It is like, this is one of the longest classes that you can find out terror because we're cooking out each of the cards. And the kicker is not for you to learn all the meanings. My heart. Okay, they could get for you. You get to see how I found this technologies, you know, by looking at the car, the very kind of seeing in the match paying their in the years and then looking at why I'm sharing with you this way was okay. Was getting these from from that technology from the other symbology he's getting that on. Then you can get to a start to do that with your own day. Okay. When you're you clearly again unique, it's very different. It doesn't matter because what you want to use to get to observe it hard the same way. How are the students and know what things come to? You are the posse. Are they negative? You know, what sensation do you get? We need to make sure if something you need to make sure that they get you feel connected with it. Just go ahead and like the Weicker's. Okay, go ahead and see which that feels more connected. In fact, in the coming weeks and almost like anything, mostly conveyancing, grease and Excel released. There will be another bonus class where I will be presenting a new terrible. It's going to be between 1/2. You know, this symbology is in the same places as in these cars, so it's a big but you can also will be we could grab if you want. Brookings but its steel I want to share with you for anything you can bring the reader symbology when you get used to get to understand, a little bit of this involved gyms. But this car is going to help you out. So make sure you go ahead and you you feel that you have to connect with your car with your car here heart. Okay, You know, it's very important that even if you have the writers egg, you're going to find all the symbology in discourse in the writer's. That's nothing like change. I'm of one or another card on, you know, actually, I want to share with you. May even, you know, tell me hey, me when you explain something out this card, okay? Whether you've whether you have the writers, they are not. I invited that usually single this and you would like between the bread. One car. You can send me that much of the card, and we may have a bonus class. Maybe not because the volume of requests, but some of them will have. Okay, So, you know, you need to make sure to ask yourself, where are they Arabs taking your first looking? What stands album most in the symbology. That something very important. Look at it hard. Okay, whatever. Car and tracking worsen bulgy feels you the most. The strongest. Which one calls attention the most? Not the same. Not every single thing that you pull out your card. The same terror card you're going to feel drunk, will. Same symbology some things you will feel Drink of difference and busts on. This is how you get to make the sheaf stomach changes on is how you get could be ableto in different readings Left several messages that I decorate using the same card because maybe we came out of the way. Okay, So what stands out? The most working motions you get, You know, within our tense. What's starry basic heart? 10. Okay, that's what you need to ask yourself. What is this car? Still what's happening? This card, what happens if I press playing on the car? Starts moving. What's going to happen next? That's what you could ask your slough. And if you need to spend five minutes with one card, they can stand, go analyze. You have to go for the more kind of Spain with terror cards, the better the stronger your relationship. It's going to be with your dick. So it's going to be a win win. Situation reverts. Okay, so this is very much eat in terms of different decks. Opposing the N is very straightforward, and I guess I'm going to be coming up with any terrorist. So stay tuned on. Make sure to ask me in questions you guys have because I like to be bringing brothers classes is on. If you're some questions, I may make more bonus classes regarding the question. OK, so thank you, very match and see you next class. 3. Hello, I am a Tarot deck. May I come with you?: way. Welcome to class number two off Understanding the terror. So today we're going to talk a little more about Terra. Lex. How to find one. Have to connect with them for you to get a little introduction. OK, so he has to go through the basics, you know, terror carts. Normally, you have 78 cards trying to majors and 56 minor on These are always normally the common ways for all telex. However, there are other terrorists that they do have maybe more than four suits there, some of them that they have operations in this woods on even some terrible picks don't even have make sure canna or there are other type of ex coal Oracle decks over dignitary decks that they may be completely different. But as you know, the score is going to focus 1,000,000 terror on on the standard form it. Okay, so well, I like to focus on terror like an aid. Okay, Normally, for me, terror cards are a great point for insight, but it wouldn't be the main foundation in a reading. For example, under my like to you stare cards when other sources of information don't hold a lot of it or when I need some pump. Okay. Like I think, like any other push, I need something to help me to move forward. Well, I decided to go ahead on you, the Terra guards, because through their symbolism, you can get way a lot of information. Okay, which is great. But it's important to remember that their cards are great as an aid, you can do a reading on terra cards alone, obviously, and you can get amazing results. But it gets to a point that you realize that after many years of working with terror cards , you get to feel connected with the leg. On some things, you don't even need to bring the cards out. They come to you mentally. Okay, so it's good to use them as an eight for this very reason. So you can use all their sources or their way to read the person they're working with her. The situation for yourself on then use it. Terra characters, valuations on vessel. Okay, so maybe you're thinking, Well, I don't have a terrible deck. How they find one. You know, the final terra like you ever need to struggle. Really? Because there is a subconscious connection that activates when you find the right thick. I believe that terrorists to have consciousness at some degree on is the actual dick that chooses you. If you ever have seen in them in a physical store, you might have felt drawn to a specific terror lick or a crystal or something, and you feel on words to take it with you. Home. This is the connection. I am referring toe. When you look for your terrible card deck, you are going to feel the words toe by one. In a specific. You should listen to a urge. You should take it with you. Okay, they're also other waste. Well, you'd like on line for an instance when you feel connected the most, you want to go with it. Okay, if you plan to give a terror card back to someone that's the same way you should give one that it's drawn to you because the terror Kardec knows that at some degree know that they're going to give that, so it's always going to be the right terra card back for that person, which is fantastic. So that's something that you want to keep into account okay. It's very easy to give us me to follow your intuition or what you feel drawn the most. Okay, let's say that you have your terror carts now and you want to get started in connecting with them. You know, there is a great way to connect with them initially, you know, Take your time. Open your terra NextCard, Andi. Slowly, Pasic hearts Analyze each one off them. Don't rush. Take your sweet time and you can even go into meditation. Take one card with you and use that card as the main topic for your meditation. You can ask questions yourself. You can tell the card. What are you trying to tell me? You know, and through this way, you're going to get family rights. We hear terror cards, then obviously doing practice readings with friends. Family at quiets is online. There many trade places on even. You can go ahead on start to use your carts more seriously, if you feel gentle, definitely the more user terror carts than more connected to wear with them. Okay? And it becomes strong bond and a strong relationship on one more thing. Before we go to an X class, I'd like to mention their cards are very, very straightforward. Okay, I have used them many times, even for myself to get valuation. You know, you're in the situation that you say. Oh, come on. This is awesome. Why? I can't go forward with this on then. It's like you need a derivation from the universe. You pull a terror card and you get in your face what you need to see, which is all about the terror cards. They tell you in your face when you need to see. That's why they're so amazing. Okay, so Well, eh, Let's go now to the next lesson on Let's see how it goes. 4. Read the cards, not the book! Read with your mind's eye!: Welcome to class number three off Understanding the terror. So this is going to be a brief class because I want to talk about something in Alter cortex . You're going to find this little book right here. Okay, Well, not this one. Precisely. What a similar one. Every terror. Kartik comes with this little white book, okay? And you know, these books come with the symbolism of the cards on. They explain to you a little about it There will make it sailed from spreads. Well, this book could be a good help in reality. Personally, I find that this books don't really serve a great purpose because they just tell you a symbol isn't off the cards, and that's it on. Well, you could be thinking it's in this class about that, you know, that's totally right. However, the different within the book on this class is that during this class, you are going to be able tow, understand how to interpret the symbolism, understand how to use your very own intuition toe connected with the symbolism off the cards. So it's not only knowing the symbolism, you know, the symbolism is a good eight. Definitely. It's a great eight. Very important, but it's also important toe know how to connect your intuition with this aid. Okay, the carrot doesn't mean the same in all the religions. You will find in the little book that every car has three or four positive meanings on three or four negative meanings. And you know they're playing people anymore. I have been reading cards for over seven years, and still today I get new insights, and I find new symbolism in this very cosmic terror. Kartik. So you can pretty much say that the symbolism on the Terra Carty's endless okay on the key to be able to access to the right piece off symbolism. It's through your own intuition. Number one, a number through through getting familiarized with your deck. Okay, the more user dick, the better you can make date with the deck. You can make a deal with the cards. You can do practice readings. You can pull a cart for yourself and try to see what it means. Obviously, taking these cars will definitely help a lot, So as you can see, it's on about practice and all about getting to know your cards. Okay, It's the true meaning? You know, I had one day where I did a reading. Too afraid. That was my very, very first day requiring Okay, I would bring out the cards and then I would try to read a little book. I would try to say when I yes, Red and I couldn't remember it. It's like if I lost all type of conservationists on I didn't know how to read anymore. I tried three or four times and there was no way to do it. So I, yes, went ahead and share the symbolism. I was able to find the cards on hoping for the rest. It was my first rain after all. Well, this friend was surprised because many private stuff came up at the point that even some of have stuff heap even wanted to come up. So you can see how powerful that their cards are. They always go straight to the point on. If you use your intuition to learn their symbolism, you can make amazing thing together. So yes, get to know your courage on Let's continue with his cars. See you next 5. Got card spreads? They are unnecessary!: E folks, welcome to class number four off Understanding the Terrible. So in this class, we're going to talk about something brief. But very important on this is a terror card spreads. You know, I personally believe that their card spreads candy off a great eight. But you know, they are really not necessary, OK? Because it's about reading the currents. You know not about making a specific spread. You can find hundreds, if not thousands off different spreads on. They can provide amazing readings. Don't get me wrong. But I personally find that if you allow the terror cards toe, explain themselves, you will get the most out of its off your aliens on. Why is that? Well, you're going to notice that the carts speak for themselves. If you decide to use a specific terror card spread, you're going to be able to the reading. But you're going to find that one card that goes seeming a specific spot. It's trying to give you a message that was supposed to be in a difference. But then you can get even confused because you can come to a point of realizing Well, if this card is in displacement, it only means that it has future events. It doesn't matter if I was able to perceive it has passed life events, for instance. You know, on that's wrong. That's wrong because you are limiting and blocking the information. You know there are many great spreads and you can even have fun with some of them. I personally love one off them, and it's about two carrots. One of them's face up on the second is face down. Technically, the face up card represents a challenge on when you finish reading that challenge, you can reveal the second guard the face on card, which is their reward. Okay, so for little readings for little games, they're fantastic. But if you want to provide someone with guidance, it's ideal to yes, another Karch to guide you. Okay. How can you do that? Simply after your Shafir and you feel drunk. Toe finish. Shuffle in. Yes. Draw one card. Talk about it. Everything that comes to you. Share it. Okay. When you feel no more information is coming through. Yes, drew another cart and place it almost on top of it. Okay, You're going to find out that the carts are going to draw a story for you. You even are going to find out that in the very a currents they're connected between themselves. Okay, they draw you a story in linear times. It's fantastic to be honest, you know, and you allow the cars to talk about now about before about what's to come out with your subconscious about everything. So that is why if you went to a serious really, it's ideal to Yes, Jozic Hearts with help. Any additional spreads. Okay, But if you want to have a little fun and you want to try new things, you definitely want to go on, try out the many spreads out there. OK, any of you guys aside here I can I can share some of them. I can make a class sharing some of the spreads if you want it, but you know it's ideal to yes, bring one card talk about it. Next car took about it on on it. We got to a point that you will know no more Carter needed, and then you will stop again. It's all about the intuition, and it's all about having a great connection with terror cards. From there, you will keep property. Okay, so we sooner going to start talking about the symbolism of the guards? We have steel a couple more lessons before that. So stick with me and let me know if you have any questions so far. Okay, so see an express. 6. Tarot "Data": Symbolism. Engine: Intuition. Delivery: Actual Reading.: Hey, guys, how are you today? So I am glad that you came so far with me Steal on Today we're going with class number five in understanding the Terrible. So today we're going to talk about the most important part off the terror itself or the mechanics of the Terrible. OK, so, Thurtell, I want you to understand that a terrible user symbolism. I am pretty sure they have mentioned that many times already. And probably I would mention it more. Your theory, it's the weather will pick up the intuition on then you were interpretive intuition. Onda, provide the message. Toe the receiver. Okay, That's the basic mechanics off terror. You know, there is really no other complication. You No additional complications are complications that we end that we try toe increase our difficulty for whatever reasons. Okay. I want to mention to you pair cards do connect with the soul off the people. Okay. When you do when you get her car treating you are really doing something very intimate because you are energetically opening to the energy off another person. That person is opening. He's our hair energy to you on a terror cards will create a bridge between both of them. The terror cards will know what's going on on the consciousness and the symbolism off the currents. In addition, off your very own intuition on your very own sensitivity to energy, it's going to make the difference. Okay, it's going toe. Make the change. So it's very important that you are well aware off this. Okay, this is why when you were to buy your terror Kardec, you were to connect with it. You were to feel connected on you were to buy their When you feel Toronto in are really the same, let's say that you're going to do a terror card reading. Okay, it's best toe number one. Clear your mind. Very important. Okay, you are going to be able to find on exercise. Attach that. We'll tell you how toe cleans your mind. OK, Number two. How to know when it's intuition or when it's imagination. It's very simple. Okay, the nutrition comes out of a blue like if suddenly on image appears in your mind while imagination, you can feel that you build it up like you build a story. Okay, This is a difference. And I'm going to share with you. A couple more exercises that you can find attach on the right. OK, that you can download. And you can practice a different between intuition on imagination. Okay, so what's up? No. Once we're able to find this difference number three each to protect yourself in bike, Your spirit guides visualize a bubble off white light around you in order to raise your vibrations and to make sure you get the most clear information. Then you will Yes, start shuffling your cards. Okay. There will be a point that you will feel drawn to stop. If at first it's hard for you, your shuffle for a couple minutes and then stop. At that point, you draw your first heart. What matters the most is to observe the card. Okay? And this is what it's all about these cars and going to tell you how to observe them. You know, even if this is a different terroristic from years, it doesn't matter because it's not about learning by heart, they symbolism, but learning how to find it. And I'm going to be explaining the courage how to find the symbolism itself. Okay, so another a great way to you to terror cards. It's to get your confirmations together, validations in everything you are doing. Let's see that you have a promotion. Andi, you'll feel ready, but you are told you are ready. You are the best subject for this on you yet. Don't feel ready. Well, maybe looking for a terror card deck. If you have your currents and you're shuffling, you throw in cart. You can get a good validation on that. You can get a measure that will tell you if it's the right way or really not. You know what is for sure that their cards will do its toe show in your face that you can make a big difference. And so in your face that what you need to do, what you need to learn. It's right there in front of you. Okay, that's what matters the most. You are confused about the situation. You draw your terror cart and then you're going to get it's straight in the face. The answer. Whether you like it or not, but it's going to fulfill any degree of confession. You know, I once wanted to rent an apartment. It waas bigger than my prior apartment on it was the same price. Everything was fine to rent it. I did a reading yes to the whole check, and I got a terrible reading. He was like, Oh, come on, What's going on here? Well, it's that I had a few events in my life a couple weeks later, such as the car breaking down. That would have put me in trouble financially if I went ahead and paid another to parse it and went with everything Forward. Okay, so as you can see that their cards can really, really bring closure, understanding or clarification to any situation you have at a personal level. In fact, it's always said that it's very hard for a psychic to read him or herself, and it's true. That's why their carts are fantastic, because their cards will give you the answer in your face, whether you like it or not. So it's a very good way to be able to read oneself to receive messages, personal motivation, personal improvements. You can use a terror card for limitless options. Okay, but it's all about in the symbolism it's all about in your intuition and your fairy. If you are able to clear your mind as he mentioned to you. Protect yourself. Shuffle, Bring the cars and, yes, interpreted the intuition and you already are going toe. Have a great head advantage over others. So, you know, we have one more lesson. We're going to going to the major are kind of first, I'm going to make a small introduction to them on. Then we jump right into the symbolism. Okay? So see? 7. A brief introduction to Major Arcana: guys going. So we are in lesson number six off understanding the terror on. We are about to start to talk about the symbolism of the guards. Yea, family, but not before one more lesson. Okay? And this one is this an introduction to what Major cannot is. You know, the terror cards are divided in major arcana on minor made. You are kinda. It's 22 cards on. You can notice that major arcana cards do come numbered. Okay on, then. They do not belong to any a specific suit. You can check it out on your left. You can realize that Major cannot. It's very similar from one toe another deck. The messages themselves normally are similar. The symbolism from Major Khanna normally is a very a straightforward and very powerful symbolism. Let's say, for example, about the death cart, the death card when it comes happen. Normally it's bringing us closer in a situation on transition into a different one, or it's telling us something needs toe be completed in order for the next one to start. You know, that's pretty true for every single death card that shows up, Okay, made, you are canna. It's much more cemented. However, it doesn't mean that if you see a mature cannot you have to state with a symbolism and, yes, slam it Definitely not, because it's then when you have to use that intuition that gut feeling of years to connect the symbolism with a situation off the person because it's not as easy as yes saying the symbolism unit toe make other person understand how the supplies in their life okay in their situation. So you can realize that major kind of really it's set in stone. What comes up, Okay, we can control our destiny, and definitely, if we change our actions, the outcome will change. But when we see a major arcana, you're going to realize that the actions actually are going to lead toe pre much. Only one result. If it's a bus with one, definitely you want to stick with it. But if it's something that if one pretty much the major cannot is telling you that you're going into the wrong way and that you should turn around immediately because while minor canna there could be variables, you know in the outcome of the actions he major arcana, it's pretty much seven Stone. Let's say I I want to go ahead on study. Let's say a master's degree in a here friend, since it's impossible. But I say, Yeah, I can do it on a bullet here card, probably. I will be shown their chariot. The child will tell me you are going too fast. If you keep going this way, you're gonna crash, you know, because obviously, if I pretend to learn a master's degree in a year, I would fail it because it takes a few years. OK, so this is a small example, okay about how the mature cannot works. Because if it was mine, your canna, maybe you could be given options that could bring that action toe fulfillment. But sometimes they're no options. Something six only one wrote in the action you are doing on the major cannot may show you that wrote very, very clearly. Okay, It's good because Major arcana can really tell you, You should definitely go for this or you should definitely not go for this. Okay, Major can. It's really good with life lessons because since you're being told things in the face, you have no way to question it. But toe follow it. If it's for your highest interest or toe, learn how to change it in order to change Malcolm. Okay, that's the purpose of their car X readings. It's to know if you're in the right way. What to go to keep in the right way on. If you are going the wrong way, what you need to do to change that and to re engage into the right way. Okay, so Well, let's re much eat for for these lessons. So now we're going to jump into the symbolism. Okay, so I'll see you next time. 8. The Fool: way, folks, are you? So we're finally into the interpreting the symbolism on We are already in our first card. As you can see on your left, you can see we're going to talk today about the full. As you can see, the full is numbered with the zero. It's the only car that it's number with a zero or the others are numbered in Roman numbers generally. Okay, so this is how it gets to interpret the symbolism. Okay, The first thing you need to do it, she has need to observe the cart. Okay, take a few seconds. Even passed this media, if you prefer on observe the full card. Okay. What is what? The first scene from the full card. You know, when you are trying to address an issue when you are trying to do a reading, it's going to become much easier for you. Okay, if I would tell you right now, looking to the card and what draws to you the most you could feel that connection on that could be because the car has a message for you. But it's much easier when you do have a question or something to resolve. Okay, But in order for me to be able to risk course, I am going to be pretending. You know, I feel drunk one spot or to another one. Okay, So for instance, what does the full tell us initially? The full Tell us that there is a records men having the time of his life. His stock is having time of his life on his about toe. Get in big, big trouble because he's on the edge of the cliff. The work is also playing happily. No one seems to care that he's about to fall and get badly injured. Okay, so you know, that's the main symbolism of the card. Initially, you need to look out for the big picture. And this is especially true for Major our cannon carts. Okay, because normally they show you easier. The best big picture. Okay, but if you can see the symbolism of the card, you can find that there plenty. Plenty more symbolism, son. Every single drawing in the cart may have a message for you. Okay, If I wanted, I could make one hour or more war for lecture with us. The full current with any card. Pretty much but That's not the point. I want to make it simple and I want to make it straight forward. But you know, for an instance, the main simple listen you need to grab from the full is the fact that he is not taking care of his surroundings. So you could say, you know, imagine that they are asking you well, what's wrong with work? Why I don't get Why don't I get a promotion? Let's say the full car shows up. Well, the measures from there might be, you know, beware. Pay attention to what you are doing. You are not paying attention to your job. You are taking it very likely you should look closer to what you because you might be making something wrong. You know, in a terra cotta reading, you get multiple cards so you can complement one card with another. Okay, on, we can build a story. I know their purpose. For example, for the full. Let's say that someone is asking that they have a lot of stress. They have out off work. They enjoy their weekends with their Children, but like they go to plenty of activities on, Do you even know where to plan for vacation on the Let's say this person wants to know why it's depressed, you know, and a full card shows up. Well, that would mean pre match that the person needs to put more joy into life needs to put more passion into it. Okay, it's not only the measures off Avenger itself off, pay attention or you're well getting travel. No, Sometimes it's all about okay. Stop working, relax, have fun and enjoy life because the full is also remembering us that it's very important to enjoy life. Other simple ISMs I could interpret from the full is success. For instance, the full has reached to the cliff to the top. The full has accomplished it and sell a brain. Now he's celebrating the success. Let's see that someone a someone says, Well, I just got a promotion at work. What advice do you give the necks? Well, obviously the full wouldn't be. There s card, but sometimes you know it might show up with a reason. Let's say that it shows up well, they remind their Maybe it's about celebrating. Maybe it's only that maybe Hugo your promotion, and you haven't done anything about it. and you are almost of ethic. Well, the full might be everyone there. Hey, and J legal more what you received. It's a big blessing. You should be happy. You deserve it. It's every word. Enjoy. Celebrate Live to the fullest. Your promotion. You know, Remember to also celebrate, to be able to enjoy and to have more energy for the time she don't celebrate. Okay, so she can see that's already three messages from the full. Okay, in different situations, you can see space. You can see clouds. You can see the mountains from the bottom on the on the bottom of the car. Okay, that could symbolise travel That's good. Symbolize changes that would symbolize challenges, you know, a month and could be very challenging. Another meaning off the full would be You are not paying attention Toe your life. You're not paying attention to your doings. You need toe, put your feet on the ground and you need to start moving forward. Seriously. So you know now before on what it revolves around, Okay, there plenty more. But they want to keep it brief, and I want to keep it more objective. And more to the point of saying you know this hard? The main simple it seems you can get. This is how I see it. And you can You can hurt yourself with that. Okay? But you're going to discover other symbolism. It's wonderful. You know, If you find them, you're more than welcome to post a general question, okay? Or send me a message and share your findings. We can increase the Carcela to this way. Okay, so I'll see you next class. 9. The Magician: Hey, folks. So welcome to understanding the terror today. We're going to be talking about the mission. As you know, we are really talking about the symbolism on the symbolism themselves are to be interpreted in many, many ways. Okay. The mission. As you know, it's probably the most fabulous and the most popular terror card. Okay, you can even mostly times see the magician as the example card for any terror, like Okay. But you know what's all about the mission. You know, the magician personally, it contains pretty much the most symbolism that all cards may contain. Okay, technically, this wouldn't be true because, you know, all the cards contain almost limitless symbolism is but the most volatile or the most flexible card. In a way, it's the magician. You know, the magician could answer to pretty much any question by its health. Okay, but to analyze the symbolism, let's let's see, what is the card, for instance, the first thing that could make me feel drunk toe it would be the site off this mation. Okay. She can see these beams off light coming out from his eyes. You can perceive the magician is someone who can see ahead. Someone that can foreseen this in a reading could signify that you need to pay attention to your intuition. You need to pay attention. You need to observe your surroundings. You need toe. Look out. What's more than yes in front of you, you need to look bay young, What's in front of you and you need to look to the sites. Also not. Yes. Look straight. Okay, so I know there very strong symbolism from the magician. As you can see, you can see the very card that there is a cup. There is a sort. There is a want on There is a pinnacle in addition of some flowers and such. But as you can see, the magician is holding all four suits from every A from your single suit. Okay, it's one of him. When one of each, you will realize that this is true for most my issues in most terra lex, in one way or another, this could signify that you have plenty off tools available at your disposition. It could also signify for you toe learn on, understand what's the right tool in the given moment. If you combine that with what I said prior then we already have. Make sure for you to listen to your intuition, to look very in that What is yes, in front of you. Because if you do, you are going to be able to understand which tools are going to help you the most for your in diverse. Okay. As you can see, I have built a very strong sentence. You know, right now, in this course, it's something it's made up. But in a reading, something like that can come up. Okay, you can interpret also, you can even go for there and you can see the flowers on this card and you can interpret well, you know, combine the inside off the mation. Who sees the young who questions everything on who knows what tool to use in the right time . It's going to discover the beauty oflife oflife, and it's going to discover the amazement off achieving a successful result. Okay, you can also realize that from the magician there is a life lesson that needs to be learned . You can notice that infinite symbol on the very top of his head. Okay, that would signify that you are being receiving a life lesson. Let's say that. Let's see if someone says, you know, I always happen to find the same guys. I have the same. Each is over and over, you know, And you get the mation shown up, then out and you feel drawn toe the infinite symbol. Well, you can say Well, this is jalape. This is our life. Lesson is something that you need to learn. This is something that you need to work on. How? Well, yes, follow the rest off the symbolism from the mission. If you feel that's the only simple it's and you need to get at this time which it could happen, then you go for the next card. Okay, That's how it works. When you feel that nothing else is showing up, you need to move on to a neck scar. Okay, that's very important. So, you know, this is pretty much eat what they wanted to mention for the mission. So I hope you are enjoying the scores. Let's go for next class 10. The High Priestess: Hello, everyone. So, in this lesson today, we're going to be talking about the symbolism from the high Priestess. This is the third major Arconic art. OK on. It's a very personally, It's a very powerful card for me. You can notice. Plenty of symbolism is here. You can notice the alpha and the Omega. You can notice a moon if you interpret it that way. Okay? Connecting the Alfa and the Omega. You can figure out that Gene Jan that you have over there. You can figure out that this woman over there, it's very connected toe water onto the elements. You know, it's very important to observe everything. The cart, the colors, the facial expression, what they are doing. Okay, these are questions that you need to ask yourself. This is why I went to the terror card class this way. Because I will help you toe ask yourself these questions, okay. And the best way rather slamming everything in one PDS lesson. It's to teach it through the different symbolism listens. Okay, so, you know, if I would say what I drawn the most in this card, you know, I would say the Alpha and the Omega you know, that's a various trim message from the high Priestess. You know, a question that could be answered with a haggis with high Priestess. It would be something probably like, you know, I am starting my journey in in cooking class on bond. I am a little I'm losing confidence. I'm not sure if I will be able to pull this off on. Let's say that you get the high Priestess. Well, right on. Right off the bat. You can say that. You need to find peace of mind. How do am pulling that off? Well, you know the water if you can see it. It feels gentle in the current. Okay, Andi, you should pick that up, Okay? If you pick up this scene, you feel pick up the gentleness, you can go forward. You can see the face off the high prisoners. She is calm. Seas relax. But she's also very wise. She's observing, you know, there are many, many things. So that said, you're asking yourself that you know that you're starting cooking school and you don't feel confident. Well, this car is going to tell you. You know, you were given this challenge and you were up for it. At some point. When a challenge is given, you can overcome it. Actually, if you put your heart and if you put your soul, this is a path that you can start on, you can finish, and you will be able to accomplish it. Okay, For an instance, you could say that you're going to accomplish it If you feel drawn to that. You know, from that moon over there, it could represent a smile Also. Okay, As you can see, it's endless. The symbolism here, another strong symbolism. It's that Jim Jim on the term off the high Priestess. Okay, the Gene Janet symbolizing well what? The gym. John symbolizes itself. So it's It's going to tell you what every situation is. If it's something negative, it might tell you. Well, you know, make sure to pick up what it's good for you, because you can take something from this on, then discard the rest, or if it's parts. If it could be the other way around, it could be something like, You know what? You are doing fantastic and you're progressing and it's within your path. But beware because off these these and that okay. That's where I wanted to get with haggis. Prisoners Also, in some cases, you can even observe the like of the sun on. You can realize that there is going to be everything all right, This guy, Sonny, they say it's column. There is nothing wrong. There is no turmoil coming up. So the haggis brisket also represent off Say, of telling to you, if you continue through this path and you accomplish it, you are going toe Have peace of mind in your future because you're going to be in sync with the universe doing what you were meant to either win on in a successful way. Okay, So as you can see, you know, there plenty. Plenty of symbolism is, but mainly these are the ones that connect with me for the high Priestess. Okay, so as always, if you find other symbol ISMs or you are able to interpret it in a different way, feel welcome toe message me or to post it on, we can make a conversation, and we can even a, you know, a strengthen our pool of symbolism because, as I mentioned in an earlier lessen the terror carriages, I constantly him I have been rain for seven years and I still learn. So it's something quite quite fantastic. Okay, so well mixed. See Chile next class. 11. The Empress: Hey, how it going? So his class number 10 Well, I really hope you guys are enjoying it so far. If you need or you have any suggestions for the questions by all means, let me know, OK, I am here to help you guys and toe chat with UAL. So post your questions and if you have suggestions by your means to improve his cars, toe something you want to see the colors, let me know, OK, I will be having plenty of stuff. So we're going to talk today about the Empress. You know, the Empress eats feminine power itself. Okay, for me, the family name in the Terra cards is represented by the emperors on the masculine. It's obviously the Emperor, which we're going to be talking the next class. Okay. But you know, the Empress tells me and that's the the main symbolism. Okay? Because as you know, all these cards to have a main symbolism and then they have, you know, their specific symbolism. The big picture off. The Empress is telling that nothing is really going to be missing in your life, that you're going to be taken care off and you can even get to a point. You know, if you can see that bird over there giving a very toe the Empress, you can pick up from there that you're going to receive external help, whether it's from totem animals, where they're eats from someone physically, where they're eats a spirit. You know that something that your intuition, we'll have to tell you. As you know, a symbolism. It's most of it, but it's not everything. But here you can perceive several things you can perceive for an instance that you have reached a state in your life off abundance. On competition, you can observe there is a beautiful background kind of like X arctic or, you know, quite different and the normal. So, you know, you could if you feel drunk, toe that. Okay, this is the clue. I am trying to talk about a little about everything. But, you know, actually, in any of my readings, they have felt drawn to that mountain with trees on the very bottom off the car. Okay, but, you know, it brought my attention now to share it. So if you can see you know, the symbolism is made, multiply. Okay. You can You can observe what they're wearing. If they have pendants, if they have hearings, you need to observe in for an instance. You can you can see that one of the earrings off here is making a spark. Okay. And you can notice from that that the earrings are good quality hearings, Probably diamond earrings so it can talk to you about of whom? That's, you know, unimpressed. Has a London's okay on Empress's, more caring You can look at her face. Okay. The terror cards shows you very well through their expressions. What bank affinity do they have? Okay. And you can notice that in the case of the Empress, this kind ceased gentle seas. Even listening to you, you can see her hand. You can see her body language looking. You can feel that she is very connected with nature as well. Let's say that you are asking a question. For instance, rebel bean How can enjoy my business much better. I work from home well, and the empress shows up Well, you could be called many things. You could be told that maybe now that you are in a good place a professionally you want to take care of yourself and not war. Combust yourself every single day, but go more in nature or enjoy more the status you are in, you know, or, for instance, you are feeling lost on. You are feeling that the person you're working with it's not helping you out on the Empress . Show up. Well, you can perceive from this that this person might be willing to talk. Might be willing to a discuss with you what's going on because maybe something from on your end. Or maybe this pressure is going through a hard time. But if you see the Empress, you can symbolize dialogue you can symbolize. Understand you can symbolize receiving help, whether it's from your very own power as the impress. You know, having strong financial resources are strong, you know, connections. But it could also feel receiving external eight, whether it's from someone else, Whether it's from the Astra aromas you can perceive in this car, you can also perceive that there is out off Nature is out of beauty in this, So if you are looking or if you're seeking beauty, or maybe something in your life feels bask on negative on, the Empress shows up Well, the Empress could tell you that you need toe. Take a look in a different perspective because there's more beauty than you think. OK, so you know pretty much for me. This is what the Empress's saying. Okay. On. As always, if you have perceived other experiences, even from this very devious you feel thrown toe a specific symbolism on the Empress. You definitely want to go with it. And you definitely want to share it if you want, and we can talk about it. Okay. So I hope you enjoy this one and see your next one. 12. The Emperor: Hello, everyone. So how is going so last glass? We talk about the Empress. So today we're going to talk about the emperor. So, as you know, I like to allow myself to be guided toe where the symbolism takes me on a saving, advising through the previous classes, it's important to look at a facial expression about what the character is doing for me. You know the Emperor. It means the highest at some degree. Okay, they when you need help when you are looking for advice when you are looking for gannets off some sort, let's say that someone tells Well, there's going to come a person in your life and that person represents the emperor. You know that only one way to interpret the empire. Another way to interpret the Emperor Amar less positive one. It would be the ego part that the emperors have. You know, it's important to also have a Neil a little knowledge about what these characters are. So what entails to be an emperor? You know, you should not only based your symbolism on that, but you should use it as an aid. You know us always. You have to match your intuition with the symbolism so doing it that way you are going to be able to know what to grab better. You know, for instance, you can observe the emperor. He's gifting something, something powerful, something wholly by nature, you know? So you know it's about off serving. Or was the card you know, a strong symbolism from the emperor is also not having anything missing. Let's say that you get an emperor in terms of the outcome off any promotion. Well, it means that you may have a lot more responsibilities, but you are also going to have a lot more rewards. You. Maybe, if the emperor connects with you for an insect, let's say that the emperor represents you. You are the emperor, and then it can represent that you have great flexibility that you have great. No, it's great wisdom, and you need to what's out for your ego, you need to watch out for making hasty efficient. You need to understand that you do have a big responsibility in whatever you have asked. Okay, so as you can see, these are different aspects from the emperor. But mainly it's revolving around that around the strength of the emperor itself knowing when to be kind and went to give knowing when Toby righteousness and have to stay strong as an emperor and knowing when you need to avoid your ego and step than yours pretty much. That's the symbolism that the Emperor wants to share with us. Okay, so let's go for next less. 13. The Hierophant: Hello, everyone. So today we're going to be talking about the hair affront on. You know, this is a very interesting cart, you know, by a general rule of thumb, pretty much all cards in the Arabic. They have two sides of the coin. You know, they have the positives and the negatives. As you know, some of the cards may go more into the positive, so make or into negative. But they are some cards that really are powerful in a way off giving you the option. You know, it could be either really good or really bad or everything in between. Okay? And the higher often it's one of those initially, you know, before they possibly of symbolism you can received from the higher front. Is that the hair A friend? You know, it's a strong SPD leader. Okay, Someone with wise knowledge about spirituality, about the astral realm, about spirits on about psychic gift in general, you know, the hair, if in represents someone with the ability to foresee someone who is constantly connected with the astral realm, okay, someone with the ability to listen to others to know what's wrong with their soul and help them being a spiritual assistant. Some sort. Okay? When the refund shows happiness reading when you are asking for an instance about your spiritual development, you know you can receive information like saying, Well, you are going to encounter some speed while helpers that are going to be in assistance for you. That's great. You know about us? The coin. Also, the terror carts are double sided. So they hire a friend. Also could represent the negative part off what religion represents. Okay? It could represent the ego. It could represent the fact of feeling above everyone. It would represent the corruption. You know, this is at a saying every single class why intuition is very important. Okay, You need to help serve the entire card. Okay. I need to see what you're told. For instance, you can see that the higher infant is having a vision. So it's a vision there. Okay? It's looking into the future. There people in front of him waiting to be assisted, okay. Or you could interpret it us. He is caring for his own business and up assisting those in need. But the best way to know what to choose is when you are into the actual reading connected through your intuition. But you know, for you to be aware of. That's the general idea for the higher often okay, mainly the positive and the negative off a high speed well leader. That's what you need to stick with the ending. That actual card he's available. Mayor me note. But he is at least having a vision, and they're people that are trying toe get toe connect with with him. OK, so this, for instance, could mean that if you are already a spiritual leader of some sorts, maybe it could be interpreted as pay more attention to the people you're working with or remember that you're working with other of people or, for instance, I can see that you are already They came yourself to help people. So you know, it goes in the works for the higher often. Okay, so see you next less 14. The Lovers: Hello, everyone. So, in this class today, we're going to talk about one interesting card. Okay, They're a few cards in the terror that are well known there, popularly known on some of them are misjudge either very feared or interpreted only in one way. And you know this card that we're talking about, these one off him on? Well, as you can see that car east, the lovers Normally, this could be one of the most favorite cards off people. OK, it could be what it's probably believed. You go to get a reading, you ask about these guy or the scale on the lovers show up awesome. Well, it could be definitely it would be Definitely The lovers were percent love, obviously, but you know, it could represent other things. Also, as you know, everything has a double sided meaning on the terror holds many symbolism. For an instance to go ahead with a not so obvious symbolism here, I can perceive there's out off length between both of the lovers, for example, so it could mean that both lovers to have a very strong spiritual development or they have a similar level off speed to led. Okay, for an instance, if you maybe you asa reading to see well, it seem a spiritual connection with my best friend. Okay, on the wrist, rave on. The best friend is married. You're also married and there is no love arrow on. Then boom! The lovers show up. Well, it would represent for an instance that they both have You been connected can enjoy life, much more things to that friendship. You can enjoy life much more. It can represent that they both of you, to have a great level off speed. Well, any and it's a level that it's connected again. It's connected on its in a good level, off balance and save in similar in vibration. Okay, another great meaning from the lovers. For an instance, it's that you're going to have a very good connection with something. Okay, In the previous car in the Bruce class, I was mentioning that some cards are more society one end or in another end, the lovers is too excited. More on the positive end. OK, because for an instance, I it happened recently for me in a really um, and it was a new recent meaning. I discovered our lovers okay. They purpose with the Reno. Worse about something. They're worse off the person. And at the end, the methods waas that if he managed to accomplish a few things, he would be able to love his life once again with passion, like he did a few years ago. And they love to show up. The lovers represented this person on life itself. Okay, that's a representation off lovers in that end. Also, it may end, and maybe some people don't like to hear this. Okay, it may be counterproductive. You may be asking about someone you like. Andi. You could receive when carrot That could represent a block like a king of sorts, for instance, that we'll talk about it in the future. But then the lovers show up on the rivers could represent the person you are attracted toe be in love, someone else Or it could even represent Well, you know, it's best for you to not so this person, because this person is meant to be with the person is now on. We're going to have a fantastic connection. So, you know, the lovers is true. They revolve around love, but they it doesn't revolve around romance Always. Okay. Romance is the main topic, but it can be love for your life. Love for your job, Love for a specific behaviour. A specific thought, You know, it could represent many things. Even it could represent rich in some degree off balance, sort of same. If you pursue this, you are going to truly be in sync with the universe. And you're going to truly be loving what you are doing, and you're going toe attract evidence to your life. So you know, the lovers are good. Value Baylor's toe. Okay, The Erica Validators to tell you this is going to be awesome. It's going to be great. Okay? Also, the lovers could represent for you to leave the moment. If you would perceive the image from the lowers, you can see that there truly leaving the moment. Okay. There. Kisses and kisses their many papers off pieces on. You can see when a case is rushed or when a case is well, you know, invested in tow. They put the time into the kids. They passionately heart everything on. You can perceive that from the lovers. So it also represents out in the city in a relationship on with recently. I mean only love. Okay, It can leave it to coworkers. Both employees a friend's brother's know if lovers show up as a part of the relationship. It looks 100% that there is a good connection. There is good Valence on there is out and the city. Okay, so this is pretty much all about the lovers. I I hope you have enjoyed this class and I'll see you next. 15. The Chariot: way. So in this class today, we're going to talk about the chariot on a chariot is a great car. It when you are talking about making the additions or when you are in transition off something. Okay. As you can see, the chariot re percents movement, it represents progress. It could represent travel. OK, but when you look closer to the card, you can perceive a lot more. Remember I told you to look on the facial expression off every character in the currents that includes animals. Okay, even flowers flowers on half a face. But they could be more withered or more open you to pay attention to that. Okay, even to the color, you have to pay attention to literally everything for an instance. Here you can interpret the chariot as two horses running wild. You know, for the sides of the road you're seeing on the card and for the speak those horses have you can look into their parts and you can see they're running at quite a good speed. You could represent it off you are. You are progress very rapidly. You are making out of progress. It could also mean you're going too fast you can crash and he will hurt. Okay, It can represent also for you to make sure to observe all the options on the table because the chariot could lead you to a positive or a negative outcome. You can get that from the color off the horse is One of them is black daily when he's weight. But you can represent that also as having a good level of talents. You could say, Well, your level off goodness easing good balance with your level or with your service side, which means that you can progress. Okay, You can also observed that there is someone driving the horses. So you know, you can think off the control you have over a chariot. Okay, You need toe. Accounting to that is a chariot being pulled by two horses. That's not a safe as you think heart that you drive in the freeway. It's a chariot with two horses running wild, controlled by only one man through a tiny their throat. So you have to put everything into account. Okay? You could represent well, you are in control of things. You can progress. You're moving forward. You are rich in to your end goal. That's fantastic. But also, it would be, but pay attention. Okay. Make sure you're constantly pay attention in what you don't rush. Focus on. You'll reach your this nation because if you would stop focusing, either you would a crash or you would pass their place because the heart is won't stop running, Okay, until you tell him to stop. And if you don't pay attention to the road, the heart is going to keep running straight. Never mind it. They can jump. They we go for it by the chariot. Might suffer some damage on. Really? You would also. So that's what they were. That's what they a turd represents gay for percents movement represents brokers with It also represents for you to pay attention to what you're doing to focus on to slow down if you need. Okay, in order to know what to pick up as you very well know, you have tow connect that three. Your intuition, analyzing the situation that it's given to you in this case, they really itself. Okay, but that's pretty much all about the chariot. More and more symbolism. I'm sure it will keep coming up, but that's the main focus of it. Okay, So see an explicit 16. Justice: So in this class today, we're going to talk about yesterday on, you know? Yes. This is for me, the most valence card in the whole deck. Okay. When I was talking about it could be one side or another that some of them were more in the 50 15 on others were more on the edges. Well, yes. Just let's say that it's on their very, very centered 50 50. Okay, you can observe the card and you can get a huge amount of symbolism out from yesterday's. Okay. What you made me perceive is this woman looking? Yes, this for me on also, for a person who interpreted these card, yes, this could go better with a feminine energy. Okay? Because if the masculine energy he say energy that it's more strong in terms off, going forward, a challenges, things like that. And then in terms off kindness in terms off, yes, this itself. The feminine energy is better because the feminine energy is more gentle. It's more a type of energy that counts everything in the mail energies more straightforward . So that alone already, you should understand that if you're facing a situation or you're being asked about something in a specific Yes. When you know there is female energy, you already can experience a big difference. Okay, because really, it means that things are going to go possibly in a more soon way. Okay, You can also perceive that the card is symmetric. Okay? And you can perceive that the car three percents good on Bab. You can see the symbolism from the sun on there on the left on. Then you can see the symbolism off the moon on the right. But you can even go further than that because at least from my very own interpretation, it feels to me like the moon itself is having an eclipse gaining more length. So at some point, you could interpret that in order to bring balance toe whatever situation you're going on, you need to put more light into the dark side for an instance. I know they're good example. Off light and dark. You can see that Jin Jin, in the very middle of the car. Ok, you can see that they part that has more light is on the left. Also on the part with more dark. It's on the right. OK, you can perceive that this woman is foreseen through the beams from his from her eyes. So you can perceive that. Yes. This is not only looking into the now, Okay, but it also looks into what is yet to come. Some, some, like shorting toe, allow you to find yesterday's itself. Okay. Like you have. Yes, right now and then you are going to have yesterday. Okay, but you need to related. That's always with intuition. You can see that scale in the middle. It's piercing a flower, for example, a rose. You can represent that. For instance, there is something in life you need to deal with. It might not be pretty. It might bring some pain in your life, but it will be good, because then you will reach balance through that challenge. Okay, Because that's another meaning off. Yes, this is a complete level. Off balance is like someone who would be financially well and someone who would be going to or there's following your purpose healthy. You know, they could even get yesterday. You know, they could even get yet is because of the balance. Sort of telling you are in balance. You are in a good state off balance and you are well put. Okay, it could be described that way. So, as you can see yesterday, it has a lot, a lot off ways to interpret it. It's one of the guards that has the most interpretations on day one that requires the most intuition. When you are in doubt, you can always pull another car on. Help yourself this way. Okay, so well, I hope you have enjoyed yesterday's and let's go for next class. 17. Strenght: Hi, everyone. So, in this class, we're going to talk about strength. Strength is for me, very straightforward. Okay, Some parts contain more symbolism. Some cards contain less symbolism as well as being the perception off every person. Okay, strength itself. OK, a 3% for me. The very word itself. Okay. A strength. Willpower, having potential not being afraid. Okay. For instance, the symbolism of the Langham. That one is very well known for a strength. Okay, but another symbol Listen, That they can perceive is that the woman is naked. Okay, you will see anything, but you know the drape. She has discovering a hair body. But you know, that's a mix of the car because you can perceive easily that she wears nothing being naked . You know, it represents being exposed. But as you can perceive, this lady doesn't mind that on what's in front of hair is their valor off the lion. Okay, the drape is definitely not covering hair skin, not protecting her, but the symbolism of allying itself. It means that the energy we think strength, it's very powerful. Okay, you can represent that The lioness covering the heart chakra, they sort of lettuce on enabled chakra for this lady. Okay, on those are the secrets where the power truly remains. Okay, The personal power on the power off, unconditional love, and it's all protected. And it's all shown by the lawyer. You can connect the beauty off being in that status. Okay, let's say that you want to know about your position about how you are doing in your current job. On the strength comes up, the meaning can simply be. You are able to accomplish any given task that you have, even if you feel exposed, or even if you feel a little overwhelmed. At times, you truly are going to be ableto overcome. Any challenge is on full feel the job that you are given. Okay, you can see plenty of flowers on the card. That also represents a beauty it represents of woman's, because there many, many flowers. OK, you need to observe that you can go crazy if you try toe extract everything. It's amazing you can look at every single card for hours on obtained descriptions. As you can see the ladies wearing a tiara, you can represent that as either wisdom because it's pointing on collect on almost with their eye on the crown. Or it could represent good blessings. Good physical evidence. You are a strong person. And thanks to that, you can bring goods to you. Okay, You can bring looks read to you. You can bring much more beauty in your life because maybe you are a strong person on you know what you are doing. You pursue your passions on you strongly procedure passions. You find beauty in your endeavors because you are doing what you're passionate about. You can feel it's very sunny. It's day. It represents also new opportunities. OK, it could represent Well, it's the begin off anyway because, you know, for the the lengths off the the length of where her son is from where it was supposed, you know where it could be. Let's say, at 3 p.m. You could get from the sand that it's Martin. Okay, for the color of the day and everything. So it's the beginning off a new any day. You are already into that new they on you have the strength to overcome this challenge or whatever opportunity you have. Okay? You get up for a promotion, you get strength. Then you. It means that you know you should take it because it's a new opportunity and your face in your life. It's about combining symbolism as well. Okay, combining the symbolism off the lion itself, the willpower and the potential you have with the fact that the sun it's up early on bright . You can imagine it as a new face in your life. You can you can see it. Is that and then three or intuition. Okay, some knowing they the situation you're helping the person with on understanding what you need, toe tell out from your intuition, you can give plenty of information. So this is it for a strength and let's go on to the next one. 18. Wheel of Fortune: So in this class, we're going to talk about the wheel of fortune. Andi, I am pretty sure that yes, by the name itself, you guys can be somewhat familiar with what they will afford to re presents. Okay, on, you know, a as a goodwill of fortune. Discard maybe either very easy to read or very hard to read. Okay. You know, as far as the very easy part, You know, sometimes you can say, Well, you know, energy If I should move, or I should wait one more year and you are pulled a wheel of fortune. Well, that could represent basically what I will. A fortune means okay, that things may not go the way you respect. Things may become extra challenging on. You may have extra opportunities that will allow you toe move forward. Okay. Like there is a degree off uncertainly that you won't be ableto No. Okay. And certainly it's something that they will have fortune a truly represents as well as randomness. Okay, they will refer to Really, it's telling you to pay attention and toe beware. Be careful. They were fortunate. Also telling you you might win beak, but you might lose speak, for instance, toe goto. Another example. Let's say that someone is in at this in a relationship, that it's somewhat destructive, but both a both persons in direction want to fix it. But both persons have a huge amount of here on both persons. You know, a one things their way or the freeway Well, and I will unfortunates pull up. This could represent that. Well, you may work out this relationship, but you still need to be aware that it could go wrong and still could not happen at all. Or it could go fantastic or somewhat in the middle. Normally, you know, they will. A fortune at by itself alone. It doesn't mean a lot, Okay, But you know, in my other hand, as you can see on the card, it's full off symbolism. Okay? It's full of sacred geometry so it can talk about the magnificent creation of the universe . It can talk about connection. You can see that many things are intertwined in this wheel of fortune. There are many, many connections. Okay, so it could represent that you are going to be meeting a lot of people that you're going to be connecting with a lot of situations that we'll form you and your soul in a much better self or in a much worse itself. There is going to be plenty off life lessons as well as plenty of opportunities, both good and bad. You know, the lafortune will always stay at a 50 50. It will never really one side okay, unless it's something very obvious. But still, if it would show up, it's still some representation off randomness on DPA Zeevi's. However, this is a card where you know where the major Arkan annexed toe truly be kept into account . Okay, because, you know, I remember you guys that make your Kenna are harder to control off, you know, minor, kinda. Normally, based on your actions, you can easily change the outcome. The major cannot will tell you either follow the story, which is outcome or change in order to reach a different Al. Come on, it's like that black or white. Well, you know they will. A fortune will never be able to dictate how the outcome is going toe end, but it's going to tell you the outcome. Still, it can happen, or it can go in any direction something's when a question is asked about something that is undecided. Or let's say you ask about how much success my future buildings going to have that say A Some person, some wealthy person comes and say, Well, I'm going to build a building I started on I want to know its success well at that. The state you make pull will a fortune because you know it will depend on how the building is finished. It's undecided yet because the building's not finished yet, Okay, and everything is not written in stone. So for a building to be properly finished, it depends on free wheel. I spent on the good fourth off the builders, OK, so you could get a wheel of fortune because maybe the building is not what you were expecting or it's not as luxury as you want it, or it could happen by many reasons. Okay, so you know, they run them this and the, you know the ability off being able to go into any direction is where they will if urges all about. Okay, make sure you pull on additional card. If you pull the wheel of fortune. That way, you're going to understand better what the wheel of Fortune's trying to tell you. Okay on. Well, that's all I had to tell you about it. So let's go for an X Class. 19. The Hermit: Hello, folks. How are you guys doing? Well, we are today going to talk about the hermit. And you know, the hermit is one of my favorite cards. Okay, because the hermit truly represents me brutally represents who are my at some degree. Okay. So as you can see, it's a quite of a beautiful cart and it has very, very powerful symbolism. Okay, the first on the most drawn image. It would be the main hermit that you are saying. You can find that the hermit is very peaceful. It's very relaxed, is very much into his own bike. I've he is in sync, you know, you can perceive that he isn't seeing because off the level off relaxation he has on his face, you can perceive that he's being observed by Vertes. You know, there is a very close to him. You know that averts are very sensitive. Okay on. Trust me, if there is something slightly stressful, birds will not be present because they're extremely sensitive. You can see very sad birth in this car. Okay? You can see some flowers that represents beauty. As you know, you can see the star on the on the top right corner. You know, the star has a very powerful spiritual meaning on in this card. It even stocks because you can see the astral body off the hermit. Okay, you could represent that. The hermit, its inner altered state of mind. And he has astral projected into his astral body, which is what you can find almost on the bottom. Right. Okay. And you can perceive that very solid off light in the aura off this astral body. Okay on that, or it's being blessed. It's bean. Send energy. Vegas star. So the university sending extra light? You know, it's very obvious what these purpose sends it represents. Shut off your phone shut. Found it to be. Relax. Look inside yourself. Go introspective. Connect with your inner soul connected with your inner spirituality. Don't rush. Leaving there now. Be present on enjoy every single moment. Life is beautiful and there is much more. Then you perceive through your eyes you need to look within and to look out in orderto find much more. Okay, This is the strongest meaning I can give you about. The hermit on the hermit is pre much cited. Toe one end. Okay, unless of course, it goes to a point off being a little a too much of a hermit. Okay, It could represent that you are taking care only for your astral self on, for your mind. But you are not taking care of your social ation. You're being yourself. Secure it too much on. You need to get a little more involved, okay? He could also represent that. But mainly it will represent for you to do more for your soul and for your mind on your going to be rewarded in huge amounts. Okay, so, you know, this is a very straightforward classmate for me. This is what they had met. The represents. Okay, so I hope you enjoy it, then see your next one. 20. The Hanged Man: Hey, folks, how are you guys doing? So no, I haven't put the card face down or I am not starting by the end of the class or nothing freaky. This is just a handle on. It's often confused. People believe in that. It's upside down. But you know, it's no that way. In fact, I like that they can win to say absolutely on carts. You know, it's something I don't really get into because there's really not that need. You know, if you have the intuition strong enough to know what's positive or negative, you need the car to tow go upside down. OK, but anyway, the hetman, except like down. But it's absolute himself. Okay, it's in a militated estate on you can see there is a bright sun on. There is a great day and nothing else. You can see that this man is hanging, but you have no clue how high he is. But he eats, relax, and he's focused. So this man is not in danger. Why, the Hedman represents for me a strong meaning. It's for you to approach to a certain situation by an alternative way. Okay, let's say that you say you know, and trying to get toe work. These computer. But there is no way, you know, and then the Hammond shows up. Well, that would represent a Maybe you should look in a different way to fix that computer. Okay, maybe you should instead of trying to fix its hard drive, maybe even to go ahead and try to fix it. Drum. Okay, so, you know, the Hammond mainly represents that represents being ableto approach in a different alternative. Also, he can represent a teaching you can be a lesson for you. A lesson for you to know that you can find peace and mindfulness in every single situation in your life. Okay, Because as you can see, the chairman is hanging by one feet upside down in most likely a very, very tall tree on he is still in a very sent state. This would represent the chaos off life itself. There randomness off life, they uncertainly of what's gonna happen. We live in a society that is all about uncertainties. You know, we have mind. Today we have a job today, but tomorrow you never know. Okay. Initially, you know. But yes, you are well aware the only 100% thing that it's sure in this planet is that death will arrive everything else. You cannot assure it. Okay, So the Helmand, it's trying toe on their still understand that even if life, it's so, you know, a so challenging or it can be so dangerous at times, you should not allow yourself to freak out with that. In fact, you should try to cope with life on. Try to cope with the challenges you are given because if you receive a Hedman, it means that you can definitely find the violence that you meet in the challenge and that you can definitely overcome it. Challenge. It might mean that you need to approach to this challenge by a different perspective. Okay? No. The normal way, but a different way on most of the times, you might find your solution when you please. Okay, so this is for me the main meanings off what the hangman has. I hope you enjoyed it. Let's go for next class. 21. Death: wail. Will we have reached the most in famous Kartal? But you know what? It's my favorite. Carvel. Very. With or not on these doesn't mean that I am a cap person or I or I like people dying or stuff like that. Definitely not. But I love the death card because off the power it contains on the strong messages it has, this is the most misunderstood card off the mold. Most people freak out with the death cart. In fact, some people don't like to their readings because these very card, it's amazing because it's super amazing. It's extremely misunderstood. But to appoint the young measure, okay, because this represents, you know, transition meet represents what death itself is. Imagine that you are asking, You know what? I am stuck at this job. I look at the promotions, I feel personally abuse. I feel that the employees are not being nice to me, and you get a risk art on. Then you get followed by an abundance card. You can say you know, death is the end of the job. It means, you know, you should yes, move on from this job because he's taking you nowhere. You can go ahead and definitely empower yourself after you have gone through a transition. You know, I don't want to say that the actual death takes us to a better place, even though that's very commonly well said, Ok, on the car itself represents that a swell. Okay, going to a better place. You know, in a situation for an instance, you might be facing a personal block. Okay? And you are going to be given Well, you need toe head into this, united to overcome it. But you find no ways to overcome it. And maybe the this card shows up. Okay? What did this kind of represents? It represents that the faces off a struggle are Indian. Andi, you are going to start a new face. A face off. Whatever is next in store for you. Okay? It could happen that you are saying why I'm very successful. A job I am doing in thes and that and then suddenly the death card shows up. Then you could believe it has a negative answer. Technically, it could. It represents that that job is going toe end. Or that you should concede there, moving on and looking for something else. Why? If everything is great, well, the next job could be greater. Or maybe something negative. It would come up in the Korangi Hope that you will be toe be aware off. What with you. In this case, you draw another card. You know, this is one of the reasons that I don't like a terror card. Spreads is bare to took out one car itself. And, you know, you may have questions remaining after that one character. How do you solve it? Drawing another cart. Okay, so, you know, you should fear not the death, Okay? Because they only represents, you know, a transition. You know, there are many more symbolism or the card on those air. Very specific symbolism soaking that. Actually, for me, they re much never have came up. I'm pretty sure they did a few times, but I can't remember to be honest. Readings are hard to remember, especially when you do tops off him. But you know the death card here. You know, the main meaning is about that about the transition. There is nothing fearful about it. Okay, Despite you have the Green Reaper right in front of you. It's nothing to be a scared about because, you know, the Grim Reaper will come to pick you up Only when you need toe. Either because your time has arrived or if, unfortunately, had a crash or someone more. Did you? A You know, it represented that this comes to pick up here. So, listen, we're that way as far as we have deserted, but it a symbolic meaning off the transition. So that's what death means for me. Okay, so now you understand why? It's my favorite card. It has solved amazing on a mission. Amount of problems. Okay, a lot of him at a personal level for me on with many people I have worked on. So don't fear any more disk. Arcane. Be happy if it shows up. Because most of the times it will tell you this travelers over the rewards are ahead of the corner. Or beware because your struggles maybe over duties on that in order to avoid that happening . So, you know, know what? Death? Tell son, you can be good friends with it. You won't regret it. Okay, so see, annex class 22. Temperance: everyone. How are you guys to him? So today, in this class, we're going to talk about temperament. You know, temperate seas are very gentle Card. Okay, but at the same time, it comes with great lessons. For me, the main meaning off temperance is release. But, you know, ah, high grade level of release because most of the times, in order to really something, we need to live through it. We need to experience it. We might need to be karma. We won't need to learn a life lesson. But when temperance shows up, it either represents that you all really have learned that lesson and you're still holding onto the negative or that the negative itself doesn't come with any lesson. But regardless off the outcomes, it always were, Since one thing release what doesn't belong to you on Don't even look back. You can see the facial expression. She's looking to the site and see its passing something from a cap into the water. You know, that also represents flow looking. It represents like, you know, you are holding to some fear and you have been told by temporaries toe do a little bit of meditation because as soon as you meditate on assume. As you said, Intention, you are going to release that fear. That is a missing up with your life. Temperance represents easy release. Okay. Sort of throwing something into the trash or even better, sort of having someone come to your house and team because you don't even to pay attention to it. OK, Many times when we need to cleans something we need to release, we have to live through it. We have toe experience. May be a more party for him or negative. Most likely more negative situation on relieving That can be, you know, and comfortable especially. It's true in love. Okay, on. You know, when temporal shows up, it's like you are given the opportunity to cleanse everything without minding about it. Okay? It also for me represents that you are freeing yourself. You know, as you can see, this lady is half. Make it on. You know, that represents that she you know, it's like she has. You know, when you get home, you take off your shared and you sit on the couch in order to relax at least five minutes. Okay. On drink with the fresh water or something. Well, let's hear this lady it represents is releasing now show at an earlier point in the day or in her life. She was dealing with whatever sees releasing. She's releasing it so she doesn't need it anymore. See that someone It Okay, so we can definitely see it was something negative, but she was releasing or something that even served her haggis purpose. So when she was holding on this, she wasn't in a positive situation, you know, on you can assume that she was wearing She was fully called it because someone that it's uncomfortable, it's not half naked. Okay, the sun moves, the sun goes up, you know, it could go down as well. But once again, this is the intuition. This is interpretation for each one. The sun is coming out from the clouds. OK, also, they mean that more brightness is coming. You could feel OK connecting the house. She's releasing that symbolism and other symbolism is that the sun is going to expose itself. Okay, so the science coming out that's positive. Everything has to site of the going as I mentioned to you, you know, Temperance is heart to find its negative side of the coin. But you know that said, you are asking, Well, I have a group of friends. I don't visit them very often. I feel like I want obesity more. But at the same time, there is this lady I really love on. Other friend has amazing job opportunity that I could take and I need the finances. And then temperance come up, comes up then in here you could believe, or he could feel that the sun is hiding inside the cloud. Okay, you're going to lose the sunlight. Why? Because this person is going to meet a lot of good opportunities because he is really saying something that he's not meant to release or he's not paying enough attention to this friendship or the situation. So it's important to focus on the fact that if your intuition tells you that there is a negative perception in terms Off temporary, it's it means that that person is raising something that a person should not release or is ceasing to pay attention to something that actually needs a lot of attention in his or her life. So they believe the other side of temperance. Okay, but that should be the main meaning of it. So I hope you enjoy the glass. See your next one 23. The Devil: Well, guys, today we're going to talk about another feared card. Okay, On this one is able Well, the left was my favorite card. The label Me It's not okay. I don't fear the level of easily because it has great messages to really, really great messages. But you know, a rebel is more into the negative side. Okay, The positive really off the lemon off the rebel is really being aware that very survival itself. Okay, being aware that there is an issue, that there is a problem that you need to read off, you know, the devil car It is something that you need to leave behind as well. Let's say you know, a classic Vettel, show up. Let's say that you have this friend. You're asking this friend for advice in love, for instance But you feel that that basis not quite working. So you go ahead and poorly cart on the level shows up. You know what they were represents to you? Someone that has its own agenda. So when it's a liar, someone that enslaves someone that steals, you know pretty much all the negatives they are attached to the devil. If your friend is represented by the level you can believe that your friend has his own interest. Maybe in this example, your friend likes that person on. Doesn't want to give you advice. Or maybe the friends likes you. It's one of those fake friendships. Okay. On the friends giving you fake advice to them. Laugh over you. So there really is good toe B word. Okay. Sort of sane. Whoa. What's going on here? No, no, no, no. I cannot allow this on. Then you discard UK. The level is pretty much a card that tells you the situation you are in. It's only going to go worse. You should move on. You should move away from it. You know, like every guy has possibly find negative. And, you know, as far as positives that you could use available for Maybe you are in a very complicated situation that maybe you need toe keeps a white lie. Or maybe you need to act itself is let's say that you have some friends that are taking advantage of your good wheel. Andi, You know a devil wouldn't show up for you needed for your friend. It could. But you know, if you need to be told that a friendship or a situation is not serving a purpose for you. You could get the table, but normally you would get another card. Okay, because you know, everybody's want something is really going wrong. It almost never shows up. Okay, on when it shows up, it's like on attachment. It's like saying Pay attention to these. This is not right, but very much. That's what it represents for me. Okay? It represents also, you know, a what kind represents many things, To be honest, Okay, because if you start to try to look at the bigger picture, you can see that everything is industrialized at the very bottom on that people is naked and isn't slave on. You know, that could represent society itself today. Okay, because we're in slave on exposed at some degree. So, you know, the label has very powerful messages, but you know, it's a car that really needs a lot of Nate ation, intuit toe, understand off its meanings. And you know what it's trying to say when it comes up because he's not like that. They will shows up and you have to travel a friendship. Everything's horrible. No because maybe the only thing you need its toe called your friends attention saying, Hey, I believe that you're tryingto take too much for me. You know, I'm trying to help it, You know, I am human toe. I need help back. You know, maybe your friend will say, OK, then. Sorry about that. I'll try toe better. However, you know, if it was a case may be at, they wouldn't show up because the devil is more like the friend. We'll definitely not think about your care about you because only looks about its own interests. This could happen with a bus with a man a year. Okay, it's more common. In that case, you have a vote or a manager that makes you absent promises. I only want you to work on his main course. Main purpose is to motivated to work, and that's it. But he's lying to you. You know, that could also represent the devil. So, you know, hits in those works. Okay, whatever percent is not to be feared, but definitely it's a serious card to pay attention to it on to know how to deal with it and how to apply it in your life in order to avoid it. Okay, So see you next class 24. The Tower: Hey, folks, House going. So in this class, we're going to talk about the tower, the power. You know, it's not very fear, because very known. But when it comes up, then people get Khalil intimidated on. I don't blame it. You can see that the images quite quite harsh. You know, potential representation for me. It's the universe. It's making a huge shift in your life on you must take that shift whether you like it or not. Let me give you an example. Let's say that you are going ahead on trying to become a Reiki healer. Okay? But you have a huge amount of traumas. You have a huge amount of issues from past lives. Karma fears, depression and sherry. You know, you're like, really, really bad shape, Okay? But yet you say, Well, I want to go ahead and become attuned to rake e level one. What's gonna happen? Okay, well, in this case, you know this case, we're gonna play very much because someone question that the state wouldn't get on the treatment. Onasa Ricky master myself. I wouldn't give it Anyway, I would work with a person toe heel and for a person to do whatever seeds she or he needs to do. I move on. But, you know, let's pretend for a moment that that personal raise going to get an achievement. It comes to us and says, Well, what's going to be the outcome? Well, the tower will show up on it. Wouldn't be pretty. You know, during a regular treatment, you release negativity and Uris issues that you don't need. Okay, maybe you are hearing to these hand my radio classes already available, but well, at the moment and recording, this is not. But if it's available, you may want to check it out. Okay. So, as I was saying that that were it represents that your foundation is going to be rocked. Okay. Rocking your foundation. Me, Asif. A brook change of life for an instance. So one decides to move, you know, from Europe to the United States at that hour is most likely to show up. Why? Because whether tower represents is the destruction off your comfort zone In order for you to go through a change that the universe requires, Okay, They I they I that you can see that it's sending the blast. It could be represented like it's got OK. I ce got more as the universe, and, you know, it could represent a punishment if you think of God. Okay on that, it's valid. Okay, You could be It could be you could be in a reading where someone says, you know, I'm a man a year, and I believe it. Only employees, they suck. I make them work their butts off on I don't care, because I'm making out of money and then a you get a tower. Well, you reserved that power for being a jerk for being a bad person and for not being a kind manager. Okay? And it may happen that the tower is representing that someone is going to fire you. Okay, Maybe you are the cool man a year, and you step over all your employees. But then your big bus goes ahead and fires your butt. It would be very well deserved. That will be the tower that our it means pretty much that the destruction off your own comfort zone on from there, will you this height, okay, whether to reconstruct or to stay stacking the destruction, you know, unfortunately, that's an outcome off our okay, Some things we need to go through challenges in life that are so intense that will technically, we can pass or the chance were given. But people have limiting self beliefs on they. They may feel that they are not prepared piano world for it. So they remain in the destruction of a tower and they become stuck on. Do you know it's not a good situation to be in because you will be without any foundation in your life. But obviously it's the job off the reader toe. Come with further advice, not slammed the tower in their face and say, Well, good luck. No, you should then pulled more carts. And you know if advice to this person toe what to do in orderto work around the situation, this is a mayor canna. So if you get a tower, most likely you're going to get the power and especially the tower because the tower already already represents the universe waking you up. Okay, Can bomb bomb. You know, that's what the universe is doing to you if you need it. Okay? Some things you need it and you put your face happily. Some things you don't see it coming. But, you know, that's pretty much set in. Stone Tower is very straightforward with this on. It represents death, and it always pretty much represents that. Especially when it goes alone. When you combine it with more carts, then you can get for their wisdom. Okay. But I was telling you that you need to be prepared for it. If you are prepared for it. Nothing wrong. It's going to happen. Okay, You can see feel you can see people fall in. That represents they working. That represents that there are risks. Very heavy risk. After all, the foundation of your life is being dropped, so you need to be aware of it. It's not an easy card. Okay? The terror cards are not all happiness and joy. Patera. It's amazing. And they give you a mission. It bites. But some things you need a wake up slab or something. Is there something wrong? And we're in the third dimension and it has to happen. Okay. So that our comes to tell you be prepared. Be ready because it's gonna happen. Okay, What happened soon? And in most cases, it's already happening. Okay, But maybe not that stressful. okay for that? There is another cart. Another not very. A favorite ID card. Okay, but I think that we have plenty of what our now. So it's a good time to move on, so see, Annex class. 25. The Star: you know everyone. How are you guys doing? So in this lesson today, we're going to be talking about this star on. You know, the star. It can be very spiritual also. Okay. Can be very nurturing. It can be very healing. You know, this is one of the cards that I would say it's more one sided into the positive. Okay, Because you can perceive many symbolism is here, and, you know, it's not always the main symbolism. Popik. There can be many things. For instance, you can check that flamingo over there. Okay. Normally, flamingos do have one off their legs. We thrown on their standing only on one leg. You know, metaphorically. There is a story of a piece because once they burnt their legs and then they are having to have one leg on top all the time. And the other leg always lead to stand up. You know, that's kind of a sad and a freakish story. Obviously has nothing to do with reality, but, you know, it's a symbolic meaning, you know, off the flamingo itself. You know, this flamingo is at peace. This flamingos relax. Standing with both feet. You know, Andi, that's quite interesting because if you perceive an animal that normally it's in a way. But here you can perceive it in a different, more relaxed way. You can get that this is a card. Very well. Focus about mindful mares about being relaxed about enjoying the here and now, as you can personally from the car, there many things going on. Okay, you can first of all, see this lady remember in temperatures that she was releasing on, she was half naked. Well, you also can go even to that point, OK? Because here you can notice that she's still releasing something. But she's already with any firm behavior. She's not. Yes, looking to the side. And she is, Yes, Intuit, Yes, enjoying the moment, you know. And she's completely naked, you know, which means she is even further in her comfort zone because he's completely exposed. Was doesn't have human clothes on. Okay, so you know, she is in a moment in her life that it's all about them now, on all about the release and all about visualizing you know where that energy that doesn't anymore belong to you goes on receiving a blessing from the universe because you can see a blessing from the star. Okay, you could perceive that maybe their blessing is not hearing the woman. This could be interpreted in a way that she is finalizing. They release to a point that she's going to be completely comfortable with her cells on computed comforter with her life. And then she will be able she will be able to head towards this moment of blessings. Okay, to this end of a star, also, the start could represent that you are receiving assistance from the universe that you are being held, that you're been supported. You can also perceive that you have everything in life in order for you to be able to start progressing at a deeper level is spiritually okay. You can perceive many more symbol ISMs from this card. Okay, You can also perceive the moon, which has a very mysterious and very speed well background. You can perceive the beauty off the water, the flow itself. You know this guy, It's a free from being overloaded by clouds. So the symbolism talks about peace out relaxing united This card had music. You would be hearing a very soft music or yes, ambient sounds okay on those are things that you need toe to look after. Okay? Try to even listen to the sounds of the car or getting a state. They explain 100 stories time. Okay, You can perceive the beauty from one off the flowers right there, which is right next to where the energies in pork. You're going to pray that they released if this is a final release off negative energy, Okay. But it's going to be more positive. Okay? It is like contemporaries that you need to look or you need to look on the other side. And, yes, release it here. You can, Yes. Observe it because it's their space off mine. It's it's energy at areas clearing. And even it could be, yes, a regular clinton. So if you can see the result of messages from the star as well, so well, I hope a This gave you a bigger foundation on of your connection with the star. Um, well, let's go for next. Last 26. The Moon: Hello, everyone. So, in this class today, we're going to talk about the moon. The moon? It's for me, the most spiritual cart off them all. Okay, but it can also be a very mysterious card. Normally, them all the moon represents. They're called, okay. Represents what can't be seen. Ripper cents. They uncertainly off the night. Okay, then. Certainly of what's going to go next. If you observe the card, you can perceive many things. Okay. For instance, you can see this guy that the moon is surrounded by the space itself, and then you can see in a different color this guy, he could interpret this as a portal. Okay, technically, the moon, you're saying the card, it's not our own. It's a different with a symbol of business on it. A moon that releases energy. Okay. Obviously it can be represented us, our very own moon. But for an instance. But I'm telling you this for you to understand that symbolism can be very different. Okay, because you could perceive these. It hasn't happened in a reading, to be honest, okay? It has been always Marist with forward with the main meanings of them on but right now even doing this classic perceives that you know, I have asked to the consciousness of it their cards to give me symbols that normally eight on scene. So they're due to meet even while I record this class. Okay on for an instance that moon I could perceive it like that. I could perceive that this is someone from a different reality. OK, on you could you can see the sky. There is a bridge in the space time continuum because they're sky itself. It's darker around the moon. It's like the blackness off Spain's on. You can see it's a different moon. So you could see that them that they stresses here, that this these the sort of crap is going toe. It's it feels pull to go towards this Monta, watch this energy. Okay, so this is one of the main meanings that Verizon Hiker Energy it's calling you. Maybe it's your life part, but it's boiling within you awakening, waiting to come out. Maybe you're going to have any epiphany. Maybe you're going to have a nice trip. Reaction on experience, experience as well. Mark your life. Okay? It could mean also that various an opportunity waiting for your life. Okay? Remember, all the terror cards have multiple meanings. The moon could be talking about something very mundane, but something very mundane in a way, that steel is mysterious. For an instance, it could say the moon. Well, you should go ahead and apply to that near position that they expose it online. Because if you you might experience the answer to me of having to change departments. So having toe change your job, even on having the teacher, co workers and everything else. So you know about the you're being told if you go forward, you are going to get a greater amount off knowledge in your job, a greater position, a greater pain. You're going toe tables at a professional level. Well, the moon could apply to this. Okay. Other Kurtz could have playoffs, but the moon could show up because there is something that you are uncertain about. Okay, which is sure I apply. Should I move forward? What's gonna happen when I get to this new job? But you still need to go for it because you're going to receive great lessons. So the moon it can also represents progress. Okay? Brokers in the path that it's uncertain for you. It could very late that you are reaching your destination. It could validate that you, even though you are unsure of what's going to happen next of what's going on right now, you feel lows. You feel confused. You have the light at the end of a tunnel because they want could represent that as well. He could perceive the cart like the light at the end of a tunnel. OK, you could receive it as a reward. Also, you can see in the car okay, you could you could believe that crap is far away from them on. But, you know, if years of service car itself, it's right next to it. Yes, a couple inches. No, pretty much One inch. You know, you and you can see you can become think. Well, that's kind of silly. You know what it could be. But when it comes for intuition, it's never wrong. So if you intuitive feel But you want to measure distance? Yes. On the physical carrot cells, it could be like for example, I could tell you that the crab is about to reach. His final destination is about toe to finally reached his goal, he said, Really starting to receive that reward, which is the light you can see coming down from Emma. Okay, because it's right next to it. You could think that symbolically isn't physically in the card. It is because of the nature of the car itself. On If your intuition tells you, go ahead and observe that symbolism, you should do it. You're going to get symbolism that you're not going to even listen on this class. If it comes from your intuition and their repression validated, then it's a fantastic symbolism on you have done a good job, okay, because it's simply seems pretty much any of this. As you know, I keep saying this class after class, but it's something I want you to really remain, So that's pretty much it for the moon. Okay, it's about reaching to the end A for the next venture, a progress and evolution and definitely very spiritual, very on their called on very connected. Also with the ad No, with not knowing what's gonna happen next. But you know, it's like working for a path off being unknown. That's what the moments representing in addition, off everything else having to say OK, so I hope you enjoyed it on see Annex Class 27. The Sun: Hey folks. So they were going to talk about their son. So you know the sun in the difference off the moon. For me, that's 100% something more into the physical realm. OK, the sun is more physical, more connected to our earth, while the moon it's more connected to the divine to the astral toe space. You know, it's more alien than the sun itself, despite both are in the space. You know, the energy from the sun it feels more down to earth and this is what this card is we're presenting. As you can observe, it's full of nature, OK? And you can see these brights on no clouds in the sky. You feel exalted? Yes, from the energy from this card you can even see. OK, this is another symbolism you can see in the current. That on the edges is night and you can see even a little moon over there. Okay, by the sun is keeping the day, we think, sort of like a home. Well, that could make a thing off a spiritual protection off energetic protection. You know, the sun is protecting this little girl from the night because it feels the night is trying to fall. But the soul is keeping this dome off light that keeps this little girl to enjoy nature. You know, you can see out off nature in the car. Nature reminds you to always be ground it toe. Remember that you are a human being. You are a person, not a machine. OK, the sun is reminding you that you're the machine. Maybe you need to pay more attention to the beauty off life. It also could mean that there is much more beauty in your life. And you are really aware off for here to take a moment to stop and look around you because there is plenty of beauty that in mind. When you look at, there's plenty off Yuri. This could signify that also, lets say that you are wondering if you are in the right moment in your life or if you are doing something wrong on the sun shows up. It's a good validation that you are doing the right thing and you are moving forward properly. It can also remind you off looking inside yourself on searching for that inner child. Okay, that inner child within you that used to enjoy some things in life. You right now are missing. Okay, which is one more symbolism from this card for here to be informed for You too realize Don't miss the beauty in life. There is much more beauty in life. Then you are noticing. Okay? It could also represents freedom. OK? It feels to me like Fiona, you have the ability. Yes. Move for with your life that you're not stuck, that you have the world around you. Okay, I could pick this up from that far away bird. Okay. You can perceive these a big world from the guard itself. Okay? So you can also perceive, you know, it's important for you to look what's more in front. What's more on the back what it emphasizes. You can see the in the very four ground. Those flowers and flowers represent beauty. The flowers themselves are open. That also is another symbolism. The flowers could be closer, could be wither. These flowers are open. They're white flowers. Theater Throw says that also has symbolism. You know, it's it's insane. You can see over there a tree that is not without off leaves on the very a left on that could perceive us that even though everything around you is magnificent, there are still areas for you to enhance for you to improve. Let's hear you say your job, your love life, your friendships, your health. It's fantastic. But then your spirituality, it's a little less fantastic. Well, you know, the sun could come up in terms of saying, Well, you have done fantastically well, but they're still some aspects in your life that you want toe toe, bring more light into. Because after all, the sun is not illuminating the entire cart or bring more beauty like that, a branch over there that could use some flowers and some leaves. So this is the entire representation off the sun from the point that I perceive it. Okay, so I hope you enjoyed it. 28. Judgment: Hello, everyone. How's it going? So we are already deep into the major Canha and well, it has bean fantastic. I truly have been enjoying a recording. This us I speak and recording, obviously. And it's a big enjoyment because I am actually learning new things as a record. I have asked my guides to give me dive ins and to give me the symbolism that I haven't Bean able to perceive yet or the best embolisms to share with all of you guys. So I want to also give you thank you for for for following me and for listen to his class. Okay, so, you know, judgment. It's the third card that its most feared in the deck. Okay on, You know, yet man has no fear, a role. In fact, while you could bring many symbol ISMs from judgment, I have found that judgment has one main and strong symbolism on What's that? Well, first of all, yachtsman means unity. Take immediate action or you will face the consequences. I wouldn't see that something negative because yachtsman is telling you. Move on. Come on, move it. That's what the judgment is. Tell you, OK? It's till you Come on, move it right now. You know, it's like it's like if you are evacuating from a fire, okay, the alarm goes off. You have to leave through the fire exits and then you leave the building. Well, that's what judgments tell you. It's an alarm when you get judgment in a situation, it's telling you that it's very important for you to focus in what you're doing to wrap up immediately what you're doing on or to stop doing it. Let's say let's go for something very obvious. Let's say that you are at work and you say, Well, you know, I spent only at Facebook. I can only do a few things either meet my work quota, but But they've awesome told me anything. So it's called on. Then you know someone brings a tear card about this person out his job on boom judgment. What is the terror telling you? It's telling you, you better stop fooling around. You better get your but to work because you're going to get fired. If you don't that would. Judgment is telling you. It's telling you that if you don't take immediate action, you are going to face the consequences. And normally they're negative that something is true. Normal judgment. Either it's because something negative you're going to experience or because you're going to meet a great opportunity. Okay, this could be another example is you know, they're all both side it on. This could mean Well, let's say there is a promotion online. I was thinking of applying, but not very sure if I could make it. Okay, We're talking out a similar example in a prayer card. Well, a let's hear Judgement. So, Sof. Well, what judgments telling here extending You better apply right away if you don't want to miss this opportunity. Okay, Maybe you get another car just into it, and it will tell you they got on the bats for you to apply. However, if you get judgment, it's very sure it's very You see that you actually are going to be worthy that petition. But you are about to lose it. You're about to miss opportunity. That's what judgment is all about. About missing the opportunity or about being going forward to a but result in whatever and there were You are going forth. Okay, Those are the main meanings off judgment. OK, not much off the fear itself from judgment. However, there many charities off the waste to see judgment on the messages have come forcing the readings. Okay, because for an instant you are seeing people coming off from the ground. But these are not are not some bees. They look like normal people. So you could see that they were trapping the ground and the air coming out like the valuation off a flower blooming united struggles to pop from the state Heat blooms. You know, um, through there a while, the floor will keep going and then you can see that a There is one with the arm stab. You can see the sun on the very bottom. You can see out off light you can perceive this is purifying us claims in there. We can perceive this. You can perceive it as a cleansing energy. OK, the sun is cleansing the earth. You can see these trumpets coming from somewhere. You know, you could be thinking because off religion this higher the trumpets from the angels off the apocalypse. That could be perfectly fine. And you would interpret it through your own symbolism, connected it with your own intuition, but it could also represent energy. And I could also represent that this trumpets are trumpets a role there? Yes, releasing energy for people to move on or their yes, boys. Speakers are from Sirte saying, Come on, move it, move it. This will be destroyed. You know, you can perceive that light off there. It's going to wipe everything out. It's going to cleanse it. You already can feel the land is barren. There's no flour. There's no green on there. Is this massive like that? It's burning the ground, and people is right away, so you can perceive it us as that. Also Asare as a cleansing. Okay, so very intense Concern. So as you can see, multiple choices as always. But generally this is what judgment is about. Okay, so see, Annex Class 29. The World: Hello, everyone. So how are you guys doing? I am very glad you came to here. We are in our last major, Arkan, a card which is the world. And I wanted to point out something. You have noticed that all the cards are remembered all the major kind of guards starting by the zero on the full and then on 21 by the world. But you also can notice that the suits are also number, obviously 10 of caps, three of pinnacles toe asserts. Well, this is there's a recently hang this. And if you like numerology, you should truly look after the numbers because they also speak to you. Okay, but well, we're going to talk about the world. I just want to mention that you know, you can see that the world is a car that is very busy. There is everything pretty much you can see in the very middle. A woman who is also naked but has some sort off something on hair that is protect inherit. This talks to me like elemental energy. So this would tell me that the earth it's herself, Okay? The error of their self is surrounding you by its energy and its healing. You you can see that this is a green, a green thing that this is growing on hair. Okay. And you can perceive that she is not minding it. She is grateful at some sort. You can perceive these as a protection. Why? Well, she is. Make it Andi. You know, if she and had these green thing hair fragments would be exposed. Okay. One of hair breast is also exposed. Everyone is covered. So you know these green things covering her naked body. And she is welcoming it. So it's not in a way off oppressing, but in a way off nurturing. Okay, she's receiving it. She's She's okay with it. Okay. You can perceive plenty of animals here. You may can perceive animals, you know, mythical. Such a step one on the very bottom that you can perceive once again is for seen something. There is light and energy coming from its eyes. You can see some birds. You know that a bird that you can see on the top. Right? Then you can see some flowers and you can see these a Harry bar and a carnivore in the bottoms. So you know you are not missing anything in this card. You have, like the energy from the earth itself. Which is this green thing. You have the wisdom of Spain's. You have to be of the flowers. You have a carnivore. You haven't hair me war. You have a mythical creature that we'll bring wisdom. You have an 80 and creature, you know, you have human being, the human beings holding something you can You can see that there are many things going on here on, you know, the world could represent your life itself. And if you get the world connected to your life, it could mean that you are in control off your life to a point that they that you're in sync with the universe. When you're in sync with the universe, everything flows, everything goes right. Everything. It's easy. Okay, That's why this lady it's been covered on. You know, everything is harmonious. Even though you can see a huge amount of things, everything is harmonious. Okay, you can see this black planet on the back. Okay? Can you can perceive it? It's on their very back on the very foreground. So in the very background, I mean, So, you know, this could represent a their excite off the world itself. Okay, that is being left behind. It could represent that you are being focused on the positives on you're leaving behind the negatives, which, in this case, it's positive for gates. Good. Because he lives around yourself. My negativity, But from healing energy from the air. If you can see the color is screen that represents the earth that represents healing. Also, you know you can get down. Some terms of symbolism is okay. You can You have to see that the animals, you know, the different wisdom, but what they have to bring to you for an instance. You know, this would tell me that you have a year of running, okay, That represents for me the carnivore, then your mind that represents that cow over there. You could think it's thinking its focus is standing there on, then your spirit. Which is that a That sphinx. I believe it is a way over there in the very back on. Then the freedom out from the bird. Okay, so, you know, you get a lot of information here. We could be talking 30 minutes or discard what am going toe. Leave it here because I kind of like, precisely recommended to get to mate with on, See where you feel drunk on way and you're going to get a huge amount of wisdom from the world. It's a very fantastic sales work card for personal working for personal introspection. The world is fantastic again. Ingredients It could define the things I mentioned. You define that you are not missing anything in life or that you are going to reach competition in life or you know that you are being blessed by multiple sources. OK, well, this is the last major can a car. So next class and going to make a brief introduction toe what Minorca is about and obviously we're going to go into the currents. So see you then. 30. Brief Introduction to Minor Arcana: way. So we have reached to the minor or canon all. I want to give you big things for reaching on sticking with me. I hope you have learned about so the major cannot You know how powerful? Er but we should not forget that the minor Kanneh back some good power as well. Okay. And while they're different in nature, a steel they can provide life changing messages, so don't deceive their manure cannot. Okay, there some that they like to do readings only with majors. I wouldn't do that, you know, And neither. I would go ahead and do really only with the miners that never works. You know, you have to you to tear a big hole. The consciousness Oravec its its entire 78 cards. Okay, so in the minor cannot. Normally it's about 50 56 carats. Okay, total. Those 56 cards are distributed in four different suits which are normally caps, pinnacles once and sorts. Okay. However, this may change between decks. You know, I had one deck that had a vessel's I rose votes on. Do something else. I don't remember to be honest, but this is a big that wanted to go to somebody else and I had to follow. Which, by the way, it's something you're going toe experience. Sometimes maybe you're going to have a vic, and one day you're going to feel drawn to kiss that to a friend. OK, on this is because the consciousness of the vic was meant to go with his friend. That normally will happen with kara vics that you feel drunk to buy. But maybe you'll feel very turn for years. It has a It has happened to me a few times. Okay, so you can you can perceive that. Then you know, there many classes off tear apart decks. Okay, on some of them do have five suits. I haven't seen many, but we have seen some. And I have hair off decks having different sorts. Okay. On also, there is another thing that differs in the minor. Are Kanneh In this day, you're going to find it. Holes, greens, Princess, Queen, king, but other A next to have page a horse on Bond King Looking on, they can have male or female persons where you can have horse page May M king and queen. Okay. The horrors would replace the princess, and they page would replace the prince. But you know a really exciting portent because those are just names are, yes, levels with matters the most is the symbolism of the cards themselves. Okay, because minor cannot give all kinds of messages. All kinds of them made your cannon are more straightforward. You have figured out the guy could have more these meanings. This is also true for minor canna, but it's like minor can. It gives you more freedom. Okay, gives you more room for options. Let's see. Let's name Apocalypse. OK, that we're talking recently, you have no other option that they action or to face consequences on being a major cannot pretty much if you don't change your path. That's what you're going to get being minor Kenna, Let's say a complicated card like the eight of sorts in relationships. And let's say that well, you know, they'd of searches telling you that this winter is going to part ways. It's hurtful now, but it's going to be positive later. Okay, then, in this case, you know you still have room to be able to reach that person to talk about that with a person to fix that pain that is separating your further because of sorts could be separating the both of you on putting or enhancing the pain even more until you finally are separated. But they ate of start is like on the other now. Okay, The apocalypse. It was more like on you. Better move, or you will get it. You know what I mean? They can see the manner our cannons always will give you. More options are always will tell you. You know, this is the issue. But if you will, is this and this? Then you will be ableto it changed at issue in a different outcome. Okay, on. Obviously, you can do it with Major Arkan about you know, the issue itself, for instance, on eight of sorts, you can fix the issue itself from the very problem. Okay, Most of the times Major cannot listen. Example off the apocalypse you cannot fix that from they're very proud of. You need to change ways. Okay, So the minor arcana normally doesn't require a group changes in your life. Okay, Well, Major could, So, you know, it's much easier to change the outcome. It's like, you know, I want to go forward with this relationship and you get apocalypse, then you should. You should not go forward. But if you get an eight of sorts, you you still can go forward. You know it's going to be pretty. You know, it's going to be very complicated and you know that there little chances for things to work out. But still you have those chances. That's the difference. That's what the minor Canada's it gives you more chances on. Then it's up to you to go for it to fight for those chances or two. Yes. Change. Yes. Okay. Also, it can be good for messages, you know, that's a sorry about that. Let's say that you want toe. Yes, receive a message. Let's say what their cards has to say for me. Okay, well, you know, a minor cannot great for this because they can give your little messages. They can give you out of the frame messages. They can give you tools to work with. You have many options, so minor can are important carts. And they go very well with Major because when minor and major combined, you can even develop stronger messages. This is something that I could teach him later classes if you guys want it. Okay, I could make for their classes. But, you know, this is something that you also will be researching and finding out on your own with your very own practice. It is why I shared within the very first class. Probably the very second class at the therapy. It's all about practice. Practice, practice. OK, so well, eh, Now we're going to go ahead and start talking about the minor. canIs So let's go for 31. Ace of Cups: Well, in this class, we're going to start talking about a minor. Are Kanneh on? We're going to start by the suit off cups. Personally, for me, they're sort of, perhaps is one of the most rewarding suits. Okay, Like the major arcana had personality. The same goes for the minor arcana on. You know, the suits themselves, they symbolize they have different connections to different energies. Okay, on this is something that you need to keep into account. You want to keep into account the energies, the elements that are also assigned to each of insults. For an instance, caps are connected with you. You're right. You guess, right? Water on you are going to be able to find the element off wa